With the chemicals in a single case, e.g. in a cartridge (A62C13/20)

Fire-fighting device of pulse action // 2401683
FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small fire-fighting devices and can be applied for extinguishing fires of solid and liquid substances, electric plants under voltage to 1000 W, automobiles, tele- and radio equipment in initial stage of fire beginning, in premises and open areas. Fire-fighting device of pulse action, equipped with fire-extinguishing powder and expelling charge, consists of placed one after another ignition and expelling compositions in given proportions of their components and weight ratios, equipped with powder sparger, brought into action from capsule of lighter "Zhevelo" by means of percussion-lock.EFFECT: increase of fire-extinguishing action by increasing its work stability and improvement of exploitation properties.1 dwg

ethod of disperse gas fire extinction and device for method implementation // 2370293
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns fire fighting equipment and is intended for extinction of fires of A, B, C, grades and power plants of up to 7000 V voltage hands-free. Method of disperse gas extinction of inflammable fluids and fuel and suppression of deflagration burning of air-gas and dust-gas formations by feeding disperse gas flow of fire extinguishing fluid from module device to fire area involves formation of inhibiting disperse gas phase with juvenile surface and flegmatising dispersion medium of the disperse gas flow out of supercritical fluid obtained by proposed method, involving pyroelement initiation at shutoff/launching device, simultaneously with thermochemical charge initiation with the help of the claimed device. Device can be applied in automatic and autonomous fire fighting systems and features gas cylinder shutoff/launching device in the form of at least two-layer wad pressed in flushing valve case. Lower wad part contacting gas cylinder content is made of thermomelting foil or plate, and upper external wad part is made of elastic pyroelement with electric igniter commuted to electric pyrocartridge launcher unit.EFFECT: enhanced fire extinction efficiency in hazardous facilities of coal and ore mining, chemical, oil and nuclear power industries, in transport, industrial facilities and buildings, storehouses and garages, suppressed deflagration burning of air-gas and dust-gas formations.4 cl, 1 dwg
The fire extinguishing composition of water multi-purpose // 2223804
The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, namely, compositions of liquids intended for extinguishing fires of solid combustible materials, flammable liquids, gases, and electrical systems, under voltage up to 1000 volts

Powder mini fire extinguisher // 2099112
The invention relates to the field of fire safety and can be used in the manufacture of fire extinguishers, designed to extinguish fires of solid and liquid substances, electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000 V, automobiles, television and radio receivers in the initial stage of occurrence of fires in buildings and outdoor areas

Chemical foam extinguisher // 2003368
The invention relates to fire-fighting equipment and can be used for extinguishing and localization of foci of sunbathing