With extinguishing material and pressure gas being stored in separate containers (A62C13/66)

Device for two-phase flow adjustment and portable sprayer of two-phase flow // 2534912
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to two-phase flow regulator and to portable sprayer of two-phase flow designed to spray fie extinguishing fluids. Proposed device comprises mixing chamber (2) composed in case (8) with separate inlet channels for forcing fluid and gas at pressure in and discharge channel (19) communicating mixing chamber with sprayer nozzle by means of flow pipe (20). Note here that a separate cylindrical chamber (1) is arranged in said case (8) to accommodate rotor (3) with blades (5). Rotor blades shut off inlet channels of two phases formed in separate sectors of said chamber (1) confined by rotor blades (5). Gas phase inlet channel (11) is shut off in turn with at least one fluid inlet channel (12) that feed fluid into mixing chamber (2) via open channels between blades. Sector of said chamber (1) including gas inlet channel (11) is also separated from mixing chamber (2) by a continuous section of web (7) that shuts off the channels between the blades of rotor (3) inside said sector.EFFECT: two-phase flow regulator to be used in portable hand-held fire extinguishers.10 cl, 10 dwg

High-integrity fluid discharge device // 2493892
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: subject of the invention is a fluid injection package comprising two chambers (A, B) separated by a piston-type separator (5). One of the chambers (B) comprises a fluid to be discharges, and another one (A) is a pressure feed chamber wherein the pressure is generated to move the separator 5 and to discharge the fluid. According to the invention, the pressure feed chamber (A) comprises a liner (50) tightly separating the inside of the pressure feed chamber from the container side walls.EFFECT: ensured ideal tightness of the two chambers which does not impair an ability of the piston (5) to slide.11 cl, 19 dwg
The fire extinguishing composition of water multi-purpose // 2223804
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, namely, compositions of liquids intended for extinguishing fires of solid combustible materials, flammable liquids, gases, and electrical systems, under voltage up to 1000 volts

Powder extinguisher // 2193427

The fire // 2177815
The invention relates to fire suppression and allows for its use to increase the effectiveness of firefighting