Method and device of partial updates

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: social group for partial updates is defined. User accounts in the social group are defined, which are subject to partial updating, including the definition of user accounts with the first activity indicator exceeding the specified first threshold in the social group. Applications that correspond to user accounts are partially updated, in accordance with the specified relationship between user accounts and application identifiers, or software of devices corresponding to user accounts is partially updated, according to the specified relationship between user accounts and devices identifiers. Device applications corresponding to the user accounts, which are subject to be partially updated, are updated by sending the service pack by at least one server to at least one of the devices.

EFFECT: reducing errors when updating applications.

13 cl, 11 dwg



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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering. Programme module code is loaded to main memory by safety system processor unless the actuation of OS execution in main memory address range located outside that used by said OS. Started OS readdress the access to said programme module from user programme to main memory address whereto programme module is loaded before OS execution actuation. This is performed with the help of file system which associates automatically the programme module address in user programme virtual memory space with physical address of main memory programme module.

EFFECT: ruled out faults on OS operation.

15 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of executing services on a server and a client of a client-server architecture. When making a user decision at a predefined point during the process of executing services, execution of services is suspended at the server and a user decision request is sent to the client. The user decision request includes information which requests the user to make a decision with respect to executing services after the user decision making point. After receiving information on the user decision generated by the client in response to the user decision request, the method includes determining action on executing services, which corresponds to the received information on the user decision, based on the corresponding link between information on the user decision and an instruction to execute services. Services are executed in accordance with the determined action on executing services.

EFFECT: enabling change in the sequence of actions on executing services on a server.

11 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antivirus software and hardware, particularly to emulator state retention and its further recovery. File is received for emulation. Check for first-time emulation is executed. Emulator state image is defined including at least the image of emulating system to be loaded in emulator for further file emulation. File is emulated. Emulator state images are created. Note here that every said image comprises at least the image of emulating system. Incorrect file emulation termination is tested. Required emulator state image is selected for continuation of emulation in the case of incorrect file emulation termination. Selected emulator state image is loaded for file emulation continuation.

EFFECT: accelerated emulation.

14 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to software deployment on a corporate computer network. The method of deploying preconfigured software comprises steps of, on an administration server, creating task for installation of software on a user device; loading, from a computer network attribute storage, attributes of objects which correspond to a user account and attributes of objects which correspond to a user device, wherein at least the user account or user device is indicated in the created installation task; configuring a software installation package and a data link, wherein configuration parameters are determined from the loaded attributes in accordance with the security policy set for said user and for said device; launching the installation task for execution, wherein the configured installation package is loaded in the user device via said data link and the software is installed in accordance with the configuration parameters.

EFFECT: optimising software configuration.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a method for automated modification of a user interface at development, introduction or execution phases of business applications. The method comprises creating at an application development phase a separate system element, indicating therein the composition of dependent elements, and storing the separate element in memory. The dependent elements are a reference book or a document. Further an element which parametrises the value of the separate element is created and then stored in memory. An element, such as a reference book or rollup ledger storing matches between parameter values and values of the separate element, is also indicated in the parametrising element.

EFFECT: performing automated adjustment of a user interface of an application at both the development phase and the introduction phase of the application.

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FIELD: physics; control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmission of programme codes to the memory of a control device. In order to transmit programme codes to programme memory of a control device, particularly for motor vehicles, all memory cells of the programme memory are first cleared and written preferably with an invalid programme code (illegal operation code). Valid programme codes are compressed according to a lossless data compression method and particularly the Huffman coding, transmitted to the control device, decompressed there accordingly, and written into the programme memory of the control device. The value of the invalid programme code is saved in the memory of the control device as the standard value (default) or is transmitted not more than once from the programming device to the control device. Owing to said techniques, the data volume to be transmitted and consequently the time for the transmission of the programme code is significantly reduced.

EFFECT: shorter time needed to transmit programme codes to the memory of a control device.

3 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application control means for image forming devices. A device control service receives a request to acquire application information for an application to be used from an image forming device, generates and transmits the application information corresponding to image forming device when device configuration information for the image forming device satisfies an application usability condition contained in the application information based on a set, and presents a usage license to use the application in the image forming device.

EFFECT: enabling use of an image forming device application when device configuration changes.

8 cl, 25 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: in some versions, the system comprises a hardware machine which includes an input/output device; and a virtual machine monitor to interface the hardware machine and a plurality of virtual machines. In some versions, the virtual machine comprises a guest virtual machine to write input/output information related to an input/output operation and a service virtual machine comprising a device model and a device driver, wherein the device model invokes the device driver to control a part of the input/output device to implement the input/output operation using the input/output information, and wherein the device model, the device driver and the part of the input/output device are assigned to the guest virtual machine.

EFFECT: high efficiency of the input/output operation in a virtualisation environment.

26 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of controlling software loading. A reading/recording device and a mobile telephone terminal which is accessed by the reading/recording device through communication in proximity. In the mobile telephone terminal, the software module transmits instructions to modules and software. The software module controls states of the modules and the software. If during booting of the software module, processing of the software module begins and ends, the software module resumes booting of the software module.

EFFECT: invention improves safety before software loading.

8 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to add-ons for digital products. Add-ons for digital products can be managed and made available for online purchase and distribution at the product distribution site. An add-on for a digital product can subsequently be offered to and acquired by an interested person that previously purchased the associated digital product through use of the digital product itself, which can interact with a product distribution site. The product distribution site can also be referred to as an online product hosting site. In one version, the digital products are computer programme products (e.g., computer software programmes).

EFFECT: high efficiency of managing add-ons to digital products previously offered on a product distribution site.

19 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: in one variant software and platform are constantly at client position. Extensions of software are configured for them to be enabled to software platform of client. Descriptions of extensions are delivered to client via network, while these descriptions are configured for possible use during loading of software extensions via network. Extensions of software are presented to user for download via network in such a way, that client user is able to interact with extension before it is fully downloaded.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

13 cl, 20 dwg, 6 tbl

FIELD: digital communications technologies.

SUBSTANCE: device for connection between AND-NOT flash memory for storing data and modem for processing data recorded in AND-NOT flash memory contains memory controller for controlling data, received from modem, and code with error correction, recorded in memory AND-NOT, when enabled are signal for selection of micro-board and recording command, constant memory device of mask, activated by modem, for outputting main programs, necessary for initialization, after receiving reading command from modem during initial power engagement, and code generator with error correction, activated by memory controller, for generating code with error correction for data, received from modem, and outputting code with error correction to modem via memory controller.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

6 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: system has means for confirming authenticity in real time scale, which detects standard digital signature for executable, using content of digital signature, excluding portions of executable, for which address linking is performed by program loader. Means for confirming authenticity in real time scale after loading of executable image determines integrity of digital signature for checking whether executable was modified in an unsanctioned way, and also guarantees that each pointer in executable image is not readdressed in an unsanctioned way.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, broader functional capabilities.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: one or more operations in each installation set are combined, according to functioning logic, to a phase, which is assigned to with one or more attributes, each phase of installation set is selected, identified and marked; if next phase is marked as processed one, transfer to next phase is performed, and in opposite case next phase is called in each taken up installation set; and if current phase is found in one of installation sets, then in it serially selected, analyzed and identified are all phases, positioned before found one, and also detected phase itself, each of which after processing is marked as processed one.

EFFECT: higher reliability, higher durability, higher efficiency, broader functional capabilities.

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FIELD: computer engineering; software for playing machines.

SUBSTANCE: in method and device, a set of files is identified, which are subject to distribution, installation or provision in form of update. A set of files for inclusion in file image is determined, file image point for mounting on carrier is determined and image is mounted to produce a set of files for use on game machine. During distribution of software files, first amount of files is composed as second number of compiled files and these are dispatched to game system carrier, compiled files are unpacked and first number of software files is created on playing system carrier.

EFFECT: precise installation, tracking and updating of game software.

5 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: unauthorized access protected development of executable program code for programmable portable information medium.

SUBSTANCE: initial program text is created on user's computer, transferred to information medium issuer's computer, where initial text is compiled and assembled; executable program code is created, which is enciphered and converted to transport code, which is downloaded to information medium through user's computer. At the same time during preliminary assembly information medium is equipped with instrumental program means for restoring executable program code from transport code, which is presented in intermediate format. Also system for distributed development of executed program for portable information medium, and information medium are disclosed.

EFFECT: increased data protection.

20 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method for controlling synchronization of updates of software includes recording into system memory of computer device of user of one software application, updating of this application in form of its full version or a set of separate elements of application, comparison of software shipped as update and software present on user side in its current condition to detect differences, combination of elements of user software and elements of software shipped as update in overwriting mode.

EFFECT: increased reliability and installation and reliability of process of installation of complicated software.

1 dwg

FIELD: technology for processing applications for use in wireless device.

SUBSTANCE: using rules and permission lists, unloading of application and technology of changes detection, such as digital signature, invention provides mechanisms for safe distribution and testing of tested or untested applications, determining whether application was subjected to change, whether it has permission to be executed in given environment of wireless devices, and by unloading the application.

EFFECT: ensured safe and protected distribution and execution of application by means of systems and methods, which test application for compatibility with predetermined criterions connected to environment in which it is going to be executed.

15 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: technology for processing applications for mobile communication systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention describes system and method for advance connection of classes for use by one or more applications. System and method may be used where execution of working cycle is divided between host system and target system. At least several classes are loaded and connected at host system. at least one module connected to host is created using connected classes. Module connected to host is created in such a way that it is accessible for use by one or more applications, working at target system.

EFFECT: increased speed of operation of system.

2 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: communications engineering, in particular, processing of applications for usage in a wireless device.

SUBSTANCE: testing system and method for executing an application in wireless device includes a control function for supporting permissions for testing and for controlling risk of provision of testing environment, related to testing of applications.

EFFECT: increased safety, degree of protection and integrity of applications, executed in a wireless device.

6 cl, 10 dwg