System of monitoring and controlling garden tool operations within operation area

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: monitoring and control system includes a control device for simultaneously monitoring and controlling the operations of garden tools of various types in their operation area.

EFFECT: reliably controlling the operations of garden tools.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture. The proposed device for trimming grass and shrub crops comprises a vehicle 2 with attachments 1 with a cutting unit 3, a drive 23 and a reel 5, means for moving the cut shoots from the cutting unit 3, and a mechanism for adjusting the cutting height. At that one edge or the central part of the cutting unit with the drive 23 and the reel 5 are pivotally mounted on the attachments 1 and provided with a mechanism of changing the angle of inclination of the blades 4 of the cutting unit 3 to the horizontal from 0°to 35°. The reel 5 tilting the upper parts of grass and shoots to the cutting unit 3 and transferring the cut shoots and grass to a conveyor 8 is made in the form of a conveyor 6 with at least two working lower surfaces formed at the refraction angle to each other of 5-30°, first at a larger angle in the direction of movement of the vehicle 2, and then at a smaller one with the working elements 9, 10, 11, 12 formed on its outer surface.

EFFECT: invention provides an extension of technological possibilities.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: cutting device for support cutting includes drive, movable and fixed knives installed coaxially on its shaft. The movable driven knife is made with crosslike with blades interfacing along the parabolical curve. The cutting blade of the movable knife is made with top sharpening and build-up with hard wear-resistant alloy. The movable knife is installed on hexagon head of the drive shaft installed using journal bearing in casing, having fixed flange in top part for the drive motor installation. The bottom part of the drive shaft is fixed by the thrust journal bearing installed in the support pad of the cutting device. On top part of the support pad the shearing knife is installed, it has bottom sharpening and build-up of hard wear-resistant alloy. The support pad with the shearing knife is installed on framework at angle 45…50° to movement direction of the cutting device. The framework has fixture for installation at set angle of the control handle of the cutting device. Direction of rotation of the movable driven knife is counterclockwise.

EFFECT: invention ensures quality improvement of cut and productivity upon simplification of the design and reduced power consumption.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural engineering and can be used in the design of the header for harvesting soybeans. The header comprises a reaper (1) on the housing (2) on which the reel (3) is mounted, as well as the screw (4), the cutting device (5) of the floating type, the feed elevator (11) secured on the housing (2) of the reaper by a hinge (12), having a hydraulic mechanism of the reaper (1) balancing with independent hydraulic system (13). The cutting device (5) is secured to a flexible finger rake, which by means of an elastic band (7) and the longitudinal plates (8) is connected to the housing (2) of the reaper (1), having finder shoes (9). Below under the cutting device (5) over the entire width the guide rails (10) are mounted. One end of the flexible finger rake from the side of the drive of the cutting device (5) is rigidly fixed on the housing (2) of the reaper (1). On the discharge pipeline section (18) of the autonomous hydraulic system (13) connecting the adjustable relief valve (17) with the cavity of the hydraulic cylinder (15), the pressure gauge (19) is mounted and displaced into the cab of the harvester.

EFFECT: simple and inexpensive drive of the feeler cutting unit is provided, as well as high-quality feeling the soil.

3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to agriculture and can be used for harvesting agricultural crops. The agricultural harvester comprises a belt cutting platform and a traction unit, the bearing tape cutting platform. The traction unit comprises the driver's cab and the hydraulic lever inside the driver's cab. The hydraulic lever comprises a reversible shuttle switch that can be actuated manually by the driver to change selectively the direction of movement to the reversed of at least one movable composite element of the cutting platform. Along with the change in direction of movement, the driver can control the movement forward and backward of the agricultural harvester.

EFFECT: use of the group of inventions provides increased ease of operation.

24 cl, 5 dwg

Universal harvester // 2528441

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agricultural engineering and can be used in structural designs of grain and fodder harvesters. A universal harvester comprises a body, a casing, a cutting machine, a reel, a conveyer screw, a drive mechanism and a feed elevator. A front supporting pipe of the harvester body has a height coordinate a=H-h, wherein H is a height of an upper milk-wax corn, and h is a structural cutting depth of the harvester. The feed elevator comprises feed rollers. The feed elevator comprises identical mounting dimensions with a comminutor of the fodder harvester and a threshing unit of the grain harvester. Tall-stalked culture supply to the reel effective area is improved.

EFFECT: enhanced harvester.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: grain combine harvester comprises a header for stripping the spike, an inclined conveyor, a shredder of stems, a drum with grooved surface, a concave, a finger grating, a fan, sieves for cleaning grain, the drum with grooved surface is mounted on a frame and is made rubber-coated, and the concave is made solid. One of the sides of the concave is pivotally attached, and the second is free to change position relative to the drum. The finger grating with a convex surface is mounted behind the drum in the direction of rotation at an angle and is connected to the air duct, inside which a conveyor with scrapers is mounted, and the fan is made with the ability to regulate the air flow and is mounted under the grating to direct the air flow on it.

EFFECT: improvement of quality of grain harvesting and reduction of its energy intensity.

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Rotary windrower // 2523847

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture and can be used when harvesting grain crops. The rotary windrower comprises a platform and a cutting machine. On the platform the windrow-forming conveyor is mounted with drive mechanism. The windrower comprises a device for collecting fallen grain, comprising screening sieve sift with a set of funnels mounted under it and a hopper with a fan. The setoff funnels is connected to the hopper through the connecting hose. For unloading grain the hose of pneumatic loading is mounted on the hopper.

EFFECT: invention provides reduction in losses of fallen grain.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: grain combine harvester comprises the wiping drum, the auger, the conveyor, the cutting machine. On each blade of the blade drum with the ability of changing the position relative to the surface of the rubber-coated drum the combing toe is fixed with the corrugated surface and two-row toothed comb. The gap between the teeth of one row of the comb coincides with the gap of another row to form the beds to capture the stem with the head. The wiping drum with the over-drum device is mounted at the output of the conveyor of the reaper. One side of the over-drum device is pivotally mounted, and the other is arranged with the ability to change the position relative to the surface of the drum. Over the wiping drum a fan with an adjustable flow of air and a grain flow divider are mounted, which is mounted with the ability to move in a horizontal plane. On the frame of the harvester two storage hoppers are mounted, one of which is for the grain, and the other - for substandard product.

EFFECT: use of present invention enables to simplify the harvester design and to reduce the energy consumption when harvesting.

1 dwg

Auger cutting unit // 2513421

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agricultural machinery industry and can be used in the construction of mowers and headers of harvesters. The auger cutting unit consists of an auger and a housing with openings for the passage of the mass. The auger blade is additionally equipped with fluoroplastic plates. Shear knives represent the radial continuation of the housing and are provided with a ceramic coating deposition. The plates are located on the fingers and connected with them by screws. At that the fingers are welded to the housing.

EFFECT: use of the auger cutting unit enables to improve the quality and reduce the power consumption of the process of cutting plants.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to agriculture and can be used in harvesting various crops from the field. The agricultural harvester comprises a header connected to the traction unit, comprising a frame, at least one draper apron, a detector of header lifting and accelerator of the draper apron. The detector of header lifting is made with the ability to provide an output signal indicating the state of the header lifting. The accelerator of the draper apron is made with the ability to receive the output signal from the detector of header lifting and to accelerate each of at least one draper aprons when receiving the output signal.

EFFECT: use of the group of inventions provides swath laying without their overlapping on each other at the end of the field.

14 cl, 2 dwg

Pull-type header // 2258349

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, pull-type headers for mowing of cereals and laying cut stems in windrow on field.

SUBSTANCE: header has drive part with transverse beam and columns, and platform with tie-rods. Platform has lifting and lowering hydraulic cylinders and spring units for balancing thereof. Tie-rods are interconnected by cross-piece and are pivotally coupled with their ends to columns. Hydraulic cylinders are mounted on transverse beam brackets. Stops mounted on transverse beam are cooperating with levers in upper position of platform. Transverse beam is connected with upper part of platform through tightening devices and balancing spring units. Header provides following of field relief in transverse direction and keeps optimal angle of platform inclination to field surface on changing cutting height of grain stand.

EFFECT: simplified construction and increased efficiency.

6 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method involves grasping and lifting plant stems by means of crescent spiral member; cutting plants by means of cutter bar, said plants lifted by spiral member being cut by means of cutter bar for single rotation of spiral member. Header has crescent spiral members arranged along direction of movement of header and mounted on individual hollow shafts equipped with at least one slot provided in their wall. Incorporated within shaft are knife positioned for reciprocation through slot in shaft wall and knife moving mechanism. Crescent spiral member has narrow tip part for grasping of plant stems, said narrow part being continued with widening part for lifting of plants during rotation of header device, Crescent spiral member is made in the form of ribbon joined to conical surface of shaft end part.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in cutting of lifted lodged plants and provision for preventing elongated plants from winding owing to cutting thereof in the process of displacement of knife cutting part through slot in shaft wall.

6 cl, 1 dwg

Mower // 2280973

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed mower can be used for mowing on hard-to-reach plots. Mower has cutter with articulated horizontal and side cutting units, pin conveyors for feeding and stowing and chassis turning support disk installed on frame of self-propelled chassis. Chute is made spring-loaded, being T-shaped in plan. Longitudinal part of chute is displaced to right side relative to operator's seat. Rear part of chute is made to helix surface. Fishback is found in front part of chute, teeth of fishback being arranged between pins of feed conveyor.

EFFECT: provision of mowing at any weather conditions with minimum losses and on hard-to-plots.

4 cl, 32 dwg

Rotary cutter bar // 2282969

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, plant mowing equipment.

SUBSTANCE: rotary cutter bar has input, intermediate and cutting units. Intermediate units are made in the form of sleeve with shaft and half-couplings and are adapted for transmitting torque and connecting input and cutting units with one another, as well as for connecting cutting units with one another. Cutting units have reducers with one driving shaft and two driven shafts on which rotors with cutting knives are fixed. Torque is transmitted to each rotor through shaft and one individual conical gear transmission associated therewith.

EFFECT: unitized construction, which simplifies and intensifies assembling of cutter bar and reduces standing time spent for repair.

1 dwg

Rotary mower // 2283572

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment used in mower cutter bar constructions.

SUBSTANCE: mower has bar with rotors, supporting shoes, and discharge board. Each rotor has cutting member made in the form of string with weight at its end. Other end of string passes through opening in round box-like casing and is pivotally connected with one end of coiled spiral spring. Other end of spiral spring is attached to round box-like casing rigidly fixed to rotor. Weights of odd rotors are rotating in single plane and weights of even rotors are arranged in other plane offset relative to said one plane downward by value equal to thickness of weight plus allowance by one tenth of the weight. Weights are located on rotors with 90 deg offset on rotational circumference relative to one another. End of coiled spiral spring, to which string with weight is attached, has size exceeding that of opening where string passes.

EFFECT: improved quality of shear and stabilized operating process.

5 dwg

Mower // 2284682

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, novel mower constructions.

SUBSTANCE: mower has bar with pressure lugs rigidly fixed thereon and fingers with inserts, shoes attached to lower part of bar so as to be adjustably movable in vertical plane, discharge board and knife. Two pneumatic wheels are attached to mower bar so that their position in vertical plane may be adjusted. Finger inserts have cutting edges made curved and concave, and finger base is contacting at both sides with mid portion of insert. Roller supports are provided at ends of pressure lugs, said roller supports resting upon reciprocating knife segments.

EFFECT: reduced losses for friction during operation of mower.

7 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for mowing of grasses and laying windrow onto film belt.

SUBSTANCE: windrower has frame, winder, conveyor and finger bar, which are mounted on frame. Spindle with belt roll is positioned opposite discharge window of windrow, in front of winder. Pressure finger arranged at the level of stubble, in parallel with spindle, is pivotally connected with spindle through carriers and is adapted for tightening of belt under discharge window of windrower. Roll spindle and pressure finger connected therewith are fixed on two brackets running around winder and rigidly connected with windrow frame. Free end of windrower is fixed on soil surface by means of pin. During advancement of windrower, roll is unwound and film belt is directed to zone under discharge window. Mown mass is moved by conveyor to discharge window and thrown onto film belt.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by avoiding contamination of mown plants with soil and improved drying conditions.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, technique used in plant cutting and grinding units.

SUBSTANCE: mower-grinder has frame and vertical drive shafts with rotary disks mounted in a number of rows on drive shafts and equipped with cutting members. Diameters of rotary disks are reducing from upper tier to lower tier.

EFFECT: reduced consumption of power for grinding process due to stepped cutting of standing plants into parts.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: cutterbar contains finder-shoes, cutting and shear elements. Cutting element is made as a bi-tee-bar-discs with shifted fitment holes and unilaterally descending in an circumferential direction pointed shelves. Shear element is made as a set of rings of triangular section. Rings are rigidly fixed on horizontal back. Internal cylindrical surface of the rings contains cylindrical tooth-ribbed on flat ends fill pieces.

EFFECT: prevents slipping of plants' stalks meeting the cutting edge of discs.

4 dwg

FIELD: agricultural industry.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to the agricultural machinery industry and may be used in cutting devices for cutting fruit tree trunks. The proposed device incorporates a side belt supplied with actuating elements and control hydraulic cylinder. The boom is made extensible with its extensible part coupled to stationary part by spring elements. The side belt features wheel elements disposed thereon and having parallel axles that independently bear on soil.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of soil contour following by cutting device.

1 dwg