Method and system for transmission without connection during the transmission of data packages on uplink and downlink

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for transmitting data in wireless cellular network to a user equipment (UE) and a radio access network (RAN) node. Method for transmitting data to UE in a wireless cellular network comprises the steps of: transmitting to RAN a random-access channel (RACH) message including an UE identifier (ID) and a non-connected mode indicator, when the UE is idle and has data for transferring; receiving from RAN node a random access (RA) response message including the UE ID and the uplink (UL) transmission permission information; and transmitting to RAN node a message including said data in idle mode.

EFFECT: ensuring the transmission of data packages using transmission mode without connection.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: domain-wide unique node identifiers and unique service identifiers are distributed within a MPLS domain using a routing system LSA. Nodes on the MPLS network compute shortest path trees for each destination and install unicast forwarding state based on the calculated trees. Nodes also install multicast connectivity between nodes advertising common interest in a common service instance identifier. Instead of distributing labels to be used in connection with unicast and multicast connectivity, the nodes deterministically calculate the labels. Any number of label contexts may be calculated. The labels may either be domain-wide unique per unicast path or may be locally unique and deterministically calculated to provide forwarding context for the associated path. Multicast and unicast paths may be congruent, although this is not a requirement.

EFFECT: improved communication.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to communication technologies, and namely to a conference call management method, device and system. The result is achieved due to the conference call management method that includes: receiving a request of a right to speak from the first place. The said request contains the first node and the first place identifiers. The node, corresponding to the first node identifier, contains multiple places and belongs to the first conference. The first place identifier is the one, requesting the right to speak at the node, corresponding to the first node identifier. If the place is granted to the node requesting the right, then a video stream is played to the terminal of at least one node, except for the node, corresponding to the first node identifier in the first conference.

EFFECT: reduced network bandwidth load.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises receiving a voice and video call initiated by a multimedia terminal of a first user and including a voice part and a video part; establishing a voice carrier between the multimedia terminal and a voice terminal of a second user to whom the voice and video call is forwarded; establishing a web session with a web browser of the second user, in which the desire of the second user to access the video part of the voice and video call is specified; identifying the voice and video call to be accessed; receiving first communication information sufficient to deliver first video content for the video part of the voice and video call to a media player associated with the web browser, and delivering the first communication information to the multimedia terminal, wherein the multimedia terminal or an agent thereof delivers first video content to the media player of the web browser using the first communication information.

EFFECT: enabling sharing of video content from mobile devices with users who either do not have compatible telephones or are not subscribers of the call sharing service.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system of identifying and accessing network for a home gateway (HG). The method includes: an optical network unit (ONU) receiving a HG Media Access Control (MAC) identification code and a management virtual local area network (VLAN) number sent by a network manager; the ONU automatically identifying the HG which is connected to the ONU and corresponds to the HG MAC identification code and the management VLAN number, and reporting the MAC address and the service attribute of the HG to the network manager; after making the HG accessing network message confirmed by the resource system, the network manager configuring the HG accessing network identifier of the ONU as having accessed network and sending service VLAN number conversion rules to the ONU; according to the service VLAN number conversion rules, the ONU converting the service VLAN number on the HG to the service VLAN number which can be identified by the ONU.

EFFECT: automatic identification and accessing network of a home gateway.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a mobile communication method and a switching centre of mobile communication. A method involves the following steps: transmission from a mobile station of a service request signal in the specified zone at identification of a communication channel in a reference network of the first mobile communication system that provides no communication to channel switching; performance of the first operation to ensure a possibility of a mobile station to start communication to channel switching in the second mobile communication system if the switching centre of mobile communication of the first system detects that service request signal contains the first identification information; and performance of the second operation to identify a communication channel of the mobile station in the radio access network of the first system if the switching centre of mobile communication of the first system detects that service request signal contains the second identification information; with that, if possible communication of the mobile station with channel switching in the second system in the specified zone is restricted, then, the switching centre of mobile communication of the first system does not perform the first operation even if the switching centre of mobile communication of the first system detects that service request signal contains the first identification information.

EFFECT: technical result consists in provision of possible restriction of possible communication of a mobile station with channel switching.

6 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wireless communication methods. The technical result of the invention is improving coverage and throughput at the edge of a cell in a communication system for a mobile user using fixed transponders which are part of the infrastructure without an intermediate wire link. The transponders transmit or "relay" downlink messages between a base station (BS) and mobile terminals (MS) through a multi-interval link.

EFFECT: invention provides a method and a system for supporting a multi-user mobile broadband communication network which includes relay equipment suitable for user equipment during downlink transmission to the user equipment.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and a system for providing an internetwork roaming service. A communication network system which provides an inter-network roaming service comprises a packet service network which provides a packet-based service, and a circuit-switched network providing a circuit-switched service. The disclosed system also includes a roaming gateway acquiring and authenticating a service profile of a first terminal from the packet service network when the first terminal requests registration to the circuit-switched network, and converting and providing the service profile into a protocol of the circuit-switched network such that the circuit-switched network registers the updated location of the first terminal. The packet service network and the circuit-switched network are physically different networks.

EFFECT: high quality of service for network subscribers.

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FIELD: physics; control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video monitoring systems and a control method therefor. The video monitoring system comprises a signal interface gateway which receives, respectively, control signals from a digital video monitoring system and/or a matrix video system in an analogue video monitoring system and accordingly converts the control signals from the digital video monitoring system and/or control signals from the matrix video system. Said conversion includes creating a relationship table in the signal interface gateway which represents relationships between channels of the digital video monitoring system and channels of the matrix video system, and performs conversion of the control signals according to the relationship table.

EFFECT: providing mutual control of an analogue video monitoring system and a digital video monitoring system.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multimedia streaming systems. The technical result is adaptation to taking advantage of the content reception capture process and preparing files with improved quality of block-request streaming when interacting with a user, as well as high bandwidth efficiency. The capture system receives content and prepares said content in form of files or data elements for use by a file server. The files or data elements are organised in form of blocks which are transmitted and decoded as a certain unit, and the system is configured to provide and consume scalable blocks, such that the quality of presentation improves when a large part of a block is loaded.

EFFECT: encoding and decoding blocks with multiple independent scalability levels.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering. The method of managing conversation access rights comprises steps of: receiving a request for creating a conversation access rights based restriction for a communication session at a rights management server; providing a license to a requesting first client application; receiving another request from a second client application for the license, the second client application being invited to participate in the communication session with the first client application; providing the license to the second client application in response to confirming communication session access rights. The communication system implements said method and a machine-readable medium contains instructions for implementing the method.

EFFECT: safer communication session owing to verification of access rights of a client.

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FIELD: communications engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device and method are used for voice frame/ data frame transmission in mobile communication system supporting ALL-IP network.Mobile phone sends heading information using synchronization frame and then separately transfers voice frame only; communication center B detects heading information in synchronization frame received, memorizes detected heading information, and upon receiving voice frame adds heading information to voice frame and transfers voice frame with added headings to base network.

EFFECT: provision for preventing addition of headings to traffics in mobile communication line.

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FIELD: operation, control, and maintenance of passive optical network.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes input of desired field in burst data unit for distinctive messages in order to initiate ring monitoring process and to complete this process. For the purpose local device transmits requested initiation of ring monitoring process to remote burst data unit devices requesting ring monitoring initiation process, and termination stage ends in transfer of process completion request to remote data burst unit device by means of local device.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness and facilitated control of network ring monitoring process.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: device has communication blocks for direct and main communications, control block, environment adjustment block, routing block, inner exchange environment.

EFFECT: possible use of different types of external communication lines and decreased delay of data transfer.

4 dwg

FIELD: technology for playing games.

SUBSTANCE: communication protocol, method and system for changing parameters of adjustment of remote playing machine provide generation of request for receiving or changing parameters of adjustment of playing machine, transformation or generation of request of transfer via computer network, receipt of request and extraction of adjustment parameters of playing device on basis of received data. System contains in main computer: processor, user interface and network interface for transferring request for changing adjustment parameters of playing device, containing network interface for receiving request for changing adjustment parameters.

EFFECT: provision of compatibility of various playing platforms, operation systems and network protocols during realization of game.

6 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: data transfer systems.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed further are method and system for routing calls in inter-network interface for transferring speech via internet protocol (VoIP), in which on attempt of creation by calling client of VoIP call try station of international information exchange (FXS), inter-network interface VoIP inserts a certain prefix into appropriate port FXS, providing for called inter-network interface the capacity for such identification of calling client on basis of prefix, in case of which port of office of international information exchange (FXO) is assigned in accordance to priority of client.

EFFECT: improved routing of calls in inter-network interface VoIP.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: message exchange between data terminal equipment over various communication channels.

SUBSTANCE: newly introduced in prior-art device is digital signal-processing unit that implements modem function and enhanced reception reliability and executes extended communication program. Device for interfacing terminal data equipment and communication channel has interface, communication channel 9, memory unit 3, interface circuit 1, codec 8, digital processing unit 5, random-access memory 6, program processing memory 7, controller 3, and data/voice switching unit 13. Such device affords interaction between any data terminal equipment and channel-forming equipment of various communication channels.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities.

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FIELD: mobile communications.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, when during a communication session streams of data of various format change (new streams are launched, and present streams are removed), traffic class of communication session is determined in accordance to highest requirement of traffic class, determined by data streams of various format, belonging to one and the same communication session, to exclude difference in delays of transfer of data streams of same format, belonging to one and the same communication session.

EFFECT: improved connection quality.

4 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

FIELD: methods and devices for protecting information, possible use for protecting computer networks from unsanctioned intrusion and access to confidential information.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on processing of network packets, during which inter-network screen originally blocks network packets, initiating new communication sessions with protected network, processing them independently, and in case of correctness of requests, executes forced setup of communication session of sender of network packets and their receiver, and performs transparent retransmission of correct packets.

EFFECT: creation of mechanism usable for detecting unsanctioned scanning of protected network by malefactors, and for preventing distributed deny of service attacks of network services of protected network, decreased energy costs of protection, processing, transfer and storage of confidential information.

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FIELD: computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, systems and methods provide an interface, simplifying connection between systems. Original system 310 transforms data to format of expandable markup language and transfers data to synchronizer interface tool 305. synchronizer tool stores data in permanent intermediate memory, such as a queue 235, allowing the original system to enter autonomous mode or to execute other operations, while data is being transferred to target system. Synchronizer tool initiates data transfer to target system 300. If target system indicates receipt of data, then synchronizer tool sends a receipt confirmation to original system, indicating receipt of data. If target system does not receive the transmission, synchronizer tool stores data in existing intermediate memory and repeatedly initiates transfer of data to goal system 300.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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FIELD: radio communications.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, mobile station is capable of receiving data from first base station of wireless network simultaneously through first and second CDMA channels. Mobile station transfers a message about capability to base station, while capability message contains a field, indicating that mobile station is capable of operating simultaneously through direct packet data transfer channel (F-PDCH) and direct additional channel (F-SCH).

EFFECT: ensured simultaneous operation of direct packet data transmission channel and direct additional channel in wireless network.

3 cl, 5 dwg