Vessel with trimaran type outriggers

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: trimaran type ship with outriggers-energy modules, consisting of the main body, two lateral buoyancy - outriggers and underwater bridges connecting them with the body is proposed. The whole energy plant of the ship is taken out of the hull into outriggers and bridges. This provides the formation of an extended tunnel in the hull, adapted for entering a floating craft into it through a cutout in the hull transom.

EFFECT: basing of relatively large floating crafts on a relatively small vessel without lifting them on the ship and without a bulky lifting device.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship navigation. Proposed method of piloting ships in channels and shallow inland waters consists in using auxiliary engineering means. Said auxiliary means represents pontoons. Said pontoons represent bow and stern buoyancy modules. Underkeel clearance is increased by reducing wave resistance in running in shallow waters due to absorption of waves reflected from the hull. Waves are killed by aforesaid buoyancy modules. Pontoons are furnished with elements to secure them to ship hull. Said modules are shaped to ship hull bow and stern. Said fastening elements are made up of retainers furnished with jacks and cables to fasten buoyancy modules aboard the ship.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to sea accidents elimination equipment. Proposed complex comprises floating and transport facilities. Floating facility incorporates equipment to carry out decontamination and pulling-and-running operations and can move in shallow waters. Floating facility hull accommodates ballast compartments. Transport facility comprises cargo compartment arranged in its underwater section to accommodate and fix floating facility therein in semisubmerged position. Both facilities can operate in deep waters. Proposed complex moves driven by propulsive machinery.

EFFECT: reduced time for coupling floating and transport facilities.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building. Floating dock section contains pontoon where side towers are installed, ballasting facilities, dock floor with primary framing made as structure of longitudinal and transverse frames, main framing beams resting on it on which beams the decking is placed. The pontoon is divided into central and side ballast compartments by vertical waterproof bulkheads. In the vertical longitudinal pontoon symmetry plane, vertical support bulkhead is installed which bulkhead is made permeable. Relative (to dock width) width of central ballast compartment (size of segment with transverse framing system) is calculated by formula given in description. Longitudinal vertical waterproof bulkheads are placed equally spaced from the vertical support bulkhead. The main framing of the central ballast compartment is executed according to transverse scheme, and the main framing of the side ballast compartments - according to longitudinal scheme.

EFFECT: decreased scuffing of decking in places of framing welding during equipment movement, mainly along dock side towers; reduced pontoon weight; reduced ballast asymmetry and dock tilting.

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The invention relates to the field of shipbuilding, namely the systems of courts, interacting in the open sea, are equipped with comprehensive facilities to ensure the interaction of courts and manage, and can be used, for example, when servicing underwater vehicle surface vessel catamaran base type

FIELD: rescue equipment.

SUBSTANCE: method of providing crew evacuation of emergency submarine from emersed saving chamber (ESC) is that the crew evacuation is based on using the launching device of a rescue ship and a ship's ladder. The ESC of vertical design is provided with lifting rods and fencing of the exit hatch. The launching device of the rescue ship is provided with a traverse with the variable base between the automatic grips, through which the ESC is raised from water to the height excluding the relative heaving oscillations of the ESC and the rescue ship, and fixed at the fendering protection against longitudinal movement with mooring-towing ropes. The ship's ladder is brought to the fencing of the exit hatch of the ESC and the rescued are evacuated on the ship's ladder to the board of the rescue ship.

EFFECT: increased safety of the crew evacuation from the emersed saving chamber to the rescue ship under conditions of sea waves.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: two-hull object surfacing is performed by force of pulling-and-running device (PRD) which force is adequate to waterless mass of object in external hull, for which purpose hoisting winches are actuated for lifting irrespective of wave phase, and follower winches of load cable are set to braking, which causes water drain from external hull beyond the board until the object is lifted from surface. Constant tension of load cable during sequential oscillations is maintained by damper operation. Invention covers also the device for this method implementation.

EFFECT: improved PRD operational performance, possibility to lower its mass and dimensions.

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The invention relates to shipbuilding and marine transport and concerning the technology of transportation ' ice-blocks and vessels with their cargoes

The invention relates to shipbuilding, in particular to a method of loading and unloading on the trimaran floating cargoes of water in the hold

The invention relates to shipbuilding, in particular to a method of loading and unloading on the trimaran floating cargo

The invention relates to shipbuilding, namely the construction of vessels intended for the carriage of goods taken out of the water

The invention relates to shipbuilding and relates to a method of loading and unloading on the trimaran under water cargo moving them directly from the water into the hold and back

The invention relates to processes of loading and unloading vessels, in particular to a method of loading and unloading of vessels directly handling of water in the hold and back

The invention relates to a rescue technique, namely, devices for lifting from the water surface floating objects, such as landers

Screw propulsor // 2482000

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to converters of engine or other energy source work into that driving transport facilities. Screw propulsor comprises housing composed of hollow cylindrical multistart helical jacket. Said jacket is arranged along the vehicle body edges to revolve thereabout. Said housing represents a multistart helical surface arranged along its edges with helical grooves inside and outside at 5 to 45 degrees to jacket lengthwise axis and shaped to birecurvate recesses. Centers of curvature of said recesses are located inside and outside jacket cross-section. Jacket is composed of equal-width one or more tapes coiled in helical turns interconnected by lengthwise edges. Said tapes are bent in zigzag manner along flexure lines arranged at angle to lengthwise edges. Said tapes form, along outer and inner surfaces, wavy helical surfaces shaped to curved recesses directed to one side at 5 to 45 degrees to jacket lengthwise axis. Said recesses may differ in both shape and size. Distance between flexure lines equal the sum of lengths of perimeters of geometrical figures of inner and outer surface recesses.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

7 dwg

FIELD: shipbuilding; multi-purpose dry cargo vessels for carrying cargoes in water areas covered with ice and not covered with ice.

SUBSTANCE: proposed multi-purpose dry cargo vessel has hull with fore and aft extremities and sides provided with ice strengthening members. Hull bottom in aft extremity has inclined surface. Extent of cargo holds is no less than half length of vessel and maximum breadth is no less than ¾ of ship's extreme breadth. Main propulsion plant with propulsor is swivel in construction. Slewing axis of main propulsion plant is deflected at angle α from vertical in CL or in plane parallel to CL. Axis of thrust vector is also inclined at angle α from normal relative to slewing axis of main propulsion plant. Angle satisfies condition 0<α≤β/2, where β is angle whose magnitude is equal to magnitude of average angle of inclination of ship's bottom surface in aft extremity relative to ship's waterplane on inclined section of bottom located below level of point of intersection of main propulsion plant slewing axis with propulsor thrust vector axis.

EFFECT: reduced usage of material; enhanced survivability and durability of vessel.

15 cl, 4 dwg

Ship // 2096243
The invention relates to shipbuilding and for the construction of merchant ships with steel hulls, with one main ship engine

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to modular floating structures for various types of installations. Modular semi-submerged structure 1 comprises platform to accommodate various structures nearby sea shore or sides of lakes and rivers. Said structure 1 comprises two or more interconnected semi-submerged modules 10, 10′, 10′′. Each of said modules includes deck 11 located above water level under operating conditions to confine a part of said platform. Carcass 12 is arranged above said deck and comprises inside first watertight compartments that double as ballast. It is submerged in operation. Multiple columns 13 integrating structurally said carcass with said deck and have inside second watertight compartments that double as ballast. Semi-submerged structure comprises supports 16 that integrate structurally the adjacent semi-submerged modules at the level of appropriate columns 13. Invention covers also the method of fabrication of described structure.

EFFECT: enhanced performances, higher reliability and manufacturability.

19 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: ship hull has free hull and underwater hull with curvilinear boards below design waterline converting to the fore. Underwater hull has bottom with lengthwise tunnel provided with upper horseshoe-shaped surface and vertical walls extending along the ship hull under design waterline and with generating lines parallel with the ship centre line. Underwater hull cross-section profile along design waterline features maximum width at aft area. Lengthwise tunnel fore and aft ends are provided with at least one railing to turn and to be secured relative to the axis extending the are of contact between said top arched surface and vertical walls and perpendicular to the ship centre line. Every said moving railing can be retracted and released and stay at working position whereat closed zone is formed in lengthwise tunnel. Ship free hull accommodates at least one blower of air into said lengthwise tunnel.

EFFECT: better propulsive properties and navigability.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: stern of vessel with blade paddle wheels is made as two through water-flow channels dividing bilge into three water displacing sections. On vertical walls of water-flow channels bearings of two driving shafts with paddle wheels are installed. The paddle wheels consist of two parallel to each other solid disks with blades installed between them which blades are located on several heterodistant diameters. When wheels are rotating the blades move one after another in groups decanting water on more distant from shaft blades ensuring bumpless entrance in water at an angle of 45 degrees for them. At an exit from water, angle of blade inclination to horizon ensures accelerated water discharge under water for them.

EFFECT: creation of vessel with propulsor having large hydraulic cross-section ensuring bumpless entrance into water, absence of wave at an exit from water, creation of large support for vessel both in deep water and draft is restricted, possibility to use impact pressure of water counter flow.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly to boat with main hull and at least two outriggers. Said trimaran comprises at least two adjustable-height outriggers. Under said main hull said outriggers abut on each other to make an integral rigid hull. Said outriggers are articulated with said main hull to turn independently of each other. Wings are mounted at said main hull and outrigger. Main hull or outrigger has a recess to receive said wing. Said wing is either a telescopic or a flapping deign.

EFFECT: higher stability, optimum dynamics at high speed and hydrodynamics.

17 cl, 36 dwg

Ship hull // 2553607

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hull comprises watertight wall with water line diving said wall to surface and underwater parts. At least one foil is arranged at the wall straight section on every board and inclined to waterline to displace vertically from underwater position to surface position and vice versa.

EFFECT: better propulsion of small motor vessels.

5 cl, 3 dwg