Chelating agents (A61P39/04)

A   Human necessities(312083)
A61P39        General protective or antinoxious agents(420)
A61P39/04                     Chelating agents(13)

Complex forming compounds // 2619939
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: new formula (I) compounds are prepared, as well as their complexes, which can be used to prepare a pharmaceutical composition for prevention and treatment of strontium, tin or lead poisoning.EFFECT: increased application effeciency.13 cl, 9 tbl, 18 ex, 13 dwg

Therapeutic agent, sensitive to metal-salen complex compound, and system for regulation of intracorporeal properties for metal-salen complex compound // 2595840
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: described is therapeutic agent for treating tumours. Device contains magnetic complex compound “Fe-Salen” as medicinal component, as well as chelating agent. Said agent is used for chelating metal complex compound “Fe-Salen” as sensitive component for suppression of side effects of “Fe-Salen” complex compound. Complex compound “Fe-Salen” is localized in affected area due to action of external magnetic field on body, and after exposure to external magnetic field chelating agent is bound with complex compound “Fe-Salen”, which is released from affected region of body. Chelating agent is either deferasirox or deferoxamine.EFFECT: use in invention of said chelating agents provides suppression of side effects of “Fe-Salen” complex compound.4 cl, 2 ex, 2 dwg

Application of pacap as molecular adjuvant for vaccines // 2580294
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to application of pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) as molecular adjuvant for vaccines for prevention of diseases, caused by infectious antigens in fish, to respective vaccine composition, vaccine combination, both used for the same purpose, and to method for increasing immune response to vaccine antigen in prevention of infectious diseases in fish from infectious agents, such as viruses, bacteria and ectoparasites.EFFECT: increase of immune response in fish against said infectious agent.12 cl, 8 dwg, 2 tbl

Thio-containing compounds for removing elements from contaminated environment and methods for use thereof // 2528396
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a compound of formula (A) or (B) where R1 is benzene, R2 is a hydrogen atom, R3 is independently selected from a group which includes a carboxyl group and carboxylate esters, X is a hydrogen atom, n is independently equal to 1-10, m=2, Y is independently selected from a group which includes a hydrogen atom, polystyrene and SiNH2, and Z is a hydrogen atom.EFFECT: obtaining novel compounds which can be used to bind metals and/or elements of the main subgroup and removal thereof from liquids, solid substances, gases and/or fabric.16 cl, 6 dwg, 22 ex, 1 tbl

Pharmaceutical composition of pediphene for treating damage by non-lethal irritants // 2496485
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: what is presented is a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a spray for treating a damage by non-lethal irritants (e.g. pelargonic acid morpholide), containing pediphene in the following proportions, wt/volume %: pediphene hydrochloride 0.01-10.0; sodium chloride 0.1-10.0; water for injections up to 100 ml. What is shown is the efficacy of pediphene in compliance with the declared application ensured by the local anaesthetic effect of the drugs.EFFECT: drug preparation has no allergenic and immunotoxic properties.3 dwg, 40 tbl

Lipid peroxidation inhibiting 6-(thietanyl-3)aminopyrimidine-2,4(1h, 3h)-dione // 2485117
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to organic chemistry and medicine and specifically to a novel compound - 6-(thietanyl-3)aminopyrimidine-2,4(1H,3H)-dione of formula (1), which inhibits lipid peroxidation.EFFECT: obtaining a compound which inhibits lipid peroxidation.2 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

Copolymers of hetero-chain aliphatic poly-n-oxides, based on them vaccinating and medicinal preparations // 2428991
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: copolymers of hetero-chain aliphatic poly-N-oxides of general formula (I) , where R=N, CH; x=2-4; y=0, 2; n=10-1000; q=(0.1-0.9)n; z=(0.1-0.9)n. Copolymers possess anti-oxidant action, therapeutic action as detoxicant and immunomodelling agent. Copolymers of formula (I) can be used as immunomodulating carrier for obtaining vaccinating medication and as carrier of medications for obtaining medications.EFFECT: copolymers of hetero-chain aliphatic poly-N-oxides represent novel class of compounds possessing wide spectrum of pharmacological and vaccinating action, aimed at increase of safety in application, increase of technological and economical effectiveness and ecological safety of production of medications.20 cl, 2 dwg, 13 tbl, 22 ex
ethod of heavy metal intoxication prevention and treatment for animals // 2366415
FIELD: veterinary.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns animal breeding and veterinary. Method involves application of medicine. Chelavite microelement medication is used as preventive medicine in daily dosage of 0.2-0.4 ml per 10 kg of live weight perorally in the forage for constant application; daily dosage for treatment purposes comprises 0.6-0.8 ml per 10 kg of live weight for a month.EFFECT: reduced lead and cadmium content in blood, milk and wool of animals, intoxication sign regress.3 tbl, 2 ex
ethod for treatment of chronic intoxication with heave metals // 2285523
FIELD: medicine, toxicology.SUBSTANCE: treatment is carried out for 2 steps wherein in the first step the preparation xydofone is administrated in the dose 10-20 mg per kg of body mass per 24 h by continuous course for 21-30 days, and in the second step the chelate-forming pharmaceutical preparation with the stability constant 15-20 is administrated in the therapeutic doses by fractional schedule for 2-7 days. Invention promotes to the complete elimination of heavy metal salts from the body due to weakly or strongly fixed ions of heavy metals providing by the successive administration of xydofone and the chelate-forming pharmaceutical preparation, and provides membrane-stabilizing effect on renal tissues that, in turn, prevents arising possible iatrogenic complications. Invention can be used in treatment of chronic intoxication with heavy metals.EFFECT: improved and enhanced effectiveness of treatment.3 cl, 2 tbl

Complex comprising calcium and phosphorus-containing ethylenediamine derivatives // 2247727
FIELD: coordination compounds synthesis.SUBSTANCE: invention provides complex comprising calcium and [[(4R)-4[bis[carboxy.kappa.O)methyl]amino-.kappa.N]-6,9-bis[carboxy-.kappa.O)methyl]-1-[(4,4-diphenylcyclohexyl)oxy]-1-hydroxy-2-oxa-6,9-diaza-1-phosphaundecane-11-ylic acid-.kappa.N6,.kappa.N9,-kappa.011]-oxydato(6-)]-,6H, (MS-325) or its salt with physiologically acceptable cation in each case containing essentially no Gf-MS-325. Also described are pharmaceutical agent based on compounds according to claim 1 and a method for preparing galena composition, complex or its salt with physiologically acceptable cation according to claim 1 intended for preparation of pharmaceutical agent reducing effect produced by heavy metals as well as complex or its salt with physiologically acceptable cation according to claim 1 intended for preparation of pharmaceutical agent suitable for NMR diagnostics and/or diagnostic radiology, a method for amplifying patient's image in NMR tomography based on compounds according to claim 1 and above defined complex or its salt with physiologically acceptable cation in each case containing essentially no visualizing metal chelates and MS-325.EFFECT: increased assortment of complexes with useful medicine-destination properties.14 cl, 4 dwg, 30 ex