Method and device for manipulation of material in the pneumatic system of manipulation with materials

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: in this method, the material such as waste, can be loaded into the device producing and/or through it in the boot channel using, at least partially, the force of gravity and at least partially the suction and/or pressure. Condense material using rotary shaper. When this transfer of material in the boot channel can be limited, if necessary, with the help of mobile means of intercepting envisaged towards downloading the material to rotary shaper. Detains the tool move using drive devices between the first situation in which detains is in the boot channel, and the second position, which detains tool does not pass into the feed channel. In the first position, the retarding means perceives at least some of force impact caused by the material in the feed channel and reduces the force applied to the rotary shaper material. The invention is also an apparatus for carrying out the method.

EFFECT: improving the work of the moulder by reducing the load and reducing the hanging of the material in the channel.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for pneumatic handling of loose and fine materials. The system includes material charging unit and discharging unit, expander-tube pump with air bottom containing charging tube for material top-loading, valve for compressed air release, valve for replacing air feed, level sensor, electric-contact manometer, disk shutter and transmission pipeline. Additionally, the system contains flow stabiliser(s) installed in pipeline at intervals not exceeding 100 m on the level from disk shutter to discharging unit, and pneumatic manifold of expander-tube pump. Air bottom of expander-tube pump is made as air elements of the main pressure air unit located in chamber cone and as air elements of auxiliary aeration unit, which elements are located in discharge tube. Stabilisers are performed as insert made of metal strip initial section of which is bended at an angle of 180 degrees.

EFFECT: invention provides lowering energy consumption for material transportation due to lower relative blowing rate.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to handling facilities for bulky and dusty products and can be used for pneumatic transportation of backfill materials via product pipelines on railway and water transport, for intrasrorage transloading of cereal products, in concrete products plants and in chemical industry. Injection pneumatic conveyor includes receiving bin, feeding product pipeline, outlet product pipeline, compressed air pipeline and pneumatic injector. The injector comprises sealed box which accommodates inner truncated cone, as well as outer truncated cone which is connected by its top with butt end of outlet pipeline and has annular gap with inner cone to pass compressed air of directed action. The outer truncated cone is placed in sealed box, the inner truncated cone in the top is rigidly connected with butt end of feeding pipeline, and the area of annular gap on the top of truncated cones is equal to or less than the area of compressed air pipeline cross-section.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of compressed air energy, higher device productivity and lower product transportation net cost.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic conveying, namely to discharging loose materials, e.g. alumina, cement and other corrosive dust-producing materials from flexible shell (package) using compressed gas. Chamber feeder of positive-pressure pneumatic conveying installation includes intake chamber for flexible package accommodation. Discharge pipeline is mounted on hinged cover. Pressure pipeline fitted in cover has fitting pipe with discharge nozzle with air intake holes and knife device for flexible package cutting. The air intake holes are directed towards package bottom, and sharp part of knife device is made outside air intake holes and in direction of articulated joint above the above mentioned cover. The fitting pipe with discharge nozzle is able to move freely under action of its own weight.

EFFECT: lower energy consumption for ejection of loose materials from flexible package, less dust in working areas, higher productivity and reliability of chamber feeder operation and providing integrity of flexible package bottom.

4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic transport, namely to discharging from flexible envelope (packing) loose materials, for instance alum earth, cement, coal dust and other dust-producing and corrosive materials, using compressed gas and can be used in metallurgy, machine building, chemical and construction industry, mining ventures and other industries connected with loose material processing. Chamber feeder includes inlet chamber with cover containing discharge pipeline, discharge pipeline. Above bottom of inlet chamber, disk with skirt is placed to form closed space which is additionally connected by air duct with discharge pipeline to implement free disk vertical motion under action of compressed air. The mentioned disk with skirt is provided with hole closed by reverse-flow valve. The disk is capable of free vertical motion under action of discharge pipeline compressed air up to stopping devices. Into bottom of inlet chamber, regulator is embedded for possibility to accept filled flexible packing of various heights.

EFFECT: invention provides simplification of emptied packing extraction from chamber feeder, as well as acceptance of filled with loose material packing of various heights.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air transport of disperse materials and may be used in construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Proposed device feed bin with aerator communicated by its discharge hole via gate with transfer pipeline, gas feed line with aerator gas lines and transfer pile, vortex pipe connected by its inlet channel with gas feed line. Vortex pipe hot flow outlet channel communicates with aerator has line while cold flow outlet channel communicates with transfer pipe gas duct. Swirler is arranged in ejector diverging part and composed of four plates connected by one axle, their inlet and outlet section being arranged at right angle to each other while circular groove connected with mud trap is arranged nearby outlet of the ejector diverging part.

EFFECT: maintenance of standardised operating performance by removal of drop-like moisture.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pipeline transfer of powders and granular materials. Proposed device comprises hopper equipped with inlet pipe at its bottom part with seat and rotary flap and hollow chamber connected with transfer pipeline. Air is fed via electromagnetic valve with generator and receiver to the flap and to end of transfer pipeline. In compliance with this invention shutoff device is added and fitted at inlet pipe ahead of the seat and rotary flap and coupled with control pulse generator.

EFFECT: transfer of powders and granular materials.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of filling the transport containers is that the transport container (9) is filled with the granulate with a flexible plastic tab (8) having on the front side at least one hose connector (6) adapted for loading the plastics granulate, at least one hose connector (7) adapted for discharging the pumped transporting air from the transport container (9) outwards, and at least one hose connector designed for emptying the contents. The flexible plastic tab (8) on the front side, where the said hose connectors are placed, is equipped with additional protective liner. A cabin (10) for filling the transport container (9) is placed under the loading point (1) for the granulate and all the necessary piping connections are made to each other and provided with dry, free of dust, compressed air so that to form a downward laminar flow of air. Through the hose connectors (7) on the tab (8) the compressed air is removed, discharging from the tab along the channels in the cabin outside. The plastic granulate is supplied pneumatically through the injector (5) to the tab (8) of the transport container (9).

EFFECT: invention provides improving reliability of implementation of the method of loading of granulate in the transport container.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device designed to feed loose materials into horizontal pipeline of suction pneumatic transport plant. Proposed device comprises deed pipe communicating intake pipe with horizontal pipeline. Feed pipe accommodates fixed separation baffle with rectangular opening with relationship between sides calculated by special formula. Feed pipe sizes and hole configuration allow fed loose materials to get on aid baffle so that zones of unobstructed transfer of material by air are formed under and above said baffle.

EFFECT: air and electric power savings, higher reliability.

4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power machine building. When powdery medium is transferred from bin to transmission pipeline via inlet valve powdery medium piston formation of design volume and density is created in transmission pipeline by means of affecting the powdery medium by at least one pneumatic impact of compressed air which volume is less than design volume of piston formation. At the same time, design air pressure is established in the first receiver. Compressed air is fed to transmission pipeline in the form of air-blast to act on powdery medium piston formation. After pneumatic impact on powdery medium from the first receiver, feed in transmission pipeline is performed sequentially from several receivers with interrupters of additional pneumatic impacts in the form of air-blasts created in boost sections of pipelines between each interrupter and transmission pipeline after the inlet valve has been closed, and time of sequential feed of additional pneumatic impacts is chosen less than time of powdery medium movement to transmission pipeline section.

EFFECT: invention provides increase in transportation range and longer life of pneumatic system units.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocket-and-space engineering technology, namely to devices for tapping-off communications with detachable joint from missile board. Device for tapping-off communications with detachable joint including board plate and separated unit contains carriage and branch tube with distribution lines. The carriage is equipped with drive, and branch tube is provided with joint locking mechanism and balancing device. Flexible distribution lined are provided with rigid adapters fixed by collars in bracket pivotally mounted on mobile carriage. Adapter end sections are made angularly to each other.

EFFECT: reduction of loads on communications is achieved.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves packs for collection of wastes and their transportation. Sorting of wastes is performed during movement of a low-tonnage vehicle provided with a sorting table with mechanisms of sealing/crushing of wastes and cells for separate storage of filled packs at collection of wastes and their transportation to a secondary raw material platform provided with reception points of wastes of different kinds and equipped with heavy-duty refuse trucks for removal of non-used wastes.

EFFECT: improved efficiency.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method, material such as wastes is injected from an inlet opening at an injection opening, for example from an inlet opening of a waste chute or any other injection point and subject to treatment by means of a shape-generating device installed so that its connection is provided to the injection point or near the injection point to provide more compactness and moved further. The shape-generating device is of a rotary type and includes treatment devices with a hole located eccentrically with regard to the rotation axis, which have a possibility of being rotated. The rotary device also includes at least one fixed treatment device. Wastes subject to treatment are moved in the rotary device and/or through it at least partially under action of a gravity force, and/or suction, and/or pressure drop, and for interaction with the rotary device in front of it, and/or in the rotary device, and/or behind the rotary device by means of at least one connection element there supplied is replacement air. The device for the method's implementation includes the same input of wastes as is described above in the method and the same shape-generating device. Wastes are subject to the same treatment, and replacement air is also supplied for their transportation as is described in the method.

EFFECT: group of invention provides improvement of transportation at simultaneous simplification.

27 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method is used in pneumatic system of wastes transportation. Said system comprises at least one wastes loading point (61), wastes transfer pipe (100) to be connected to said loading point (61), separator (20) to separated wastes from carrier air and means (3, 4) to develop pressure difference in pipe (100) during at least wastes transportation. At process implementation, rarefaction is created in said pipe (100) at, at least, the loading point (61) to be emptied. Loading points are emptied into pipe (100) at appropriate sequence of emptying. Here, loading point closer to separator (20) in direction of material transportation is first emptied. Then, loading point spaced from separator (20) in direction of material transportation direction is emptied.

EFFECT: power savings, lower noise.

17 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: system contains network of feeding and conveying pipelines to convey wastes from one or more feeding points, room for wastes and/or container for wastes or transportation container placed in transport tunnel, predominantly in underground tunnel or in the vicinity of it, or there is transport connection from them to tunnel through which wastes are evacuated. Also, the system contains bogie for wastes transportation or garbage removal truck running in the tunnel where container for wastes/ transportation container is conveyed.

EFFECT: invention provides higher safety, cost cutting and better environmental conditions.

12 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: in the method wastes are transported by means of low vacuum in transport pipes from remote collection stations to a centralised collection station. The method comprises at least one device for pulling vacuum. At the same time low vacuum is used to transport wastes from stations of collecting wastes accumulated inside or outside buildings, heat energy is recuperated from a part of all energy supplied into devices for vacuum pulling, which is converted into heat, by means of extraction of thermal energy from an outgoing air flow prior to its exhaust into atmosphere. Extracted thermal energy is transferred to a fluid medium for using in heating or cooling utility networks. The system to realise the method comprises at least one device for pulling vacuum and a system of energy recuperation and recirculation integrated into a system of collecting wastes accumulated in stations of wastes collection inside or outside residential area buildings, by means of a piping system for outgoing air. In the system the outgoing air flow of devices for vacuum pulling is transferred by means of a heat exchanger or by a heat collector, containing a fluid medium intended to heat with thermal energy from a part of the entire energy supplied into devices for pulling vacuum, converted into heat in the outgoing flow of air in the vacuum pulling device. The fluid medium is connected with a heating or cooling utility system.

EFFECT: reduced power costs.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reclamation of household and other wastes, and to environmental protection. Proposed method comprises sorting and removing indecomposable wastes, disposal of garbage outside of residential area, and its laying. After sorting and disposal, said indecomposable wastes are uniformly distributed on over lowland surface with water-saturated soil. Then, garbage and soil surface layer are sued to prepare substrate by its compaction, mincing and pressing in soil by caterpillar machines. Cuttings of moisture-loving plants, for example, willow, are planted out on thus prepared substrate. For better viability of cuttings, they are planted out in autumn after termination of growth processes in cuttings.

EFFECT: improved environmental protection.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture and reclamation. The method includes removal of segregated wastes outside the residential area and their stacking. At the same time initially a layer of segregated domestic wastes is formed on the surface of marsh lands. Then a layer of wood ashes is formed on the surface of the wastes layer with height of 0.2-1.0 cm, and then the third layer is applied from fertile land with capacity of 5-15 cm, where grasses are sown with high generative productivity, for instance, leguminous plants - yellow sweet clover, Hungarian sainfoin, which assist in saturation of wastes and soil with nitrogen and reduction of marsh lands acidity.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to improve marsh lands with simultaneous usage of marsh lands.

3 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: said invention relates to public utilities and commercial mechanical engineering, in particular, to methods for collecting secondary raw materials, as well as to automatic devices for secondary raw material collection and separation. The invention also relates to token automatic devices and may be used in entertainment industry. The said invention key feature is that raw material is exchanged for the right of a bonus game(s) in a game machine or a commercial game machine and/or computer game, Internet game or mobile phone game. The game implies possibility of winning a bonus game or prize money, goods, service or discount for goods or service.

EFFECT: extended range of available automated means for secondary raw material collection and creation of automated system for recycling of packaging materials.

25 cl, 19 dwg, 13 ex

FIELD: public services.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for collecting and removing household garbage and delivering it in sorted out state to plants reprocessing utility wastes. Proposed system includes receiving accumulator 10 consisting of several containers for specific type of waste, sorting out device arranged in closed complex on territory of serviced housing units, and transport for carrying reusable waste. Sorting out device has paying receiving post 2 for preliminary sorting of waste into mixed and sorted out wastes with weighing device 3 and line 4 for manual sorting out of mixed waste according to types. System includes also line for compacting metal and polyethylene wastes, breaking line with device 7 for breaking foam plastic and device 8 for crushing broken glass, and containers for packing and rooms for additional servicing, i.e. rooms for yard men, guard, amenity rooms.

EFFECT: improved ecological conditions in housing units.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: launch vehicle.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ground devices to swing service platforms from side of launch vehicle. According to invention, self-release lock of device is arranged on outer end of support boom, being made for opening under gravity and adjustable in length and angle of turning in horizontal plane. Said lock is provided with support detachably connected with socket on side of launch and adjustable in height. Device is furnished with gate movable horizontally with possibility of locking and release to prevent unauthorized self-opening of lock and connected, by flexible member through reverse-action pulley block furnished with tensioner, with inner end of support boom. Tensioner is placed inside service tower. Support of self-release lock is made ball-type, for fitting in support socket on side of launch vehicle. Said socket has cone-like space with ball-shaped bottom. Support socket on side of launch vehicle is provided with spring-loaded rod-indicator of position of ball support fitted in socket.

EFFECT: improved convenience in use owing to moving of support boom from side of launch vehicle at beginning of movement of launch vehicle.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grinders of plastics, rubber and minerals. Proposed grinder comprises material pre-grinder arranged in gas transport flow ahead of grinding tools. Proposed device is composed of a module with opposed ultrasound radiators to facilitate uniform distribution of material particles in gas flow.

EFFECT: higher uniformity of material distribution on milling tools.

1 dwg