Sports and games and amusements (A63)

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A63            Sports; games; amusements(8235)

Connectable element for creating chains and spatial structures // 2642530
FIELD: education.SUBSTANCE: connectable element used as a toy or a training tool (1) comprises a central part (2) and a connecting part (3). The central part (2) comprises a connecting part (23) and at least one encircling groove (21); and the connecting part (3) comprises an end part (30) and an eye (31) in the part (39). The end part (30) of the connecting part (3) is connected to the connecting part (23) of the central part (2) and the eye (31) complements the encircling groove (21) of the adjacent central part (2). Connection of several connecting elements (1) in different directions from the connectable element (1) is ensured.EFFECT: spatial structures can also be obtained from a plurality of connectable elements.12 cl, 42 dwg

Device for control of the movement system // 2642394
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device contains buttons, a body rigidly connected to a control element made in the form of an H-shaped frame with curved support surfaces, on the front parts of which there are buttons and rollers on the periphery opposite to each other, there is a hinge on which rigidly the shank is fixed, on the control element made in the form of an H-shaped frame, clamps are installed between the curved support surfaces, and a regulator is located inside the housing that controls the stiffness of the hinge, pedals and motion sensors, connected to the control element by wires or wireless communication, the shank is rigidly connected to the mounting bracket having adjusting clamps, the curved support surfaces are equipped with a regulator controlling their position on the control element, two additional control elements connected to the control element by wires or wirelessly bond, on the front parts which peripherally opposite each other on the sides are buttons and rollers.EFFECT: increase of indicators of quantity, quality, reliability, accuracy of controlled functions in the system of movements.2 dwg

Gyroscopic toy having gyroscopic ring configured to be assembled on both sides // 2642341
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: gyroscopic toy having a gyroscopic ring configured to be assembled on both sides, comprising an axial element and a gyroscopic ring, a tip and a lid located on the axial element. Possibility of turning mounting orientation of the gyroscopic ring vertically on the axial element is ensured, so that by turning vertical orientations of the gyroscopic ring on the axial element, gyroscopes may be formed, having different forms or different heights of gravity center.EFFECT: possibility of installing a gyroscopic ring on both sides.12 cl, 6 dwg

Alpine ski // 2642031
FIELD: sports equipment.SUBSTANCE: alpine ski has a sliding surface and edging. Working vertical outer face of the edge forms a sharp angle with the working face adjacent to the sliding surface. Face of the edge adjacent to the sliding surface forms a sharp angle with the vertical face of the sliding surface. On the toe and heel counter, the sliding surface and the working face of the edge are in the same plane.EFFECT: such a design of the ski gives a stable slip on bends and turns.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for determining the interaction of athletes // 2641972
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to physical culture and sports and is intended for determining athletes interaction level in team sports. Light emitter of the software and hardware complex on a given playing field forms a given number of light-dynamic zones which are prohibited for finding each member of a athletes group and their sports equipment, light-dynamic zones imitate opposition of rival players and move over the playing field unpredictably or predictably for the athletes at a given speed. Athletes assess the simulated game situation, control the minimum allowed distance between each other, and measure their capabilities with the dynamics of movement of partners of forbidden zones and perform technical and tactical actions with the maximum possible number of handoffs of the sports equipment to each other through corridors which are free from forbidden light-dynamic zones. Playing field is recorded with a video camera, the video image is transferred to a software-hardware system which fixes the movements of the light-dynamic zones, sports equipment, athletes, the distance between them, as well as the number of hanfoffs of the equipment. If the minimum permissible distances between athletes are violated, the software-hardware system generates a conditional warning sound signal. In the absence of errors, when there is no entry of the sports equipment and/or athletes into the forbidden light-dynamic zone, or their going beyond the boundaries of the playing field, or reduction of the minimum permissible distances between the athletes during the test, the hardware-software system records the number of handoffs. Level of the test is complicated by increasing the speed of movement and/or the surface of the forbidden light-dynamic zones and/or their number, and/or specified minimum permissible distance between the athletes until they can correctly pass the sports equipment to each other. According to the maximum number of handoffs to each other at a given test time, at the maximum speed, surface and number of forbidden light-dynamic zones, as well as the maximum value of the minimum allowable distance between athletes, at which they do not make mistakes in performing this test, the level of interaction and preparedness of a group of athletes is judged.EFFECT: method provides improved effectiveness of determining the interaction and preparedness of athletes in team sports due to the possibility of controlling the minimum allowable distance at which it is allowed to make a pass to each other.1 cl
Device for training football players // 2641485
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: device for training football players is made in the form of a closed large box with a shed-roof and a mesh. Small boxes are located around the perimeter inside the large box, for training each player simultaneously. The large box and the small boxes are made of a rigid framework around the perimeter, on which shield walls with square plates, the front surface of which is made corrugated with a different pitch and direction of corrugations and convexities, attached thereto in the staggered order, are mounted and fixed with the possibility of removing. The large box is equipped with a moving platform in the form of tire-wheels with the possibility of moving it to any place of a football field or a gymnasium. The surface of the shed-roof, on the inside, is made corrugated, convex, with a different pitch and inclination of corrugations.EFFECT: improving training efficiency, mobility, ensuring the creation of an unpredictable ball flight trajectory.11 dwg

Combination of tablet computer and game controller containing flexible bridge section // 2641231
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device for managing electronic games and entering information contains: a tablet computer. The tablet computer provides a plurality of sides, each of the plurality of sides being disposed between the electronic display screen of the tablet computer and the back side of the tablet computer; an input device electronically coupled to the tablet computer, the input device providing a pair of control modules. A pair of control modules is adjacent to and delimits the tablet computer from at least two opposite sides of a plurality of sides of the tablet computer. A pair of control modules provides input modular apertures, at that, each input modular aperture secures the command input device. The mentioned input modular apertures are adjacent to each of at least two opposite sides from a plurality of sides of the tablet computer; and a structural bridge securing the pair of control modules to each other and communicating with the rear side of the tablet computer in the middle portion of the rear side of the tablet computer, and wherein the input device is an electronic game controller in which a pair of control modules provides a limit stop and wherein the structural bridge comprises: a communication line transmitting signals between a pair of control modules; and a securing mechanism cooperating with a restriction stop for securing the pair of control modules to each other.EFFECT: providing a design that mitigates the sloppy taking of the tablet computer out of the three-sided structure when the tablet computer is completely embedded in a three-sided structure.19 cl, 15 dwg

Pneumo-resilient pad training device // 2641089
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device is a pneumo-resilient pad (PRP) training device. Structural features of the PRP allow to create the effect of the unstable position of the body relative to the landing pad (chair), this circumstance causes the user to make oscillatory movements by the lower part of the body, pelvis, buttocks, which in turn creates a training effect by involving a large group of muscles, including the muscles of the pelvic diaphragm. To perform the intended functions, the PRP uses the energy of the variable mass of the user's body along the sides of the landing pad. Morphological and functional changes of the PRP after application are eliminated by themselves due to the elastic forces of its internal contents.EFFECT: stagnant processes in the soft tissues of the lower limbs and small pelvis are eliminated, has no analogues.2 dwg

Fixing mechanism for ski binding // 2641088
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention is made in the form of one element of the main part for the fixing mechanism for ski binding, in particular binding for racing or tourist skiing. The main part containing a planar bearing part; one or more, preferably two, supporting sections protruding from the plane of the planar bearing part. In particular, each of the support sections comprises an opening for the axial pin for locating the axle of the portion associated with the fixing mechanism.EFFECT: optimum contact of the ski with snow, allowing the skier to better gaining proficiency fixing the exact moment of adhesion to the snow.5 cl, 5 dwg

Wall bars with block system // 2641085
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: training equipment includes a block frame in the form of wall bars, consisting of two racks connected by parallel rods, at the top and bottom parts the wall bars include a rope and block system consisting of a rope and a weight stack with pivotally mounted rotating double roller and a means for setting a desired weight.EFFECT: possibility to perform exercises to work out different muscles with both negative and positive load within the exercise performed on one piece of training equipment, enhancing safety of the unit and operation of the training equipment due to peculiarities of rope fastening of the rope and weight stack system.7 cl, 5 dwg

Spherical simulator of vestibular apparatus // 2640990
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in spherical simulator of vestibular apparatus, consisting of a rack 11, supporting the installation, links, capsule 8, connected by hinges, a drive, according to which, the leading spherical crank 6 is introduced as the links, a spherical rod 7, a leading spherical rod 9, and are connected to each other and to the capsule 8 hingedly, the axes of which are arranged to intersect at one point, drive is made of a two-wheel drive, consisting of a pair of motor-reducers fixed to the rack. Each link is made in the form of arcs, and the capsule 8 is rotatable along the circumference, with respect to all links of the arcs. The lengths of the links of the arcs are not the same, depending on the angles of the links, at which the angle between the axes of the hinges, the leading spherical rod 9, the capsule 8 and the driving spherical crank 6, is made smaller angles between the hinge axes, a leading spherical crank and a spherical rod 7, in addition, the capsule 8 is hingedly connected on one side through a spherical rod 7, with the motor-reducer of the driving spherical crank 6, on the other side the capsule 8 is pivotally connected through the driving spherical rod 9, rigidly connected to the central shaft 10 of the geared motor of the driving spherical rod 12. The central shaft 10 of the geared motor of the driving spherical rod 12 is located in the hollow shaft 5 of the gear wheel 4 of the pinion 3 and is rotatably mounted relative to each other, providing a capsule 8 with spatially spherical movements. In the spherical simulator of the vestibular apparatus, each motor-reducer is equipped with a frequency converter controlled by a computer.EFFECT: expansion of the technological capabilities of spherical simulator, providing regulation of angular velocity and angular accelerations and capsules in space with the simultaneous expansion of device functionality leading to improved efficiency of the spherical simulator of the vestibular apparatus.2 cl, 3 dwg

Tandem vehicle // 2640475
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: self-propelled swing consists of two single two-wheeled trolleys longitudinally connected by two (ver.) rubber cords, with two separate rest pads for users' feet on the axes of each of them. On the axis of one trolley, between the rest pads, a coil is installed, with synthetic cord wound thereon, the free end of which is attached to the axis of the other trolley, in its middle part. The coil interacts with the axis on which it is put by means of the MOA.EFFECT: reducing the cost of facilities.1 dwg

ethod of imitation of displacement in virtual reality // 2640439
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: method for simulating displacements in virtual reality is proposed by placing the feet on movable bearing surfaces, driven by a system of linear and rotary actuators. For each leg at least seven degrees of freedom are provided. Almost any movements are adequately reproduced: you can walk or run in any direction on any, even severely uneven surfaces with different properties (hard, soft, slippery), sit down, get up on toes, jump, climb steep slopes or stairs, generally without feeling a mechanism involving the feet. The invention can be used in the creation of attractions and simulators for both games and entertainment, as well as for sportsmen and professional training in various fields.EFFECT: expanding the measure of correspondence of the person's sensation on the simulator for being real, making them almost indistinguishable.2 cl, 5 dwg

Electronic chess board and method of its operation // 2640171
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: electronic chess board consists of a chess board, a transmission coil distributed throughout the playing field which has an electromagnetic coupling with receiving coils located under each of the playing fields of the chess board connected to multichannel analogue switch and then to the amplifying stage, an amplitude detector, a generator, an analogue-digital converter and microcomputer having a two-way communication with a communication unit with external computer. Inside each chess piece there is an oscillatory circuit on a ferrite core. The chess board communication unit can be wired, and communication with external computer can be carried out using a communication link. The communication unit can also wire communicating with external computer using a radio access channel of multiple access. The method of electronic chess board operation is characterized by that the transmitting coil emits electromagnetic oscillations of one of the frequencies, the total number of which is determined by the number of types of game pieces. The receiving coils that are a part of oscillating circuit also generate vibrations, the receiving coils are connected to a multi-channel analogue switch controlled by a microcomputer program, the commutator operates in such a way that only one of receiving coils is connected to amplitude detector input at each moment of time, the remaining receiver coils are short circuited. The resonant frequencies of the circuits arranged in the chess pieces and the scanning frequencies emitted by the transmitting coil are selected in so that in the field of receiving coil of the corresponding oscillatory circuit of the piece containing said oscillating circuit, an induction balance occurs resulting in sharp reduction of oscillations amplitude in the receiving coil; at the output of amplitude detector, the signal represents a level of constant voltage and is converted into digital form in analogue-digital converter, then signal is sent to microcomputer, where the field state is determined: type or absence of the chess piece on the given field corresponding to the receiving coil connected at the given moment. The signal parameters are analyzed, the procedure is repeated for each of the receiving coils at each frequency, after recognition of all the coils, information on status of fields is transmitted to the communication unit and then to the external computer. The total number of frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations emitted by the transmitting coil can be twelve.EFFECT: increased reliability when determining position of chess pieces, especially such pieces that are on the edges or boundaries of the playing fields, increased speed for determining the position of chess pieces and reduced technical delay and, thereby improved the quality of chess play, especially blitz tournaments.6 cl, 2 dwg
ultisensor kit of game and training elements "variabili" (versions) // 2639627
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: game kits versions can be used by people of different ages and health status, but, above all, are recommended for work with children, in particular children with particular personality development. The first version of the set consists of separate hollow closed rectangular prisms, each having a base in the form of a rectangular isosceles triangle. The second version of the kit contains game elements in the form of separate hollow closed cubes besides the prisms. In the cavity of each of these elements there is a filler in the form of loose material, and the element has a rough multi-coloured external coating 8. All prisms and cubes are combined by sizes and pictures on their faces.EFFECT: provision of polysensory stimulation of the user when interacting with the kit elements.8 cl, 11 dwg

ethod of teaching hearing impaired children to play badminton // 2639575
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: method of teaching hearing impaired children to play badminton uses a contactless sensor game controller fixed on a base and located at a height of 50 centimetres and at a distance of three meters from a display screen on which a projection of a person read by video cameras, appears. The controller consists of two depth sensors, a colour video camera and a microphone array, each depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with monochromatic matrix which allows them to obtain 3D image at any natural lighting, any exercise of an exerciser is displayed on the screen and compares to its correct performance; if it's done improperly, the exercise is repeated until mistakes in subsequent repetitions disappear.EFFECT: ability to control correct performance of the exercises for beginners with hearing impairment without coach's intervention.2 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction // 2639457
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: for treatment of erectile dysfunction, a gravitational effect is provided for the patient in the head - lower limbs direction on a daily basis for 10-12 minutes. The rotation speed for the first two sessions is 32 revolutions per minute. With each subsequent session, the rotation speed is increased by one revolution, bringing it to 36 rpm and retaining until the end of the treatment course. The muscular load power is gradually increased individually from 10 to 50 W by the end of the treatment course. The general course of treatment is 10-15 days.EFFECT: method increases the effectiveness of treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction due to gravitational action in conjunction with active muscular work of the lower limbs, improving blood supply, microcirculation and tissue trophic.2 ex

Systems and methods of using abbreviated transit sites for creating scene of additional virtual reality with headset system // 2639118
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: to play a game through the game cloud system, a headset display is used. The headset display includes a communication circuit for receiving real-world data associated with the game program over the network. The real-world data are processed by the game cloud system and transmitted directly from the communication circuit to the game cloud system. The headset display furthermore comprises a game data processing circuit associated with the communication circuit. The game data processing circuit is used to decode the computer-generated interactive environment obtained from the game cloud system over the network. The game data processing circuit gives effect to the portion of interactivity associated with the game programme, by overlaying computer-generated interactive environment on the real environment. The computer-generated interactive environment is created based on the real environment.EFFECT: system improvement.18 cl, 19 dwg

ethod for pendulum operation (versions) and device for its implementation // 2639104
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: muscle or other forced mechanical drive is used to rotate the blade-axial screw of an air-efficient high-performance propulsive device to implement a shaped, limited length suspension or thread and mass, rocking of the existing spatial coordinate system in any direction by means of air plane rudders located behind the reactive stream of the air jet and additional ones in front of the system, via the steering wheel.EFFECT: expanded functionality of various rides, sports equipment, increasing the efficiency of air propulsion system, and safety of flight simulations.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for training vestibular apparatus // 2639062
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in device for training vestibular apparatus, comprising a post 1, a rotation drive 6, a driving crank 3, a cab 2, which are connected together by hinges, according to which the drive crank 3 is formed in the form of two paired cranks, rotatably mounted on one common axis and inserted the driven crank 7, the driving spatial rod 8, which is connected on one side to the rotation drive 6. The rotation drive is made in the form of a planetary single-row gearbox 6, on the other hand - with a driven crank 7, pivotally connected to the cab 2, located between two driving paired cranks, rigidly mounted on the drive shaft and pivotally connected to the post 1. In the device for training vestibular apparatus, the inserted motor 5 is provided with a frequency converter controlled by a computer, to control the multimode of the device.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of the device with simultaneous increase in reliability by expanding technological capabilities by simplifying the design.2 cl, 1 dwg

obile sports and training complex // 2639061
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: mobile sports and training complex is made in the form of a spatial framework which comprises horizontal beams and vertical racks. Spatial framework includes a lower rectangular base composed of horizontal beams, the upper rectangular base composed of horizontal beams, four straight vertical racks and at least four L-shaped vertical racks connecting a long crossbeam of the lower base with a long crossbeam of the upper base. At that, the structure of the spatial framework is made either completely welded or with removable pipe connectors which are bolted and have dimensions comparable to the dimensions of a standard container, in particular a 20-foot one.EFFECT: increased reliability of the structure, reduced assembly time and improved transportability.7 cl, 2 dwg

Entertainment equipment // 2639054
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: entertainment equipment consists of a main body and a removable panel, the main body contains interconnected electromechanical and electronic units, and removable panel contains touch-screen monitor and control panel connected to the electronic unit, which is connected to the external server. Electromechanical control unit consists of the replaceable playing field, where holes are placed, each of which is equipped with a device to determine the hit of a ball in the hole, and balls feeding mechanism with dropper and a mechanism for ejecting the balls in the playing field with spiral guide and stepper motor. The replaceable playing field may contain stationary holes or movable holes that are located on a rotating disk with an engine.EFFECT: extend the functionality of the device, increasing the quantity of a number of games, simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of transportation and loading and unloading operations, the ability to visually display on the monitor the entire set of information about the gameplay of both electronic games and games using electromechanical unit and the ability to manage an unlimited number of such entertainment devices.3 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of training strike actions // 2639043
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for training strike actions in martial arts for the training of strike style fighters, research in the field of human physiological psychology, creation of game complexes and attractions. Points for strikes are marked on a gymnastic apparatus to train strike actions. The specified number of points for strikes is set for a given time by a hardware and software system using a light-dynamic illumination. The points can be immobile, or be unpredictable or predictable for the fighter and moved at a given speed over the area of the gymnastic apparatus. Strike points, strikes type and strike series are specified to the fighter by symbols -visually-informative images which are formed by the hardware and software complex with the specified text or symbolic content, specified colours, brightness, area and frequency of flashings. Movements and actions of the fighter are captured by a video camera fixed at a given height. The data from the video camera is transferred to the hardware and software complex for recording, processing video data and evaluating the strike actions of the fighter. The fighter promptly, while the point for the strike lights up, reacts with a given type of strike or series of strikes in the specified or chosen sequence on the designated points. Hardware and software complex calculates the response time of the fighter to the appearing light and dynamic points for strikes and precision of strikes, and calculates the arithmetic averages of fighter's results when repeating the tasks to evaluate his readiness to participate in real fights.EFFECT: increased efficiency of training by making the training more real in the martial arts.1 cl

Safety glasses // 2639042
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: safety glasses contain two transparent lenses, connected firmly with the elastic frame, embracing the lens protrusions, having the strip for the bridge of the nose and the collar with the curved convex surfaces for fitting to the face. According to the invention on the curved surfaces along its contours there are the grooves with rounded edges, the holes are made in the grooves, going out to the opposite surface of the collars.EFFECT: glasses good fit to the face and tightness is provided.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of manufacture of model of multi-stage aircraft // 2639041
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacture of model of multi-stage aircraft refers to the structural elements of an aircraft and is designed to create models of multi-stage aircrafts. It includes the use of material for manufacturing the model, as which sheets of paper and paperboard are used, while the casing and the power unit of the multi-stage aircraft model are made from paper and/or cardboard patterns of rectangular parallelepipeds by folding it into rectangular parallelepipeds, carrier wings and stabiliser are cut from cardboard, and the floor wings are made of paper and/or cardboard. The motors are formed from paper patterns of rectangular shapes of cylinders and/or wood and/or plastic.EFFECT: simplification and cheaper of the method, expanding its accessibility for a larger number of children with different incomes.1 cl

System and method for simulating game elements behaviour during remote game // 2638518
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended to visualize simulation of physical processes. The result is achieved due to the formation of the physical playing field and game elements, force impact on generated game elements and change in game pad state based on the parameters of game element behaviour on which the force affected. Another technical result is achieved by simulating the behaviour of game elements.EFFECT: increased accuracy of simulating game element behaviour, increased accuracy of game element behaviour on user's side, increased feedback accuracy of game pad simulating a force impact on game elements, increased accuracy of the transmitted position of game elements at the moment of giving the turn during remote play of two players.33 cl, 3 dwg

ethod, device and terminal for playing in chat interface // 2637977
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method includes the following steps: call in the interface of the chat Instant Messaging service when you activate the game mode of the game program, appropriate game mode, the chat interface, where the chat interface is a conversation between the current user interface and one or more other users of instant messaging service at the Terminal, and game mode is a mode of submission game chat interface, with which you interact between users; extracting the first gaming result generated gaming program, at the conclusion of the game program; and sending the first game the result of one or more users in the form of instant communication, in accordance with the chat interface. In accordance with this technical solution of an invention, the user does not need to leave the instant messaging service, and then run the appropriate game program, which eliminates the need to interrupt the conversation between the user and his interlocutors, and instant messaging is becoming more interesting.EFFECT: user can quickly switch to the game mode in the chat interface.9 cl, 9 dwg
inigolf ball // 2637742
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: 'minigolf ball' invention is intended for use in sports games, in particular in minigolf. Minigolf balls have five main characteristics: bounce, mass, hardness (rigidity), diametre, surface coating. The surface of the ball can be of three types: unvarnished, varnished and with wrinkled varnish, which determines its rolling friction coefficient and sliding friction coefficient. Nevertheless, the diameter of the minigolf ball must be from 37.0 to 43.0 mm. Ball bounce must not exceed 85 cm when it is thrown on concrete from a height of 1 m at 25C. Different parts of the track (horizontal or inclined surfaces, obstacles) have their own characteristics. When moving along a track, the ball, due to its construction or interaction with the side of the track, is in different conditions. The surface of spherical segments of minigolf ball with rigidity, sliding friction coefficient, rolling friction coefficient, or any combination of them differs from the rigidity, sliding friction coefficient, rolling friction coefficient, or any combination of them of ball layer surface, whose thickness is not less than 25% of the ball diameter. The ball layer, in contrast to spherical segments of the ball, can be made of various materials. The outer layer of the ball layer can be made in the form of a ring, and the rest of the ball can be made of a homogeneous material, for example rubber or a thin coating, which complies with the spherical shape. In comparison to the famous balls, the proposed minigolf balls extend the range of the initial speed, ensuring passage of the track in a single hit, making it less complex.EFFECT: increased likelihood of getting the ball into the hole in a single hit when playing minigolf.2 cl, 9 dwg

Rollerski platform // 2637535
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: platform 1 for rollerskis contains cross holes 2, 3, 4 and 5 for fixing the front-end extension at the ends. The platform 1 comprises a base 6 made of plastic. On the base 6, staggered strips 7 are fixed rigidly, for example, with the aid of glue. The strips 7 are rigidly fastened in the upper part, and also along the lateral surface of the extreme strips 7 by the covering element 8, which in turn is rigidly fixed to the base 6. In places, where the holes 2-5 for the front-end extensions are located, a solid mass of material 9, 10 is used. The solid mass of material 9, 10 can be made of either wood or polymeric material. The solid mass of material 9, 10 and the strips 7 can be made in one piece from the same material. The platform 1 can be made in an arcuate shape, curved vertex up from the horizontal plane, as shown in FIG. 1.EFFECT: weight reduction with a simultaneous increase in the weight deflection.8 cl, 3 dwg

Safety goggles // 2637358
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: goggles have an outer surface defined by a pair of eye elements, each having lens portions and having upper and lower peripheral walls extending from the lens portion to the upper and lower peripheral edges, respectively. In use, said peripheral edges touch the wearer's face, at that, each eye element further comprises an inner peripheral wall extending from the lens portion to the inner peripheral edge forming, when used, a seal against the wearer's face. The outer surface defined by the upper peripheral walls is convex and forms a smooth interface with the outer surface defined by the corresponding lens portion. The outer surface defined by the lower peripheral walls is convex and forms a smooth interface with the outer surface defined by the corresponding lens portion.EFFECT: smooth flow of water over safety goggles, which ensures goggles pressing against the wearer's face and prevents goggles shifting.12 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for hydrokinesitherapy of patients with infantile cerebral paralysis // 2637091
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to treat patients with infantile cerebral paralysis. The method includes step-by-step execution of a set of physical exercises in water. The exercise course consists of four stages: 1) swimming with manual support of the instructor, 2) swimming with noodles, 3) swimming with noodles with a consistent use of weights on wrists and legs, swimming in fins, 4) swimming with safety harness, exercises with rod support, free swimming. At that, mastering of the program of the previous stage is the criterion for moving to the next stage. Exercises of each stage consist of three consecutive parts: the introductory part, the main part and the final part, each including certain exercises according to the claims.EFFECT: method allows to form motor functions in children with cerebral paralysis, which have an adaptive effect, with improved postural regulation on land: sitting, standing, walking, improved function of grasping, and work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, vestibular apparatus, gastrointestinal tract.3 ex

Fixing mechanism for ski binding // 2636923
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a single piece of a main part for a ski binding fixing mechanism, in particular binding for racing or tourist skiing. The main part of the ski binding contains a planar support portion; one or more, preferably two, supporting sections protruding from the plane of the planar support portion. In particular, each of the support sections comprises an opening for the axial finger to locate the axis of the portion associated with the fixing mechanism. Moreover, the lowest section of the opening for the axial finger is aligned with the upper surface of the planar support portion.EFFECT: optimum contact of the ski with snow, allowing the skier to hone the technique by fixing the exact moment of adhesion to the snow.3 cl, 14 dwg
Set of roller skis for skiing of people with disabilities // 2636920
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: set of roller skis for skiing of people with disabilities consists of a pair of roller skis supporting the skiing person and a pair of roller skis of the skiing person. The pair of roller skis supporting the skiing person is made in the form of two rectangular bases, on which adjustable fastenings for supporting the skiing person are mounted, as well as front and the roller assemblies, each comprising a pair of coaxial rollers. The front roller assemblies are configured to rotate the rollers in different directions. The pair of skis of the skiing person is made in the form of two rectangular bases, on which adjustable mounts for the skiing person's boots are installed, as well as front and rear roller assemblies, each comprising a pair of coaxial rollers. The roller skis are provided with eyelets for their interconnection.EFFECT: enabling the skiing of people with disabilities in the summer time by means of a set of roller skis with a large size range.5 cl, 7 dwg

Fixing mechanism for ski binding // 2636919
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a single piece of a main part (10) for a ski binding (1) fixing mechanism (30), in particular binding for racing or tourist skiing. The main part (10) comprises a planar support portion (11); one or more, preferably two, supporting sections (12) protruding from the plane of the planar support portion (11). In particular, each of the support sections (12) comprises an opening (13) for the axial finger to locate the axis (21) of the portion associated with the fixing mechanism (30). Moreover, the lowest section (14) of the axial finger opening (13) is aligned with the upper surface (15) of the planar support portion (11).EFFECT: optimum contact of the ski with snow, allowing the skier to hone the technique by fixing the exact moment of adhesion to the snow.4 cl, 5 dwg

Basketball training simulator // 2636884
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: training simulator, containing rings, attached to a support element including a vertical stand, is characterized in that the support element is made in the form of two parallel tensioned cables, the ends of which are provided with hooks. The rings are placed between the cables and rigidly, detachably attached to them by means of clamps placed on the diameters of the rings, with the possibility of fixing all the rings in one plane running through the tensioned cables equipped with tensioning means. In addition, the hooks of the cables are preferably linked to the hooks, placed at the edges of the rotary beams, in the middle of which cylindrical branch pipes are rigidly fixed which are designed to be put and to freely rotate on horizontal branch pipes rigidly attached to the opposite walls of the gym, preferably on vertical stand, with the parallel tensioned cables located along the wall perpendicular to the walls, at which the vertical stands are fixed, with the possibility of using the called wall as a basketball backboard, for which the tensioned cable, facing the called wall, is placed at a distance from it ensuring normal ball rebound into the ring. In addition, there are coincident through holes in the diametral plane of the cylindrical and horizontal branch pipes. The through holes are designed to accommodate a stopper rod therein. In addition, as a means of tensioning the cable, a tow bar or a pulley with an additional hook fitted to ensure translational movement along the vertical stand, is used.EFFECT: obstruction of the gym is eliminated, a high training intensity is provided and the functionality of the training simulator is expanded.2 cl, 4 dwg

Walking training system // 2636876
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: walking training system contains a belt conveyor where the trainee walks, a pair of supports, a sensor to measure the presence of the leg on the support and a control device. Supports are located on both sides of the belt conveyor - one support on each side to allow the assistant to put each foot thereon. The control device is configured to determine, based on the result of the sensor measurement, whether three or more legs are placed on the support and to control when the control device determines the presence of three or more legs. For the alternative version of the invention, the sensor is configured to measure the state of the leg presence on the belt conveyor and the control device is for determination, based on the result of the sensor measurement, whether there are three legs or more on the belt conveyor, and for controlling when the controller determines the presence of three or more legs.EFFECT: increased accuracy of determination of the balance loss state in the trainee or assistant during training.10 cl, 24 dwg
Draught-board // 2636562
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: in the proposed board each row is made up of four squares, each of which is unfolded in the plane of the board around its vertical axis passing through the square center by 45 so that the squares touch each other with corners, and each of the rows is set close to each other with a shift of all the even ones by one size, equal to half the diagonal of the square.EFFECT: material is saved, the creation of each board row of four squares allows you to save the possibility of placing four draughtsmen on one line, but at the same time excluding the free four squares as unnecessary, not used during the draughts game, it is also possible to save the movement of the draughtsmen from the field to the field at an angle to the original row, as stipulated by the rules of the draughts game, and prepare them for a compact connection in one piece - a board for playing draughts.1 dwg

Simulator for combined arrangements of army management // 2636535
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the training facilities, necessary to prepare athletes to competitions and develop the athlete required physical qualities for army hand-to-hand combat. The disadvantage of the known technical solution is the inability to ensure that necessary and sufficient integrated training specifically for fighters' army hand-to-hand combat, because for this type of martial arts are needed at the same time drums and combat elements do percussive techniques. It is important that the work of the arms and legs of the athlete in this case was consistent, as well as the lack of quality control of the actions performed by the athlete (techniques, strikes). The proposed device makes it possible to provide complex training of the army hand-to-hand combat fighter, his tactical training, to increase speed-strength endurance, exactness and power of punches, to determine the power of punches to be applied, to train a group of muscles participating in throwing techniques, to improve the training process as a whole.EFFECT: provision of the ability to control the quality and quantity of movements performed by an athlete, simultaneous and coordinated training of hands and feet, intensification of the speed-strength endurance of an athlete in connection with simultaneously and consistently performed work of hands and feet.2 dwg

Universal training kit // 2635795
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: user's body parts are fastened by means of quick-detachable fastening elements 9 to power cable 8 thrown over roller 16, which is fastened to vertically oriented telescopic support 15, which is fastened to additional mobile platform 14. Mobile platform 14 is provided with telescopic supports 17 and fixed wheels 18. Telescopic support 15 allows to change the traction effort angles depending on the tasks. Programmable force, amplitude of body parts displacement, time parameters of the exercise are transferred to pneumatic cylinder rod 7. The movement of rod 7 is controlled by the operation of pneumatic cylinder 1. Modes of rod 7 movement are established by means of software programs via control panel 19. Pneumatic cylinder 1 fixed in the base with spherical pin 4 is fixed by means of bracket 5 to telescopic stand 3. This allows to change the inclinantion angle and height of air cylinder 1. The mobile telescopic bar allows to change one's position, depending on the configuration of the room and the tasks assigned, by means of rod 12 and insert elements 13, mobile platform 2, telescopic supports 10 and fixed wheels 11.EFFECT: universal training kit allows to work on different muscle groups with the specified temporal, kinematic and dynamic parameters, versatility, suitability for training different muscle groups, provision of different training regimes, provision of grip convenience due to various quick-release fasteners for various types of exercises, an possibility of attachment to the room walls or ceiling to increase the load.8 cl, 1 dwg

Device for piterbasket game // 2635789
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: there is a device for playing in piterbasket, including a platform, associated with it a telescopic rack of ring-shaped links made of hard material. The site is rigidly connected to the ceiling beam, which also houses the electric motor with a reversible reducer connected to the drum with a cable, the free end of the cable is located inside the telescopic rack and is connected to the last link of the ball-shaped column, the last link of the telescopic rack is connected with three telescopic rods placed by each to a friend at an angle of 120 In the horizontal plane; the free ends of the telescopic arms are hinged with the shields: the center of gravity of the shields is located below the junction of the shield and the rod, the upper corners of the adjacent shields are hingedly interconnected; in the central part of the shields, through holes are made, in which the brackets of the basketball rings are pivotally attached to the shields perpendicular to the shields, opposite to the rings ends of the ends of the brackets are connected with the goods, with the upper edges of the shields rigidly connected by the pivoting levers.EFFECT: reliability and stability of the claimed device.1 dwg
Ahmetov's biokinetic training device for strengthening human supporting-motor system under null-gravity condition // 2635784
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: in null-gravity condition disrupt of eupraxia occurs, cardiovascular system weakens, metabolic disorder, weight absence leads to muscle atrophy, loss of calcium and bones strength reduction. The most acceptable method to withstand said disorders is movement and physical activity. Biokinetic training device for strengthening human supporting-motor system under null-gravity condition allows to some extent simulate gravity, compensate lack of movements and maintain normal coordination of movements the musculoskeletal system. Foundation of biokinetic training device for strengthening human supporting-motor system under null-gravity condition is made up of: biokinetic module, consisting of kinetically united hand supports and foot pedals, which ensures coordination of movements of musculoskeletal system and involves in the development of almost all the major muscle groups of body; and a device to simulate Earth's gravity, consisting of lining for the back and ties. Use of biokinetic training is considered viable to strengthen human supporting-motor system under null-gravity condition both separately and in complex in combination with a treadmill and a special space simulator ARED.EFFECT: biokinetic training device for strengthening human supporting-motor system under null-gravity condition does not contain complex elements, it is easy to manufacture, does not take up much space, is convenient and effective in application.2 cl, 1 dwg

Yo-yo ball capable of scraping motion and acceleration energy accumulation // 2635779
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: toy yo-yo is described. It is capable of scraping motion and acceleration energy accumulation, comprises two rotating pieces and the joining roller, which unites the rotating pieces. Moreover, every rotating piece comprises the side cover and the disc-shaped body, which is composed of the scraping motion energy accumulation device, one end of which is linked to the disc-shaped body, and the other end is linked to the side cover. When the side covers are interlocked on both sides, the disc-shaped bodies are brought into contact with the external contact surface for the energy accumulation by the energy accumulation device under the rolling motion with friction. When the process of the energy accumulation is completed, the interaction between the disc-shaped bodies and the external contact surface is ended, the scraping motion energy conservation device starts to release the energy for the both disc-shaped bodies setting into synchronous rotation. As the result, the requirements of the players of a different age and height could be satisfied.EFFECT: toy's capability to rotate at a high speed even though it is thrown with the use of a short cord in so doing permitting the use of this toy to the full extent by the short player.13 cl, 4 dwg

Gymnastic apparatus for riding // 2635283
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: gymnastic apparatus for skating is made in the form of an elastic plate, which is a contour of the board, consisting of the central part and the edges. The central part is a base made straight, and the edges have bends to the feet. The bends consist of a curved part extending from the base upwards and developing into a straight part directed towards the middle of the plate, made parallel to the base. The claimed technical solution is an alternative to all available fastenings for rolling and/or sliding vehicles, namely the platform of contacting the person of which is the area of interaction of the footstep with the feet and the movement on which is possible standing sideways in the direction of movement, for example: skateboard, wakeboard, snowboard, scooter and others.EFFECT: creating a board for riding, convenient and easy to mount.6 cl, 4 dwg
Electricity machine with muscular drive // 2635201
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: electric power car with muscular drive comprises a frame on which the movable set passenger seat, fixed on the frame with support wheels, which have the possibility of free rotation and reciprocating motion in parallel paired skids frame. In this case the supporting wheels rigidly mounted on axles introduced with the possibility of free rotation in the hole in the core of a seat or a support fixed on the frame with bearings, and these axes are kinematically connected to the rotor shaft of an electric current generator stators which are fixed to the passenger seat skeleton. Rotating and reciprocating support seat wheels realized by repulsion feet and/or hands and pull arms passenger in the course of the return, for what the frame stops are made.EFFECT: increased convenience.21 cl, 5 dwg

Fitness cycle multipurpose platform support and simulatory system with virtual reality synchronicity // 2635199
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: platform mounting group for supporting the training equipment contains a lower casing, a platform, a lift mechanism and a controller. The lower casing contains four height-adjustable angle supports to support the platform mounting group on the floor surface. The platform is mounted on the lower casing and carries fixing devices for rigid attachment of the training equipment to this platform. The platform defines the longitudinal direction, essentially along its central line, and the transverse direction which is perpendicular to it. The lift mechanism is located in the lower casing and is made to selectively lift the front part of the platform relative to the lower casing to tilt the platform in the forward direction or to lift the rear part of the platform relative to the lower casing to lower down the platform in the forward direction. The controller supports bonding between four height-adjustable angular supports and the lift mechanism. The controller is configured to remotely drive the lift mechanism to selectively tilt or lower down the platform and to remotely actuate each of the angular supports to selectively raise or lower down the lower casing in a corresponding corner thereof.EFFECT: increased adaptability to existing systems.8 cl, 9 dwg

Strap // 2635071
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: strap comprises a tensioning device and a portion including marks arranged along at least part of its length. During use, the area containing the signs passes through the tensioner. The tensioning device comprises a frame forming a window in which at least one of said symbols is visible in the portion of the strap. The sign represents for the owner/user the amount of tension in the strap, so as to ensure reproduction of the specified tension. There is also a version of the strap and glasses or a swimming mask containing a strap.EFFECT: head strap is correctly adjusted by reliably and accurately measuring the tension of the strap.31 cl, 14 dwg

Two-position electrothermomechanical locking carabiner for parachutes with adjustable descent resistance // 2634890
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: two-position electrothermomechanical locking carabiner for parachutes with adjustable descent resistance contains mutually rotating elements. According to the invention it includes a shaft to which a bottom lever is fixed via a splined or movable key joint by means of an electrothermomechanical lock. The middle lever is secured in the middle of it on a thrust bearing. And the upper lever is fixed to the top of it on a thrust bearing by means of an electrothermomechanical lock. Wherein the upper and middle levers are connected through a splined or movable key joint and in both cases the electrothermomechanical lock is a split cylindrical bushing entering the shaft groove and wound by a wire which is attached to a segment of the split bushing, using one or two loops of nichrome wire, to which managed electrical voltage is supplied.EFFECT: reliability increase.4 cl, 2 dwg

"running wave" ride // 2634887
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: ride contains a carousel with peripherally located wheels, supported by an annular rail and with a ring overhead gutter. The latter is wavy in the vertical plane and is partially filled with water. Slow spin-up of the carousel with its subsequent rapid stop causes the circumferential movement of water relative to the gutter, creating an effect of a traveling wave. The deceleration of the carousel is accompanied by recuperation of the previously accumulated mechanical energy.EFFECT: expansion of the range of entertainment services provided to the population.2 cl, 2 dwg

Swing // 2634585
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: in a swing comprising a base with supporting elements in the form of a part of a ring and an armchair connected to the base, the base is made as a circular pipe with a longitudinally spaced pair of rundles on which a system of toroidal shells with an internal diameter commensurate with the outer diameter of the pipe is mounted, and the outer diameter, increasing from the peripheral sections of the pipe to the pipe middle, folded along the diameter and fixed by kinks on the pipe rundles, serving as the attachment point for two equidistant seats.EFFECT: safety, ease of operation for transportation and storage.2 cl, 1 dwg

Two-place snowboard // 2634583
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: snowboard comprises a mono-ski, on which a sled is mounted, consisting of a two-place support platform for the users' feet with two runners along its edges, and a longitudinal elastic beam resting with its ends on the mono-ski. The snowboard is controlled with a transversely tiltable, longitudinally arranged U-shaped post.EFFECT: possibility of comfortably accommodating two people.3 cl, 2 dwg