Systems and methods of network access

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method performed in the network component comprises the following stages: establishing a control channel with the user equipment (UE), establishing a communication link layer channel by the network component, transmitting the communication link layer channel to the UE via the identifier network component, and communicating via the network component with the UE by the communication link layer channel using the WLAN Control Protocol (WLCP). A wireless local area network (WLAN) contains a trusted WLAN access network (TWAN).

EFFECT: establishment of communication and release of session resources in a wireless local area network corresponding to packet data network connections in the improved 3GPP packet core.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering. A computer unit comprises: a mobile OR unit which is connected to a mobile unit which is active independent of whether the computer unit is in a turned off state, in hibernation or in a sleep state or in a turned on state, and wherein the mobile unit is configured to receive a unique request from a server through a mobile communication connection, and if the request is defined as authentic, the computer unit is configured to establish a new and separate network connection with the server.

EFFECT: more secure data transmission.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: one processor element is identified within a system, and its objectives include tracking and control of system efficiency level, a set of parameters of all elements of the system is identified, which relate to assessment of efficiency, on the basis of which they build a mathematical model for assessment of the efficiency value of the distributed multiprocessor system in the form of target functionality of the system, in process of system functioning they receive data on the functionality value, if the functionality fails to reach the specified minimum permissible threshold value, the system characteristics are changed. To change characteristics of the system, they first start the mechanism of parametric self-organisation, in process of which they tune values of parameters of the system elements within specified limits on the basis of the method of cyclic coordinate-wise descent, then, if the minimum permissible threshold value of the target functionality is not achieved by means of parameters tuning, the mechanism of functional self-organisation of the system is started, in process of which they select optimal functions for elements of the system from multiple functions implemented by elements, and then, if the minimum permissible threshold value of the target functionality is not achieved by variation of functions of elements, the system structure is changed, first selecting optimal types of elements, then reconfiguring the system, by determination of optimal location of elements in the topology without variation of their quantitative composition, and finally adding elements of optimal types to optimal location.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of a distributed multiprocessor system.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: predictive neuron networks are formed on the basis of parameter values received as a result of polling working objects, which determine their condition; the prediction of values change in a certain fixed interval of time is formed. Memorising neuron networks are formed, which serve as functions of an indicator of necessity for retraining of the appropriate predictive neuron network, if values produced as a result of monitoring considerably differ from values used in the training sample. After retraining the predictive neuron networks may form prediction of parameter changes with the specified accuracy level, on the basis of which control actions at objects of the computing network are performed.

EFFECT: reduced time of outage of working objects of a computing network due to increased accuracy of prediction of main parameters change.

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Computer system // 2536434

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used in designing robust computer systems. The computer system comprises a three-channel central system module connected through a system highway to n computing modules, m communication modules and an authorised access storage device. The computer system includes a channel switch connected between inputs of the channels of the central system module in the highway, wherein the control inputs of said channel switch are connected to outputs of a monitoring and control unit, which is connected by inputs to outputs of the channels of the central system module. Furthermore, the system highway is connected to a timer and its control buses are connected to setting inputs of a tunable clock-pulse former and a controlled secondary power supply, the outputs of which are respectively the clock outputs and constant and pulsed supply outputs. The central system module activates the modules to carry out tests, compare calculation results of modules and, by performing periodic testing of said modules, uses results of a correctly operating module in future operation.

EFFECT: high reliability of the system.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to communication technologies, and namely to a data configuration method and device. A data configuration method involves determination of a data configuration method in the form of a data self-configuration method or a conventional data configuration method by means of a control method, and if the data self-configuration method is chosen as the data configuration method, and before a network element gets an access to a network, access shall be provided by means of the control module to the first interface between the control module and the controlled module to send to the controlled module a command to download configuration data for the network element from the item designated by the control module; and access shall be provided by means of the control module to the second interface between the control module and the controlled module to send to the controlled module a command to create a file of complete configuration data for the network element in compliance with the configuration data. The first interface represents a download interface, and the second interface represents an Activation interface, or generateFile interface, or SC_GenerateFile interface, or GenerateSCFile interface.

EFFECT: automation of deployment of a network interface and automatic download of configuration data for a network element.

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FIELD: physics; control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mobile device control. Efficiency of control functions is estimated based on at least one of the following criteria: rate of executing a control function, functionality of the control function. A server obtains information on functions supported by the device from control agents installed on the mobile device. A particular version of the invention provides rules which establish the priority when executing functions for a certain task the device supports multiple similar control functions.

EFFECT: high efficiency of controlling a mobile device by determining, for each specific control task, the most efficient control function from functions supported by the device and transmitting instructions to execute the function on the mobile device.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: sensor device has an autonomous streaming module, having a component or a subsystem, encapsulated in an intelligent shell, which is a circuit which provides an advanced or intelligent interface between packed or enclosed component or subsystem and an external circuit; and a control unit for detecting predetermined internal events of said autonomous streaming module or predetermined external events from streaming data in said interface with said intelligent shell and for controlling the operating mode of said component or subsystem in response to the detected events.

EFFECT: high reliability by eliminating any unpredictable data transmission, high efficiency of power consumption on a system level, high predictability of operation on a system level, easier programming.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: system includes an electronic network, which is made as capable of including multiple distributed computer devices. A routing device is connected to the electronic network to maintain bidirectional communication. At least one electronic device communicates with the electronic network via the routing device. The electronic device provides an ID that unambiguously identifies it to the routing device, which address a data base of device IDs for detection of the device type. Then the routing device addresses data of configuration that correspond to the device type, to detect default configurations and functions of device control for the electronic device, which it automatically transfers to the electronic device. Besides, the electronic device automatically applies default configurations and functions of device control.

EFFECT: simplified configuration of an electronic device during connection to a network and simplification of its switching from one router to another, or replacement of one device connected to a network by another one.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: publication delegation method involves receiving a request to publish presence information of a presence monitoring object on behalf of that presence monitoring object or another presence monitoring object, determining whether there are conditions which require application of publication authorisation rules; if there are such conditions, determining whether to approve or block the publishing request based on these conditions; and if a decision is made to approve the publishing request, converting presence information according to publication content rules.

EFFECT: eliminating unnecessary or additional transactions during publication.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means for automatic configuration of wireless devices for connection with wireless routers. A user is prompted, on a display controlled by a processor, to establish a wired communication path with a wireless router. The user is given a choice of automatic configuration of the computer for wireless communication with the router at least in part by presenting a user interface on the computer including a first selector element indicating a manual configuration procedure and a second selector element indicating an automatic configuration procedure, wherein in response to the first selector element being selected the computer executes the manual configuration procedure including presenting to the user at least a default network name. In response to receiving user input, a new network name is represented, replacing the default network name with the new network name as part of the manual configuration procedure, wherein in response to the second selector element being selected the computer executes the automatic configuration procedure in which the computer automatically establishes a user profile for the computer.

EFFECT: easy connection of a wireless device to a router.

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FIELD: computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method for controlling synchronization of updates of software includes recording into system memory of computer device of user of one software application, updating of this application in form of its full version or a set of separate elements of application, comparison of software shipped as update and software present on user side in its current condition to detect differences, combination of elements of user software and elements of software shipped as update in overwriting mode.

EFFECT: increased reliability and installation and reliability of process of installation of complicated software.

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FIELD: second level local computing networks.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, method includes stages, at which commutating device sends message about registration order, including address of identifier of commutating device, control device sends response message about successful registration to commutating device, which after receiving that message sends communication setup message to control device, which after receiving that message sends response message about communication setup to commutating device, which after receiving that message sets up communication with controlling device, which realizes control over commutating device during communication setup, while commutating device determines, whether communication setup process exceeds predetermined time.

EFFECT: provision of integrated control and support of network commutating devices, and also saving of resources of IP-addresses of network.

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FIELD: system and method for realizing private message exchange, pertaining to information about presence of object, presence of which it is required to detect.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, during realization of communication between presence servers and terminals, connected to presence servers via a network, at least one object is identified, presence of which is determined, relatively to which terminal requested presence services. Presence document is created, while presence document includes presence information, corresponding to object, presence of which is determined. Information about presence is generated as private presence information, containing less than full presence information, available for object, presence of which is detected.

EFFECT: creation of more efficient and comfortable method for submitting presence information.

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FIELD: system and method for dynamically configuring port of network equipment (20) for communications in broadband network (10).

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, database (26) of central control data, connected to server (24) of dynamic host configuration protocol, supports templates with records of network equipment parameters for settings of its physical port (21) and provided services. As a result, it is possible to dynamically update port settings by transferring parameter records from server (24) of dynamic host configuration protocol. Parameter settings are updated in intermediate device (20).

EFFECT: identification of user and configuration template, correction of configuration template and application of configuration.

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FIELD: method for processing applications for usage in computing device, in particular, providing resources of device allocated for one application.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, wireless device comprises wireless interface, computer platform, including memory for storage of control software and a set of applications, each one of which contains a list of privileges and a set of device resources. System for permitting access to device resource comprises wireless interface, computer platform, including a set of device resources, processing means, containing device for receiving access request for certain resource from an application, and means for evaluating a list of privileges. Access of application to device resources is provided on basis of privileges, associated with an application. A list of privileges is created by server, which defines resources which may be accessed by the application. During execution of the application, when application requests a resource, control program uses a list of privileges, associated with the application, to determine whether the application may access the resource.

EFFECT: increased flexibility of resource control.

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FIELD: technology for controlling computer networks, in particular, systems for controlling computer networks using artificial intelligence algorithms.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, computer network equipment access block transmits information received from module for supporting equipment access protocol, to input of virtual computer network block, wherein data of module for describing devices of computer network are used and statistical data is gathered about status of computer network objects, collected data is stored in database block and transferred to prognosis generation block, input signal of which, also containing data of monitoring block, is received at input layers of single-level or double-level neuron networks. Results of processing in a neuron network are a signal of prediction of status of computer network objects, depending on prognosis, signal with controlling effect is created, aiming at removal of errors in computer network and using data of device visualization support module, about which signal users of computer network are notified through user interface.

EFFECT: reduced idle time of computer network objects, increased reliability of operation of computer network objects.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to linking two or more computers together, particularin to stream data transfer between such devices. The computers managed by the program components establish a network communication session detecting possibilities of the both data stream processing devices during such session. On the basis of information about possibilities of devices, the distributed software environment for stream data processing is formed. One of the devices managed by the program component performs transferring the stream data (source device), the client device performing playback of the received stream data. Also, it is possible to set up centralised management of the aforesaid program components using an additional program component executed either by the source device or by the client device.

EFFECT: stream data transfer via network.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to computer networks. Configuration tool on a personal computer helps the user in setting up the configuration data, including parametres of network settings for a device - thin client, generates an XML file, containing the configuration data, and writes the XML file to a portable media device. A portable media device then joins the device - thin client. The device - thin client detects the portable media device and automatically downloads configuration data from the XML file.

EFFECT: simplifying the task of configuring thin-client devices to provide network connectivity and other features.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to combined network or networked computing systems, namely the method and means of computer systems administration/configuration of client print server in a network environment. Due to the fact that the structure of management/maintenance of printer connection is included in the network of client machines. Method for managing printer connections supports printer connection to the computer network, which includes printers and a directory that contains a list of network components and configuration description, specified by network elements, and in which configuration description potentially includes printers. The structure of managing printer connections involves extension of printer connections. The extension of connections of the printer is the program unit which at activation refreshes connections of the printer in the configuration description assigned for a network unit, with which the client computer is associated. The extension of connections of the printer also submits request to refresh a printer subsystem on the client computer due to changes in the printer connections that are the result of refreshing the printer connection.

EFFECT: increased flexibility in the management of printer connections in a network environment print server/printer.

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FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: control system includes main controller 42 with many outlets for connection of first microprocessor 44 with a set of elements 38, 56-58 User interface 62 is specialised and unique for certain model of plumbing fixtures; it holds master programme which is meant for control of certain elements of this certain model Main controller 42 is common and may be used for a number of different models of plumbing fixtures with various sets of elements 38, 56-58 After commands are entered by user, master programme is transferred to the main controller and configures it for operation with certain model of plumbing fixtures.

EFFECT: possibility to control a set of hydro-massage baths using elements common for various models

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