Grinding device

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: grinding device contains the grinding chamber 14, having the supply side and the discharge side and it is enclosed by the wall 42. The wall 42 of the grinding chamber 41 can be formed, in particular, round, cylindrical and/or conical, expanding downward. The wall 42 has at least two parts, which are arranged consequently in the axial direction and in each of which, at least one rotor 26, 28, 30 is arranged coaxially with the grinding chamber. Each of the rotors 26, 28, 30 has the rotor shaft and the impactor tools 38, extending at least during the operation, substantially radially into the grinding chamber. The charging cone 12 is located from the feeding side above the grinding chamber 14a. Above the charging cone 12 there is the input filler 11, at that the input area of the adjustable size d is formed between the inlet filler and the charging cone. The rotors 26, 28, 30 have the opposite direction of rotation in at least two consequently positioned parts. The air draft device is connected to the grinding chamber to transfer the mixture of the particles and air created in the grinding chamber, having at least one fan rotor 31, arranged coaxially with the axis of the grinding chamber and having its own shaft 33, driven by its own drive 25.

EFFECT: possibility of the material conglomerates collision with the impactor tools at high speeds with the ability to control the material separation by the material flow effective control, in particular the very small particles flow control.

13 cl, 2 dwg



Same patents:

Mill // 2558205

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: mill comprises the drum (24) with support shaft (16), rotor bowl (21) with radial ribs (37), support ring (23), electric motor (3) with two ends of the shaft, bearing assemblies (9, 20, 27, 34 38), power transmissions and protective sleeve (7). The coupler is placed between the bottom shaft (5) of electric motor and rotor bowl. Through hole is made in the centre of the upper part of the drum. Feed hopper (33) is mounted on the upper frame (19) by means of crow braces (32).

EFFECT: invention increases the productivity due to the continuous supply of starting material to the receiving device and unloading of ground product and provides the intensification of grinding process.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed mill can be used in construction, mining, chemical industry and metallurgy. This mill comprises rotary-percussion crusher and air sizer arranged there above. Crusher comprises case 1, accelerator 2, baffle plates 4, funnel 8 to feed material into accelerator, pipe to feed initial material into funnel and pipes 11 at case bottom to force air into mill. Baffle plates and funnel can displace vertically. Air sizer comprises hollow case 12 with material separation chamber 13, horizontal insert 14, blades to turn in horizontal, means to return coarse particles in accelerator for additional grinding and pipe 18 to discharge ground particles with air. Said means to return coarse particles comprises circular top and bottom parts with chutes 16. The latter are spaced apart in circle about case 12. Blades are fitted between case insert 12 and top part of said particles return means. Clearance 5 between crusher case inner surface and baffle plates is communicated with sizer material separation chamber.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of grinding.

1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises dispensing, loading of raw material into the grinder, the joint grinding and mixing of the components. Loading of all the components is carried out simultaneously through the loading openings (6) in the cover (7) of the grinding chamber (8), arranged uniformly along the circumference located in the suction zone. Then each component is placed on the distribution disc (10), it is moved on it, distributed over the working surface of the vertical cylindrical sieve (14), a layer of all the components is formed in series, all the components of the layer are destroyed, pushed through the openings of the vertical cylindrical sieve (14) and descended uniformly downwards. At that they are constantly and simultaneously ground and mixed, discharged onto a conveyor (18), and the overpressure and the dust fraction is removed.

EFFECT: improvement of the quality of combined feed by avoiding segregation of the mixture.

3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: grinding-mixing unit comprises a receiving sectional hopper (1), a dispenser (2), a crusher placed below the bottom of the dispenser (2). The dispenser (2) comprises a sectional housing (3), each section of which communicates with the sections of the receiving hopper (1) and provided with a dispensing valve (4). The crusher is connected from above with the sectional housing (3) of the dispenser by grain ducts (5), and from below - with a discharging conveyor (18) equipped with a discharge device (19). On the rotor shaft (9) of the crusher the distributing disc (10) is mounted. The number of grain ducts (5), as well as the number of loading openings (6) in the lid (7) of the crusher, the sections in the sectional hopper (1) and the sectional housing (3) of the dispenser depends on the number of components in the mixed feed formula. The loading openings (6) of the lid (7) of the crusher are placed uniformly on a circle located in the suction zone. The angle of inclination of the conical part of the crusher pallet is greater than the natural angle of repose of the combined feed.

EFFECT: ensuring the supply of continuous, simultaneous, uniform flow of all the components included in the formula, their combined grinding, uniform mixing and evacuation, eliminating the segregation of the mixture.

3 dwg

Superfine grinder // 2539522

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: grinder contains vertical casing (1), drag-cup rotor (6) axially installed on shaft (3), second shaft (2) with impact rotor (7), two motors (4, 5), loading (12) and unloading (13) nozzles. Second shaft is installed axially with the first shaft. Impact rotor is hollow creating grinding chamber (8) and with radial lined ribs (9). The rotors are wired with different motors with possibility of rotation in opposite directions. Casing is in form of the rib with liner (14) to height of the impact rotor, and creates clearance (15) with it. The casing is equipped with damper (16) at place of two rotors interfacing.

EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of grinding and quality of worked products.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: grinding mill has a cylindrical housing 1 with an upper cover 2 and lower internal circular protuberance 3 with windows 4. The perforated cylinder 5 is fixed on the protuberance and covered with a ring 6. The shaft 8 is connected with a bowl-like rotor 9. The rotor has radial partitions 10, screens 11 and bent from the centre a horizontal section 12 above the protuberance. The braking device 14 consists of the journal 15, motionless beam 16 with a taper internal surface and bearing assembly 18, press disk 17 with a bearing assembly 19, restoring spring 20 and lever 21. The lever on the motionless articulated support is connected to the disk through the bearing assembly. The disk with taper external and internal cylindrical splined 23 surfaces rests on the spring. The spring is installed on the beam. The journal of the beam bearing assembly is located on one axis and is rigidly connected to the housing cover. The journal via external splines 24 contacts with the disk. According to the milling method the working space is continuously fed with the material at rotation of bowl-like rotor. The housing of the grinding mill is periodically decelerated and accelerated with a time ratio 0.03-0.1.

EFFECT: invention increases the output due to liquidation of stagnant zones and creation of high intensity of impact of material pieces at circulating motion.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a frame (1), an actuator (5), a sieve (8) and a reflector (9). The loading hopper (2) with a window (3) for outlet of grains is mounted on the frame. On the drive shaft (4) a booster plate (6) of conical shape with riffles is placed. The riffles are made radially curved with decreasing height. The sieve and the reflector are made in the form of truncated cones.

EFFECT: invention improves the performance and quality of crushing.

3 dwg

Hammer crusher // 2528456

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: hammer crusher comprises a grinding chamber (1). A vertical rotor (2) with working members (3) is set inside the chamber with an annular gap. A vertical cylindrical screen (4) is set on a base installed on a movable frame (5). The frame is mounted on the guides driven by pneumatic actuators (7) and can move vertically. The frame is made as a base where clamps of the guides and supporting spring elements turned to the screen base are installed. The pneumatic actuators are set outside the chamber on its top end face surface. The rods of the pneumatic actuators are connected to the frame by a hinge joint.

EFFECT: improved operational parameters and reliability of crusher performance.

3 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of obtaining a homogeneous finely dispersed highly active mass of a bulk material (gypsum binding agent) in phosphogypsum utilisation contains the following steps: drying initial phosphogypsum with application of discharge hot gases of kilns; neutralisation of dried phosphogypsum by addition of neutralisers; performing final drying of the neutralised raw material by kiln; cooling the finally dried raw material; supply of the cooled raw material to activation lines for further crushing, mechanical activation, chemical and electric activation, which is performed by an aerodynamic vertical activator of a gravity type, which contains a vertical chamber of crushing, made in the form of a hollow cylinder, in lids of which installed is a shaft with a possibility of rotation; at least, two working discs are fixed on the shaft, and it additionally contains rods, installed in a wall of the vertical chamber of crushing, beaters, installed in a radial way on each surface of the working disc and projecting beyond the disc edges, with rods being installed in such a way that when the said discs with the beaters rotate the rods are located between the beaters, fixed on the discs.

EFFECT: obtaining quality, ecologically pure construction materials with low energy consumption.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed grinder comprises the drum accommodating load-bearing shaft, shaft jacket, rotor bowl wit radial ribs, supporting ring, bearing assemblies, gearing and safety coupling. Note here that drum driving pulley and safety coupling whereat fitted is the rotor bowl driving pulley are fitted on motor shaft. Said drum has its kedge resting on extra bearing support.

EFFECT: simplified design.

1 dwg

FIELD: equipment for investigation of grinding and mixing processes in feed mill industry.

SUBSTANCE: laboratory installation has rotor, set of replaceable working tools, working chamber casing positioned for free rotation relative to axis of rotor and defined by torque measuring devices. Working chamber casing is composed of transparent closure, shell, faceplate, and transparent mounting plate positioned above transparent closure outside casing. Position of mounting plate may be adjusted in vertical plane. Laboratory installation is further provided with diametrically opposite branch pipes made in the form of devices for determining air flow rate through inlet collector. Retaining bearing is positioned in axially aligned relation with respect to rotor shaft, the latter being inserted into said bearing. Replaceable working tools are mounted in tiers on rotor shaft. Charging openings are formed in transparent closure of working chamber. Gaps between charging openings in transparent closure and branch pipes are sealed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by optimized construction of grinder-mixer.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: equipment for grinding and mixing of cereal mixtures in mixed feed industry.

SUBSTANCE: laboratory grinder-mixer has casing made in the form of helical centrifugal fan, said casing incorporating working chamber with sieve-shaped shell and rotor, and additional cylindrical working chamber with cover, said cylindrical working chamber being axially aligned with rotor axis, is arranged above casing and separated from it by disk provided with slot accommodating additional sieve-shaped shell. Discharge windows are formed at outer side of additional sieve-shaped shell in disk. Windows are divided by partitions. Sieve-shaped shell is fixed on faceplate positioned for free rotation relative to axis of rotor. Main and additional working chambers have single rotor shaft. Grinder-mixer of such construction allows particles of predetermined sizes to be produced.

EFFECT: provision for adequate modeling of grinding and mixing procedure for mixing various components, elimination of faults during performing of various measurements for optimization of construction of grinding and mixing equipment.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Grinder-mixer // 2254165

FIELD: equipment for grinding and mixing of several components for preparing of combined feeds.

SUBSTANCE: grinder-mixer has casing made in the form of volute of centrifugal fan. Casing incorporates working chamber with sieve-like shell and rotor formed as impeller, rods made in the form of regular prism, additional cylindrical working chamber including working tools and defined by concentrically arranged sieve-like and solid shells and cover, partition for separating basic chamber from additional chamber. Partition side adjoining inner side of sieve-like shell of additional working chamber is equipped with perforation formed as screen, and part of partition arranged between sieve-like and solid shells of additional working chamber is provided with radial windows. Crescent inlet device formed in partition is arranged beyond additional working chamber within casing. Inlet branch pipes are mounted on cover of additional chamber in diametrically opposite relation. Basic and additional working chambers have single rotor shaft.

EFFECT: increased extent of homogeneity of resultant particles.

3 cl, 2 dwg

Grinder-mixer // 2259882

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for grinding and mixing of components when preparing formulated feed. Proposed grinder-mixer has housing with charging and discharge branch pipes, rotor in form of disk with working member, sieve shell, tenons installed on inner side surface of housing. Tetrahedral wedges of working members are made in form of regular tetrahedral pyramids. Teeth in form of regular hexagonal star pyramids are made on two opposite side surfaces of faces of tetrahedral pyramids. On two other opposite side surfaces of faces of tetrahedral wedges, pyramidal channels are made in form of truncated hexagonal pyramids, teeth and channels being arranged relative to each other in cellular order. Conical slot is made in one of tetrahedral wedges, and four-blade impeller with triangular shape of blades is fitted on lower part of rotor.

EFFECT: possibility of grinding and mixing several components simultaneously.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanics, agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: lab apparatus designed to analyse grain grinding at varying air barometric pressure in the tight working chamber comprises bed, vertical rotor shaft, working chamber housing arranged to rotate around the rotor shaft constricted by torque limiters, transparent cover closing the tight working chamber housing from above, outlets with covers arranged at the working chamber housing side bottom parts. The proposed lab apparatus incorporates a driving pulley with a working tool fitted at the driving pulley bottom and representing a rectangular plate with edges bent outward and towards opposite sides and faces sharpened at 45 degrees, a device to measure velocity of a layer of air-grain mix arranged inside the working chamber housing at the transparent cover center and representing a DC current generator with its shaft supporting the blades, T-joint arranged in the hole made in the transparent cover outer side, ball valve fitted in the T-joint straight branch pipe, compressor valve fitted in the T-joint side branch pipe, pressure-vacuum gauge fitted symmetric to the T-joint in the transparent cover outer side hole, vacuum pump and a compressor.

EFFECT: tightness of working chamber housing, reduced rotor misbalance, reduced grinding time.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Centrifugal plant // 2350390

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant comprises loading device, housing accommodating booster rotor, vertical bearing device, deflector device and unloading device. The aforesaid deflector device is arranged aligned with the booster rotor and represents ring, solid or made up of separate elements. It comprises also, at least, one holder having, at least one slot. The said deflector device is fitted in the holder slot with a gap. The deflector device one end face rests upon the stop, the other one being pressed by, at least, one flexible element, for example, spring, arranged in the holder slot between the deflector end face and the holder slot bottom. The said holder with slot and aforesaid stop are attached to, at least, one guide coupled with the holder slot.

EFFECT: increased reparability and reliability.

4 cl, 1 dwg

Centrifugal plant // 2353430

FIELD: engineering industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to engineering industry, and namely to centrifugal plants with treated material accelerators (crushes, mills, centrifuges of various purpose, and test rigs), and can be used for carrying out centrifugal processes causing considerable dynamic rotor unbalance. Centrifugal plant includes a housing, a drive, and a working shaft with accelerator and magnetic bearing. Outer part of the drive shaft is rigidly connected to working shaft, and on end surface of drive shaft inner part there made is cylindrical cavity that is attached at least through one bearing to elastic shock-resistant pin located on the housing.

EFFECT: invention provides considerable increase of angular speed of shaft with accelerator, design simplification, decrease of the plant weight and overall dimensions, creates conditions required for pressurisation thereof, which causes energy consumption reduction thanks to vacuum processing, and improves quality of obtained clean product and equipment.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mechanical engineering, in particular to impact-centrifugal crushes and mills and can be applied in construction, mining-concentration, chemical, metal and other industries for crushing and chipping various metallic and nonmetallic bulk materials. Device for impact-centrifugal crushing and chipping includes body, branch pipe for raw material feeding located at the top of the body, branch pipe for final product output located at the bottom of the body, beating elements mounted on side wall of the body, accelerator located on vertical shaft in the body, raw material distribution tool, coaxially fixed accelerator rotation axes and accelerator drive. Raw material distribution tool is made in the form of disk with circular bead on its peripheral portion and rigidly attached to the body or the branch pipe for raw material feeding.

EFFECT: invention allows to increase durability of raw material distribution tool due to significant reducing abrasive wear caused by raw material action.

1 dwg

Grinding mill // 2376063

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to grinding equipment, mostly to fine grinding of ore and other inorganic materials, and may be used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry and other branches of industry. Grinding mill contains vertically placed cylindrical body structure with inner ring lug with holes, shaft installed in body structure in alignment with drag-cup rotor attached to it provided with hub and level section bent from centre line and located above ring lug, sieves and radial septums arranged with clearance in relation to rotor hub and provided in lower part above inclined surface of rotor with through grooves in the from of rectangles, each longer side of which is located on inclined surface of rotor, perforated cylinder mounted concentrically to body structure and forming with its surfaces and ring lug a chamber for output of ready product, vertical cylinders installed in alignment in cylindrical body structure above rotor with formation of ring chambers. In radial arises of drag-cup rotor there are vertical rectangular cutouts in which vertical cylinders are installed attached to body structure, at that upper parts of vertical cylinders are designed with holes and lower parts are blind.

EFFECT: invention allows to increase production due to generation of high values of velocity of mutual impact of particles in workspace.

2 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technical facilities intended for production of dispersed powders, suspensions, emulsions, for fine and hyperfine grinding of materials, and may be used in chemical, food, medical industries, construction and other industries. Vortex grinder for cascade grinding comprises vortex grinding chamber with profiled side surface, solid bottom and diaphragm cover, coaxial spinning chamber arranged above grinding chamber, limited at the bottom with diaphragm cover of vortex chamber, adjacent side surface with nozzle of product discharge at the periphery and upper cover, through which along the centre with adjacency there is an inlet pipe arranged, being submerged with its lower end into grinding chamber, and device for spinning of bearing medium and initial acceleration of particles. To spin bearing medium and initially accelerate particles, a hollow rotor of centrifugal fan is used with solid lower disk, diaphragm upper disk and blades fixed between these disks, installed coaxially inside vortex grinding chamber, under pipe of particles supply, so that height of lower cut of inlet pipe relative to lower disk of rotor allows for adjustment, and outer diametre of rotor makes not more than 0.71 of inner diametre of vortex chamber.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce energy inputs and wear of grinding surfaces in process of materials grinding.

1 dwg