Method and device for air purification management

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: with air purification, target quality of the purified air is obtained. The current quality of the air being purified is determined. The rate of production for an air purifier is defined in accordance with the target and current quality. The purification duration, necessary for the rate of air purifier production is calculated in accordance with the efficiency of purification. The cleaner is activated and the remaining time is displayed in real time according to the duration of purification. Control devices for air purification are also proposed.

EFFECT: improved air purification.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: method of machining of products out of aluminium grade A85 working under stress relaxation conditions is performed by electric field action on the product, at that electrical potential is supplied to the products from stabilised power source, and average speed of voltages relaxation is increased by change of the specified potential within range from -1.5 V to 1.5 V.

EFFECT: control of voltage relaxation of technically clean Al grade A85.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of selecting a solvent or mixture of solvents useful for reducing deposit formation, cleaning existing deposits, and/or decreasing the rate of deposit formation. The invention relates to a method of dispersing contaminants in a liquid hydrocarbon stream, wherein the method includes steps of determining the nature of contaminants in the liquid hydrocarbon stream by measuring flow rate of the liquid hydrocarbon and estimating the ratio of hydrogen to carbon in the liquid hydrocarbon stream based on the measured value; selecting a solvent or a mixture of solvents suitable to disperse the contaminants based on the determined nature, wherein the ratio of hydrogen to carbon in the selected solvent or mixture of solvents is less than the estimated ratio of hydrogen to carbon in the liquid hydrocarbon stream; and contacting the contaminants with the selected solvent or mixture of solvents.

EFFECT: efficient dispersion and removal of contaminants from equipment.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method for control over one or more processes that occur during the first part of the recipe of multiple parts to be executed by processing device to obtain the data on at least one part of one or several processes. At least a part of said data is memorised. At least said part of the data is made accessible for one or more processes occurring during the second part of said recipe. Note here that is becomes possible to very one or more processes occurring during second part of the recipe proceeding from at least said part of the data with respect to the part of multicomponent recipe first part.

EFFECT: reconfigurable system for production of substances from multiple separate ingredients.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method for correction of carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) concentration in an electrolyte for electrochemical sedimentation of metals involves measurement of the temperature of electrolyte in the plating bath, measurement of CNTs concentration and recovery of CNTs concentration in the electrolyte. Measurement of CNTs concentration in the electrolyte is performed by way of passing the electrolyte through the photometer optical system; relying on the photometer readings, the initial CNTs concentration is recovered by way of dosaged delivery of CNTs into the electrolyte that is subsequently passed through the disperser and returned to the plating bath.

EFFECT: measurement of CNTs concentration and recovery of initial CNTs concentration in the electrolyte in the process of plated coating application.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: adjustable voltage transformer comprises the following: a primary winding connected to a source of power supply, a secondary winding electrically isolated from the primary winding, besides, the secondary winding is designed to reduce the primary voltage down to the secondary voltage and a multistep switch of transformer taps connected with the secondary winding, besides, the transforer tap switch divides the secondary voltage into the specified number of voltage steps.

EFFECT: even and less distorted adjustment of current supplied to heaters of electric resistance, supply of power supply to heaters of underground beds and their adjustment.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: mixing pump includes mixing gas chamber, inlet channels protruding into the mixing chamber for supply to mixing chamber of high pressure and low pressure gas; outlet channel for discharge of mixed gases; pneumatic actuating element located in inlet high pressure gas supply channel and containing movable piston rigidly attached to the plug the position of which in inlet channel determines the flow passage of high pressure gas to mixing chamber; control cavity of movable piston, to which the pressure determining the position of movable piston, pneumatic circuit between pressure source and control cavity is supplied. Besides, according to the invention, pneumatic circuit includes at least one bleed valve made so that leakage can be created in pneumatic circuit, which allows changing the pressure supplied to the control cavity.

EFFECT: creation of easy-to-operate gas mixing pump capable of changing the outlet gas pressure value with the specified or reference value.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method of control of multi-effect evaporator with natural evaporation head evaporator includes measurement and regulation of consumption of the initial solution and steam in the heating chamber and in the mortar space of the head evaporator and the boiling temperature of the solution, and the pressure of heating steam and the temperature of the solution at the outlet of the heating chamber of head evaporator are measured, based on the pressure of heating steam the temperature of its saturation and the difference between it and the solution temperature at the outlet of the heating chamber Δt1 is calculated, as well as the difference between the temperatures of the solution at the outlet of the heating chamber and the bioling temperature of the solution Δt2. With that, if Δt1 reduces to the value mentioned, e.g. 5°C, then the steam is supplied to the mortar space with consumption, corresponding to the amount of steam passing through the 0.3 section of the pipe during 1-2 minutes, if Δt2 decreases to the value lower than specified, e.g. to 3°C, the steam is supplied to the mortar space with consumption, corresponding to the total cross section of the pipe, and after reaching the setpoint value, e.g. 5°C the steam supply is stopped.

EFFECT: method enables to stabilise the operation of the apparatus, to increase plant efficiency and reduce the steam consumption for evaporation.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device includes the following: continuous monitoring device of percentage of soaked carbon band; limit stops; time sweep unit of item winding; monitoring unit of volumetric distribution of binding agent; monitoring unit of shift parameters of binding agent in structure of wound item; monitoring unit of kinetic properties of binding agent in surface layer; interface unit to information display device; display device of information and communication between them.

EFFECT: increasing monitoring efficiency of manufacturing process of items by winding method and improving the quality of the item.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for control of the service life of the items made from A85 grade aluminium and operated under creep conditions. Creep control method of A85 grade aluminium involves attachment to the item from aluminium of one of the metal plates having work function that is different from aluminium. At attachment of the above plates the contact difference of potentials appears. Depending on value of potential contact difference the creep process is either slowed by connection of plate from Pb, Ti, Fe, Cu, or accelerated by connection of plate from Zr, Ni.

EFFECT: increasing service life of aluminium items.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of synthetic carnallite. Proposed method comprises stabilising dissolution temperature, stabilising useful component concentration in varying stock consumption and determining useful component in flows entering the process. In varying said consumption relative to preset magnitude, useful component consumption is adjusted. Useful component comprises, apart from potassium chloride, magnesium chloride. Its concentration on feed stock flow is stabilised by evaporation of magnesium chloride initial solution. Additionally, content of magnesium chloride in evaporated solution is measured to calculate flow rate of evaporated solution by the following expression: where is flow rate of evaporated magnesium chloride solution, t; GKCl is potassium chloride flow rate per 100% of the product, t; is specified content of MgCl2 in evaporated solution, 35±0.5 %. Calculated magnitude is loaded in solution consumption control system as a setting point.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of control.

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Air ozoniser // 2555659

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: air ozoniser comprises an ozonising chamber 1 in the form of a rectangular prism made completely of insulating material, a high-voltage nanosecond pulsed power supply operating in periodic pulse mode with a potential lead 2, having a negative polarity, and an earthed lead 3. The chamber 1 has, inside it and arranged in parallel, a section 4 for a potential electrode and a section 5 for a non-potential electrode, having the same number of parallel current-conducting plates 6 and 7. The sections 4 and 5 are mounted in the chamber 1 such that the planes of each of the potential plates 6 coincide with the plane of the corresponding non-potential plate 7 and with the direction of air flow in the air duct. Thus, an "edge-edge" geometric electrode system is formed with electrode spacing 8, the length of which is equal to the length of the plates 6 and 7.

EFFECT: invention improves synthesis and output of ozone owing to high concentration of electrons in the discharge gap of the ozonising chamber of the apparatus.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering, namely, to air conditioning, and in particular, to methods and devices for street air treatment from hazardous components of spent gases of motor transport. The mobile street air conditioner comprises a rectangular body closed with a roof, a tray equipped with supply and drain nozzles and separated into a sprinkling chamber and a treatment chamber, intake and distributing grids, plenum and exhaust fans, an ioniser, sprinkling and washing devices, in the treatment chamber along the air motion flow in staggered order there are detachable perforated baskets laid onto support angles, which are filled by pumice granules, made of metallurgical slags, besides, the external wall of the sprinkling chamber in the lower part of the side wall of the body is equipped with an intake nozzle closed with a grid, inside of which there is a plenum fan installed, the outer wall of the treatment chamber in the lower part of the side wall of the body is equipped by an exhaust nozzle closed with a grid, inside which there is an aero ioniser and an exhaust fan, a supply pipeline, connected with a supply nozzle, is equipped with supply and washing valves and is connected at the bottom to the sprinkling and washing devices at the opposite ends, and the tray of the body and the supply pump are installed onto a mobile platform.

EFFECT: increased economic and environmental efficiency of street air treatment.

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Air cleaning unit // 2550131

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: air cleaning unit includes an air duct, in one of the walls of which there are slots, into which guides are inserted and provided with cassettes with filters for different contaminating gases, which are placed in them and have a possibility of being moved. Before filters, in a flow of cleaned air there installed are air composition sensors connected to a gas analyser that is connected to a switch. Cassettes are mechanically connected to mechanisms of their movement, which are connected to the switch. Flanges are installed on the air duct ends.

EFFECT: reduction of labour intensity and improvement of air cleaning quality due to a possibility of automatic installation of filters in the air duct, which are intended for air cleaning from those contaminating components that are available in the cleaned air in unallowable amounts.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air cleaning and can be used in designing, for example, kitchen air funnels. Flow-shifting air cleaner consists of contaminated air intake channel and clean air discharge channel communicated therewith. Clean air discharge channel accommodates a blower to force air along its lengthwise axis. It differs from know designs in that is used shifting channel to communicate contaminated air intake channel with clean air zone wherefrom air is forced to extra fan arranged in said shifting channel. Note here that shifting channel airflow is forced inside contaminated air intake channel to collide against impurities collection plate for them to be settled thereat. Note also that clean airflow gets repelled from said plate to get in fan zone in cleaned air channel and removed therefrom.

EFFECT: higher efficiency at sufficient capacity.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to disinfection devices. An air disinfection device including a housing having an air intake compartment with an inlet opening and an outlet compartment with an outlet opening, between which there is an irradiation chamber separated with labyrinth partition walls-screens, in which there installed are lamps and a power supply unit electrically connected to a control and indication unit; a filter element is arranged in the air intake compartment, and a fan is installed in the outlet compartment; besides, the housing is made in the form of a thin-wall box-like body from bactericide polymer plastic with bacteriostats, which consists of two semi-housings connected along the perimetre; gas-discharge mercury lamps are fixed with a gap on bosses; longitudinal axis of the above lamps is offset relative to a connection-disconnection plane towards another semi-housing; on the side of the irradiation chamber, symmetrically located central transverse plates are attached to the base of each semi-housing and have folds on edges, which are directed towards the corresponding compartment, and on the side of each compartment, two side transverse plates are oppositely attached in one plane to the base of each semi-housing and to side walls and have folds on edges, which are directed to the irradiation chamber, the distance between which is less than width of central transverse plates, which is less than width of transverse size of the housing; when attaching the semi-housings, the central plates form labyrinth screens with partition walls.

EFFECT: invention allows improving efficiency of bactericide air disinfection using ultraviolet irradiation.

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: underground street air conditioner consists of a rectangular housing closed with a cover plate with a hatch, a tray with a pit, which is separated from the roof with a vertical partition wall with an opening between lower edge of the partition wall and the bottom of the tray into a vertical air washer and a cleaning chamber; an intake grid and a plenum fan are located under the roof in the end wall of the air washer; feed and drain pumps are located inside the air washer and connected to a water supply source, sprinkling and flushing devices and a bottom of a storm drainage channel; on inner surface of the end wall of the air washer there placed is a movable vertical damper connected to a float; in the cleaning chamber there located in a staggered order are removable vertical perforated baskets filled with pumice stone granules; an exhaust opening is made in the roof and connected to an above-ground exhaust shaft equipped with an opening with a distributing grid, inside which an ioniser and an exhaust fan is placed; with that, the intake grid of the air washer is interconnected with the storm drainage channel.

EFFECT: enlarging the range of use of a street air conditioner by arranging it under the ground, and providing the possibility of using the already existing storm drainage as its structural component, which improves economic and ecological efficiency of an underground street air conditioner.

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: method and device that implements it are designed for produce air suitable in sanitary respect for human breathing, comfortable both in absolute humidity and oxygen content in it. Air treatment in accordance with the proposed method is executed due to air contact with large water surface (water fog), as a result of which most mechanical, biological and chemical admixtures, contained in air, are moistened and lose static charge, coagulate (enlarge), dissolve in moisture and deposit from air onto a sorting surface. The device comprises a conditioner 8 for thermal treatment of water, humidifiers 6 for air treatment with conditioned water and deposition of dust and other admixtures from air. The device also comprises moistened absorbing surfaces 11 for collection of dust and other admixtures deposited from air, and a tray 15 with water, for moistening of absorbing surfaces with conditioned water and accumulation of contaminants in water with their further removal.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of room humidification due to more accurate maintenance of specified humidity parameters.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: purified air is supplied through the pipe 2 to the upper chamber 9 of the housing 1. At that, passing through the discharge electrode 13 the air is ionised and it charges the dust that is in the air. The charged dust particles move in the direction to the electrodes 6 having a positive potential which turn conjointly with the wheel 4. Having reached the surface of the electrodes, the particles are deposited on them. When the wheel 4 reaches the position when the upper blades are located symmetrically relative to the vertical axis, in the chamber 9 an enclosed volume is created, which is limited by the blade-electrodes and the upper part of the housing 1. In this volume the air portion is finally purified and the noise accompanying the purified air is reduced. Simultaneously the third blade-electrode holds the lower vertical position in the chamber 10 where it is freed from contaminants by feeding to the electrode and the rollers 7 of the similar high potential.

EFFECT: simplification of the design that implements the method and increase of effectiveness of the degree of air purification, reduction of the noise level.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: plant comprises a device to form a flow of a working medium in a channel for a flow, a treatment device that exposes the medium to treatment, and a supply device for supply of the medium into the treatment device. At the same time the treatment device and the supply device may be put in action with the help of the working fluid medium flow.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of life sustenance environment maintenance in a shelter chamber.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, particularly methods for creating an optimal microclimate on farms. The method involves external and internal air supply through a V-air duct, maintaining an external surface of the air duct below the dew point temperature of internal air, generating condensate thereon to be collected in sewage pipes via a V-shield attached above the air duct. The condensate shield is made of a crescent metal conductor with saw-toothed projections on its side edges facing the V-air duct; it is connected to the DC power supply.

EFFECT: method enables accelerating the water condensation process from internal air and contaminant discharge.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: device contains the vertically arranged air duct housing with the end face hole, the valves and the petal punched orifices installed under the end face hole on vertical axes with the resetting mechanism. Under the air duct housing the hollow oval casing in the form of two bent branch pipes with two horizontally located windows facing towards mutually opposite sides and the common face hole is located. The valves are installed in casing windows with a possibility of rotation around axes. On the axes ends the bushings are located. Petal diaphragms are rigidly fixed under its lower face hole, on concentrically installed bushings, located on bushings of vertical axes of valves, oval bent branch pipes of the casing are fastened to the face hole of the housing with a possibility of change of tilt angle with reference to it, and the concentrically installed bushings are fixed to bushings of axes with a possibility of change of position of orifice petals in the horizontal plane.

EFFECT: expansion of scope of application, possibility of use both in exhaust, and in the input ventilation systems.

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