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A41            Wearing apparel(1860)

Filtering medical 3d mask // 2642399
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: mask respiratory unit is made without corrugations from one multilayer flat blank. In particular, polypropylene nonwoven spunbonded-type material can be used for the outer layers, and the electrified polypropylene melt blown-type material is used for the inner layers. The masks respiratory unit consists of the mirror symmetric top, middle and bottom parts, separated one from the other by the suture lines, fastening between each other the material layers, and is equipped with the vertical, dividing it in halves in all three parts, the overall fold. The fold provides the ability to fold the mask into the flat package and the ability to deploy it into the open convex configuration. The mask is equipped with the means of attaching it to the face. The filtering medical mask differs from the known analogues in that the general vertical fold in the top part of the respiratory unit is formed by the material layers bending, and in the bottom part it is formed by two mirror-symmetrical interconnected rounded edges of the bottom part of the blank and stepless interfaced with its middle part, which is formed by connected between each other two mirror-symmetrical edges of the blank middle part.EFFECT: medical staff and the population protection from bacterial and viral infections, as well as from dust and other atmospheric pollution.17 cl, 5 dwg

Respiratory mask with nose support element-expander // 2640984
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: basis of the respiratory mask is provided, which has the nose area, including the seal and the support element-expander. In one embodiment, the mask basis has the nose area, including the support element-expander, extending in the direction away from the seal and having the configuration in which it is in contact with the user's nose outside the seal.EFFECT: usability increase.17 cl, 6 dwg
ethod of manufacturing felony with embroidered shoulder for priests of russian orthodox church // 2639985
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: method is designed for making ceremonial clothes with an embroidered shoulder for priests of the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular for making felony. The essence of the method consists in the manufacture of embroidered shoulder with a rigid gasket removable, detachable from the mill (the main item of the felony without a shoulder) of the felony by unzipping detachable zippers placed at the junction of the shoulder parts and the mill.EFFECT: manufacturing a felony with a removable embroidered shoulder will ensure ease of operation and save the form of products with repeated washing or dry-cleaning during the long-term operation of the vestments.13 dwg

Dynamic materials introduced in products as whole with them to achieve adjusted characteristics of physical permeability // 2639964
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: material is presented, which can change form in response to the heat of human body, dynamic material to provide additional permeability or cavity in the garment. Likewise, in response to the presence of moisture, the garment can cover the ventilation aperture, preventing the penetration of rain into the interior of this garment. A material with a change in form can change form, affecting only the structural element made of a material with a change in form. In addition, it is assumed that the material with a change in form can change form, affecting the geometrical structure of the product as a whole (for example, ledges, cavities, ventilation apertures, etc.).EFFECT: achievement of adjusted physical characteristics.20 cl, 50 dwg

Decollete cover // 2639641
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: in a decollete cover (10) for sticking to the skin the outer contour of the decollete cover is formed by one essentially concave contour and one essentially convex contour with roundings in transitions between the two contours. There is an interception point A of the convex contour with the symmetry axis (S) and an interception point B of the concave contour with the symmetry axis (S), and at the perpendicular projection of rounding point furthest from the interception point A on the symmetry axis (S) a point C is obtained, and the ratio of the interval AB/AC is less than 0.8.EFFECT: increased convenience.16 cl, 8 dwg

Eyelash extension method // 2639632
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: in the known method of eyelash extension, including the allocation of genuine eyelash by the tweezers, the artificial eyelash or artificial eyelashes bunch gluing to the genuine eyelash by its compression to each other, according to the invention, one artificial eyelash or a bunch of artificial eyelashes glue under the genuine eyelash, the second artificial eyelash or the artificial eyelashes bunch is glued over the genuine eyelash.EFFECT: increase of the artificial eyelashes fastening reliability, improving the quality of the eyelashes.3 dwg

Fabric with organosilicone base of optics // 2638985
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method includes the steps of: feeding the organosilicone material and the fibrous material; wetting the fibrous material with the organosilicone material; hardening of the organosilicone material so that the fibrous material is partially immersed in the organosilicone material; feeding a textile-based element; and fixing the organosilicone-based element to the textile-based element with a binder, and the mentioned fibers in the fibrous material strengthens the bond between the organosilicone-based element and the textile-based element. In addition, a product made in such a way is offered.EFFECT: invention allows to create a product particularly suitable for application on the leather due to the high biocompatibility of the organosilicone compound, in particular polydimethylsiloxane.13 cl, 7 dwg

Sports bra // 2638519
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: bra is proposed, containing the front part, the back part, the body band and a pair of shoulder straps. The areas of the front part are selectively made with an inner layer, an outer layer and an intermediate fabric layer. The intermediate fabric layer is formed from a relatively supporting material and is intended to be positioned along the upper and lateral sides of the user's chest.EFFECT: improved reliability.20 cl, 4 dwg
Integrated method of selecting and designing individual-ergonomic physical objects on basis of non-contact anthropometry // 2637981
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention consists in obtaining digitized volumetric human body dimensions, including a leg/a foot, without the need to undress, in their processing and saving the obtained three-dimensional images, as well as in ensuring application of these saved digitized exact volumetric human body dimensions in automatic selection of the appropriate model from the database of existing models of clothes and shoes when trying on clothes and shoes using spatially-variable robot-manikin and during individual manufacture of clothes, shoes, orthopaedic means.EFFECT: improved method.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for manufacturing sleeve // 2637896
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: in the method of manufacturing a sleeve, including manufacturing templates and sleeves, stitching them into the armhole from the front notch to the rear one, forming a transformable single-seam sleeve, first of all, the position of the rear sleeve notch is determined, the level of the cap of the sleeve and the level of the sleeve bottom with the width equal to that of the sleeve are constructed perpendicularly to it, the back armhole is repeated from the highest point of the posterior cut at the level of the cap of the sleeve, and in parallel to the posterior cut, the anterior cut of the sleeve is constructed, lengthened by the value consisting of one part - up to 50% of the front armhole and the other the first part - up to 70% of the back armhole. The resulting upper point of the anterior sleeve cut is connected tangentially to the back armhole by a straight line representing the cap of the sleeve and comprising segments stitched into the upper parts of the back and the front armholes up to the notches, and from below the sleeve is stitched to the bottom along the entire length of the rear sleeve cut.EFFECT: imparting transformation to the upper sleeve part due to the elongation of its anterior cut and straightening the cap line while partially stitching in the armhole and simultaneously preserving the ventilation of the space under the clothes.9 dwg
Elastomeric rubber glove for application in cleanrooms and not containing vulcanization accelerators and sulfur // 2637243
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: glove for cleanrooms is manufactured from elastomer containing 25-30 wt % of acrylonitrile, 62-71 wt % of butadiene and 8.4 wt % of unsaturated carboxylic acid (total 100 wt %), as well as a chemically active vinyl compound and a metal crosslinking agent. At that, the glove does not contain sulfur as a crosslinking agent or a vulcanization accelerator. Crosslinking is achieved by application of a reactive vinyl compound and a part of carboxyl groups of unsaturated carboxylic acid, and the remainder of the carboxyl groups is bound through the metal cross-linking agent, such as zinc oxide. Glove thickness is 0.050.15 mm, its manufacturing swelling ratio is 240-320, glove tensile stress is 22-35 MPa, elongation to break is 480-620%, and tensile stress at 500% glove elongation is 15-35 MPa.EFFECT: according to the invention, the glove is characterized by the lack of stickiness on the surface which contacts the user's hand, and the glove surface that is in contact with an object during operation, is smooth, metal or metallic salt contained in the glove as contaminants are removed, and the content of metal, metal salt and anion is reduced.4 cl, 16 dwg, 21 tbl
Oil-protection overall with modified heat-insulant // 2636927
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: product belongs to the field of protective clothing from industrial and climatic factors with a function of protection against the aggressive effects of crude oil and oil products with an increased level of preservation of heat-shielding properties for overall application in conditions of low temperatures. Oil-protection overall with a modified heat-insulant, including sleeves, closed collar, hood, characterized by being made of two kinds of external materials, joint on the frontal surfaces, taking into account the experimentally established topography of oil contamination zones distribution: in the areas with the maximum likelihood of direct contact with oil, including the overall front, trousers and sleeves bottom, the seating surface of the trousers back, the upper parts of sleeves, and the hood - film membrane material with high levels of protection against crude oil, bad weather, static electricity accumulation in combination with flame-retardant properties is used, which is located above two layers of material with fibrous composition of 100% cotton and a surface density of 145 g/m2, between which a synthetic insulation, having a bonded structure in the form of a bulk adhesive web of high porosity made of elementary helical siliconeized fibers is located; in the areas with the least probability of direct contact with crude oil products, including the lower parts of sleeves, the middle of the back, the overall side and the central part of the rear halves of the overall - fabric mixed for workwear with oil repellent properties is used, under which two layers of material with fibrous composition of 35% cotton, 65% polyester and a surface density of 120 g/m2 with moisture-proof impregnation is located, between which there is an inner layer of a modified insulation based on a synthetic insulation, having a bonded structure in the form of a bulk adhesive web of high porosity made of elementary helical siliconeized fibers and crumbs of para-aramid fiber with a filling rate of 300±3 g/m2 is located, which practically does not change the heat transfer coefficient - less than 1%, and a reflective braid is made at the bottom of sleeves and trousers of the overall. The surfaces of the maximum risk of contact with oil on the sections of the upper seams of the sleeves, the side seams of the overall and the seams of sleeves attachment in the armholes are excluded from the design and replaced with seamless parts.EFFECT: provision of combined oil-protective properties of overall both on the outer surface and in the inner layers, while ensuring an increased level of human thermal protection stability in oil-protection overall under cold conditions, simultaneously solving the problem of efficient use of crumbs of para-aramid fiber to expand methods and technologies for recycling of valuable aramid-containing products waste.4 dwg

Surgical whites // 2636886
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: whites has a sewn-on hood with a cutout in the occipital part. On the back of the whites and the back of the hood, a zipper is provided on the entire length of the whites and hood. In the front part of the hood holes for eyes are made, a vent with a mesh, located at the nose level. A spacer mode of soft material is attached to the hood around the vent. In the middle part of the hood, equidistantly to the occipital cutout in the hood, a self-belt is installed with an elastic tie therein, covering the head when the hood is on and connecting by the ends exiting the soft-belt in the chin area of the hood, by "burdock" type connection. A soft-belt is made on the white's belt, wherein an elastic tie is installed with ends coming out of the soft-belt on the back of the whites and connected by "burdock" type connection.EFFECT: expansion of the range with improved hygienic properties and increased comfort in use.3 dwg
ultilayer protective polymer-textile material based on butadiene-styrene thermoelastoplast // 2636500
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: material contains a base fabric impregnated with a polymer mixture including antimony trioxide, chloroparaffin HP-470, a pigment, and a mixture of nefras and ethyl acetate solvents. Herewith as a base fabric, it comprises a polyester or cotton polyester or polyamide or viscose-polyamide base weave. In addition, the material additionally contains an antistatic additive, the pigment Minatec 51 CM, and the polymer composition additionally contains butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer, branched DST R 30-814 and DST R 30-00, polyvinyl chloride suspension grade PVC-C-70U, pigment organic varnish ruby SK of brand B, and a mixture of organic solvents of nefras and ethyl acetate.EFFECT: production of a multilayer material based on butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer with a high level of protective properties, simplification and reduction in the cost of manufacturing process.1 tbl, 5 ex

Bra with enhancement plate without back and optionally without straps // 2636014
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: bra is made without a back and optionally without straps and contains two textile layers (7, 8), as well as a torso frame (20) and cup enhancement elements (30). The torso frame (20) comprises a substantially horizontal lower main part (21) that is connected to two substantially horizontal upper side portions (22) on the torso sides. Each enhancement element (30) is a thin plate of rigid material, comprising projections (33-36) extending from a side region (31) located substantially outside each cup and cooperating with the upper lateral frame part (22).EFFECT: bra enhancement, increased convenience.10 cl, 10 dwg

Article of clothing // 2635911
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: garment includes hip part 1, that goes into the first leg part 2 and the second lepart 3, each of which ends with a foot part 4 and 5, as well as part of the elevation zone 6 and 7. Hip part 1 is comprised of the outer surface 16 and the inner surface 17; the foot portion includes an outer surface of the foot part and the inner surface of the leg part, the foot portion is comprised of the outer surface of the foot part and the inner surface of the foot part, the lifting part includes an outer surface lifting part and the inner surface lifting part. All the elements of the said garment are made of synthetic fibres, the inner surface of the foot part contins a cotton fragment, the cotton fragments are connected with the foot parts.EFFECT: decreased sweating and reduced irritation by pathogenic microorganisms increases wear resistance and improves consumer properties of the garment.29 cl, dwg 1

ethod and system of interactive creation of clothing items // 2635294
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: for the first preferred embodiment of the invention, a method for interactive design of clothing items comprising the steps of: obtaining of a user request for clothing item creation; introduction of common dimensional features of the shape, for which the clothing item is created; verification of the correctness of the introduced common dimensional features by comparing the introduced values with the database of reference dimensional features; construction of a three-dimensional dummy based on the dimensional features; recounting of dimensional features based on the three-dimensional dummy model; evaluation of the shape features based on the three-dimensional dummy model; creation of an algorithm for the clothing item pattern containing step-by-step constructions of the said clothing item, while automatically performing graphical construction of the clothing item, wherein the coordinates of the reference points of the clothing item are determined, depending on the dimensional features; construction of clothing item templets based on the mentioned reference points coordinates; marking, notching, reference lines and text comments on patterns; recalculation of control points and clothing item templets to identify the clothing item elements intersections and the coincidence of the lengths of the combined seams and parts of the clothing item; verification of the clothing item fit on the said dummy; verification of templets construction for a wide range of dimensions; templets export to a machine-readable format for one or more sizes.EFFECT: increased accuracy of the designed clothing item matching to the shape of the system user comparing the dimensional features introduced by the user with the anthropometric database and their additional recalculation, extended functionality by providing an interactive instruction for clothing item tailoring using an integrated software module.21 cl, 15 dwg
ethod for constructing basis of shoulder products with calculation of side seam position // 2635268
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: for constructing the basis of shoulder products, measurements of conventional and additional dimensional features are carried out, the product basis is constructed in the form of a flat part including upper, lower, side cuts and tuck openings, wherein the side seam position calculation is the main one. In said construction, by means of additional calculations, it is proposed to distribute the side waist tuck of the bodice in accordance with the calculations obtained, made on the basis of the obtained additional measures from the figure and describing its physique features. With this approach, the tryings-on and fittings of the product are excluded, the vertical and horizontal balance is strictly observed.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve the product fitting quality and to simplify the design process.3 dwg

Functional bra // 2633244
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: functional garment comprises of the first cup (10) and the first cross strap (15), two opposite ends of which are attached respectively to the inner and outer edges (12, 14) of the first breast cup (10). A plurality of counterbalancing forces simultaneously provides the application of force to the shoulders for retracting them back and/or for bringing the shoulder blades closer to each other and to the breasts to bring them closer to each other and/or to lift them.EFFECT: simultaneous provision of orthopedic effect and breast enlargement.12 cl, 10 dwg

Sports clothing item // 2633207
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: item contains two front resistive elements (6), each of which, when used obliquely, passes over the front of the corresponding hip of the wearer. It also contains two rear resistive elements (10), each of which, when used obliquely, passes over the rear of the corresponding hip of the wearer. Each of the front and rear resistive elements extends from the respective upper position (7, 11) located proximally to the middle line (8) of the clothing item to the corresponding lower position (9, 12) located distally from the clothing item middle line.EFFECT: stabilizing effect on the hip joint of the wearer.15 cl, 6 dwg

Power supply and control of radiation semiconductor elements of medical mask with bactericidal air treatment // 2632654
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device for power supply and control of light-emitting diodes of a medical mask with bactericidal treatment of air is proposed. The device contains an inductive power storage device, a key, a key control unit, a diode, a capacitor and a resistor. One of the resistor and key outputs is connected to the terminal for connection of the common output of the power supply. The other key output is connected to the common point of connection of the inductive power storage and the diode anode, the cathode of which is connected to one of the capacitor outputs. The other output of the capacitor is connected to the common output of the power supply, the free output of the inductive power storage unit being connected to the terminal for connection the positive output of the power supply. The first input of the key control unit is connected to the terminal for the common output of the power supply, and its second input is connected to the free terminal of the resistor. The key control unit output is connected to the control input of the key. The connection points of the diode and capacitor, as well as the resistor with the second input of the key control unit are connected to the output terminals of the device.EFFECT: increased reliability of disinfection regime provision, reduced current consumed by the battery and increased duration of continuous mask operation.2 cl, 1 dwg
edical antimicrobial mask, method for its manufacture and applications // 2632636
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: medical mask, which is a three-layer medical mask made of spunbond, treated with a solution containing, wt %: sodium chloride 3.6, sodium bicarbonate 2.4, 5% solution of iodine alcohol 0.2, 3% solution of potassium bromide 0.2, colloidal silver 0.5 and distilled water 93.1. A method for manufacture of a mask, which consists in addition of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate successively to distilled water of under normal conditions, mixed until disolution, and filtered. Then a 5% solution of iodine alcohol and colloidal silver is added and mixed by ultrasound. Then 3% potassium bromide solution is added and mixed by ultrasound again. The active substances of the obtained solution are applied to the mask by ultrasound.EFFECT: method for application the proposed mask to a medical device includes its repeated application until recovery or until there is no threat of infection.3 cl

Inflatable protective facility, attached to backing, and protective clothing set // 2632281
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the inflatable backing (20), containing the control unit (26); at least one inflatable pillow (22); and at least one gas source (24). According to the invention the inflatable backing (20) additionally contains the automatic allowing facilities (28), suitable for switching the control unit (26) from the first active mode to the second active mode, and vice versa. In the first active mode the control unit (26) is configured in such a way not to respond to any signal, indicating on the hazardous situation, while in the second active mode the control unit (26) is configured to activate the gas source (24), while determining the hazardous situation. The automatic allowing facilities (28) contains the receiving facilities, suitable to receive the data from at least one external data source and for holding the control unit (26) in the first active mode, in case if the data cannot be received from the external source or if the received data indicates, that the external source is incompatible with the inflatable protective facility (20), attached to the backing. The present invention also relates to the protective clothing set (1), containing at least one clothes article (10), provided with the identification facilities (12), and mentioned inflatable backing (20).EFFECT: increase of reliability and convenience.13 cl, 16 dwg

Balaclava jacket // 2631838
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: jacket has an attached hood, zipper, common for the jacket and hood. When the zipper is buttoned, the hood fully covers the face. The hood provides holes for eyes, ventilation holes with a nasal mesh net, spacers connected to the hood along the outline of the ventilation holes. The head is covered by a screed passed through the self-belt in the hood and fastened under the chin by a "burdock" connection.EFFECT: body protection in extreme conditions.3 dwg

Filtering device // 2631624
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: filtering device includes the body of the mask and the corrugated layer. The corrugated layer is made with a plurality of folds and is mounted on the mask body. The surface area of the corrugated layer exceeds the surface area of the mask body. Thus, the filtration area of the filtering device is effectively increased.EFFECT: filter effect and the air permeability of the filtering device are further improved.19 cl, 18 dwg

Bra, in particular lace bra, containing cups with enhanced support // 2631383
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: in the bra (1), each hemispherical cup (2) comprises, in its lower part, a polycarbonate support crescent element (20), extending towards the outer edge, formed by hot moulding, attached to the two layers of the cup, made of lace or gauze, by means of a fabric cover adhered to the support element and slightly protruding beyond the said element to provide stitching with layers of lace or gauze along the bottom edge (4).EFFECT: light bra, providing an attractive shape of the breasts.14 cl, 5 dwg
Protective clothing against heat radiation // 2631039
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: protective clothing against heat radiation, comprising at least one object containing an outer layer of heat-resistant fabric, a waterproofing layer made in the form of a composite material, a heat-insulating layer of non-woven material placed between layers of cotton fabric and constituting a heat-insulating bag. The outer layer of heat-resistant fabric has a water-repellent impregnation, and the waterproofing layer is located between the outer layer and the heat-insulating bag, in addition, the composite material is made in the form of a combined fabric made of polyamide yarn and cotton yarn, with a polymer-rubber flame retardant coating applied to the combined fabric. The heat-insulating bag, consisting of two layers of cotton fabric with a heat-insulating layer placed between them, is equipped with two sets of differential thermocouples electrically interconnected. The first set of differential thermocouples is made with the arrangement of "hot" ends in the layer of cotton fabric from the side of the waterproofing layer, and the "cold" ends are located in the heat-insulating layer, the second set of differential thermocouples is made with the arrangement of "hot" ends in the heat-insulating layer, and the "cold" ends In the second layer of cotton fabric.EFFECT: protection against heat or open flame.2 d, 2 tbl

ethod for manufacturing cotta with embroidered shoulder for clergymen of russian orthodox church // 2629087
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method is designed for making ceremonial clothes with an embroidered shoulder for clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular for making a deacon's cotta. The essence of the method consists in the manufacture of an additional detail - a removable (applied) embroidered shoulder, for subsequent connection with the shoulder of the product in the neck, chest and armhole area.EFFECT: manufacturing a cotta with a removable embroidered shoulder will provide convenience in operation and maintain the shape of the product during multiple washing or dry cleaning in the process of a long service life of vestments.9 dwg

Electrical clothes // 2628968
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: electrical clothes, including: a garment (1), a first electrical device (2) that is attached to the above garment (1), and a retractable electrical connector (3). The retractable electrical connector (3) includes: an electric cord (31) which is electrically connected to the first electrical device (2), a first connector (32), and a retractable assembly (33) that includes an elastic element (330), connected to an electric cord (31). The first connector (32) can be moved relative to the garment (1) between the concealed position and the open position. When the first connector (32) moves from the concealed position to the open position, the elastic element (330) is deformed to create a rotation force to move the first connector (32) back to the concealed position.EFFECT: increasing the effectiveness of individual protection.18 cl, 8 dwg

Corrective trousers // 2628905
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: corrective trousers consist of two legs interconnected along the middle seam, each of which is formed by sewing the corresponding web of the workpiece along a diagonally-helical line, an infield belt, and are two-layered, where the upper and lower layers of the fabric of each trouser leg are connected by two equidistant stitches forming a vertically oriented spiral channel for an elastic pull, the lower end of which emerges from the channel at the leg bottom and, is sewn to this elastic pull forming a loop. To correct the valgus curvature of legs, the upper free ends of the elastic pulls are extended outwards towards each other through the slits located on the front parts of the trousers and are fixed to the fastener below the belt seam, with a possibility to adjust their relative displacement along the fastener length. The diagonally-helical line of the sewing seam and the vertically oriented spiral canal have a counterclockwise direction on the left leg and clockwise direction on the right leg, when viewed from the front and from the bottom up; to correct the varus curvature of legs, the upper free ends of the elastic pulls are extended outwards towards each other through the slits located on the rear parts of the trousers and are fixed to the fastener on the rear parts below the belt seam, with a possibility of adjustment along the fastener length. The diagonally-helical line of the sewing seam and the vertically oriented spiral canal have a clockwise direction on the left leg and counterclockwise direction on the right leg, when viewed from the front and from the bottom up.EFFECT: correction of pathological settings and deformities of the lower limbs of a child with musculoskeletal system defects.14 cl, 8 dwg

Sleeve design for winter clothing // 2628710
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: design of a sleeve for winter clothes, including a sleeve and the main lining of a sleeve, is proposed, it is made with an additional lining that forms an inner pocket of the sleeve, from the bottom of the sleeve to the elbow, and the pocket opening is located at the bottom of the sleeve. The sleeve and the additional sleeve lining from the bottom of the sleeve to the elbow are wide enough to fit into the inner sleeve pocket of the other arm from the wrist to the forearm. In addition, a belt is fixed in the inner pocket of the sleeve at the elbow level to fix the hand position in the pocket. The inner pocket of the sleeve is made with the possibility of fixing the hand position in the pocket. The inner pocket opening of the sleeve is made with the possibility of changing the width.EFFECT: protection of the user's hands from the impact of the environment during the cold season by using sleeves as a muff, personal items, expansion of functional capabilities and enhancement of the heat-protective properties of winter clothing.7 cl, 4 dwg

Immobilization jacket // 2627206
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: double-layered jacket contains a hood; a front with a fastener; a back with an all-cut-out yoke, a detachable zipper stitched into the middle hood seam, passing into the middle hood seam and continuing to the nape level; and an immobilization corrector built-in from the side of the back between the fabric of the top and the jacket lining, equipped with two elastic shoulder straps and an elastic waistband. The spinal plate vertically oriented on the user has a a T-shaped head holder projecting out of it at the shoulder level and emerging from the jacket to the outside through the neck seam on the jacket back, the horizontal plate section of which, located at the nape level, is held on the head by elastic links, the ends of which are fixed in the forehead area, and at least one stiffening rib in the form of a plate inserted into the longitudinal channel.EFFECT: formation of correct posture.13 cl, 4 dwg

Accessories for eruption and making comfort for babies // 2627124
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: dentifrice (3) comprises a shawl (1) and at least one teether, having at least one circumferentially closed through hole (16), the shawl (1) having at least one hole (6) in the form of a slot. In the assembled state, one portion (20) of the shawl (1) is passed through both the through hole (16) in the teether and through the hole (6) in the form of a slot in the shawl (1), so that the teether is connected to the shawl (1) in its looped position. The group of inventions also relates to a method for forming of the said dentifrice.EFFECT: child distraction from eruption and development of child's fingers movement.15 cl 3 dwg
Protective products with regulated screening properties // 2626549
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: protective product with adjustable shielding properties contains underwear covering a significant part of the wearer's body and adjacent to it, outer clothing and a cooling system in the form of cells. Outer clothing includes a system of controlled cooling and is made in the form of a protective cape with a hood and covers the body of the wearer from head to toe and is represented by at least one separate layer with cells filled with hydrogel, and the system itself is made of a textile material with thermoplastic polymer and metal-dusting. The cells are separated by elements in the form of thread-glued joints. Textile material can have camouflage colouring.EFFECT: providing a high degree of camouflaging protection of a biological object at night time in various microclimatic environmental conditions.2 cl, 2 dwg
Respirator in the form of filtering face mask with amortizing nose element // 2625928
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: respirator 10 in the form of a filtering face mask, comprising a fastening unit 14 and a mask substrate 12 comprising a multilayer filter structure 16. Respirator includes a cushioning member 64 disposed near the mask basis 12 nose region and enclosed in a layer of the filter structure 16. The cushioning member 64 is a compressible material, and also it can be elastic. The cushioning member 64 may be located directly opposite the nose clip 56.EFFECT: better convenience.20 cl, 7 dwg

Clothes for protecting person from blood-sucking tickers and flying blood-sucking insects // 2625432
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: clothes are equipped with insect traps made in the form of a belting textile strip with an acaricide, each of which consists of at least two parts, one of which is fixed at an acute angle of 5-60 degrees to the clothing surface. Trousers and a jacket are made of a fabric comprising a repellent composition, and each part of the belting textile strip contains an acaricidal composition. The acaricidal and the repellent compositions are made in the form of nano- or microcapsules with an internally placed acaricidal or repellent substance.EFFECT: reliable protection of a person from ticks and flying blood-sucking insects for a long time.8 cl, 7 dwg
Protective socks // 2624711
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: socks are provided with protective thickenings on the upper part of the foot and the front part of the leg, which completely cover the upper outer part of the foot, the ankle and the lower leg, forming a continuous protective zone. At that, the protective thickenings are predominantly formed by a plush weave, a complex elastomeric yarn is used as the ground thread, and cotton yarn or other yarn of natural or chemical fibers is used as a plush yarn. To protect the outside of the foot from critical mechanical influences, the upper part of the foot and the leg are additionally provided with a "dotty" polymer coating with certain dimensional parameters. The proposal is also different in that the lower part of the foot contains point projections formed by plush interlacing.EFFECT: additional functions of massage effect, including during cosmonaut training on a simulator.5 cl, 4 dwg
Protective clothes for electrical works // 2622814
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: protective clothing for work related to electricity, contains galvanically connected electrically conductive elements. The overalls or jacket with trousers or bib overall are made of a heat-resistant fabric based on cotton with a nylon embedding with a fire-resistant inserting or a heat-resistant fabric based on meta-aramid fibers. Electrically conductive elements are sewn onto the fabric from the wrong side in the form of flexible buses made on the basis of heat-resistant synthetic threads with interlacing of tinsel silvered thread and/or filaments of staple fibers on the basis of stainless steel, and on the inner side of the bus they are covered with a non-flammable light lining with a continuous layer or locally only under the buses. Flexible buses are located from one cuff of the sleeve to the cuff of the other one and through the inseam of trousers, these tires are connected to each other by parallel at least two additional buses located along the back piece of the garment.EFFECT: increased reliability of simultaneous protection from electric shock under induced and step voltage, and from the thermal risks of the electric arc.11 cl
Feeder of controlled optical signals in clothing // 2620247
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: feeder of the controlled optical signals in clothing, including a vehicle with the standard optical signal devices to indicate the size of the vehicle and send signals to other vehicles, the vehicle driver clothing having luminous elements, that duplicate signals of the standard optical signal devices of the vehicle, characterized in that, at least, one additional optical radiation source is mounted in the vehicle, which is optically coaxially coupled with the luminous elements of the vehicle driver clothing, made of, at least, one lightguide, which has an optical input and an optical output, wherein the lightguide output is located on the clothing in place ensuring recognizability and visibility of the supplied signal by other vehicles and pedestrians. The lightguides are located consistently, wherein the optical output of one lightguide is optically coaxially connected with the optical input of the next lightguide.EFFECT: enhancing the functionality, increasing the ease of use, optimizing the design, improving the performance properties under adverse weather conditions, ease of movement in space and improving the traffic safety.2 cl, 3 dwg

Transformable clothing // 2618414
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: transformable clothing consisting of the back, the front part, the sleeves and the shirt-type collar. It is different in that the lower section of the front part and the cuts across the back in the middle from the bottom up to the level of the hips are connected through fixing parts of the gore, with two countersunk zipper fasteners, forming a bodysuit shirt; a rubber band is placed along the bottom edge of the gore, forming the bottom of the pant legs, the side seams of the lower part of the shirt are designed with eyelets, buttons or a velcro fastener to fix the desired width of the trouser legs.EFFECT: more convenient wearing experience of the shirt due to the fact that the bottom part is fixed by a removable gores, helping avoid unwanted creases at the waist or constant hitching up of the bottom of the garment when the wearer puts up the arms or bends; enhanced functionality of the garment and the product range by means of transforming and improving ergonomic characteristics of the clothing.4 dwg
Dickey bra // 2617664
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: compression bandage made of a textile fabric in the form of a bodice with clasps, with two cups, with two shoulder straps, having an additional portion arranged to form an annular neck cover, at that, the additional portion has the form of a dickey, continuously connected along the perimeter of its lower edge with the upper edge of the bandage, the bandage and the dickey form a single inseparable surface, at that, the dickey, side and front bandage segments are made of a heat-insulating material of individual size and shape of woman's breasts.EFFECT: improved quality of tissue regeneration after surgical manipulation on breasts, improved aesthetic result in surgical technologies of mammary glands correction.1 dwg

Insulating material with continuous insulation and filler // 2617394
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: disclosed the insulating materials, methods of its formation and its products, including the insulation materials. In some embodiments the insulating material contains a layer of backing material; the layer of face material; at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation, located between the backing material layer and layer of the face material; filler, located between the backing material layer and the face material layer; one or more of the first joints connecting the backing material layer and at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation; and one or more the second joints, connecting the face layer of material, and at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation. The first and the second joints are formed by two or more partitions, separated the filler in the insulating material. Another embodiments are disclosed.EFFECT: simplification of the material production process.19 cl, dwg 6
Applicator for weft hair strands // 2616149
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: proposed applicator (1) for weft hair strands one end of which is placed into a thermoplastic element. The applicator comprises a block (5, 6) of the stamp and the matrix, in which the facing profiled operating parts correspond to the shape of at least one thermoplastic element. Stamp (6) is located on a rotatable head (10) with the additional stamp (11) having substantially the same outline. The main stamp (6) is provided with a heating device (12), and the additional stamp (11) is provided with a cooling device (13).EFFECT: guaranteed uninterrupted and continuous thermal fusion bonding between the strands of the own hair and the weft hair.8 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and system for construction of realistic 3d avatar of buyers for virtual fitting // 2615911
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method for constructing a realistic 3D avatar of buyers for virtual fitting comprises determining base parameters of a user body using the visual interface for manually entering of values or automatic method based on body silhouette analysis; creating a manikin proportional to a user body by linear morphing of morftargets; calibrating a morphed manikin with cache the previously calibrated manikins; updating manikin parameters based on user body photoes; setting of manikin external characteristics; user face photo overlay on a mannequin; creating users body geometry for fitting clothes; generating a 3D body image for photorealistic rendering, and a system for constructing a realistic 3D avatar of a buyer for virtual fitting comprising a user body parameters entering interface, a module for creation of manikin body by morphing based on body parameters; a module of updating of a morphed manikin by iterative exchange and morphing; a module of interactive manikin body proportions setting; a module of appearence setting; a module of manikin face overlay.EFFECT: minimized errors in remote ordering of clothing, footwear, headgear, echanced list of technical means used in technology of remote ordering of clothing, improved remote ordering accuracy of clothing that exactly match with real customer's body characteristics with remaining of a more convenient method to present a result of fitting.12 cl, 5 dwg

Device for hand protection // 2615254
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: device for hand protection has a textile cylindrical body, made in the form of a muff that is attached to clothes by flexible ribbons pinned to the loose ends at the butt ends of the muff. Heating elements are mounted inside the cylindrical body, with mounted contacts. A spring contact element is located inside the semicylinders of the heating elements, with its loose ends hooked in the horizontal plane and attached to the contacts located on the periphery of the heating element arc of one power source on one of semicylinders. The spring lock crossbar element has an arch shape that can come into contact with the other pole of the power supply unit. An additional duplicate element in the form of a spring clamp is located on the external surface of the body.EFFECT: Improved working conditions and increase ease of operation.4 dwg

Functional male underpants // 2614185
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: disclosed invention, associated with functional male underpants, differs by natural separation and penis and scrotum storage without any measures or restrictions during functional male underpants wearing and absence of penis and scrotum output from accommodating pocket regardless of penis and scrotum compression or expansion, or exercise, or daily activities.EFFECT: explained above characteristics, are preferable in presence of freshness feel in underpants and in prevention of unpleasant senses in scrotum and male sterility caused by sweat and temperature increase.10 cl, 19 dwg
ethod of creating maximum even line of eyelashes tips // 2614086
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of buildup of artificial parts from hair, in particular to artificial eyelashes, namely to the methods for the natural eyelashes buildup with artificial eyelashes by means of gluing them together. The inventive method of creating the maximum even line of the eyelashes tips is to determine the top row of lashes and the bottom row of lashes by separating, the proximity and distance of the lashes relative to one another; then, if all the eyelashes rows are located close to one another, and the distance between them is approximately 1 mm, the top row of eyelashes is built up 1 mm shorter than the middle and the bottom ones; in case that all rows of eyelashes are located far from one another, and the distance between them is 1-4 mm, the top row of eyelashes is built up 2, 3 or 4 mm shorter than the middle and the bottom ones.EFFECT: ensuring maximum even edge line of eyelashes tips, and ensuring the volume increase due to the number of lashes.4 dwg

Fastening tool for wig, and wig using same // 2611035
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: fastener comprises: a stopper frame body including first and second frame bodies and a bonding portion, a part of first frame body and a part of second frame body being superimposed over each other and bonded together in bonding portion. Device comprises a first comb tooth having one end thereof fixed to first frame body and other free end extending from said one end towards an inside part of first frame body. Second comb tooth has one end thereof fixed to second frame body and other free end extends from said one end towards an inside part of second frame body. Stopper frame body can arbitrarily select positions: a first position of being curved to protrude toward an upper surface side thereof, and a second position of being curved toward a lower surface side thereof. Second end of first comb tooth and second end of second comb tooth are in contact with or close to stopper frame body in second position.EFFECT: disclosed is a fastening tool for a wig, which can reliably fix wig by means of sufficient retaining force, and a wig, using said tool.11 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for stimulating mental activity of children with disorders of nervous system, organs of vision and hearing and locomotor apparatus (icp) // 2611032
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the light industry, more specifically to the production of clothes for children with congenital brain defects, disordered analyzers (organs of vision, hearing or locomotor system). Also, the declared invention enables the hand-eye orientation in the surroundings, coordinated arm movements, ensures the improved postural control of the body, helps to maintain focus and acquire the habit of indulging in various cognitive activities and developmental interaction with grown-ups while in sitting position. Method for stimulating the mental activity in children with disorders of the nervous system, organs of vision and hearing, locomotor apparatus (ICP), is characterized by the use of a clothing article that has a working surface with detachable elements attached to it and involves the following: the working surface that looks like a cuff/belt is immovably placed on one or two legs of the child, then various developmental detachable elements are attached to the working surface in the certain sequence, these elements stimulate the sensory perception and motor activity and affect the skin sensitivity, cognitive and motor performance; stimulation of the mental activity is achieved by the fact that the child can independently or following the instructions of a grown-up detach and attach the developmental detachable elements from/to the working surface.EFFECT: technical result is the expansion of technical capabilities of the clothing article that in addition to its main function can be used to facilitate the development of the mental and motion performance of children with serious disorders, while taking into account the physical characteristics and abnormal bodies of children with locomotor disorders.12 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of forming bundle in volume eyelash extension // 2607287
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to extension of artificial parts of hair, particularly to artificial lashes, namely to methods of extension of natural lashes with artificial lashes by means of their adhesion to each other. Disclosed method of forming bundle in volume eyelash extension involves placing line of lashes of required diameter and length based on discretion of master on hand, on board, on special band, wherein forceps should be kept so, that arm is relaxed and not tensed, then extraction of required amount of lashes is made based on desire of master and client, wherein release of eyelash for operation is made with far from master tip of forceps, which can be in any place relative to lashes, as closer to its ends, and closer to toe, wherein forceps is in such position, where 1–2 mm tip of forceps is free from lashes, then forceps is smoothly lowered downwards, to thrust so, that sponges of forceps face tape only after forceps is lowered down and got on tape with eyelashes, it is necessary to tightly close forceps, thus fixing selected eyelashes, then selected lashes with tape are torn off only by half, that is not completely, and are placed at little farther than main part of lashes, then forceps is removed, it is closed and with forceps slightly press on upper part of tape there, where selected eyelashes are, and forceps is slightly driven sideways thus brushing one part of bundle, then it is pushed again and again, moving forceps in other side to obtain uniformly open bundle of lashes, wherein in order to remove finished bundle from tape forceps is opened, carried so, that eyelashes are located between jaws of forceps, it is strongly closed and lashes are fixed either in middle of their length, or slightly above middle point, then they are smoothly removed from tape towards master and therefore in formed bundle remains in forceps.EFFECT: technical result of disclosed method is making uniform bundle of lashes, increased service life of fixed lashes, longer wearable lashes without deterioration of quality and maximum expression.1 cl, 10 dwg