By drawing procedure making use of dies or forming-rollers, e.g. making profiles (B21D5/06)

Closed-type hollow profile containing eight stiffening ribs and method of its manufacture // 2632310
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: round pipe is produced on a tube rolling mill, and its walls are welded. Then a square tube is produced from produced closed round pipe by rolling from which a profile containing eight concave inside stiffening ribs with certain distance in cross section therebetween is produced.EFFECT: expandedprocess capabilities, and improved quality of the profile.4 cl, 4 dwg

Roll for formation of heat transfer elements of heat exchangers // 2591927
FIELD: metalworking.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming and can be used in production of heat transfer elements of heat exchangers. To form geometrical configuration on surface of heat-conducting element, proposed device is used comprising two rolls, between which metal sheets are passed. Rolls are used, containing multiple stacked elements. At that, multiple stacked elements can be placed on central shaft or without it.EFFECT: each roller element forms outer periphery, which is configured to content of geometrical configuration along whole outer periphery, and laid on each other roll elements form roll with peripheral surface of corresponding geometrical configuration of roll stacked elements, performances are expanded.16 cl, 5 dwg

Roll-forming line for manufacture of elements of c-shaped profile for assembly of carcass structure from rolled steel // 2587701
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming and can be used in making sections, in particular, C-shaped, in accordance with the software. Working positions of roll-forming line are closed with a movable screen and are divided into zones. At that, the loading zone comprises a guide chute, while a zone for reading and determining the reference point of the length of tape feed comprises a mechanism for reading and determining the reference point of the length of tape feed, a zone of tape perforation with a unit of tools for perforation, a shaping and tape drive zone with a row of profiling rolls, a zone for edges bending with an edge bending mechanism, a zone for punching of holes for fasteners with a hole punching mechanism, a zone for cutting flanges with a flange cutting mechanism, a zone of profile pressing and cutting in length with a combined pressing and cutting mechanism, and a zone of finished profile unloading.EFFECT: expanded functionality.11 cl, 21 dwg

ethod of manufacturing of closed metal profile and process system for its implementation // 2581687
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: during cut-out of shoulders and slots the shapes are installed with walls abutment, and on two diagonally opposite bends the slots are cut-out, and at two another bends the shoulders are cut-out, then they are unbent and connected by bend of shoulders of one shape in the appropriate slots of the another shape. The process system includes dies with two types of matrices and punches, and wedge die.EFFECT: production effectiveness of assemblage of closed shape.12 cl, 20 dwg

ethod of cold shaping of finishing accessories, and automatic train for its implementation // 2573460
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: prior to feed to a roll forming mill the tape is fed through an orienting device. Then gradual, performed with a uniform step bending of end longitudinal edges is performed. Further a shape angle is formed with a definite step. Wherein the position of the shaping rollers is changed. In an automatic train a receiving unit is used in the form of the orienting device made in the form of guides with slots installed on carriages with a possibility of movement in the direction transverse to the rolling axis, the cutting assembly contains a removable matrix and a knife. Wherein work cages are made in the form of pulling, rolling and shaping cages. The rolling cages are installed in turn with the pulling cages, have screw guides, and are made with a possibility of the rollers position regulation. The rollers at next to the last and last rolling cages are located in a staggered order, and in the shaping cages pair rollers with equal seating dimensions and equal diameter are used.EFFECT: increased capacity and quality, simple design, expanded functional possibilities of the method.2 cl, 12 dwg

Production of complex shape parts with bent-off edges // 2557867
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to stepwise bending of complex shape parts with U-like bent-off elements. Strip or band material is fed to cutting station for cutting of blank to be displaced to station of bending of blank web lengthwise edge to one side. Then, blank flange is bent to opposite side to make U-like bent-off element. Then, said U-like bent-off element is preliminary bent at the angle to opposite side and finally bent to make said U-like element stay parallel and closely to blank web. Note that abutting lengthwise blank edges and those of U-like element that make the dual depth are bent off simultaneously with final bending.EFFECT: enhanced performances.2 cl, 2 dwg
Production of erection sections with cogged edges at tandem stand roll-forming mill // 2523200
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to production of erection sections at roll forming mills. Forming is combined with cog shaping at the step of section angle bending at mill first stand by knurling rolls mounted without clearance on one key at upper shaft. At second stand, cog height is increased by knurling rolls free running on the shaft and self-aligning by cogs pre-formed at first stand.EFFECT: higher efficiency and precision.

ethod and mill for projection forming of high-stiffness sheets // 2519701
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: lengthwise crimps are formed on trial-length sheet by feeding forming ledges of the first forming roll into second forming device pass at the sheet displacement along mill stand axis. Sheet is arranged and secured at second forming device. Second forming device is composed by a flat female die engaged with the roll that drives the latter in reverse displacement along mill stand axis. Note here that said flat female die includes lower support idle roll and some support rolls and sheet fasteners.EFFECT: lower metal input and power consumption.6 cl, 3 dwg

Standless sheet bending mill for making channeled sheets // 2510301
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming and can be used for making channeled sheets for light metal structures. This comprises two vertically-looped pull chains arranged at its edges, their hinges being composed of rollers designed to interact with top stationary idle counter rollers for edge contouring. Note here that channeling forming elements are arranged between top braches of the chain and composed of idle flutes made up of self-lubing antifriction metal-graphite composite.EFFECT: lower metal input.3 dwg

ethod of making sections with perforations // 2503516
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to metal forming, and can be in used in making sections from strips at roll forming mill. At starting passes, force of tangential reduction to not over 2-5% is applied to blank ends. At subsequent passes, directed tensile loads are applied by tool in contact with blank solely over would-be section flexure inner radii starting from blank ends.EFFECT: higher quality.3 dwg

achine with alternating linear structure for tube forming // 2498872
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to tube forming. Proposed machine comprises processing stations including pairs of idle rollers making revolute translational motion at equal amplitude and in opposite direction and at least one finishing station including four guide rollers with concave permanent-curvature profile making revolute translational motion at equal amplitude and in axial directions at 90 degrees. Processing station lower rollers feature elliptical profile with curvature decreasing from inner edge to outer edge. Processing station upper rollers feature elliptical profile with curvature increasing from outer edge to inner edge while rollers of second processing station feature round profile.EFFECT: expanded performances.10 cl, 9 dwg

Bent corrugated section and method of its production // 2471584
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to production of bent sheet rolled stock. Central crimp features trapezoidal shape with lateral walls inclined to horizontal through 61°…63°, width making 0.237...0.242 of section width, two half-round crimps directed downward, and height making (3…4) S at its vertex. On both sides of trapezoidal crimp with hc-(0.75…1.67) S-high steps arranged are three half-round crimps at the distance of 1=0.48 Bc, where Bc is width of trapezoidal crimp b=(0,15…0,16) Bc, with width h=0.46...0.47 of the height of this crimp while their radii R=0.35 b. Note here that one of lateral edges of the section is located above its plane by (4.0…5.3) S. Sequential formation of lengthwise crimps is started from the central crimp to be made in I…IV passes in decreasing radius of flexure Rt from (8…10) S to (1.5…2.0) S while steps nearby its base are made in fifth pass. sequential formation of half-round crimps is started from V pass and crimps adjoining trapezoidal crimps, each being formed in fifth passes in decreasing radius of flexure nearby crimp bases from (6…8) S to (2.5…3.3) S. Note here that crimps are shaped at vertex of trapezoidal crimp in XIII…XVI passes on terminating shaping of section lateral edges one of which is located above its plane.EFFECT: improved geometry.2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

Formed closed section, method of producing formed closed section, 3d-structure carcass frame with said section and 3d structure incorporating said carcass frame // 2455096
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to production of cold rolled sections for construction structures. Formed closed section features square or rectangular cross-section and butt nearby center of one facet. Note here that every section of facet with butt has extension made up of L- and/or I-like rib. Formed section is made from strip by trimming sidewalls and making roll-formed hats. Before finishing pass, W-shape section is formed along the center while, in finishing pass, closed section is formed. Carcass frame is made from closed roll-formed hat and incorporated with 3D-structure.EFFECT: expanded performances.18 cl, 11 dwg

Roll stand // 2438818
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to profile-iron bending machines and may be used in metallurgy for tests. Roll stand comprises sections of split casing of one-piece bearings or those assembled from plates with retainers mounted on the frame with pairs of shafts arranged in casings assembled with rolling tools driven via idle and driving gears or sprockets. Note here that fast-release bearing casings may displace on frame in horizontal plane, perpendicular to rolling axis. Said shafts assembled with rolling tools allow mounting or dismantling in stand bearing casings in changing from one range of products to another one.EFFECT: expanded performances.7 dwg

Set of profile bending benches // 2438817
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming and may be used in profile bending machines for forming combined end flange frame sections at the set of banding benches mounted downstream of the set forming frame sections. Every bench comprises dual guide columns fixed at foundation plate bottom and in top shoes coupled by fixed brace in crosswise direction. Bearing assemblies are arranged between plates and shoes on guide columns to displace there along and be locked in definite position. Top and bottom drive rolls with end flange shaping elements running in bearing assemblies comprises top and bottom drawing rolls arranged at medium section rigidly fitted in top and bottom drive rolls. Note here that top drawing rolls have undercut faces and developed hubs. Die rolls with open shaping surfaces are articulated with top drawing roll hubs and rigidly coupled with fixed brace by rod element. Male die rolls are fitted on top drive roll to rotate out of synchronism therewith to face their female die roll. Their face surfaces have matching shaped surface on the side of female die roll. Bottom drive roll supports bottom drawing rolls of governing frame section. Note here that drawing top and bottom rolls stay in direct contact or via distance sleeves. Note also that the width of their outer rims does not exceed the distance between inner edges of end flanges being formed.EFFECT: expanded performances.20 dwg

ethod to reshape profiled sheets by flattening into smooth ones and device for its realisation // 2436644
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to metal plastic working, particularly to flattening processes. Material is pulled between shafts by means of even rotation of shafts that compress material simultaneously at both sides and moving it along with the motion until material is fully flattened as a smooth profile. Device rolls are installed in parallel pairs, and their quantity depends on reshaped material thickness and profile height.EFFECT: improved convenience of reshaping process control and simplified design.2 cl, 4 dwg

Set of profiles for fabrication of sectional metal profile, procedure for fabrication of sectional metal profile, procedure for fabrication of bent sectional metal profile and sectional metal profile produced by these procedures // 2425942
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: profiles are made of metal with similar cross section along whole length. Also, a connecting profile has lengthwise plane, lengthwise fixing lugs and hook ends for them. The first and second connected profiles are pushed on the connecting profile to move edges in slots formed with hook ends correspondingly, while recesses correspondingly coincide with lugs. Further, screw elements are started into open ends of a lengthwise cavity and are screwed inside it. Also, there occurs break of ends of the connecting profile into parts, while edges of fixing lugs are tightly closed with internal surface of the hook ends. Connected and connecting profiles are bent on a mandrel for fabrication of a bent sectional profile before assembly.EFFECT: upgraded quality of sectional profile due to prevention of metal profiles swaying and slipping one relative to another, also avoiding disassembly of sectional profile upon assembly.9 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of grooving forming rolls of profile-iron bending machine // 2411096
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly, to production of cold-roll-shaped sections from metal strips. Section axis main position is determined and arrangement of rolls relative to said main axis is adjusted. Note here that, in the case of symmetric section, said main axis is determined by straight line aligned with axis of symmetry of section in question, while, in the case of asymmetric section, it is determined by the line invariable in bending process. Rolls are arranged relative to section main axis with the help of adjustable spacing sleeves, for example, threaded sleeves.EFFECT: simplified grooving of rolls.

ethod for manufacturing of bend section bar of t-shaped section and device for its realisation // 2399449
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to metal plastic working, in particular to manufacturing of ceiling section bars with hollow wall. Method consists in serial bending of section bar elements in the main thin-walled strip billet, lining shelves on the outside with strip lining stock by bending of its edge elements to embrace end parts of shelves. In process of final bending of facing strip stock at edge elements from the side of wall, notches of determined depth are applied with pitch depending on width of section bar shelf. Lower roller of the last working stand of device has protrusions for application of notches.EFFECT: improved quality of bent profiles, reduced number of transitions and labour intensiveness of manufacturing.3 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex

eshy joint displacement section and method for its manufacturing // 2395653
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry, and namely to manufacturing and design of meshy joint displacement profile. Specified number of notch groups rows is arranged along the whole width to comply with number of sections simultaneously produced from single stock, avoiding areas of solid metal at its edges, between rows and groups of notches. In each row of notch group notches are equal to length, parallel to each other and are arranged at the angle opposite to each other. Further longitudinal chutes are shaped. In the subsequent stands of profile-bending mill notches are drawn due to serial formation of two walls coupled along radius to the specified height, from sections of solid metal symmetrically to longitudinal axis of each row of notch group. At the same time rows of notch groups are transformed into meshy sections with cells in the form of parallelogram. After section walls have been produced with specified height, chutes are rolled until horizontally flat. Further longitudinal cutting of stock is carried out. Then arched shape is imparted to flat bases of sections by rolls of profile-bending mill, and sections are cut with the necessary length. Sections have two side walls of specified height coupled along radius, and arched notched-drawn bases that outgo from them towards opposite directions with rows of cells in the form of parallelogram arranged at the angle to longitudinal axis towards each other.EFFECT: reduced consumption of metal.2 cl, 5 dwg

Closed roll-formed section // 2393934
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, in particular to rolling. Closed roll-formed section comprises horizontal and vertical elements that form rectangular cross section. Semi-circular corrugation is made on all section elements and has its apices directed inward. Note here that two top horizontal elements are interlocked, their joint being perpendicular to section horizontal section and having particular cross section thickness.EFFECT: higher rigidity.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of producing welded closed rectangular sections // 2393036
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling, particularly to production of bent section, namely rectangular welded closed sections. Proposed method comprises roll forming of rectangular workpiece with drawing in seam reduction section, high-frequency welding with preset angle of closing edges convergence angle and preset angle of flange closing. Workpiece drawing is performed in seam reduction section. Note that drawing makes 1.008-1.0095, angle of closing edges convergence makes 2.0-2.5°, and flanges closing is made at 174-176°.EFFECT: higher quality of welded closed rectangular sections, higher process efficiency.1 tbl, 1 ex, 2 dwg

Profile bending machine // 2391171
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pressure processing of metals, particularly to profile bending machines for forming of sectional formed bars with relatively simple section. Forming machine for angle and channel sections includes a number of mills mounted in sequence on frame at a distance from each other, with gradual forming level reduction in a part of mills starting from the second mill, and a couple of vertical rolls at a defined distance from axial plane of mill rollers at the mill outlet. Axles of lower rollers in first four mills of the machine are mounted higher than similar axle of the fifth mill by a given height. After the 1st - 4th mills, vertical rolls are mounted below top of the body mid-length of the lower roller of respective mill.EFFECT: improved quality of bent profiles due to reduced tensile stress at the edges of tucked-up elements.1 dwg, 1 ex

Profile-iron bending mill // 2388565
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly specialised roll mills to produce roll-formed shapes. Mill comprises two various-diametre roll-stands, larger-diametre roll making top roll and rolls running in pads-bearings. Top rolls of all stands, apart from two last stands, can move horizontally long formed strip travel through amount depending upon bottom roll diametre. Note here that vertical edges of shifted top roll pads rests upon compression springs fitted stand posts on the stand outlet side. Spring compression force in every stand depends upon maximum tolerable metal pressure in shaping at given stand.EFFECT: higher quality of roll-formed shapes, reduced wear of rolls.1 dwg, 1 ex

Profile-iron bending mill // 2388564
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, particularly specialised roll mills to produce 4 mm-thick roll-formed shapes. Proposed mill comprises roughing and finishing stands with stand space behind which vertical rolls are mounted to move through preset vertical distances and across mill crosswise axis. Five vertical rolls are fitted behind every roughing stand, roll cylindrical part length making at least the forming height in this stand and having a certain diametre. Rolls are staggered with respect to mill lengthwise axis and can additionally move parallel to said axis to vary lengthwise distance between them to maximum value. At least two rolls arranged on opposite sides of aforesaid axis are drive rolls. Taper elements are fitted on roll end faces with taper surface facing each other, said rollers having maximum diametres.EFFECT: improved geometry of cold roll-formed shapes to due reduced lengthwise curvature.3 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for manufacturing of bent thin-wall welded section bars of channel type // 2386508
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming, in particular to production of bent section bars from flat work or tape in rolls of profile-bending machine. Shelves are bent relative to section bar wall with simultaneous pressing in areas of bending, along edges of wall and parts of shelves adjacent to zones of bending. Positive longitudinal deformation is created along section bar with reduction of its value by height of shelves from maximum value in zone of bending till zero at the line of section bar section centre of rigidity.EFFECT: costs are reduced in process of manufacturing, and section bar quality is improved as a result of longitudinal bending elimination.3 cl, 3 dwg

Hard alloy die for production of strip bar // 2383404
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: die consists of drawing channel with deforming zones created with big and small facets. Angle of tilt of the smaller facet to lengthwise axis of the channel exceeds angle of tilt of the bigger facet to lengthwise axis of channel so, that length of a squeezing section of the deforming zone of the bigger facet exceeds length of the squeezing section of the deforming zone of the smaller facet.EFFECT: increased durability of die, raised stability of process of drawing strip bars out of hard deformed alloys, improved quality of their surface.1 ex

anuacturing method of metallic frames for reinforced lip-type seals // 2378077
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building field, particularly for manufacturing of sealing elements of rotating shafts of machines and devices. Blank is manufactured from standard rolled iron or cut metallic strip of calculated dimension by rolling-up. During wrapping of edge blank by means of divided collet is clamped in holder of turning lathe to the central disk. Then connector of wrapped blank is welded and received frame is dresses by pressing on arbor.EFFECT: there is simplified process and reduced metal consumption.2 dwg

ethod of production of elements of collecting electrodes for electrical precipitator // 2377071
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to gas cleaning from dust by electrical precipitation in various branches of industry. Method consists in rolling of tape, of which elements of collecting electrodes are profiled, in profiling rolls of profile-bending rolling mill. After completion of profiling of collecting electrode elements, elements are cut off to specified length by cutting device which consists of moving and fixed parts. Fixed part is provided with cutout per profile of collecting electrode element so that ends of collecting electrode elements edges are additionally bent to its plane, at that ratio of bending from collecting electrode element axis in forward and aft parts of bending is provided within range from 3.5 to 1.5. Catcher of profiled tape provided with cutout of variable section is installed before first fixed part of cutting device as per direction of tape rolling.EFFECT: enhancement of efficiency of electrical precipitator operation due to high accuracy of collecting electrode elements production which prevents recession of elements to collecting electrode during assembly.4 cl, 3 dwg
Forming method of channels with equal flanges // 2375138
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to metal deformation process, namely to manufacture of bent section bars. Upward bending of edge elements of flat bar is performed one by one to the specified angles in each passage so that flanges of profiles are formed. At that, appropriate bending angles are taken in each passage.EFFECT: decreasing consumption of rolls and labour input owing to reducing the number of passages during the forming process.1 ex

Forming method of special bent profile // 2375137
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to metal deformation process, namely to manufacturing procedure of cold-formed rolled profiles. Edge sections are bent one by one as to width of flat workpiece so that inclined side elements are formed. At that, in the above sections there formed are triangular corrugations. In the first three forming passages there formed is channel with horizontal flanges and its side flanges are inclined at an appropriate angle to horizontal. And starting with the fourth passage, these horizontal flanges are bent downwards till finite angle in the seventh passage is reached and also, side flanges formed before are bent to a certain angle so that horizontal flanges are formed in the sections bent downwards.EFFECT: profile of the required geometry in a minimum number of forming passages.1 dwg, 1 ex

System of gauges of profile-bending section mill // 2375136
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the tool used for metal deformation process, and namely to rolls and rollers of forming stands of profile-bending mills. Gauge system consists of pairs of horizontal cylinder-conical rolls installed in stands, and pairs of vertical rollers installed after each forming stand of the mill. At that, after the second and third mill stands there installed are rollers with working surfaces formed with two flattened cones, the small diametres of which are attached to each other, after the fifth stand there installed are rollers with working surfaces, each of which is formed with two flattened cones with cylindrical surface between them. After the rest forming stands there installed are vertical rollers with cylindrical surfaces with flattened cones on upper edges of rollers, which contact edges of bent flanges.EFFECT: improving quality and economic properties of special channels owing to their geometry improvement.3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

Tool of roll-forming machine // 2374023
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns mechanical forming operation of sheet metal, particularly to manufacturing of joist web by forming in rolls. Tool of roll-forming machine contains generating gauge top and bottom rolls. Each roll consists of disk-shaped forming elements at least one remote element implemented with ability of installation on shaft from side of its sides. Each remote element is implemented in the form of bracket of "П"-shaped form maximum limit of size of which do not exceed diametre of adjoining disk-shaped forming elements and width of forming elements and width provides changing of gauge of rollers. Located nearby on shaft brackets are installed with angular deflection relative to each other. Bracket can be implemented with opening for location piece and with faces at ends.EFFECT: increasing number of manufactured profiled sizes, improving profiles, reduction of manhours and time reduction for adjustment.4 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

Section-shaping roller machine // 2371269
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of metal plastic working, in particular to equipment for making of section bars with periodically varying corrugations. Gears installed along edges of working shaping roller are arranged to interact with gears of rotary units, which are installed at the edges of rotary axis, which interacts with hydraulic drive, and shaping cartridge is installed at eccentric section of rotary axis with the possibility to interact with driving working shaping roller. Opening of shaping rollers that roll the main section bar, is carried out due to retracting of independently rotating cartridge, which interacts with driving working shaping roller.EFFECT: invention provides for reliable feed of initial strip and higher accuracy along length of shaped corrugation periods, reduced scope of equipment design and manufacturing.3 dwg

Corrugated channeled sheet // 2369458
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: corrugated channelled sheet consists of lengthwise or cross crimps of specified dimensions and is fabricated out of cold rolled stock in form of corrugated sheet of specified thickness, crimp radius and crimp height. Tops of adjacent crimps are counter directed and have common side surfaces. Also ratio of thickness to crimp radius and ratio of crimp height to crimp radius are within limits disclosed in the invention formula.EFFECT: improved consumer properties of corrugated sheets due to upgraded rigidity; expanded range of application.1 dwg, 1 ex

ill for treatment of metallic plate by pressure // 2368446
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to moulding of straight canals in sheet billet from hardly-deformed metals by rolling method on cluster mill. Group of flute-forming stand allows couples of rollers, one of which is smooth with flexible covering, the other - rigid with profile, corresponding to profile of received flutes. Before group of flute-forming stands it is installed one or several stands for perpendicular joggling of side-lay edge of sheet from its plane. After each flute-forming stand it is installed calibrate stand. The last calibrate stand in line operates for straightening of bent earlier plate edge. All stands are united into one process line and allow common drive.EFFECT: there is expanded manufacturing capability of mill and increases quality of received products.8 dwg

ethod for manufacturing of special bent section // 2365448
FIELD: technological processes, metal forming.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to metal forming, in particular, to manufacturing of cold-bent section bars from steel strip with polymer coat. Serially in passes strip billet elements are bent by rollers of profile-bending machine with specified angles and radiuses of bend. Besides, bend radiuses are identical in all passes and are equal to thickness of steel base. Besides, in I…IV passes channel-shaped section bar is formed with certain bending angles per pass, and in V pass lower part of channel shelves is started to be bent inside with certain angles of bending between formed vertical and inclined elements. In the last but one pass touching horizontal edge elements of section bar are created with a certain thickness, and in the last pass they are squeezed by rollers to obtain required thickness.EFFECT: improved quality of section bars.1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for manufacturing of bent channel // 2365447
FIELD: technological processes, metal working.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to metal forming, in particular, to production of cold-bent section bars of rolled metal. Serially in passes strip billet elements are bent by rollers of profile-bending machine with specified angles and radiuses of bend. In I…IV passes side walls of section bar are bent to a certain angle with preservation of horizontal position of its large and small shelves, and in V pass flanging is started to be shaped as directed downwards on large shelf, and this process ends when vertical position of flanging is achieved in the last X pass. Besides, molded strip is cut into cut lengths after VII pass as certain bending angle is achieved in side walls, and small shelf is bent down at a certain angle from horizontal line with preservation of horizontal position of large shelf in all passes. After cutting small shelf is unbent to horizontal position, and in the last but one pass side walls are bent inside section bar with their further unbending. After cutting into cut lengths all radiuses of bending may be identical and equal to double thickness of section bar.EFFECT: improved quality of channels due to better geometry and reduction of production inputs.2 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod of roll-formed channel bars shaping // 2364457
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal pressure working immediately dealing with manufacture of graded roll-formed sections. The flat work edge elements are bent (progressively and in multiple repeated passes) to produce a finite angle between the section wall and flanges. In the course of the first two passes the flat work edge elements are bent downwards at a specified sum angle with due regard for the flat work thickness and strength properties. In the course of the third pass the bar becomes straightened by way of passage between smooth rolls positioned at a specified width clearance with due regard for the flat work rated thickness. In the course of the passes remaining (from seven to nine) the flat work edge elements are bent upwards till the finite angle is produced.EFFECT: enhancement of the channel bars consumer properties.1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for profiling of equal channel // 2362643
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to rolling production, in particular to technology of cold-bent section bars. Flat work is bent serially as per passes to produce shelves and walls of channel bar. At that in the first three passes, flanges are bent inside profile according to the mode given in invention formula. Concave wall is produced, starting from the second pass by upward bending of wall with creation of bent edge sections, after achievement of a certain angle between wall and shelves, flanges are created in shelves, which are bent to a certain angle with simultaneous downward bending of wall edge sections by a certain angle and with creation of the right angle between these sections and shelves. In the last but one pass the shelves are bent to a certain angle with preservation of the right angle between them and mentioned edge sections. In the last pass the shelves are bent inside at a certain angle.EFFECT: improved geometry of special-purpose channel bars.1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for production of bent channels // 2362642
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of metal working, in particular to technology of bent profiles profiling. Moulding is carried out by means of crimping and bending of peripheral sections and billet bottom, which correspond to side shelves and channel basis, with their further rectification in several passes. At that moulding is carried out in three stages, every of which is realised in several steps. At the first stage of moulding peripheral sections of billet are bent to achieve the angle of not more than 45°, with preservation of rectilinearity of peripheral sections and bottom of profile, which correspond to side shelves and basis of channel bar, with internal radius of curvature in zones of future angles of finished channel bar depending on thickness of billet. At that second stage of moulding billet peripheral sections are crimped to the angle of 87-89° with preservation of rectilinearity of these sections and giving transverse curvature to profile bottom with axisymmetric prominence in direction of peripheral section bending, at that starting value of prominence curvature radius is set depending on width of profile bottom and is reduced from pass to pass with preservation of internal curvature radius in zones of future angles of the ready channel bar at the first stage of moulding. At the third stage of moulding at least in two last passes, profile bottom is straightened with elimination of prominence by means of its settlement with metal distribution in direction of finished channel bar angles. At the same time side shelves are bent to angle of 90° with internal radius of curvature in zones of finished channel bar angles depending on billet thickness.EFFECT: improved quality.2 dwg, 1 ex

Sheet formed section // 2360757
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: sheet formed section allows entire corrugations, walls of which are inclined into the side of corrugations basis. There are curvature radius between walls and horizontal sections of corrugations. Width of corrugations basis is less than width of its tops. Additionally basis of corrugations' side walls are implemented as adjoined to each other or with a clearance and are located in particular ratio: corrugations height with its maximal width, curvature radius - with sheet thickness, and distance between corrugations - with its maximal width. Additionally walls are inclined under particular angle to its vertical axis line.EFFECT: it is increase stiffness of formed section, and there are improved its consumer properties.2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

ethod of corrugated equal channel profiling // 2354477
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rolling, particularly to cold-bent profiling technology intended mainly for corrugated equal channel production from galvanised strip work piece with thickness S to 1.2 mm. Beads are bent in the first three gates according to the mode specified in the formula. The radius of bending is equal to the doubled thickness of the strip. The longitudinal corrugation on the shelves is formed in the third gate. The shelf is bent with bending radius between shelves and walls equal to the strip thickness, and bending is started from the fourth fate. The longitudinal corrugation is formed on the wall in the last gates. In addition, the final beads bending inward the above channel is made at a certain angle to its shelves and in the last four gates at a certain bending angle.EFFECT: improved geometry of channels.1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod of channel profile production and related device // 2354476
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of cold-bent rolling profiles, mainly, light-weight channel profiles with horizontal wall, horizontal shelves and perforated side walls with vertical slotted perforations. The horizontal shelves are squeezed to the equal value by two pairs of driven squeezing rolls. The horizontal wall is squeezed by two pairs of driven squeezing rolls ensuring that slotted perforation sloping to the vertical axis of side walls is at the given angle. The device includes two shoes, two pairs of driven squeezing rolls installed at the inlet in the same axial plane to squeeze horizontal profile shelves and another two pairs of driven squeezing rolls being placed at a certain distance from them along profile movement direction to squeeze horizontal wall of the profile. There are also two horizontal idlers installed in serial arrangement after driven squeezing rolls to squeeze horizontal profile wall at the level corresponding to the level of horizontal shelves of the profile. Besides, all squeezing rolls are implemented so that they can move vertically within the preset limits and are provided with hatched working surfaces.EFFECT: improved operational characteristics and reduced metal consumption.3 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex
ethod of production of open slender section by means of bending // 2351424
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metalforming and can be used for manufacturing of cold-bent profiles made of strip. Continuously sequentially it is implemented strip bending in the raw of rolling contour gage with constant tension. Roller for creating of bottom sections of each following gage allows increased rolling diameter. Additionally mentioned roller of each rolling contour gage is implemented as driving.EFFECT: it is increased profiles dimensional accuracy.2 cl, 1 ex

ethod for dressing of equal double-layer angle // 2346775
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: starting from the first pass, edges of wider lower strip are bent so that it embraces side edges of upper strip with certain angles of bending in the first three passes, and in the last but one and last passes - with provision of total angle of its edges bending, which is equal to 180°. Starting from the fourth pass, simultaneously two strips are serially bent in passes with bending angle in the last pass, which is equal to 1°.EFFECT: higher quality of double-layer angles.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for dressing of equal channel // 2346774
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: in dressing of equal double-layer channel, edges of wider lower strip flat work are bent so that it embraces lateral edges of upper strip with specified angles of bending in the first, second, last but one and last passes with provision of total angle of its edges bending equal to 180°. Starting from the second stage, two strips are bent simultaneously and serially in passes at specified angles to arrange the right angle between flanges and walls of channel with specified radiuses of bending places and with specified maximum value of bending angle per stage.EFFECT: higher quality of double-layer equal channels.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

Shaping aggregate // 2344013
FIELD: technological processes, metal processing.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns rolling mill equipment, particularly to cold-roll profiles and profiled pipe production aggregates. Aggregate includes graded profile rolling mill with two-high shaping stands, drive and retracting guide rail, as well as multipurpose stands and drive. Three four-high stands with individual drive and adjustable height and width calibration without roller replacement are used as multipurpose stands and feature feeding guiding rail, device feeding pipes onto this guiding rail, as well as retracting guiding rail. Retracting guiding rail of graded profile rolling mill and feeding guiding rail of multipurpose stands have common chain drive positioned between them.EFFECT: expanded technological capacity, reduced production cost.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

Roll-formed section bar // 2344012
FIELD: technological processes, metal processing.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns rolling-mill production, particularly cold-formed section bars. Roll-formed section bar is shaped as channel or angle of two cold-formed stripe bars and features shelves and bent areas. Shelf edges carry "locks" formed by outer stripe edges bent inwards by 180°.EFFECT: extended usability of roll-formed sections at lower cost.4 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

Profile-bending machine // 2343032
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: bent section bars are produced simultaneously from two cold rolled strip blanks of different width, from which the narrower strip is imposed on wider strip. Profiling is done is serially installed setting and molding stands. Upstream setting stand centering vertical rollers are installed for alignment of bottom strip and pair of cylindrical rollers for alignment of top strip. Upstream the first molding stand at a certain distance from it two centering rollers are installed, having cylindrical section of preset diameter and cylinder-taper section installed above also with preset diameter. At that generatrix of tapered surface intended for contact with upper profiled strip is inclined to horizontal line at preset angle.EFFECT: higher quality of double-layer bent profiles.2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex