Snow-melting machine

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: snow-melting machine comprises a bath with a grate in the upper part for receiving and melting the snow mass and a meltwater drain hole, burners, gas cylinders with a pressure regulator, a gas pipe and an igniter. The gas burners with the electric igniter are mounted under the bath bottom. The bath bottom is made in the form of a profiled sheet with corrugation waves of the sinusoidal form, the projections and recesses of which are perpendicular to the longitudinal bath axis. The bottom has an incline to the right or to the left downwards in the vertical plane towards the bath sidewall reaching said projections of the bottom. Under the bath bottom, below the gas burners, there is a chamber for meltwater with a drain hole.

EFFECT: simplifying the design, reducing the installation cost and the operating costs, increasing the machine productivity.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for municipal vehicles, namely to hinged all-season equipment for municipal vehicles. The equipment comprises an articulated crane mounted on the vehicle chassis, the front and rear cylindrical front brushes, the chute brush, the system of cavitators, a tank for reagents, a tank equipped with a basket repeating its shape to unload rubbish from the tank by the supply pipe made with the ability of heating, the vacuum pump for intake of snow, leaves, dust, snow-melting device for forced separation of the snow mass from the air and preliminary melting of snow.

EFFECT: use of the invention enables to clean roads effectively.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: unit includes a bath with a grid in the upper part to receive and melt snow mass, a melt water drain hole, burners, gas bottles with a pressure control, a gas line and an igniter. The bath bottom has a form of a shaped sheet with waves of corrugations of a triangular shape. Gas burners with an electric igniter are installed under projections of the sheet, and there are holes in cavities. There is a melt water chamber with a drain hole under the bath bottom below the gas burners.

EFFECT: simpler design and reduction of operating costs.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to scavenging hardware, particularly, to disposal of winter precipitates. Proposed method consists in that snow and frazil are accumulated in appropriate hopper. Then, they are processed by heating with hot air for their forced thawing. Hot air is isolated from atmosphere in warm season. Said air is fed into melted water ply produced in stored bulk. Then, air is discharged in atmosphere. Melted water is directed for domestic water consumption or in sewer system. Proposed device comprises accumulation holler, air selection unit, water pump and pipelines. Besides, it includes pontoon. The latter is equipped with filter and biological bubbler and dipped in said accumulation hopper.

EFFECT: electric power saving.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device for increase coupling properties of automotive vehicle contains electropneumatic switch to output of which thermally insulated exhaust line is connected, and electrical power source. Electropneumatic switch is installed between exhaust manifold of internal combustion engine and intake pipe and provided by switch. Portable flexible thermally insulated pipeline is attached to end part of thermally insulated exhaust line.

EFFECT: improved cross country capacity.

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: snow is loaded by loader into trailed self-contained snow-smelting machine. Trailer is trailed by flusher. The latter comprises heat-isolated cistern with water pump and hose heated by exhaust gases. Molten water is fed by pump with hose into flusher cistern. Flusher filled with water, machine if disconnected from smelting machine and from trailer. Flusher moves off to drain water from cistern to preset water discharge location. At a time second machine with plow share approaches the trailer to fill the cistern with obtained molten water. Second machine filled, it moves off also to water discharge location. First machine returned, above described process is reiterated. Or, second machine disconnected, third machine approaches to repeat the process with larger number of machines. Next machine filled and disconnected from smelting machine, another machine shovels up to rolls to be loaded for smelting. If displacement of smelting machine to new location is required, the flusher is connected with trailer and displaced to preset location to reiterate above described process.

EFFECT: enhanced performances, higher efficiency.

Snow disposal // 2521645

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: snow is loaded by loader into trailed self-contained snow-smelting machine. Then, snow is molten in smelting machine to discharge obtained water into accumulator heat-isolated tank. Said machine and said tank are connected by hose and mounted at trailer trailed by flusher. The latter comprises heat-isolated cistern with water pump and hose heated by exhaust gases. Water produced in smelting machine is fed from accumulator tank by pump into flusher cistern. Flusher filled, it is disconnected from accumulator tank and trailer with smelting machine still operating. Flusher moves off to drain water from cistern to preset water discharge location. Then, returned flusher is connected via cistern pump hose with accumulator tank of smelting machine. Described process is reiterated. If displacement of smelting machine to new location is required, the flusher is connected with trailer and displaced to preset location to reiterate above described process.

EFFECT: enhanced performances, higher efficiency.

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: plant to prepare snow mass for melting differs by the fact that bodies of motor reducers are in pairs joined to each other with an elastic mechanical links with cantilever arrangement of motor reducers on driving shafts of a movable grid. At the same time the bodies of the shaft bearings are fixed on the frame of the section with the help of pins arranged on a common frame for the entire section of shafts for previously used fastening dog bolts. And the movable grid is at the same time made from horizontal shafts and is installed along the perimeter of the melting chamber, with permanent connection of shafts with individual electric drives and their uninterrupted rotation.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure higher efficiency, throughput capacity, reliability and durability, operating manoeuvrability, and makes the process of ice and snow mass mixing and sifting more efficient.

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Device to melt snow // 2498006

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: coolant 8 is heated in a heat pump system of heat and cold supply 5, afterwards it is supplied into a pipeline 7, flowing through which it heats a site 6. After travelling through the entire pipeline the coolant is again supplied into the heat pump system of heat and cold supply for repeated heating. Thawed water produced on the surface of the site 6 is removed along a satellite pipeline 3 to moisten a soil massif 1. In summer time to prevent system outage it is possible to cool coolant in the heat pump system of heat and cold supply, so that when flowing along the pipeline it cools the site 6 below the dew point, and condensate is formed on it, to clean the site surface from dust and garbage.

EFFECT: higher device operational reliability.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: plant for snow mass preparation for melting differs by the fact that a frame common for all sections rests directly onto the melting chamber perimeter, and a movable grid at the same time is made of horizontal shafts assembled into a section with the help of planks and installed along the melting chamber perimeter, with continuous connection of shafts with individual electric drives and their uninterrupted rotation.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to create a plant, which makes it possible to increase its liability and durability during operation, to reduce labour intensiveness of operations related to completion of regulatory works and maintenance of sewage equipment of a melting chamber, and also to exclude fastening elements that press bodies of shafts to frames of sections, as the frames themselves, which helps to increase efficiency of a plant and makes the process of mixing and sifting of snow and ice mass more efficient.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in surfacing roadways anti-glaze compositions are used. Ice and snow are removed from road surface by vibroroller for 1-2 s and further mechanical cleaning by motor grader blade or icebreaker working tool.

EFFECT: power savings.

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FIELD: ice and snow cleaners.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas-jet machines designed for cleaning air fields from ice and snow. Proposed head 1 for gas-jet machine contains housing formed by upper wall 3, lower wall 4 and side walls limiting space with outlet slot, and vertical partitions 2 arranged in parallel with side walls and dividing space into compartments. Upper and lower walls are made curvilinear, and edges of outlet sections of compartments are formed so that angle of outlet of gas flows 5 relative to horizontal surface 6 to be cleaned changes from 30-35o to 0o in last two compartments in direction of movement of gas-jet machine.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of cleaning.

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FIELD: removing snow or ice from roads in winter period, particularly to clean-off snow from landing strips, pavement or motor roads.

SUBSTANCE: method involves gathering snow and ice; mixing thereof to obtain homogeneous mass; increasing volume of obtained mass; heating vessel for snow melting; putting above mass in heated vessel; locating burners near snow surface so that flame emitted from burner is directed to snow surface at an angle close to 0o; supplying fuel to burners; igniting fuel; moving burners upwards as vessel fills with melting snow and water to direct flame at an angle of 0 - 90o to water surface; draining water from vessel.

EFFECT: reduced fuel consumption, reduced number of burners.

FIELD: equipment for removing snow or ice from roads or like surfaces.

SUBSTANCE: means to protect against ice-slick uses heat from vehicle exhaust gas exiting from muffler. Exhaust gas is supplied to front area of contact between wheel and road.

EFFECT: increased friction coefficient in area between wheel and road, enhanced road safety in winter and improved ecology.

Snow melting device // 2268335

FIELD: removing snow or ice from roads or like surfaces, particularly with the use of heat.

SUBSTANCE: snow melting device is formed as movable frame to which conical metal tube and serpentine (annular) burner are connected. The tube is connected to frame by means of posts through low-conducting material. The melting chamber is made as conical metal tube with receiving throat. The tube is inclined towards outlet throat. The heat source is made as serpentine (annular) burner provided with jets, which surround conical metal tube. One burned end is connected to working cylinder filled with pressurized combustible mixture, another one is sealed by soldering thereof. Working and auxiliary cylinders with combustible mix are arranged in frame cells. Outlet throat is provided with two replaceable nozzles, namely with L-shaped and rectangular ones adapted to facilitate water discharge onto road or moving thereof into receiving tank truck.

EFFECT: simplified structure, increased usage convenience and extended operational capabilities.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Gas-jet machine // 2276218

FIELD: removing snow or ice from roads or like surfaces, particularly devices for deicing of aerodrome and road paving.

SUBSTANCE: gas-jet machine comprises motor vehicle chassis, air accumulation receiver installed on motor vehicle chassis along longitudinal axis thereof. The air accumulation receiver has spiral through channel. Gas-jet machine also has air flow generator made as aviation turbo-prop engine and centrifugal air pump mounted inside the receiver at through channel inlet. The air pump is provided with jet training nozzle which may be adjusted in accordance with angle of air delivery to surface to be treated and is directed transversely to longitudinal chassis axis. Centrifugal air pump is made as aircrew having changeable pitch so that blades thereof may be installed in feather position. Airscrew diameter may be equal to 2.2-3.9 m.

EFFECT: prevention of paving damage and reduced operational costs.

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FIELD: road maintenance machinery.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machines for cleaning road pavement from ice, snow and slush by treatment of pavement with gas-air jets. Proposed gas-jet machine has chassis which carries bed frame with turbojet engine connected with gas-jet head, and bunk. Gas jet head is connected with nozzle of turbojet engine, and tracing member is secured on gas-jet head connected with bed frame installed on bunk by means of hydraulic cylinders. Bunk is made for turning by hydraulic cylinder installed between log truck frame and bed frame.

EFFECT: simplified design of gas-jet plant.

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FIELD: public service machinery.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of snow and ice removed from road by forced melting. Proposed plant contains charging chamber to receive snow-and-ice mass and its processing. Drain branch pipe to let out snow melt water is found in chamber bottom. Walls of chamber are made double-layer, of heat conducting material, and space in between communicates with heat carrier source to heat walls. Longitudinal ribs are found on inner side of walls. Said ribs are made of heat-conducting material and they change into ribs made on inner side of chamber bottom and directed to drain branch pipe. Shower manifold is installed inside chamber and device to deliver heated liquid in cavitation mode. Snow-and-ice mass is delivered into crusher before getting into chamber.

EFFECT: increased capacity of plant, reduced time and power taken for processing of snow-and-ice mass, increased service life of plant and reliability of its operation.

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FIELD: removing snow or ice from roads or like surfaces, particularly hydraulic systems, which may provide road paving profile monitoring and working tool position control by operator.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises tracing mechanism installed on gas-jet nozzle and controls paving profile variations to change position of tracing hydraulic distribution means slide. Working liquid exiting the tracing mechanism passes in lifting hydraulic cylinder interiors via pipeline and provides working tool installation in predetermined position with respect to paving.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of exhaust gas utilization, increased quality of road cleaning and prevention of paving damage.

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FIELD: road engineering.

SUBSTANCE: machine has internal combustion engine mounted on basic transport chassis, charging hopper, and picking up device. Drain branch pipe is provided in hopper bottom for discharge of thaw water, said drain branch pipe being equipped with two branches. Hopper has double walls, and space therebetween is communicating with exhaust collector of internal combustion engine. Outer surfaces of hopper walls are covered with energy-saving coat and their inner surfaces are fitted with longitudinal ribs formed from heat conductive material, said longitudinal ribs making continuation of ribs provided on inner side of hopper bottom and directed toward drain branch pipe. Shower collector is located within hopper and adapted for feeding of heated liquid onto snow-and-ice mass. Machine is further provided with device for feeding of heated liquid into shower collector in cavitational mode. Latter device is connected to internal combustion engine radiator. Before being fed into hopper, snow-and-ice mass is delivered to grinder.

EFFECT: increased handling capacity of machine, reduced time and decreased power consumption for reprocessing of snow-and-ice mass, increased service life and enhanced reliability in operation.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: removing snow or ice from roads or like surfaces with the use of heat.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises frame with microwave energy emitter, electric generator and working tool made as spur-bearing rollers installed on the frame. The rollers are composed of separate sections installed on common shaft and connected thereto through metal discs. Each section is made as resilient bush with metal bush put on resilient one and provided with spurs. Each roller has hydraulic drive to provide roller rotation in opposite directions.

EFFECT: decreased specific power inputs, increased efficiency and cleaning operation quality.

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