With incendiary substances producing pressure gas (A62C13/22)

Device for bulk firefighting // 2615971
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device for volumetric fire-fighting comprises a functional pyrotechnic bomb mechanical combustion cooperating with an igniter external initiation and which is coaxially mounted over a layer of plaster in a perforated cylindrical body, combined with the receiver adjacent to the closed lid of distributed outlets annular output channel reverse aerosol which is formed on distance from the shell casing rigidly connected through the interlayer of plaster with the outer casing. Perforated body and shell is made of a metal mesh or foil parogazopronitsaemoy, by supporting thermally insulating layer of plaster is conformal coated geotextile membrane. Pyrotechnic block is fixed to a diametrical bridge installed in the bayonet grooves of the housing, and an annular channel with the output openings of the cover is communicated via the expansion chamber.EFFECT: proposed technical solution to prevent unauthorized operation surround extinguishing device.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of fire extinguishing with nanopowder, method of charging powder fire extinguishing means, powder fire extinguisher and microcapsulated fire extinguishing agent // 2610814
FIELD: fire safety; nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nanotechnologies in the field of fire-fighting equipment. Proposed technical solution is easy in operation and can be used in a normal powder fire extinguisher using in its operation in series both the volumetric extinguishing method with the use of nanopowders with a considerable inhibitory action on the flame, and the method of extinguishing throughout the surface of burning materials and substances with the help of a powder fire-extinguishing substance made in the form of a coarse fire-extinguishing powder for final extinguishing of repeated combustion spots due to insulation of the burning surface and termination of the air oxygen access to the burning materials at all levels of combustion.EFFECT: proposed technical solution can be used to feed powder fire-extinguishing substances of various dispersion to the fire source in zones with presence or absence of people.6 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of explosion discharge for aerosol fire extinguishing device // 2601250
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to technology of gas fire extinguishing. Method of explosion for aerosol fire extinguishing including the following stages: 1) when an aerosol fire extinguishing device explodes the corresponding explosive device creates a limited movement along direction of hot air flow from aerosol fire extinguishing device; 2) when the end part of explosive device reaches the edge of aerosol fire extinguishing device, the explosive device being limited stops motion along the direction of hot air flow which enables to achieve for aerosol fire extinguishing device of explosion target and reduce recoil force.EFFECT: this method enables smooth release of powerful explosion, thus preventing damage to operator due to powerful recoil force at the same time preventing flyout of cylinder with great speed and preventing accidents leading to injuries and damage.8 cl, 3 dwg

Total saturation system in electric train cars // 2600910
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stationary controlled systems of detection and suppression of fires in electric train cars. Total saturation system in electric train cars comprises fire and smoke signalling devices and extinguishing aerosol generators distributed in protected volumes. Electric ignitors of pyrotechnic cartridges of fire extinguishing aerosol generators are connected with an autonomous source of electric current by means of a button of the switch of manual switching external unit. Self-contained electric current source is a battery from pyrotechnic flat electrodes with an igniter capsule. Igniter capsule interacts with the switch, which is made in the form of a percussion mechanism, its spring-loaded sting is fixed on the button of manual switching and kinematically closed with the bearing holder by means of a pin, wherein the independent switches in the communication lines with electric igniters of backup fire extinguishing aerosol generators are directly connected with pyrotechnical battery of electric current.EFFECT: proposed engineering solution ensures simple design of the fire extinguishing system in different modes of action.1 cl, 2 dwg

anual fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2597580
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, particularly, to hand-held devices generating a gas and aerosol mixture of combustion inhibitors intended for primary suppression of fire seats with directed flow of extinguishing mixture. Manual fire extinguishing aerosol generator comprises a functional pyrotechnic charge arranged in a tubular body, provided with a cover, coaxial casing and obturating gas seal, resting on jumper of shank of housing on opposite side of which in outlet diaphragm there is a primary charge, and a grater fixed on cap plug. Novelty is that grater is arranged inside casing fixed on body, with which movable cap plug bearing it is kinematically closed by pin, a primary charge is located inside fire-transfer sleeve, secured in diaphragm, at tail of housing is rigidly fixed with a drain hole fluted handle.EFFECT: distinctive features of proposed engineering solution are providing simple mobile technology of starting up manual generator, fully equipped with structural and functional elements in working position, higher functional reliability due to installation of additional stage of protection against unauthorized start-up.1 cl, 2 dwg

anual fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2577772
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, particularly hand-held fire extinguishing aerosol generators. Device for 3D fire fighting includes coaxially fixed with injection gap, cooling cylinder and housing with heat-protective layers inside. Housing is closed by cover with distributed outlets, under which, through receiver, functional pyrotechnic cartridge of end burning and electric spark igniter of external initiation are fixed. According to invention, pyrotechnic cartridge is made with central channel, where through armoring coat congruently adjoined communication metal tube of receiver, limited by disk convector of communication tube, with combustion chamber under functional cartridge formed by metal bottom, in which electric igniter is mounted; cover rests on posts of disk convector and cooling cylinder is arranged on body with partial overlapping by means of radial pylons of stepped shape.EFFECT: invention provides effective cooling of generated aerosol within device due to separation of high-temperature phase on metal bottom and reversing its flow in labyrinth convector with developed heat dissipation surface.2 cl, 1 dwg

Generator of fire-extinguishing aerosol // 2555957
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: generator of fire-extinguishing aerosol contains pyrotechnical stick with ignition assembly, installed on bottom of one of two dish-shaped casing tanks coated from inside with the functional layer out of solidified material, that are opposite connected by flangings, creating output slot nozzle, at that the functional layer of the top tank is enclosed by the perforated shell, and above the open end of the stick a receiver is formed, it via the reverse ring channel is connected with output slot nozzle. According to the invention the reverse ring channel between the perforated shell and open part of the pyrotechnical stick is connected with the output slot nozzle and is limited by the end of the functional layer adjacent to the bottom tank flanging, that closes gap between the bottom tank and stick. The suggested technical solution determined automatic two-stage action of the generator during serial modes: initially intensive burning of the pyrotechnical stick over the developed open surface, with high delivery of the extinguishing liquid, and then slow make-up of the additional aerosol until achievement of the extinguishing concentration.EFFECT: as result of the stage supply of the generated aerosol intensity of filling of the protected object reduced, resulting in abrupt decreasing of its losses via slits, clearances, plays in the room, and ensured long-term inhibition of the fire extinguishing.1 dwg

Generator of extinguishing aerosol // 2471522
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of fire fighting, namely to devices that generate gas-aerosol fire retardants designed for extinguishing fires in closed or semi-enclosed volumes. The extinguishing aerosol generator comprises a cylindrical housing and body with a lid and bottom, a mixing chamber, and also an activator and the pyrotechnic charge. The housing and the body are coaxially mounted with each with an annular gap for induced air. The mixing chamber is formed by the side walls of the housing. The pyrotechnic charge is set inside the body with provision of the possibility of formation of an ejecting aerosol chamber. Inside the body there is a layer of material cooling the aerosol. The generator is made with the ability of aerosol release to the protected area. The cylindrical housing and the body are interconnected coaxially. The bumper is installed parallel to the bottom which is fixed providing partial overlapping of the lateral surface of the body and forming around the body of an annular nozzle for ejecting aerosol release. The layer of the aerosol cooler is placed in series with respect to the pyrotechnic charge to form additional free volume with the function of combustion chamber. The ejecting aerosol chamber is formed between the bottom of the body and the bumper. The bottom is made perforated.EFFECT: optimal combination of performances of extinguishing efficiency, temperature of gas-aerosol spray and the intensity of supply of the extinguishing aerosol to protected area with a low degree of tightness.12 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing apparatus // 2462283
FIELD: medicine, fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire-fighting, namely extinguishing gas-aerosol mix generators actuated by pyrotechnic compound burning and spraying the mix into the protected space. A three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing apparatus comprises axially coupled cooling cylinder, and a generator body with a heat-insulating inner layer. The cylinder is provided with injection windows and mounted on a bearing arm with an angularly positioned longitudinal axis. The layer fixes a functional pyrotechnic stick connected with a central ignition cartridge represented in the form of a pyrotechnic tablet filled with a hermetic adhesive in an axial groove of the pyrotechnic stick. The ignition cartridge is wired with a hermetic switchboard of an external startup unit. The body is lidded with the lid comprising distributed outlets above a receiver wherein an isolating membrane is provided. The hermetic switchboard is mounted on the generator body by a threaded carrier sleeve with its flange attached in plaster of its heat-insulating layer which incorporates the wires to the central ignition cartridge.EFFECT: invention provides enhanced technological capabilities of the use of the apparatus in the high atmospheric moisture and explosive environment.1 cl, 2 dwg

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2422178
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire extinguishing, namely to systems working on the principle of using suspended fine solid particles of an aerosol generated by combustion stick of a pyrotechnic composition as fire retardants. The generator comprises a pyrotechnic stick equipped with a flame igniter electrically connected with an external starting arrangement and fastened by a layer made of a curing material with a body overlapped with a diaphragm; the body through an annular gap forms a reverse pathway to an outlet annular nozzle and is coaxially fixed in a thermally shielded case provided with a central projection and an axially clamped plate-type cover. The case is filled with liquid oil covering the body wherein the pyrotechnic stick supplied with the flame igniter is arranged; a combustible diaphragm adjoins the body diagram; and over the body, distributed transverse disks alternating with in-built bulkheads is axially clamped; the central projection of the case has radial holes and adjoins a bottom of the cover.EFFECT: invention provides enhanced functional reliability of the generator.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for voluminous aerosol fire extinguishing // 2421260
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: in a device for voluminous aerosol fire extinguishing, an initiation unit is realised as electric and thermochemical start-up initiators, installed on surface of an aerosol-forming substance (AFS) charge at the side of a receiver, outlet holes are located on a cylindrical metal casing near its metal cover and/or on it, and ratio of AFS charge burning area to the total area of outlet holes is 10-100.EFFECT: improved quality of aerosol flow and convenience of use for various objects.

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2407569
FIELD: fire fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire prevention, more specifically to fire-extinguishing installations using gas-aerosol flame retardants generated by pyrotechnic block combustion and supplied to a protected space in an orderly way, preferentially by water crafts and transport vehicles. The generator contains coaxial case and pyrotechnical block fixed in flooring cement layers with an in-between annular reversible heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal envelopes with an internal one being matched with a receiver; and an ignition assembly adjoining a free end face of the block, and an outlet cover. The ignition assemble is integrated in a median slot from an open end face of the block which is enclosed in a polymer film casing and rests through a foam plastic spacer on a rod mounted in the diametrical perforations of an inferior envelope of the heat exchanger bearing longitudinal edges for the block diametre, while the case comprises a bearing bracket wherein ignition assembly telecommunication clamps are fixed.EFFECT: ensured higher functional reliability and efficacy of the generator of more simple and technological design and expanded range of use thereof.2 cl, 2 dwg

Throw-type fire-extinguishing device // 2403930
FIELD: fire-fighting means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire-fighting equipment, in particular to devices generating gas-aerosol mixture of inhibitors of burning, and is intended for volumetric extinguishing of fire in closed premises by hand throwing of the device into fire centre. Device contains case consisting of two plate-shaped reservoirs, counter-fixed, with their flanges forming ring outlet nozzle for generated gas-aerosol mixture during burning of pyrotechnical charges, installed in each case reservoir through layer of construction gypsum, and unit of ignition, located under radial handle. Unit of ignition is installed in threaded bush of mounting clamp, fixed coaxially to through hole in reservoir, blocked with foam-plastic stopper and adjacent to fire-conducting inclined canal of communication with clearance between free butt ends of pyrotechnical charges, installed aflush with reservoir flanges. Both charges are autonomously packed in polymer film jackets, nozzle being formed by matching convexes, made on supporting surface of flanges and layers of construction gypsum being reinforced with metal mesh.EFFECT: increase of action efficiency and reliability.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for volumatric fire fighting and device for its realisation // 2401675
FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to firefighting equipment, namely to equipment for volumatric firefighting. In method for volumatric fire fighting, in industrial premises, consisting in the fact, that in premises installed are elements for firefighting with charge of smoke-forming composition, which are connected to each other with fire conductive fuses, made from material, which provides transmission of burning, elements are placed in volume of premises in such way, that their axes cross in geometrical center of premises, which is defined as point of intersection of rectangular parallelepiped or cube diagonals, fire conductive fuses connecting elements for firefighting with charge of smoke-forming composition, and forming closed quadrilateral with apexes, in which said elements are installed, each of said elements for firefighting is made in form of body with bead and outlet, equipment with charge of smoke-forming composition with unit of initiating, and outlet of body is closed with discontinuous membrane.EFFECT: increase of reliability and efficiency of volumatric firefighting system.3 cl, 6 dwg

Aerosolation unit for smothering // 2401147
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: proposed device generates gas-aerosol fire inhibitors formed in combustion of pyrotechnical composition and directs them in structure to be protected. It can be used in both independent and automated fire fighting systems. Generator comprises igniting unit and pyrotechnical grain fitted, via heatproof layer in perforated case coupled with receiver communicated with reversing annular channel closed by cover. It has also outlet holes and is separated from the case by heatproof layer. Said grain is packed in polymer film jacket and locked in the case by lengthwise plates and crosswise rod arranged in receiver perforations under grain free end face. Note that the case heatproof layer has two bolts fixed therein to support bracket with terminals of igniting unit electric communication. Note also that reflecting tray is arranged under said receiver.EFFECT: higher mobility and reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg

Space aerosol fire extinguishing device // 2389524
FIELD: medicine, fire fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices generating gas-aerosol fire retardants produced after pyrotechnic compound combustion and arranged to be delivered in a protected capacity, and is used both in stand-alone, and in automatic fire-control units for inflammable and combustible substances, hard materials and energised electric equipment. The device comprises a perforated cupped metal case with a gap filled with a binding substance, an aerosol-forming compound charge and an initiation unit to form at the opened end of the cup a receiver connected via communication openings with a reverse ring channel formed between the perforated metal body and perforated metal shell ring placed with a gap filled with the binding substance, in a cylindrical metal casing closed by a metal cover, a chamber mounted under the cover, and discharge openings formed on the cylindrical metal casing near to the metal cover and/or thereon; it is equipped with a limiter fixed on the casing above the cover, and the casing is provided with a protective wirecloth in its upper part under the discharge openings of the casing and/or the cover; and the relation of the combustion surface area of the aerosol-forming compound charge to the total area of the discharge openings is within 10-30.EFFECT: higher reliability of the device, and improved quality of an aerosol flow when eliminating the liquid fraction (K-phase) and usability of the device on various fire-fighting objects.3 dwg

Fire-extinguishing module // 2383373
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: fire-extinguishing module comprises cylindrical tube closed at ends and filled with fire-extinguishing substance in liquid or gaseous condition under pressure, which is excessive versus environment. Mechanism of tube opening is arranged in the form of hollow body and yoke attached to one of its ends with clearance and with the possibility of pressing, on adjacent surfaces of body and yoke there are semi-cylindrical bores arranged as inverted towards each other and enclosing tube, and circular groove is arranged on surfaces of bores in middle part of body and yoke. Body is installed perpendicularly to longitudinal axis of tube, on free end of body there is cover fixed with central hole, in which initiation unit is mounted. On body bottom inverted to tube there is channel arranged, which communicates to circular groove, besides inside body there is solid fuel pyrotechnical blasting cartridge placed as made of aerosol-forming composition, including finely dispersed solid components, for instance soot, aluminium, ferric oxide. At least one blasting heat-sensitive cord is fixed on external side surface of tube.EFFECT: improved performance and efficiency of module.12 cl, 4 dwg

Fire extinguishing devices by gas injection generated during pyrotechnic block combustion pyrotechnic block // 2372956
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device for fire extinguishing contains generator for pyrotechnic unit burning, coupled with the means of distribution of the generated gas in the zone of fire. The device also includes means for regulating of the generated pressure to create a specific profile of oxygen concentration in the zone of fire. These controlling means can be executed, for example in the form of a controlled valve, or represent a special form of the pyrotechnic generator performance. The device is made with the possibility of fire extinguishing in aircraft engines, as it does not include halogen-extinguishing agent.EFFECT: invention allows to control precisely the duration and level of fire protection zones.24 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

Aerosol generator // 2346718
FIELD: mechanics; fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hardware with the principle of operation consisting in using suspended highly-dispersed solid particles, aerosols, as flame retardants, the aerosol being formed in burning of pyrotechnical grains and released in a protected chamber. Aerosol generator comprises the primer of grains distributed in a cylindrical heat-protected housing combined with the receiver communicating, via a pipeline, with the reverse circular channel formed by a heat exchanger, a casing and a tapered cover. The said casing and tapered cover are arranged reversed and partially overlapping to form an annular outlet nozzle, both being furnished with a heat-protection material interlayer. Note that the said cover rests upon the housing mounted on the central ledge of the casing. The said housing and casing are jointed together with the help of an axial rigging screw, the casing being arranged on a mounting plate with a heat-protection coating acting as a deflector. Note also that the pyrotechnical grains and receiver pipelines are fixed in the housing with the help of gypsum plaster.EFFECT: simpler design, ease of manufacture, higher efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Fire extinguishing aerosol generator // 2323757
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: generator can be applied for large scale fire extinguishing in closed or semi closed spaces. To increase an operating speed the generator is designed with case having a cylinder coating, the said case is with a front bottom and a perforated nozzle cover, generator is also equipped with charge of aerosol forming composition, situated between the front end and a ring support, cooling unit, assembled on the support ring, pipe, fastened inside the case along its axis, inducor, installed inside the pipe and trigger. Hollow bushing is installed between and rigidly attached to the ring support and the support ring, the side surface of the bushing has windows for burning products outlet. Charge is made of multi blocks and consists of at least three cylinder blocks which are installed lengthwise a circle between the inside surface of the case coat and outside surface of the pipe. The ring support is fastened on the end of the pipe facing the cooling unit, at that the opposite end of the pipe is fastened onto the front bottom of the case, and the side surface of the pipe is perforated.EFFECT: simplification of the design of aerosol forming solid fuel charge, increase of reliability of its performance.6 cl, 3 dwg

Gas generator // 2286844
FIELD: mixing.SUBSTANCE: gas generator comprises housing provided with means for gas discharging made of openings on the side of the housing and gas generating and igniting charges mounted inside the housing and made of pyrotechnical compositions. The initiating member is mounted on one of the faces, and filter is mounted on the side and faces of the gas-generating charge. The surface of the gas-generating charge is armored from the side of the gas outlet. The auxiliary charge is mounted axially symmetrical in the gas-generating charge and is provided with layers that pass from the axially symmetrical layer to the periphery and connected with them.EFFECT: enhanced reliability and expanded functional capability.4 cl, 1 dwg

Fire-extinguishing plant // 2256475
FIELD: fire fighting, particularly means for generating aerosol fire inhibitors for extinguishing fires into closed space.SUBSTANCE: fire-extinguishing plant comprises two pyrotechnical charges for gas-aerosol mixture generation. Pyrotechnical charges are provided with protective shells and arranged in vessels connected in back-to-back manner and spaced one from another. One vessel is of plate-like shape and charges are connected to the vessel by gypsum cement layer filling space defined by vessel flanging. Ignition block is installed between the charges. Another vessel is cylindrical and mates to plate-like vessel flanging diameter. Ratio between charge masses is 3:7. The plant may perform automatic operation in two modes, namely in intensive gas-aerosol generation mode with simultaneous pyrotechnical cartridge charge end burning in both vessels to provide a certain aerosol inhibitor concentration in the space, and in slow gas-aerosol generation mode in which pyrotechnical cartridge charge burns only in cylindrical vessel to increase aerosol inhibitor concentration up to predetermined value.EFFECT: possibility of automatic operation in two modes.1 dwg

Aerosol generator // 2256474
FIELD: fire fighting, particularly means for generating aerosol fire inhibitors by burning pyrotechnic composition of cartridge and for delivering thereof into space to be protected in organized manner.SUBSTANCE: aerosol generator comprises cartridge triggering unit secured into coaxial metal body through gypsum cement layer. Metal body has communication orifices to establish communication with reverse annular channel of receiver aligned with the body and covered with end cup having outlet orifices. The components are arranged inside perforated heat-exchanger case connected with outer shell through heat-shielding gypsum cement layer. The shell is tubular. Heat-exchanger case has end covers attached to case ends and having outlet orifices. End covers are fixedly secured to metal body and arranged symmetrically relative receiver located between pyrotechnical cartridges. One cartridge is provided with independent triggering unit. The case has corrugations to secure thereof in gypsum cement of heat-shielding layer.EFFECT: increased operational reliability due to generating ignition impulse by two independent triggering units, increased intensity of cartridge burning simultaneously from both ends when fire-extinguishing composition is fed in opposite directions, reduced size, increased load-bearing strength and, as a result, possibility to increase pressure of fire-extinguishing flow to generate high-velocity flow.2 dwg

odular powder fire-extinguishing plant // 2253493
FIELD: fire-fighting, particularly for extinguishing fires on transport and in rooms.SUBSTANCE: plant comprises module with fire-extinguishing powder having partition installed along module body height. Partition serves as deflector and has concave shape. Orifices are formed along partition periphery. Plant has siphon tube with cuts oppositely formed at end thereof. Thermal jacket is connected to body portion. Container with gas-generation composition and heating member enclosed by insulation cup is arranged in body bottom.EFFECT: possibility of extinguishing fire with the use of increased reliability and performance.9 cl, 4 dwg

The igniter device for gas generator // 2239474
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, namely the gas-generating devices, fire extinguishers, and can be used to supply the combined extinguishing agent to the fire or its displacement from the cylinder

Fire extinguishing device // 2237503
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, and more particularly to a device for extinguishing fires generated by the combustion of a pyrotechnic composition checkers aerosol retardants, organized guided into the protected volume on vehicles, ships, warehouses and industrial premises

The gas-generating device // 2222363
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, namely the gas-generating devices, fire extinguishers, and can be used to supply the combined extinguishing agent to the fire

The gas generator (options) // 2211064
The invention relates to the field of pyrotechnics and can be used as a source gas

Flameless fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2208463
The invention relates to techniques for fire protection of premises and transport, in particular for aerosol fire extinguishing devices

Device for three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing // 2206353
The invention relates to the field of fire

Device for three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing // 2205673
The invention relates to the field of fire, namely, devices, generating fire extinguishing gas-aerosol mixture, resulting from the burning pyrotechnic composition checkers and jet emitted into the protected volume

Device for volume extinguishing of fires // 2201779
The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting devices, aerosol generating inhibitors of combustion generated by the combustion of the pyrotechnic composition and organized guided into the protected volume

The aerosol generator // 2201778
The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting devices, aerosol generating inhibitors of combustion generated in the combustion of the pyrotechnic composition and in an organized manner directed in the protected object

Aerosol composition and fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2201774
The invention relates to techniques of fire fighting chemicals, fire extinguishing aerosol generated during combustion aerosol composition

Generator cold neutral gas // 2198706
The invention relates to energy and solves the problem of obtaining technically inert cold gas from the outside air in an industrial scale for extinguishing fires, including forestry, oil and gas and fires in high-rise buildings, stacks, etc

The device high-speed supply of the working fluid // 2195350
The invention relates to fire at the objects of military equipment and may find application in the suppression of fires in confined spaces, such as moving objects, which include launchers, ships, planes, submarines, and munitions with electronic devices for various purposes, including munitions reactive systems of volley fire

The device is pulsed spray liquid // 2191611
The invention relates to techniques for spraying liquids in a gaseous medium, preferably air, and can be used for spraying large quantities of liquid over a short period of time, in particular for fire-fighting purposes

Device for extinguishing fire // 2189265
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, namely, powder fire extinguishers, and is intended for extinguishing fires of flammable liquids, solid materials and gases in various premises and open spaces

The gas generator // 2179471
The invention relates to the field of pyrotechnics, namely, devices for generating gas when burning pyrotechnic composition, and can be used as a source gas of low and high pressure to displace powders, liquids, charge different containers, and other devices that use low-temperature inert gas

The fire-extinguishing aerosol generator // 2176146
The invention relates to fire equipment

ethod of extinguishing a fire (variants) and a device for its implementation // 2174421
The invention relates to the field of fire engineering and can be used in powder fire extinguishing devices, where the gas source is a solid-propellant gas generator, in particular in the fire extinguishing modules, which are the main actuating element in an automatic and Autonomous fire extinguishing systems

The gas generator for powder fire extinguishers // 2166974
The invention relates to fire technique, in particular to a device for creating an overpressure in powder fire extinguishers

Device for three-dimensional aerosol fire extinguishing // 2164808
The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting devices, aerosol generating inhibitors of combustion generated by the combustion of the pyrotechnic composition and in an organized manner directed in the protected volume

Aerosol generator for extinguishing fires // 2163495
The invention relates to techniques for extinguishing fires using chemical fire extinguishing substances, namely aerosol

Powder extinguisher // 2160618
The invention relates to the field of fire engineering, in particular to powder extinguishers with generators, and can be used when extinguishing fires for feeding powder fire extinguishing substances at the center of tanning