Beverage-making apparatus with dispensing means for adding a measured quantity of ingredients, e.g. coffee, water, sugar, cocoa, milk, tea (A47J31/40)

Pusher for use in granular product dispenser for beverages preparation // 2642766
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pusher (100) for using in the dispenser (1) of the granular product (30) for the beverages preparation includes the body (110), where there is the inlet (112) for the product, the outlet (114) for the product and the channel (116), which connects the product inlet and outlet; the screw feeder (120), which includes the screw blade (124), which is placed in the channel (116) with the ability to rotate and move, so that it is able to move axially along the longitudinal axis (l) between the first and the second position; and the first sealing device (126b), which made with the ability of air-tight seal and channel (116) release, connecting the product inlet (112) and outlet (114) for the product, depending on the axial position of the screw blade (124).EFFECT: increased operating reliability.15 cl 3 dwg

Horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules, containing powder food // 2641248
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules containing powder food, contains the first part (4) and the second part (6), which are movable between the working position, in which it form the extraction chamber (8) for capsule (2) and the capsule (2) insert position, in which it is located at the distance from each other and the driving means (17) for reciprocating movement of two parts (4), (6), containing the connection lever mechanism (21) - crank (19), connected to the moving part (4), (6). In the working position the crank (19) rests on the part of the unit supporting structure (3). The crank (19) also contains at least the first support section (56) and/or the second support section (58), which interact in contact in the unit closed position, respectively, on at least the first shoulder (57) and/or the second shoulder (59), formed by the supporting structure (3), at that the mentioned shoulders are respectively positioned in such a way as to prevent the crank (19) movement towards the shaft parallel to the axis line and/or the crank (19) movement transversely to the plane in which it rotates.EFFECT: improved unit operation reliability.9 cl, 14 dwg

Capsule and system for beverages preparation // 2638146
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule comprises a circular or conical sidewall (2), an inlet wall (3) and an outlet wall (4) forming a hollow body (5) containing a product to be cooked, wherein the above hollow capsule body (5) has a central axis (A). At least one portion of the inlet wall (3) extends along the curve (E) of the ellipse defined by the projection of the circle (C) with a diameter substantially equal to the maximum diameter (Dmax) of the side wall (2) of the capsule and lying on the plane (P'), inclined at an angle (α) with respect to the plane (P) perpendicular to the central axis (A) of the capsule. The above planes (P) and (P') intersect on the (Z) axis in a plane perpendicular to the plane (P) and contains the above intersection axis (Z) or a parallel axis.EFFECT: capsule improvement.29 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for providing dosed ingredient amounts, in particular, for fod specially prepared for infants // 2635121
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device (1) for providing dosed amounts of ingredients for a food composition for infant feeding; in particular, the present invention relates to a device for preparing individual infant food based on specific needs of infants. The device comprises several containers (2), several feeders (3), a data input device (14), and a controller (7) for controlling the dosed amounts of the ingredients fed separately from the containers after the data entry. Moreover, the present invention relates to a method for preparing a food composition for a particular infant.EFFECT: device improvement.18 cl, 1 dwg

System for automated detection in devices for bottle drinking // 2627213
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: detection of the container in situ is provided by light emission and measurement of the presence of emitted light on one optical sensor, while the system determines the absence or the correct/incorrect positioning of the feeding container. Detection of product availability is provided by determining the intensity of light penetrating through the transparent element in the supply container by another optical sensor, while the system recognizes the level of product availability in the supply container.EFFECT: achieving a reliable, fault-tolerant system to support the automated process of dispensing beverages.26 cl, 19 dwg, 2 tbl

ixing device for beverages foaming // 2626990
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: mixing device comprises the whipper housing, the rotor and the rear wall. The whipper housing and the rear wall form the whipper chamber in which the rotor is mounted; the whipper housing comprises the beverage inlet and the beverage outlet; the drive shaft for actuating the rotor. Said drive shaft is supported by the rear wall; the rotor has the radial rear surface facing the rear wall of the whipper housing, and the radial front surface from the opposite side of the rear radial surface; the whipper housing comprises a front wall. Said front wall faces the front radial surface of the rotor; and the front wall of the whipper housing has projections rising above the front wall surface. The upper surface of each projection is flat, and the edges of said upper surface are sharp. Wherein the upper surface of each projection is parallel to the front wall.EFFECT: high-quality milk foam for preparing frothy milk drinks.19 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and system for beverage preparation // 2610405
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation system and a preparation method, which includes a first step on which via a capsule that is inserted into a percolation element and having different chambers, each containing a corresponding infuse, a water flow coming from a tank is heated to a predetermined temperature, and a second step, on which water flow is directed into multiple channels, each formed by corresponding chamber and corresponding output area of said capsule. Thus a choice which a mixture of infusions should make up beverage is provided.EFFECT: providing mixing of ingredients used directly outside percolation element, for example in a cup of a user, thereby providing a higher quality beverage from separately prepared infusions.11 cl, 4 dwg

Beverage production machine and method // 2608299
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a device for preparing and dispensing products, such as ice cream, frozen beverages or granita, using a packet with a composition for preparation associated with said device to obtain a product, wherein device contains a reservoir for storage of product, which is equipped with a tap for dispensing product and which comprises an element for cooling product and a mixer element with a drive for mixing product. Device also includes a control unit equipped with means for obtaining information, relating to product shelf life, when latter was received during preparation from information storage means, which is associated with composition for preparation, wherein control unit controls operation of device in accordance with said information. Invention is aimed improving hygiene during preparation of beverages. By means of wireless reading of identification information and information on shelf life from a RFID tag in container using a RFID reader beverage preparation device can ensure beverages are prepared using only known products and only products which have not expired.EFFECT: invention further shifts control of storage life of product to beverage preparation device, making its operation more convenient, in particular, loading product.28 cl, 11 dwg

Beverage dispenser with outlet tubes // 2608297
FIELD: food industry; production technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage dispensers, which comprises: at least, one beverage ingredient processing assembly having one outlet for evacuating a beverage, at least one conduit removably connected to outlet of at least one beverage ingredient processing assembly for dispensing beverage in a container, wherein: dispenser comprises a drawer assembly comprising a drawer composed of an upper part and a lower part, said both parts being at least partly removable one from other, one of said parts having one groove on its internal surface so that when two parts are connected together, groove forms part of one conduit for dispensing beverage from beverage ingredient processing assembly outlet to container.EFFECT: due to said design of beverage dispenser, it is easy to clean most important components, while reducing duration of said cleaning procedure, which leads more frequent performance thereof, depending on the nature of beverage ingredients.18 cl, 13 dwg

Device for brewing tea // 2604591
FIELD: tableware.SUBSTANCE: device for brewing tea has chamber for brewing with upper hole intended for loading/unloading measures of tea, and with lower wall; pushing piston, with liquid-permeable head installed inside brewing chamber to displace between lowered position for brewing and raised position, providing recovery of tea measure from brewing chamber; scraper to remove tea measure from head, when it is in raised position; outlet element for brewed drink connected to brewing chamber through outlet hole, formed as through hole in bottom wall / plugging element to adjust outlet element, and one drive device to control pushing piston, scraper, and plugging element.EFFECT: brewing tea.8 cl, 10 dwg

Apparatus and method for mixing a powder with liquid // 2602968
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: present application relates to an apparatus for mixing a powder in a liquid. Apparatus has cavity (7) for holding powder (27), passageway (6) communicating with cavity (7), flow actuator (3) for inducing an oscillating gas flow in passageway (6). Therefore, as a gas flow oscillates in passageway (6), dry powder is drawn into the one direction, and powder is expelled from the passageway towards a liquid by synthetic jetting when the gas flows in the opposite direction.EFFECT: present application also relates to a method of mixing a power in a liquid.12 cl, 4 dwg

Identification of capsules containing beverage ingredients // 2599705
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage preparation system containing a beverage preparation device intended for beverage preparation from ingredients contained in a capsule with identification elements. Beverage preparation device comprises accessories for physical contact with the capsule for reading data and a control unit functionally connected with the contact accessories and intended to control operation of the beverage preparation device in accordance with the read data.EFFECT: contact accessories comprise at least one movable probe, which mechanically contacts with the capsule, herewith the control unit is initially set so, that at least one probe recognizes identification data in accordance with a degree of the probe movement during its contact with the capsule.12 cl, 5 dwg

Drink dispenser with automatic closing of outlet valves containers with powdered ingredient // 2598575
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage dispenser containing: housing, at least one refillable container for storage of loose beverage ingredient; wherein this container comprises: tank, discharge valve in discharge tank; at least, one beverage preparation unit, functionally connected with container for beverage preparation from stored loose beverage ingredient, door; in which the discharge valve of the container is intended for automatic closing after movement of the door to close it. Valve is in open state when pressure is applied to it from the closed door side.EFFECT: thus, reduced risk of discharge valve, remaining open while the door is open that can cause spillage of ingredient or contamination of the dosing unit, is obtained.13 cl, 9 dwg

System for dispensing metered amount of loose material and dispensing method thereof // 2597545
FIELD: measurement technology; food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system for measuring and dispensing of loose material, containing a reservoir and a dispenser. Reservoir for tea serves for storage of leaf tea or granulated tea in the bin before switching on of the system. After activation, the dispensing device measures and loads a selected amount of tea into a doser for dispensing, for example, into a put cup up or a mesh for tea brewing. User can select the amount of tea by pressing on one of several buttons for display/selection of the amount provided on the user interface. Reservoir is a sealed tank, such as a package or jar, preferably, light-proof. Besides, the dispenser can load a desired amount of tea, by weight, defined by the user, into a doser. When the desired amount of tea is loaded into a doser, it is possible to perform tea dispensing.EFFECT: loose material contact with environment is prevented between the cycles of dispensing the metered amount of material, which leads to increase in storage life, freshness and shelf life of the enclosed into a container product.20 cl, 9 dwg

Beverage dispenser with improved filling system // 2589436
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage dispenser containing housing, at least two multiple usage containers for storage of bulk ingredients of beverages, at least one beverage preparation unit coupled with containers, for beverage preparation from at least one of stored bulk ingredients, additional case accommodating containers, the said additional case can be removed from body. Upper part of additional case closes access to containers. Thereby operator has to retrieve each individual container from additional container.EFFECT: invention limits risk of mixing ingredients between adjacent containers, as well as reduces risk of operator error while filling which affects the final taste of drink.15 cl, 21 dwg

Programming adapter for capsules with beverage, capsules with beverage, and set of capsules and programming adapters // 2582005
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule has a cup-shaped main body with an outer discharge surface; a programming adapter comprising an identification element located on the first side and made with the ability of presentation of individual information about the parameters of the beverage preparation after establishing its mechanical contact with the sensitive element of the machine. The second side of the adapter, located opposite the said first side, is made with the ability of attachment to it of the outer discharge surface of the capsule.EFFECT: simplification and cost reduction of the manufacturing process of the capsule and the identification means.18 cl, 18 dwg

achine for selling beverages // 2580482
FIELD: food industry; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automatic beverage dispenser. Machine contains release compartment accessible from outside and comprising section for beverage preparation; beverage dispensing nozzle, arranged in beverage preparation section in fixed position faced to compartment, as well as first and second cup-holders, adapted to accommodate and support cups of respective different sizes with selective and independent drives in order to selectively occupy beverage preparation section.EFFECT: this possibility allows maximal expanding range of beverages, high-quality preparation thereof may often directly depend on initial cup volume in order to preserve required proportions of ingredients.7 cl, 17 dwg

Device for beverage dispensing with beater unit // 2576579
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a dispensing device comprising: a frame (1) on which the components of the dispensing device are mounted, a beater unit (2) comprising a beater housing (21), a beater device (22), and a rear wall (23), at that the beater housing and the rear wall form a chamber (24) for beating, in which there is a beater device, a drive shaft (3) designed for actuating the beater device (22) and mounted on the frame (1), dismountable connecting means (4a, 4b) for fastening the rear wall to the beater housing, in which there are also the dismountable connecting means (5) for fastening the beater housing to the frame.EFFECT: improvement of the design.13 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for preparing beverages // 2575815
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a device (100) for preparing beverages, comprising a plurality of storage chambers for storing multiple ingredients having different taste characteristics, a user interface (14) for receiving the data representing the taste preferred by the user, a unit (10) of controlling the flavour, and a generator (15). The unit (10) of controlling the flavour comprises a memory (11) for storing a reference table that describes the taste characteristics of each ingredient, and a processor (12) for determining the dosage of each ingredient to be used in accordance with the reference table and the taste preferred by the user. The generator (15) generates beverages from several ingredients according to the particular dosage.EFFECT: device (100) for preparing beverages may provide beverages in accordance with the taste preferred by the user.14 cl, 3 tbl, 2 dwg

Device for preparing infused beverages // 2575814
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device designed for preparing an infused beverage. The device comprises an infusion container designed for containing fluid and comprising an opening through which the fluid can flow from the container. The device additionally comprises a receiver having a cavity for mounting a cartridge in it, containing the infused substance. The infusion container and the receiver are operated with respect to each other so that they are set in a position in which the infusion container and the cavity communicate through the opening. The device additionally comprises an openable and closable channel communicating with the cavity through which the fluid can flow from the infusion container to the channel through the cavity. The device additionally comprises the means of cleaning designed for supplying the fluid and/or steam to the infusion container, and the means of removal designed for removing the cartridge from the cavity. The control device is mounted for sequential control of the means of cleaning, the means of removal, and again the means of cleaning.EFFECT: these capabilities provide reduction of the device workspace pollution, which has a positive effect on the long-term operation of the device.14 cl, 27 dwg

System of container for storing and dispensing product and device for dispensing product // 2575439
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a container for storing and dispensing a fluid product, used in the device for preparing beverages, comprising a tank and a dispensing cap for dispensing the product from the tank, containing disc elements with holes in them, and one of the discs is rotatable and intended to interact with the rotating shaft.EFFECT: invention is aimed at production of various beverages using the same device, even if the container is not empty, the buyer is able to replace the container, depending on the beverage to be prepared.15 cl, 9 dwg

System of dosing of addition to liquid flow // 2568562
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: system contains channel to direct the liquid flow, at that in the channel wall through hole is made, and dosing device located in the hole, made in the channel wall, passing from channel upwards and adapted to dose the addition to the flow through the hole; at that the channel and dosing device are located such that between the dosing device and liquid flow there is gap in vertical direction to prevent direct contact between them during the system use.EFFECT: design reduces operation expenses, ensures accuracy of dosing of small liquid volumes.19 cl, 7 dwg

Culinary capsule // 2559535
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, in particular, to instant food products production. The capsule contains multiple pressed food goods containing dehydrated food powder mixed in a fat-based binding system; the food goods have a ratio of area to volume is 0.9-3.5 mm-1 and contain starch and flour; the capsule is designed and intended to ensure the food goods extraction in an extraction device containing a closed chamber; the capsule contains the said food goods and a means ensuring the said capsule opening during usage; the ratio of dehydrated food powder to the fat-based binding system is 50/50 - 90/10. Additionally described is a method for such capsule production and for instant food product preparation with usage of the capsule and a system containing an automatic appliance and the capsule as well as a pressed food product for the capsule filling.EFFECT: invention allows to produce a product with higher viscosity ensuring uniform release of the contents from the capsule in the dispensing apparatus without causing locking in the process of dispensing to ensure dispensing of larger quantities of the product.25 cl, 3 dwg, 2 ex

Beverage preparation machine with virtual shopping functionality // 2555639
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage preparation machine (1) with a virtual shopping functionality. The machine comprises a touch screen (10) and a control unit (21). The touch screen (10) is configured to display an image (80) of the interior of a shop offering goods (81) related to the machine (1) on the touch screen (10), display an image of a container (82) on said touch screen (10), and submit information on a touch operation to the control unit (21). The displayed interior corresponds to the interior of a physical shop offering said goods (81), in particular to the interior of a shop of a chain of physical shops having a standardised presentation of said goods (81). The control unit (21) is adapted to accept selection of a good (81) for purchase upon detecting a touch operation on a good (81) on the touch screen (10) and on the container (82) on the touch screen (10).EFFECT: improved design.15 cl, 10 dwg

achine for preparing beverages, supporting functional capabilities of remote maintenance // 2553081
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machines for preparing beverages. The machine for preparing beverages with use of a capsule, comprising at least one sensor for monitoring parameters relating to the machine, and a connection module for providing connection with a remote server through the connection network and for transmitting the monitored parameters to the remote server, at that connection module is additionally designed for receiving from the server of instructions on the required functional capabilities of maintenance depending on the transmitted parameters; in which the monitored parameters comprise a number of consumed capsules and automatic recognition of the type of each consumed capsule.EFFECT: automatic inventory control of the capsules.15 cl, 6 dwg

Powder dispensing container // 2552861
FIELD: transport, distribution.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dispensers used in catering. Dispensing container comprises vessel (1) with U-like flute bottom including vertical parallel sidewalls, two end walls (1c, 1d) and two sidewalls (1a, 1b) secured to top edges of U-like flute and spinning bulky dispenser (2). Said dispenser extends in lengthwise direction along the bottom of vessel (1e) composed to displace powder portion in lengthwise direction along vessel bottom. It is located in U-like flute, flute top edge reaching at least the top part of spinning dispenser. Note here that at least one section of at least one section of at least one sidewall of the vessel secured to U-like flute is straight and inclined relative to vertical at the angle to not over 25 degrees, preferably, not over 20 degrees.EFFECT: perfected containers, uniform proportioning and complete removal from containers.22 cl, 4 ex, 8 dwg

Capsule with filter for food product preparation and food product preparation method // 2549927
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule for preparation of a food product in the device fit for liquid delivery into the capsule contains a compartment with food ingredients being mixed with the delivered liquid for the food product preparation, and a filter intended for removal of impurities contained in the liquid. The filter is represented by a filtering appliance consisting of a filtering membrane and an outlet wall whereon the filtering membrane relies. In the outlet wall, there is a liquid outlet hole communicating with the said compartment. The capsule contains a body limiting the compartment and a filter seat for accommodation of the filtering appliance therein; the filter seat is positioned upstream the compartment. Additionally, the invention relates to a filtering unit.EFFECT: prevention of the filter deformation as a result of pressure of liquid supplied into the capsule.15 cl, 20 dwg

Portion-controlling feeding system and method involving usage of capsules // 2533004
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: inventions group relates to a portion-controlling feeding system and to a method suitable for persons in need of differentiated feeding. The portion-controlling delivery system for babies includes the nutritional composition dosaging device for accommodation of a series of dispensable capsules of different types with changing characteristics; the dosaging device additionally contains a water dosaging head, operation control means, different type capsules per portion, at least one variable operational parameter; the capsules additionally contain a protein source; each recipe formula has a ratio of whey proteins to casein selected from the range from 70:30 to 50:50 and protein content selected from the range from 1.5 to 3.0 g of protein/100 kcal, both the ratio of whey proteins to casein and protein content in the capsule decreasing while the baby the capsule is intended for is growing older. Method of delivery of liquid baby nutritional mixture depending on the baby's age and the dietary feeding plan.EFFECT: invention allows to ensure a convenient, reliable and safe portion-controlling feeding system ensuring formulation of the correct liquid baby mixture as per the child's specific needs.16 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Fastening system for connection of cap with container // 2530840
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fastening system. The fastening system comprises a first device having a first hole and a first connecting part formed at a peripheral part of the first hole or frangibly connected to it; and a second device having a second hole and a second connecting part formed on a peripheral part of the second hole. The first connecting part is engaged with the second connecting part for connecting the first hole to the second hole. The first connecting part is substantially made in such a manner that the forced separation of the first device from the second device with the connected first and second holes causes its deformation without the possibility of re-connection, i.e. fragile separation from the peripheral part of the first hole, as a result the first device is damaged and can not be re-connected to the second device for connecting the said first and second holes. The first device also additionally serves as an intermediate connector of the third and second devices with connection of the second and third holes. The first device is made with the ability of non-detachable connection with the third device. If the first and second devices are connected so that their re-connection is prevented, when forced separation of the first device from the second device, the third device, which is integrally connected to the first device, is damaged and can not be re-connected to the second device.EFFECT: improvement of the fastening system.16 cl, 6 dwg

Device and method for manufacture of liquid product ready for consumption // 2525792
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and to a device for manufacture of a liquid product ready for consumption. The device for manufacture of a product ready for consumption from the semi-product material located in the first container contains means for liquid injection into the first container to produce a liquid product ready for consumption. The injection means is designed so that to enable removal of the liquid product ready for consumption from the first container into the second container.EFFECT: creation of a safe device for hygienic production of a liquid product ready for consumption.28 cl, 5 dwg

Dispenser for drinks distribution system // 2524899
FIELD: transport, distribution.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to batcher for accurate dispensing of powder products. Batcher (1) for preparation of food composition includes soluble food feeder (2) with rotary dispenser (3). The latter comprises at least one recessed part (4) for loading of powder product fed by feeder (2) at first rotary position and discharging of powder product at second rotary position. Means (5) of dynamic action are driven by rotation of dispenser (3) to transmit reciprocation to feeder (2). Cylindrical dispenser (3) comprises at least one activator (6) with interact with said means (5) of dynamic effects. Said activator (6) is shaped to tenon extending axially in direction of dispenser (3) and located eccentrically relative thereto.EFFECT: higher accuracy of batching.11 cl, 7 dwg

Device for preparation of beverage in cup // 2520013
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention related to preparation of a beverage from beverage concentrate located inside the vessel; the device a stand (1) for support of the vessel (13), a plate (2) positioned vertical relative to the stand and containing at least four outlet nozzles (4) for supply of a liquid jet (A) into the vessel (13). Liquid supply means (6) are connected to the outlet nozzles (4). At least two outlet nozzles (4) are intended for directing the liquid jet (A3, A4) onto the inner side wall (13b) of the vessel (13) and are positioned at varied angles (α) relative to the vertical; at least two outlet nozzles (4) are intended for directing the liquid jet (A1, A2) onto the lower section (13a) of the vessel (13) and are positioned at varied angles (β) relative to the vertical.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of solid material dissolution at the container bottom.5 cl, 6 dwg

achine for preparing liquid food or beverages with function of tracking ingredients parameters // 2519887
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of containers intended for storing the substance which parameters should be monitored/tracked, for example, for use in machines for preparing liquid food or beverages. The dispensing device comprises a container comprising a cavity for storage of the dispensed substance, a device for measuring one or more parameters of the dispensed substance and transmitting of the said one or more parameters outside the cavity. The device comprises a transmitter made with the ability to transmit a wireless signal with the measured one or more parameters outside the cavity, the transducer located outside the container cavity and made with the ability to receive from the transmitter located inside the cavity of the container of the wireless signals with the said one or more parameters.EFFECT: device is made with the ability to track one or more parameters and termination of dispensing the said dispensed substance from the container, if the level of the said substance inside the cavity reaches minimum level and/or if the temperature of the said substance exceeds the maximum or minimum value.5 cl, 11 dwg

Application of liquid sealant elastomer on capsule // 2511367
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of liquid sealant elastomer on capsule. Proposed capsule comprises section of its case and flange-like edge extending from case section lateral wall. Proposed method of forming resilient elastomer element on said capsule comprises the steps that follow. Application of uncured liquid or thick sealing composition on capsule edge section. Applied sealing composition is heated to be displaced towards lateral wall unless the contact therewith. Thereafter said composition is cured.EFFECT: higher tightness of capsule.24 cl, 11 dwg

Coffee making device (versions) // 2506874
FIELD: personal usage articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to coffee makers with communication capabilities. The coffee making device contains means for making coffee beverages and a sensor configured and designed so that to identify food components as those used by the means for making coffee beverages, an external network interface configured and designed so that to enable interaction with a remote resource, an end user interface, a processor functionally connected to the sensor, the external network interface and the end user interface and configured and designed so that to enable independent usage of information related to identified food components for obtainment of feedback information from the remote resource; the sensor is designed so that enable identification of a coffee capsule or information provided for o such coffee capsule containing specified food components; the processor is designed so that to enable provision of feedback information to the end user via the end user interface.EFFECT: increased convenience of the coffee maker use.13 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for liquid mixture preparation // 2506034
FIELD: personal usage articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an automatic mixing device and to methods for mixing liquid with a mixture of ingredients in a sanitary an d hygienic way. Disclosed are a mixing device, a piercing mechanism and a cartridge. The mixing device has a body and a protractible appliance with an indentation. The corresponding cartridges can be inserted in the protractible appliance and smoothly moved into the body to facilitate mixing of the liquid with the cartridge contents. The liquid may be supplied from the mixing device reservoir or from a direct pipeline. Additionally, there is a piercing mechanism located inside the mixing device body. The piercing mechanism has a nozzle designed so that to enable the cartridge cover piercing and injection of the liquid for mixing with the cartridge contents. Additionally, the piercing mechanism is designed so that to enable actuation of the inner piercing unit inside the cartridge through the cartridge bottom part thus ensuring dosaging of the liquid from the nozzle and of the cartridge contents into the vessel.EFFECT: invention ensures automatic mixing in a sanitary-and-hygienic way.26 cl, 24 dwg

Device for dispending metered amount of powder product and plant for preparation of drink, in which such device is used // 2495614
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for use to prepare drinks. The plant for drinks preparation comprises the following: an accumulating container for soluble food ingredients, a mixing chamber, a dispensing device for dispensing metered quantity of a powder product. The dispensing device comprises the following: a fixed body containing at least one disc with a single hole, a rotary upper disc with an extracting hole arranged above the fixed body, a rotary lower disc with a discharge hole, arranged under the fixed body, a rotary shaft that connects the lower disc with the upper disc. When the device is in the working availability position, the dispensing hole is emptied and closed from impact of the environment. The upper side of the dispensing device is coupled with the accumulating container for soluble food ingredients, and the lower side of the dispensing device is coupled with the mixing chamber. The mixing chamber may move between the dispensing position, at which the discharge hole of the rotary lower disc enters the inlet hole of the mixing chamber, and the mixing position, in which the discharge hole of the rotary lower disc does not enter the inlet hole of the mixing chamber.EFFECT: invention provides for complete unloading of the powder product.12 cl, 11 dwg

Refillable reusable container applied in beverage preparation machine // 2484752
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a refillable reusable container for storage of a fluid product, containing a reservoir with an open top extremity, means for covering the reservoir open top extremity, the said means capable of opening when under contact pressure and closing when contact pressure discontinues. The covering means contain several flexible tabs. Each tab has a fixed extremity and another, free extremity. Thanks to their shape and orientation, the said free extremities of the tabs, while at rest, cover the reservoir open top extremity but, when under contact pressure, are separated from each other or move away from the reservoir open top extremity. The invention additionally relates to a machine containing the said reusable container and a beverage preparation system.EFFECT: ensuring the reusable container filling facilitation without product loss.20 cl, 17 dwg

Capsule containing nutritional ingredients and method for nutritional liquid delivery from capsule // 2483586
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to delivery of nutritional liquids, such as milk for children, released from a capsule. The capsule contains ingredients for nutritional liquid production as well as thermally sensitive biological ingredients physically separated from the other nutritional ingredients in the capsule. Alternatively, the capsule contains an antimicrobial filter and additionally - probiotic microorganisms in a cell placed lower in relation to the liquid flow through the said antimicrobial filter. The beverage preparation machine contains means for liquid heating and means for heated liquid delivery into the capsule. The machine has sequential or parallel delivery of at least two separate liquid flows, with various temperatures, into one capsule inserted into the machine body.EFFECT: invention allows to preserve thermally sensitive bioactive ingredients in the capsule and enhance nutritional liquid effect useful for health by way of the liquid delivery from the disposable capsule.18 cl, 7 dwg

System of metering coffee and tea // 2473296
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of automatic devices for brewing coffee and tea. The metering unit for dispensing a specified portion of the material, which implements the claimed method, comprises a rotary shaking device, and the said material is contained in the said shaking device, and a metering unit that interacts with the rotary shaking device. And the rotary shaking device is made with the ability to rotate relative to the metering unit.EFFECT: invention enables to provide more accurate metering of the material.17 cl, 18 dwg

Device for perforating portioned capsules // 2472418
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of automatic machines for making beverages. The device for perforating the capsule containing soluble or drawing product in the machine for making beverages comprises a housing with a first surface provided with at least one spur with a transverse wall. There is a ledge suitable for perforating the capsule wall in working position, and at least one fluid compound for connecting the first surface to the second opposite surface of the housing. And the device comprises one cavity on the said first surface, located between the groove and the fluid compound and in which the fluid compound comprises at least a through hole in the housing, continuing between the first surface and the second surface.EFFECT: group of inventions enables to ensure appropriate capsule perforation, to increase endurance and service durability.22 cl, 6 dwg

Device for direct preparing hot beverage from soluble powder // 2472417
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of preparation of beverages. The device for direct preparing hot beverage from soluble powder comprises a container which is divided into an upper cavity and the lower cavity by the partition. The lower cavity comprises a certain amount of drinking fluid, and the upper cavity - a certain amount of soluble powder that can produce the said beverage. An elongated hollow element is provided which is open at both ends and which connects the lower and the upper cavities, and the sealing means are provided for sealing the connection between the upper and the lower cavities by means of the elongated element. The sealing means may be broken by intervention of the consumer or when the predetermined fluid pressure is reached or the predetermined temperature.EFFECT: invention enables to improve the efficiency of the beverage preparing due to combining the constructive elements in one device.15 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of preparing beverage and device, and capsule for application of this method // 2472416
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of preparing a beverage by entering hot water into the capsule in which at first at least one cut is created that passes linearly through the second wall of the capsule, essentially, without removing material from it. The adjacent parts of the second wall, limiting the cut, then get the opportunity to re-approach each other, if it is necessary, then using the injection of hot water into the capsule the internal pressure in the capsule is increased to cause at least partial release of air containing in it, essentially without liquid distribution. Then using the deformation of the second wall the adjacent parts limiting the cut move from each other, allowing the beverage to flow out. The invention also relates to a device and to the capsule for application of this method.EFFECT: increased stability of making beverages with optimal organoleptic properties.58 cl, 8 dwg

Device and method of preparing beverage // 2471399
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of preparation of beverages. The device for preparation of a beverage, such as milk by mixing a powder mixture with a liquid, preferably water, comprises means of making the beverage concentrate comprising a mixing unit for mixing the amount of the said mixture required for the total amount of beverage, with some hot liquid with a temperature 60-80°C, and the means of adding to the prepared concentrate of an appropriate amount of liquid with low temperature to obtain a final amount of the beverage with the temperature safe for drinking. At the same time, the method of preparing the beverage is claimed.EFFECT: group of inventions enables to prepare a safe for drinking temperature by effective and relatively fast method.16 cl, 11 dwg

Unit for preparing beverages and method of its operation // 2470569
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unit for preparing beverages, which comprises a pump for dispensing a beverage from the unit through the outlet opening, the graphic interface for receiving data via touch input, having the entered statements index in relation to the filling level, and control means made with the ability of data interchange with the pump and the graphic interface to obtain instructions on the filling level and control of the pump, respectively. Additionally, the invention relates to a method of operation of such a unit for preparing beverages.EFFECT: providing ability to choose and control the desired amount of a beverage or a desired filling level of the tank.22 cl, 24 dwg

Device to make coffee, tea, etc // 2468731
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of drinks making. The device comprises a body (1) for a water reservoir (2), a filtering agent (3), comprising a filter holder (4) and a lever (5), supported by the body (1) and supporting the filter holder (4), an arrow (10), installed as capable of indicating brewing strength on a strength indication scale, and a point of reference on the strength indication scale. The device additionally comprises a system (20) to control a force for production and indication of the specified quantitative ratio between water quantity in the water reservoir (2) and substance quantity subject to filtration, in the filter holder (4) and for application of the force to the lever (5). At the same time the system (20) of force control comprises a facility (22) of automatic control to develop the above force (21), increasing as the water level increases in the reservoir so that the brewing strength remains independent on water quantity in the reservoir (2), at the same time the value of the above force equals zero, when the arrow (10) is arranged opposite to the point (12) of reference, and is proportional to the water quantity in the reservoir (2), when the arrow is not in the position opposite to the point (12) of reference.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to detect relative strength of a resulting drink.8 cl, 3 dwg

Integrated device for storage, dispensing and mixing powder with thinner // 2465802
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dispensing. Proposed device 1 for mixing powder 3 with food product may be communicated with thinner tank and air source. Proposed device comprises integral disposable multiportion container 2 to keep powder, powder proportioning system 4, powder pipe 5 connected with air chamber 6, and mixing chamber 7 with thinner inlet 8 and food product outlet 9. Note here that powder pipe outlet 5 enters mixing chamber 7.EFFECT: freshness and flowability of powder product.25 cl, 5 dwg

Device for brewing coffee, designed for washing in dishwasher // 2463942
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a brewing device for making coffee. Removable device (1) for brewing hot drinks, particularly coffee, comprising: a support structure, a brewing chamber having a first part (13) and a second part (15) which move relative to each other, and a mechanism (19) for opening and closing the said brewing chamber; wherein the said support structure, the said brewing chamber and the said mechanism are connected by several kinematic pairs, and at least some of the said kinematic pairs of the said mechanism (19) are self-lubricating and are formed by kinematic elements with various self-lubricating properties, the said support structure has two sides (3, 5) between which the said brewing chamber (13, 15) and the said mechanism (19) for opening and closing the brewing chamber are located, and at least one of the said two sides (3, 5) contains a number of holes (33) to facilitate cleaning of the said brewing chamber and the said mechanism through the said holes of the said support structure.EFFECT: invention provides a more easy and effective cleaning.35 cl, 7 dwg

Container node for powdered ingredient for making instant beverages // 2462978
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: container node for powdered ingredient for making instant beverage contains a container, a screw located in the container along its base, the outlet located on the container for dosing of the ingredient, and the end of the screw protrudes into the outlet. The edge plate passes across the longitudinal direction of the screw and is attached in the outlet duct downstream below the said one end of the screw. A shut-off valve is provided for closing the outlet. The shut-off valve includes a locking element that moves back and forth in the longitudinal direction of the screw between the inlet position and the position of closing off. Locking device in the outlet position is placed from the bottom on the ceiling side of the edge plate at a distance from it. The locking element in the closing off position is located, when viewed in a direction transverse to the longitudinal direction of the screw, near the edge plate so that the locking element and the edge plate together close off the outlet duct. A means for preparation of instant beverage is provided.EFFECT: invention is directed to reducing the risk of spillage from the container of the powdered ingredient.16 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of making foamed liquid of soluble ingredients and solvent and device for its implementation // 2462977
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of household appliances. Device for making foamed liquid implementing the inventive method contains a chamber open to the atmosphere with the transverse bottom wall and the longitudinal wall directed upwards; at least one inlet for solvent and at least one outlet. At that, the inlet for solvent is made in the wall directed upwards and has the size and orientation, enabling to direct a thin stream of solvent into the chamber, and at least one outlet for dispensing liquid is made in the bottom wall to provide the liquid with the ability to rise on the wall directed upwards due to entering in the chamber of a stream of solvent due to direction of this inlet and its size.EFFECT: stated group invention enables to improve the quality of the foamed liquid.24 cl, 24 dwg