Drugs for disorders of the muscular or neuromuscular system (A61P21)

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A61P21                 Drugs for disorders of the muscular or neuromuscular system(171)

Transmucosal introducting system of pharmaceutical drug // 2639369
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: transmucosal introducing system of the pharmaceutical active agent is described, comprising a suspension containing 30-60 wt % of the active agent selected from the group consisting of idebenone, decilubihinone and ubiquinone, and 40-70 wt % of polyalcohol and/or a cellulose derivative as a carrier, wherein the system is a mucoadhesive film dissolved in the mouth.EFFECT: idebenone concentration in blood after introduction via the tunica mucosa of mouth is significantly higher compared to the oral introduction.15 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl, 2 ex
ethod for treatment of myophascal neck muscle ache after gurov-levin // 2638784
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: trigger zone in neck muscles are identified and myofascial blocks are held by traumel-c drug. The drug is injected in quantity of 2.2 ml into identified trigger zones of neck muscles. After that, breath is delayed inspiratorily on the phase of "breathing in" for 9-10 seconds, while the doctor fixes the interested muscle from two sides, combines his/her breath patient's breathing and, when the patient breaths out calmly, carries out traction of this muscle with minimal effort. This complex method is repeated 5-6 times on the muscle concerned, after which the patient rests with calm rhythm of breathing for 4-5 minutes.EFFECT: method provides effective treatment of myofascial aches due to the complex - medicamental and manual effects on the background of inspiratory delay of breathing.2 ex

Derivative cyclic amine and its pharmaceutical application // 2638549
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to derivatives if cyclic amine of formula (I), where A is a group, represented by the general formula (IIa), (IIb) or (IIc), where A is a group, provided by the general formula (IIa) or (IIb), R1 represents an alkyl group containing 1 or 2 carbon atoms and optionally substituted by a hydroxyl group, amine group or carboxyl group, R2 represents a hydrogen atom, R3 is a hydrigen atom or alkyl group containing 1 or 2 carbon atoms, R4 is a hydrogen atom or an alkylcarbonyl group, containing 2 carbon atoms, or an alkyl group, containing 1 or 2 carbon atoms and optionally substituted by alkylcarbonylamine group, containing 2 carbon atoms, and n is 1 or 2, in which, when R3 and R4, each independently represent an alkyl group, containing 1 or 2 carbon atoms, R1 represents an alkyl group containing 1 or 2 carbon atoms and substituted by a hydroxyl group, amine group or carboxyl group; and when A is a group, represented by the general formula (IIc), R1 represents an alkyl group, containing 1 carbon atom and substituted by a carboxyl group, R2 represents a hydrogen atom and X represents CH2, O or -NR5 and R5 is an alkyl group, containing 1 carbon atom. Also, the invention relates to a prodrug of the compound of formula (I), pharmaceutical, analgetic agent and therapeutic agent based on compounds of formula (I), or its prodrug.EFFECT: new derivatives of imidazol, useful in the treatment of pain, have been obtained.11 cl, 24 dwg, 5 tbl, 73 ex
ethod for prevention of neurological status and muscular tonus violations in acute radiation disease in experiment // 2638270
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to prevent psychoneurological disturbances in an animal experiment after single uneven proton irradiation at doses capable of causing acute radiation disease, Semax preparation 0.1% nasal drops is administered intranasally. Semax is injected 1 drop into each nostril three times a day from 1 to 7 days after exposure to radiation.EFFECT: method allows to maintain a normal level of the orienting-research reaction, emotional status, the relationship between the excitation and inhibition processes of the central nervous system and muscle tone, disturbed by proton irradiation.2 ex, 1 tbl
ethod for prolonged reflexotherapy by threads for postural imbalance correction // 2637416
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of restorative, sports medicine and rehabilitation. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are implanted into the reflexogenic zones along the course of myofascial meridians stress (MMS). At the top of the scoliosis convex side, an odd number of PDO filaments is injected into the hypotonic muscle of the reflexogenic zone superficially across the muscle fibers, and on the scoliosis concave side, an even number of PDO filaments is injected deep into the muscle mass across the muscle fibers.EFFECT: method allows to increase the effectiveness of treatment, which is achieved due to a differentiated approach to PDO introduction on the convez and concave sides of scoliosis.6 cl, 1 ex

ethod for senility treatment // 2635541
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to stimulate muscle mass and/or muscle function, a combination of 5 mg to 200 mg of nandrolone or its ester and from 17.5 μg to 15 mg of cholecalciferol and sesame oil is administered concomitantly at the age of 60 years or older. A pharmaceutical composition and application of a composition for muscle mass and/or muscle function stimulation in elderly patients are also provided.EFFECT: group of inventions provides stimulating effect on muscle mass and stimulates muscle function in elderly patients.10 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex
Functional food products, containing diaminoxidase and its application // 2634969
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of functional food products, containing diaminoxidase to prevent bilious headache, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, spondylitis and pain, caused by muscle contractures.EFFECT: improvement of properties.12 cl, 7 ex
ethod for heterotopic ossification surgical treatment with local neural simulation of spastic syndrome // 2628370
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: for surgical treatment of heterotopic ossification with local neural simulation of the patient spastic syndrome, preliminary multilayer spiral computerized tomography (CT) is used to ptovide spatial imaging of bone structures and ossificates. The method of magnetic resonance imaging reveals the ossificate soft tissue component which is not visualized by MSCT. Then the heterotopic ossificate maturity stage is determine by calcium-phosphorus metabolism indices - alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, and bone matrix formation marker PINP - N-terminal pro-peptide of type 1 procollagen in patient's venous blood. If the measured parameters of N-terminal propeptide of type 1 procollagen - PINP are less than 76 ng/ml, even in case of an isolated lesion of one elbow or knee joint, alkaline phosphatase level is in the range 40-150 U/l and osteocalcin level is within 11-46 ng/mL, completion of osteoid formation and mineralization with formation and maturation of newly formed cancellous bone is concluded. In this case, surgical ossificates removal from the affected joint is prescribed. At that, local neural simulation of spastic syndrom is performed prior to surgical removal of ossificates, until it a stable decrease to the level of 0 to 1 on Ashworth scale is reached. Next, surgical treatment is performed involving ossificate resection or removal of an adequate volume of heterogeneous bone to restore the functionally adequate range of motion in the affected joint.EFFECT: possibility of surgical treatment of heterotopic ossification in patients with spastic syndrome, minimizing the risk of complications during surgical treatment, and pathological process recurrence.3 cl, 5 ex
Compositions containing diamine oxydase for use in fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome treatment or prevention // 2625549
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmacology and medicine. Application of diamine oxidase for preparation of a composition forfibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome treatment for subjects with diamine oxidase deficiency is proposed.EFFECT: improved condition and quality of life of patients due to reduced severe headache and fatigue.10 cl, 3 tbl, 8 ex

Antisense nucleic acids // 2619184
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: antisense oligomer is described which causes 50th exon skipping in the human dystrophin gene consisting of a nucleotide sequence complementary to any of the nucleotide sequences consisting of the 106 th - 126 th, 107 th - 127 th, 108 th - 127 th, 108 th - 128 th or 109 th - 129 th nucleotides, counting from the 5-terminus of the 50th' exon of human dystrophin gene. A pharmaceutical composition for muscular dystrophy treatment is also described, which comprises an antisense oligomer or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or hydrate thereof, as an active ingredient.EFFECT: invention expands the range of agents for muscular dystrophy treatment.12 cl, 31 dwg, 15 tbl, 54 ex
Compositions for local use containing diamineoxydase, for treatment or prevention of diseases associated with high levels of histamine, accompanied by increased pain // 2616248
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents application of diamineoxydase to produce a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of diseases or pathologic conditions selected from the group consisting of migraine, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, and muscle contractures, characterized by local application of the composition.EFFECT: invention provides expansion of the arsenal for migraine, fibromyalgia, spondylitis and muscular contractures treatment.12 cl, 6 tbl, 7 ex
Recombinant protein mio-hsp, method of its production, injection preparation for muscle mass increase in farm animals, birds and animals of canids, as well as method of using preparation // 2613420
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to biotechnology and can be used for increasing muscle mass of farm animals, livestock and canines. Fused protein is obtained, consisting of myostatin, Gli-Ser spacer and glucan binding domain of alpha-glucan binding domain of Streptococcus mutans (Mio-HSP), that is used to produce injection preparation for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections in a dose of 50–200 mcg of said protein per one kg of animal body weight or poultry. For producing recombinant protein is grown cell strain E. coli M15 [rMio-HSP] - producer of recombinant protein myocardial HSP, which is obtained by transformation of cells of E. coli M15 plasmid rMio-HSP M15 containing a nucleotide sequence gene coding myocardial HSP, then bind protein myocardial HSP in paragraph 1 in the cell extracts strain E. coli M15 [rMio-HSP] with alpha-glucan binding sorbent by affine interaction incubation procedure, with further washing from unbound bacterial proteins and separating end product.EFFECT: invention allows to effectively induce synthesis of specific antibodies to myostatin, inhibit and, consequently, stimulate growth of muscular tissue.4 cl, 7 tbl, 6 ex

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis treatment using cells obtained from umbilical cord // 2612391
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: cells derived from the umbilical cord tissue, capable of self-renewal and proliferation, having the potential of differentiating into a neural cell phenotype, are injected.EFFECT: invention preserves motor neuron function for patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.29 cl, 19 dwg, 25 tbl, 25 ex
Compositions and methods for improving or maintaining muscle performance // 2606763
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an agent for improvement or maintainance of muscle performance. Food product or nutritional supplements containing an effective amount of urolithin for improvement or maintainance of muscle performance, wherein said urolithin is selected from a group consisting of urolithin A, urolithin B, urolithin C and urolithin D. A method for treating muscle disease or disorder. Method for improvement of muscle performance. Method for maintainance of muscle performance. Composition for use in order to improve or maintain muscular activity or improvement of muscle performance, containing an effective amount of urolithin for improvement or maintainance of muscle performance, wherein said urolithin is selected from a group consisting of urolithin A, urolithin B, urolithin C and urolithin D.EFFECT: agents described above are effective for improvement or maintainance of muscle performance.48 cl, 49 dwg, 7 tbl, 21 ex
Topically administered strontium-containing complexes for treating pain, pruritis and inflammation // 2605279
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to pharmaceutics and concerns a composition containing a complex of strontium in the form of a bivalent cation, N-acetylcysteine and gallic acid. There are also disclosed the methods for treating acute pain, chronic pain, neuropathic pain and pruritis using the above compositions.EFFECT: group of inventions enables increase in capacity of topically administered strontium to inhibit acute and chronic sensor irritation, as well as attenuation of paths activated by strontium, which are amplified development and maintenance of pain, pruritis and neuropathic conditions.22 cl, 8 ex, 1 tbl

Antibodies to polyubiquitin and methods of application thereof // 2603093
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to immunology. Monoclonal antibody and its fragment are presented, which bind with K11-associated polyubiquitin, characterized by amino acid sequences of hypervariable sections (HVR). Isolated nucleic acid, which codes antibody, according to invention; expression vector; host cell and method of producing antibody are also described. Moreover, immunoconjugate and pharmaceutical composition for treating disease or disorder, containing antibody, according to invention; use of disclosed antibody for preparing drug; method of treating individual, suffering from disease or disorder, selected from cancer, degenerative muscle or nerve disorder; as well as method of determining presence of K11-associated polyubiquitin or polyubiquitinated protein; method of separating K11-associated polyubiquitinated protein and method of determining function and/or activity of K11-associated polyubiquitin are proposed.EFFECT: present invention can find further application in therapy and diagnostics of diseases, associated with formation of polyubiquitins, containing bond, formed K11 lysine.46 cl, 9 dwg, 5 tbl, 3 ex

ethod for correction of asymmetry of the upper third part of face // 2601106
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to cosmetology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and can be used for correction of asymmetry of upper third part of the face. For this purpose, at first, mimic tests are made with diagnosing of zones of different degree of facial activity manifestation. Then points located 2.5 cm above bony frame of brows are marked, in zones with maximum expressed mimics. That is followed by intramuscular injection of botulinum toxin type A with concentration of 100 U of botulinum toxin on 2.5 ml of physiological solution in amount of 2-4 U of the preparation of botulinum toxin type A for each injection. Then correction of asymmetry is performed by intradermal surface injection of botulinum toxin in zones, characterized by formation of multiple dynamic wrinkles during the facial activity. For this purpose points for surface subcutaneous injection, located 1-1.5 cm above and below the level of points for intramuscular injection are additionally marked. After marking additional points botulinum toxin of type A is injected subcutaneously. Concentration of botulinum toxin is 100 U per 0.5-1 ml of physiological solution, dose of each injection is 1 U. Wherein number of points for injection is determined from ratio: one point per every 1.5 cm2 of skin.EFFECT: method provides effective correction of asymmetry of the upper third part of face with good clinical results without compensatory wrinkles formation, as well as without serious complications, such as upper eyelid ptosis.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of detecting anticonvulsant action of sodium citicoline and valproate when applying them together on model of acute generalized convulsions caused by pentylenetetrazole in wistar male rats // 2600477
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to neurochemistry, pathophysiology, neurology and psychiatry. On the model of acute generalized convulsions, caused by pentylenetetrazole in Wistar male rats, the method of anticonvulsant action when applying sodium citicoline and sodium valproate is disclosed. Preparations are being intraperitoneally administered, at that, citicoline is being administered in a dose of 300 mg/kg one hour before the administration of pentylenetetrazole, sodium valproate is being administered in a dose of 70 mg/kg 10 minutes before the administration of pentylenetetrazole.EFFECT: selected dose schedule of the preparations provides higher anticonvulsant action also related to the neuroprotective action of preparations, which reduces the neurodegeneration in the rat brain under conditions of acute generalized convulsions caused by pentylenetetrazole.1 cl, 3 tbl

uscular tissue regeneration stimulation method // 2597838
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental medicine and biotechnology and can be used for stimulation of muscular tissue regeneration in experiment. For this purpose, a laboratory animal in area of wound defect of muscular tissue is administered a cell-gel system, consisting of bone marrow cell mass and biodegradable heterogeneous hydrogel Sphero®GEL medium. Ratio of volume of induced cell mass and volume of hydrogel Sphero®GEL is 1:1.EFFECT: method provides higher treatment effectiveness in traumatic injury of muscular tissue, reduces injuries of method and probability of immune response to introduction of preparations with simplicity of method.1 cl, 6 dwg
Composition for external warming and analgesic agent // 2592369
FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine and concerns a composition for external warming and analgesic agent containing (wt%): Micropowder mineral schungite with particle size of not more than 300 MCM - 18.0÷21.0, dimethyl sulphoxide - 12.0÷15.0, iminodiacetic acid 2.0-÷3.0, Hydrophilic Binder - 17.0÷22.0, water up to 100. As a hydrophilic binding agent may be represented by gelatine with addition of starch in amount of 2.0÷4.0 % of the weight of gelatine. EFFECT: invention provides the composition suitable for making plaster or bandages for reduction of painful sensations during muscle and joint pains of various origin. 5 cl

Fatty acid fumarate derivatives and uses thereof // 2588256
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to novel compounds of formula I or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, enantiomers or stereoisomers; in which values for groups W1, W2, R3, L, Z, a, b, m, c, d, etc. are defined in patent claim.EFFECT: invention also refers to pharmaceutical compositions based on said compounds possessing inhibitory activity on NF-kB, for treating inflammation or inflammatory disease, type II diabetes, insulin-resistant cardiovascular disease, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, hypertriglyceridemia, dislipidemia, retinopathy, neuropathy, macular edema, diabetic nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, CLD, inflammatory diseases of kidneys.25 cl, 4 dwg, 25 ex, 1 tbl

Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting autophagy of motor neurons and use thereof // 2585372
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to use butilidenphthalide for inhibition of motor neurons autophagy.EFFECT: invention can be used for delay of the beginning of degenerative diseases of a motor neuron.8 cl, 6 ex, 4 tbl, 7 dwg

Preparation from eggs with regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties // 2585049
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a preparation containing fertilised eggs, a method of its preparation and application. Preparation of eggs includes a mixture of yolk and protein extracted from fertilised eggs, incubated for a period of time from 18 to 36 hours. Said mixture of yolk and protein is characterised by such ratio, in compliance with which protein content is equal to 2 vol% to 40 vol%. Method for producing preparation of eggs involves incubation of fertilised eggs for a period of time from 18 hours to 36 hours; selection of certain amount of yolk and a certain amount of protein from incubated fertilised eggs obtained at previous step, in such proportion that protein quantity ranges from 2 vol% to 40 vol% of volume of yolk; homogenised yolk and protein and sharp cooling of preparation of eggs. Invention also discloses a functional food product, a dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic composition containing said preparation of eggs. Disclosed is use of said preparation of eggs as a cosmetic agent for skin care, as well as hair or fur. Also disclosed is use of preparation of eggs for preparing a drug for treating acute or chronic pain in case of conditions associated with pain; for treating degenerative diseases and conditions associated with inflammation.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain a preparation of eggs with high regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.19 cl, 12 dwg, 11 ex

ethod of producing myoblasts, use of gingival biopsy material, myoblasts preparation for treating pathologies of muscular tissue and method for production thereof // 2576842
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, particularly to biotechnology, and can be used for producing myoblasts of oral mucosa of an individual. That is ensured by biopsy of oral mucosa and treatment of biopsy material for washing, milling, enzymatic splitting gingival tissue proteolytic enzymes. Further, method includes culturing fibroblast-like cells recovered from disaggregated tissue on a suitable medium for producing culture of myoblasts. Method includes performing immunophenotypic testing of myoblast culture for immunophenotype and exclusion of viral and bacterial contamination.EFFECT: use of present method enables to obtain a culture of myoblasts from a readily available source - human oral mucosa.2 cl, 1 ex, 2 dwg
ethod of botulinum toxin injection into masticatory muscles // 2575735
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: area of planned injection is determined in skin of right and left facial part of patient's head by means of thermal imager or by electromyography, after which palpation of soft tissues in the depth of the entire selected area is performed, presence and quantity of sites with higher and painful hardness are detected in it, their localisation, shape, size and volume are specified. The total single dose of botulinum toxin is diluted with solution of 0.9% sodium chloride in volume 2.5 ml in case of the total volume of sites not exceeding drug volume, with application of solution in equal volume in case of larger total volume. Solution of medication is introduced under ultrasound navigation by turns into each solid site of each muscle until its complete infiltration with solution.EFFECT: elimination of increased tension, painfulness of masticatory muscles and recovery of chewing function under conditions, excluding impairment of facial expression, face asymmetry and impairment of chewing function.1 ex

Chimeric fibroblast growth factors with changed receptor specificity // 2573896
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to biotechnology, more specifically to chimeric polypeptides of fibroblast growth factors (FGF), and can be used in medicine for treating obesity, diabetes, high blood glucose, metabolic syndrome and hypercholesterinemia. What is produced is chimeric FGF19 having C-terminal portion of the hFGF19 polypeptide sequence and N-terminal portion of the hFGF21 polypeptide sequence.EFFECT: invention enables producing the FGF19 chimeric polypeptide, which activates FGFRlc through Klotho-beta dependence, but does not substantially activates FGFR4 through either Klotho-beta independence, or Klotho-beta dependence.18 cl, 22 dwg, 11 tbl, 15 ex

Tetrahydrocarboline derivative // 2572818
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to field of organic chemistry, namely to novel heterocyclic compounds of general formula (I) and to its pharmaceutically acceptable salt or its solvate, where R1 represents halogen atom, C1-4 alkyl group, C1-4 alkoxygroup, C1-4 halogenalkyl group, cyanogroup, carbamoyl group, R2 represents hydrogen atom, R3 represents C1-4 alkyl group, R4 represents hydrogen atom or C1-4 alkyl group, ring A represents (i) C3-6 monocyclic carbon ring, including phenyl, cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, cyclohexyl and cyclohexene, (iii) 5-6-membered monocyclic heterocyclic ring, containing one-two heteroatoms, selected from oxygen atom, nitrogen atom and sulphur atom, including thiophene, furan, isoxazole, imidazole, pyrazole, thiazole, pyridine or (iv) 9-membered bicycic heterocyclic ring, including indole, X represents nitrogen atom or carbon atom, T represents bond or linear C1-4 alkylene group, C2-4 alkenylene group or C2-4 alkinylene group, optionally substituted with two R5 (where R5 represents C1-4 alkyl group or aminogroup), U represents (i) methylene group, (ii)oxygen atom, (iii) -NR6- (where R6 represents hydrogen atom or methyl group) or (iv) 3-6-membered monocycle, including cyclobutane, cyclopentane, cyclohexane, phenyl, thiophene, pyrrolidine, pyrazole, imidazole, triazole, oxazole, piperazine, piperidine, tetrahydropyridine C7-8 bridge carbon ting, including bicyclooctane, bicycloheptane and imidazolidine, optionally substituted with one-three R7 (where R7 represents halogen atom, C1-4 alkyl group; hydroxygroup, C1-4 alkoxygroup or benzyloxy group), Y represents (i) bond or (ii) linear C1-3 alkylene group, optionally substituted with one or two R8 (where R8 represents methyl group), W represents bond or linear C1-3 alkylene group; Z represents methylene group, oxygen atom or sulphur atom, q represents integer number 1, r represents integer number from 0 to 5, and t represents integer number from 0 to 2, on condition that groups, represented by set R1, R2, R3, R5, R7 and R8, can be similar or different, respectively, and two R3 or R5, bound with one and the same carbon atom, can be taken together with carbon atom with formation of C3cycloalkyl, respectively. Invention also relates to pharmaceutical composition, pharmaceutical preparation and ENPP2 inhibitor, based on formula (I) compound.EFFECT: novel compounds, possessing inhibiting activity with respect to ENPP2, have been obtained.29 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl, 937 ex

Anticonvulsant // 2572711
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by using 9-dialkyl aminoethyl-2-(4-fluorophenyl)imidazo[1,2-a]-benzimidazole dihydrochloride of general formula I , wherein a) NR2 = pyrrolidino; b) NR2 = morpholino as an agent possessing anticonvulsant activity. The compound may be used for preparing an anticonvulsant.EFFECT: higher anticonvulsant activity.2 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod of treating chronic spondylogenic vertebrobasilar insufficiency syndrome // 2571234
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: X-ray diagnosing is performed. A kind of long-term craniovertebral injuries and their dystrophic complications is specified. That is followed by a palpation of superficial and deep muscles of the craniovertebral region and overall neck, palpated points of muscle attachment, and capsules of atlantooccipital joints. The regions in need of a therapeutic exposure are detected. A series of intramuscular injections of 0.25% Novocaine and vitamin B12 in a daily dosage into trigger points over the whole area of the neck and craniovertebral region. One session involves 8 or more injections; the sessions are performed every 7-14 days. The second session of the injection therapy is followed by a cervical spine extension with use of a traction collar.EFFECT: method enables providing the higher clinical effectiveness by prolonging the achieved clinical effect, reducing the length of treatment and the labour input required for implementing the method.2 ex

Reading inductor and therapeutic agent for genetic diseases, caused by mutations of nonsense-mutation type // 2571060
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: claimed is group of the inventions, relates to application of compound of structural formula (arbecacin) as reading inductor for induction of reading of premature stop-codon, formed as a result of nonsense-mutations, and to medication, including said inductor, for treatment of genetic disease, caused by nonsense-mutations (for instance, Duchenne muscular dystrophy).EFFECT: realisation of the claimed purpose.4 cl, 10 dwg, 4 tbl

Carboxamide compounds and use thereof as calpain inhibitors // 2567392
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to organic chemistry, particularly to novel carboxamide compounds of formula and to pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, where R1 is phenyl-C1-C6-alkyl, where the phenyl can be unsubstituted or substituted with 1 radical R1c; where R1c is independently selected from halogen, C1-C6-alkyl, C1-C6-alkoxy, where the C1-C6alkyl groups can be partially or completely halogenated or can have 1, 2 or 3 substitutes R1a, and -(CH2)p-NRc6Rc7, where p=0, 1, where R1a is independently selected from NRa6Ra7, Ra6 is C1-C6-alkyl, Ra7 is C1-C6-alkyl, or two radicals Ra6 and Ra7, or Rc6 and Rc7 together with a N atom form a nitrogen-containing 6-member saturated heterocycle, which can optionally have 1 additional O heteroatom as a ring member, R2 is phenyl, pyridyl, where the phenyl can be unsubstituted or can have 1 substitute R2c; where R2c has one of the values given for R1c; R3 is C1-C6-alkyl, C3-C6-alkenyl, C3-C6-cycloalkyl, C3-C6-cycloalkyl-C1-C2-alkyl, where C1-C6alkyl, is unsubstituted or has 1 substitute Rxa, where Rxa has one of the values given for R1a; R5 is a halogen or C1-C2-alkyl, where m equals 0 or 1; n equals 0. The invention also relates to specific compounds and a pharmaceutical composition based on the compound of formula (I).EFFECT: obtaining novel carboxamide compounds which are useful as calpain inhibitors (calcium-dependent cysteine proteases).27 cl, 4 tbl, 34 ex

Therapeutic preparation or preventive preparation for treating fibromyalgia // 2560168
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention provides a therapeutic preparation or a preventive preparation for treating fibromyalgia, with the said preparation containing, preferably, as an effective ingredient a cyclohexane derivative, represented by the formula given below , or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt.EFFECT: elaboration of the therapeutic preparation or preventive preparation, which is effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia and possesses painkilling action both on nociceptive pain and on neuropathic pain.9 cl, 1 dwg, 13 tbl

Nitrogen oxide-releasing compounds // 2560144
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to nitrogen oxide-releasing compounds, applied for retardation of development or complete reversion of muscular dystrophy, such as Duchenne dystrophy or Becker dystrophy.EFFECT: obtaining compounds for retardation of development or complete reversion of muscular dystrophies.4 cl, 2 tbl, 1 ex

ethod of treating fibromyalgia syndrome // 2557533
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to medicine and aims at treating fibromyalgia syndrome. The method of treating fibromyalgia syndrome involves administering a therapeutically effective amount of a substance having structural formula , or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt into a mammal in need thereof, wherein Rx, R1 and R2 represent hydrogen and x is equal to 1. What is also provided is a pharmaceutical composition containing the substance having structural formula (1), or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt.EFFECT: using the group of inventions provide the effective treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome.13 cl, 1 tbl, 3 ex
ethod of treating degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory-degenerative and traumatic injuries of locomotor soft tissues // 2546538
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: dispersed biomaterial Alloplant dissolved in physiological saline in ratio of biomaterial 50 mg to physiological saline 20-60 ml is injected into the involved soft tissues to provide its uniform distribution taking into account neurovascular topography into the thickness of the involved soft tissues. The treatment involves a course of 1-5 injection procedures of 5-60 ml of the biomaterial every 8-12 procedures.EFFECT: invention enables providing higher clinical effectiveness in degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory-degenerative diseases and traumatic injuries of locomotor soft tissues by direct and prolonged action of the regenerative material Alloplant.6 cl, 2 ex
edication based on product of dry sublimation of hazel, possessing anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antifungal and myotonic action // 2546013
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: medication includes 7.0-9.0 wt % of a dried thick fraction of a product of hazel dry sublimation, 0.025-0.033 wt % of hydrochloride anaprilin, 36.0-38.0 wt % of sodium hydrocarbonate, 24.5-25.5 wt % of boric acid, 12.0-16.0 wt % of phthalic acid, 5.5-7.5 wt % of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, 0.8-1.0 wt % of sodium dodecylsulphate, 0.45-0.55 wt % of calcium stearate and 5.5-10.8 wt % of glucose.EFFECT: invention increases the therapeutic and preventive efficiency of treatment of postnatal endometritis in cows and cow-heifers.

Preparing dosage forms of controlled-release skeletal muscle relaxant // 2540494
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the pharmaceutical industry, namely represents a method for ensuring a uniform dissolution profile of a pharmaceutical composition of cyclobenzaprine containing inert coated particles with the cyclobenzaprine containing composition of a drug layering for forming IR granules to be coated with a prolonged-release coating for forming ER granules.EFFECT: developing the method for ensuring the uniform dissolution profile of the pharmaceutical composition.53 cl, 6 ex, 5 dwg, 4 tbl
ethod of treating patients with medication overuse headache // 2538627
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: analgesic preparation causing medication overuse headache are withdrawn; a detoxification therapy is conducted; an analgesic alternative is provided; a preventive medication and a behaviour therapy are applied. The preventive medication represents single intramuscular administration of xeomin into temporal muscles in a dose of 25 units in each frontal and occipital muscle in a dose of 12.5 units. The preventive medication follows the detoxification therapy.EFFECT: considerable reduction of the recurrence number by relieving the reflex pericranial muscle and expression line tension.1 ex

Enantiomers of spiro-oxindole compounds and using them as therapeutic agents // 2535667
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a new compound, namely to (S)-enantiomer of 1'-{[5-(trifluoromethyl)furan-2-yl]methyl}spiro[furo[2,3-f][1,3]benzodioxol-7,3'-indole]-2'(1'H)-one of formula (I), and a method for preparing it which is effective for treating diseases and conditions, such as pain, an intensity of which can be reduced or relieved by modulating potential-dependent sodium channel gatings.EFFECT: invention refers to the pharmaceutical composition of the above compound, methods of treating and a method of relieving an ion flux through the potassium channel gating in a cell.10 cl, 5 tbl, 6 dwg, 11 ex

acrocyclic alkylammonium derivatives of 6-methyluracil having anticholinesterase activity // 2534903
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to novel macrocyclic alkylammonium derivatives of 6-methyluracil of formula (1). The compounds have anticholinesterase activity and can be used for pharmacological correction of synaptic defects which cause Alzheimer's disease, myasthenia gravis and other forms of pathological muscle weakness. The compounds can be used when treating glaucoma, intestinal atony, alcoholism, schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, traumatic brain injury, sleep disorders, etc. In formula (1) X=NO2, Y=(CH2)4 (1a); X=CN, Y=(CH2)4 (1b); X=NO2, Y=C6H4 (1c); X=CN, Y=C6H4 (1d).EFFECT: improved properties of compounds.2 cl, 2 tbl, 9 ex

Compounds and methods of treating pain and other diseases // 2528333
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a compound of formula, wherein: each of R1, R2, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8 R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15 R16 and R17 is independently specified in a group consisting of deuterium or hydrogen; and R3 is independently specified in a group consisting of CD3 and CH3; provided R3 represents CH3, at least one of the groups R1, R2, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8 R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15 R16 and R17 represents deuterium; and R18 represents hydrogen. The invention also refers to a drug on the basis of the above compound for treating a condition causing pain.EFFECT: there are prepared new compounds inhibiting MMPs (metalloproteinases) which show the high activity, metabolic stability and/or lower toxicity in relation to the currently known MMP inhibitors for treating pain and other diseases, such as cancer.16 cl, 2 dwg, 14 tbl, 136 ex

Sphingosine-1-phosphate (s1p) receptor modulators and using them for treating muscular tissue inflammation // 2521286
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: what is presented is a group of inventions involving using 1-{4-[1-(4-cyclohexyl-3-trifluoromethylbenzyloxyimino)ethyl]-2-benzylethyl}azetidine-3-carboxylic acid, its N-oxide, or a mixture of isomers, its salts, solvates or hydrates for preparing a drug for preventing, inhibiting or treating an inflammatory condition specified in polymyosite and dermatopolymyosite (versions), a related method of treating, and a pharmaceutical composition for the same application containing the above compound.EFFECT: what has been shown is an almost complete block of cytokine-induced amyotrophia.4 cl, 2 dwg

Application of angiogenin or angiogenin agonists for treating diseases and disorders // 2519645
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to therapy, and deals with application of angiogenin or its agonists for treating diseases mediated by impairment of myostatin activity. For this purpose an efficient amount of angiogenin or its agonist is introduced.EFFECT: invention ensures growth and normalisation of muscular tissue function due to stimulation of differentiation of muscular cells in muscular tubes.10 cl, 15 dwg, 5 ex

ethod for preparation of polyphenolic spinage leaves extracts // 2519640
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for preparation of a concentrated spinage extract in liquid or dry form. The method for preparation of concentrated extracts in liquid or dry form consists in edible oil addition to a water extract of spinage leaves, a water and an oil phases production and their separation. Biologically active spinage product manufactured of the water phase. Spinage colouring agent manufactured of the oil phase.EFFECT: method allows to manufacture an extract with increased polyphenols content and a colouring agent.6 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for preventing and reducing destruction of skeletal proteins of atrophied skeletal muscles caused by hypokinesia and/or discharge by gravity // 2517576
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: it has been shown that in the functional muscle discharge, PD150606 blocked the calpain proteolytic system leading to the protein breakdown, which leads to prevention of atrophic processes. The invention is characterised by preventing thereby for a long period of time, as PD150606 does not decrease the NO production by the muscles. The invention can find application in space medicine to remedy the negative effect of hypokinesia or discharge by gravity.EFFECT: reducing protein destruction of atrophied skeletal muscles caused by hypokinesia or discharge by gravity.6 dwg

ethod for preventing and reducing destruction of skeletal proteins of atrophied skeletal muscles caused by hypokinesia and/or discharge by gravity // 2517259
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: factor reducing type 1 calpain expression is presented by a muscular administration of the preparation of PD150606 (a synonym of (2Z)-3-(4-iodophenyl)-2-mercapto-2-Propenoic acid, 3-(4-iodophenyl)-2-mercapto-(Z)-2-propenoic acid, of empirical expression C9H7IO2S) blocking the type 1 calpains in the muscles, and particularly reducing the µ-calpain iRNA expression in the muscles.EFFECT: preventing the muscle atrophy for a long period of time by blocking the calpain proteolytic system leading to the protein breakdown accompanying the functional muscle discharge, which leads to prevention of atrophic processes.6 dwg

ethod for improving transdermal permeability of therapeutic or cosmetic topical preparations, method for dermal administration of liquid xenon // 2506944
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and represents a method for improving the transdermal permeability of therapeutic or cosmetic topical preparations involving the dermal administration of 1.0 to 300.0 vol. % of liquid xenon as a part of an acceptable neutral carrier or a therapeutic or cosmetic preparation.EFFECT: invention provides the higher therapeutic or cosmetic effectiveness ensured by improving the transdermal transport of bioactive compounds.8 cl, 13 ex, 4 dwg

ethod of treating spasticity accompanied by improved consciousness in patients in vegetative state // 2502503
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to neurology, and may be used for treating spasticity accompanied by improved consciousness in the patients in the vegetative state. That is ensured by administering Xeomin (botulinumtoxinA free from complexing proteins) into the spastic muscles of all the extremities and related body segments regardless of the contractions in total dose of 400-1300 units. The dose shall not exceed 24 unit/kg of body weight in 1-3 stages. The stages follow at least every 3 days. Every 1-day stage involves administering 5-50 units in each accessible muscle or muscle group with the maximum tone in max. total dose 500 units dissolved in 12.5 unit/ml. The injections are distributed uniformly along the area without electromyography. The following courses are similar if observing spasticity and/or if clinically reasonable. The length of one course is up to 3 weeks.EFFECT: method enables improving the therapeutic effect in the vegetative states.3 ex, 3 tbl
Combined analgesic and anti-spasmodic drug // 2500399
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutics and represents a combined analgesic and anti-spasmodic drug containing caffeine and drotaverine hydrochloride, characterised by the fact that as active substances it additionally contains ketorolac or a compound thereof, such as ketorolac tromethamine and diphenylhydramine in the amount of: ketorolac or a compound thereof, such as ketorolac tromethamine 5 - 40 mg, caffeine 50 - 100 mg, diphenylhydramine 20 - 50 mg, drotaverine hydrochloride 40 - 80 mg.EFFECT: invention provides developing the drug possessing strong analgesic action in moderate or severe pain syndromes, various cramping pains.2 cl, 3 ex
Cachexia therapy // 2485950
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, and aims at preventing and treating cachexia. There are used combined beta-adrenergic antagonist and 5-HT1a partial agonists or antagonists selected from the group consisting of (S)-pindolol and (S)-propranolol, or salts thereof.EFFECT: method enables reducing cachexia-related body weight loss.15 cl, 1 ex, 1 tbl