Method of temperature control and temperature control device

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves: defining a target user intending to use a refrigerator; collecting target information on the target user's preferences with respect to food products, the target information about preferences containing at least the target type of food products, the target meal time and the target state of food products; defining the target food products from food products stored in the refrigerator at the time, based on the target-type food products; and controlling the temperature of the area where target food products are stored in such a way that the target food products reach the target state of food products to the target meal time. In said disclosure of the invention substance, the refrigerator can automatically collect target information about the preferences of a target user, who wants to use a refrigerator, and to control the temperature based on the collected target information about preferences in such a way that the target user could obtain from the refrigerator in the target meal time the target food products that are in the target state of food products, required by the target user.

EFFECT: increasing the intelligence level of the refrigerator temperature control and improving the user's experience.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a fresh products chamber where food products being cooled are positioned, a compressor compressing coolant medium and ensuring its circulation in the cooling cycle, an evaporator ensuring cooling of the inner volume of the fresh products chamber, the fresh products chamber temperature sensor measuring temperature in the fresh products chamber, the evaporator temperature sensor measuring the evaporator temperature and the first heater. The first heater is positioned on the evaporator while the second heater is positioned on the rear side of the fresh products chamber. The control unit controls the heaters operation.

EFFECT: enables prevention of freezing of food products positioned inside the fresh products chamber.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises the steps that follow. (a) Determination of temperature (T) in refrigerator chamber. (b) Comparison of said temperature with maximum temperature (Tmax). (c) Comparison of said temperature (T) with minimum temperature (Tmin). (d) Switching on of compressor (22) if temperature (T) exceeds maximum temperature (Tmax). (e) Switching off of said compressor if temperature (T) drops below minimum temperature (Tmin). (f) Alternate switching on of compressor for time (tern) and switching off for time (taus) when temperature (T) is lower than maximum temperature (Tmax) and higher than minimum temperature (Tmin). (g) Variation of switch-off temperature (taus) depending on temperature (T). Refrigerator comprises at least one refrigerator chamber, refrigerating circuit including the compressor, control device and temperature sensor to define temperature in refrigerator chamber.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of operation.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: method to measure refrigeration capacity of a cooling device (a conditioner) is based on using a compensation device with a controlled heater, providing for either full or partial compensation of temperature of air flow of a conditioning circuit.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of detection of cooling device refrigeration capacity.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: method for cooling of a condenser in a compression refrigerator is proposed and implies usage of water and wetting of the condenser surface by this water, the method is distinguished for the fact that water from a defrost water pan in a refrigerating cabinet or other water source in a refrigerator is led to a trough with a pipe of the condenser pipe coil being installed in its centre, the water trickles down the inclined trough elbows by gravity and provides for wetting of the surface of the trough and condenser pipe, the residual defrost water is led to a tank on the compressor.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of defrost water usage along with the simultaneously improved efficiency of evaporative cooling of the compression refrigerator condenser.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device, in particular, a domestic refrigerating device, and the method of cooling of the refrigerating compartment of the refrigerating device, in particular, a domestic refrigerating device, according to which a compressor included into the refrigerating circuit of the refrigerating device, which is designed to cool the refrigerating compartment, alternately, depending on time, switches on and off, until temperature (T) of the refrigerating compartment is within the temperature range (ΔT),oriented to the specified temperature of the refrigerating compartment and limited by the upper temperature limit (TO) and the lower temperature limit (TU).

EFFECT: using this group of inventions makes it possible to realise cooling under lower costs for programming.

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Refrigerator // 2511232

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes the front panel, a working board, an electrode, a display board, a light-emitting element and a connector. The front board is located on the front side of the door of the refrigerator housing and has a working area and a display area. The working board is located on the rear side of the working area of the front panel. Electrode is located on the working board and includes a sensor switch. The display board is located on the rear side of the display area of the front panel and is located behind the working board. The light-emitting element is located on the display board. The connector attaches the working board to the display board.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows providing a sufficient illumination area of the light-emitting element.

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FIELD: personal usage articles.

SUBSTANCE: refrigeration apparatus, in particular - a household refrigeration apparatus with a useful volume for products being cooled contains a controller that, in case there is a cooling signal in place, may direct a cold air flow into the useful volume and actuate the defrosting heating element to prevent formation of condensate and/or ice under the impact of warm air entering the useful volume. Connected to the heating element is a time delay element that, upon occurrence of a cooling signal, keeps the heating element on during the preset period of time. During implementation of the method for adjustment of temperature inside the refrigeration apparatus the heating element remains on during the preset period of time after occurrence of a cooling signal.

EFFECT: usage of this group of inventions will enable the refrigeration apparatus energy consumption reduction.

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Refrigerator // 2502926

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a housing that comprises the first storage chamber, a lot of doors that open and close an access hole formed on the front surface of the first storage chamber, a hinge assembly that attaches each door to the housing with possibility of turning, and a basket assembly connected to the housing so that it can be turned due to the hinge assembly. The basket assembly has the possibility of forming the second storage chamber that is arranged in the first storage chamber. The basket assembly includes a basket frame that forms the second storage chamber and a basket installed on the basket frame for arrangement of food products when at least one of the doors is open. The basket assembly is made so that the basket access is provided through the front and rear surfaces of the basket assembly. Refrigerator includes a housing with the first storage chamber; a basket assembly forming the second storage chamber that is arranged in the first storage chamber; at least one door that is located in front of the basket assembly for opening or closing the access hole of the first storage chamber and/or front surface of the basket assembly; the first gasket located on rear surface of the door or front surface of the basket assembly; the second gasket located on rear surface of the door or front surface of the housing; and a hinge assembly that attaches the basket assembly and the door to the housing with possibility of turning.

EFFECT: use of this group of inventions allows minimising cold air leaks and improving ease of use.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: system for cooling of glassware or other receivers is equipped with distributing box for removal of liquid carbon dioxide, includes base, to which hollow tubular element, and spraying assembly that is faced downwards, the first reflector above base for arrangement of shot glass, and under reflector, connection pipe with pipeline, electric valve and spraying assembly facing downwards, as well as the second reflector of smaller size is attached. Pipeline represents flexible sleeve of steel net with internal hose made from Teflon, and distributing box includes connection element with lower compartment, side holes and upper compartment.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows increasing system operating efficiency.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: door of a domestic appliance, in particular, a door of a (domestic) refrigerating unit, the design of which comprises the front: glass panel, which is installed at a certain distance from it with formation of an intermediate space, and the rear panel, which is made of a different material. The front glass panel is a structural component of a door design.

EFFECT: using this group of inventions makes it possible to create a refrigerating unit with a door, which will have good heat insulation properties with simplicity of its manufacturing.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating system comprises removable network panel installed on outer surface of refrigerator and TV module or TV antenna unit adapted to receive TV signal and transmit thereof to network panel in wireless manner. This avoids the need to connect the refrigerator with TV antenna output by wires. TV module or TV antenna unit is connected to TV receiver or to TV antenna output to receive TV signal and to transmit the signal to network panel adapted to receive and display the TV signal.

EFFECT: elimination of wire connection between refrigerator and TV antenna output and, as a result, possibility to install the refrigerator in any location, increased convenience of TV watching with the use of the refrigerator.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment, particularly provided with arrangements or mounting of control or safety devices.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprising at least one cooling chamber defined by housing and door thereof. Temperature inside the cooling chamber varies within a certain range in dependence of location and time. The cooling chamber comprises a number of areas in which above local range of temperature fluctuations in dependence of location and time is less than common range of temperature fluctuations of cooling chamber as a whole. Display, which indicates representative data concerning above temperature fluctuations in at least one cooling chamber area is also provided.

EFFECT: possibility to store different food products in above cooling chamber in optimal storage conditions.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises cooling blood in the course of donation with forced circulation of air in the working chamber of the first thermostat and setting the container in the second chamber of the second thermostat after donation, where the containers filled with blood together with the containers filled with the same amount of donor's blood imitator are allowed to stand at a temperature close to that of the normal body temperature. The device comprises first thermostat whose first working chamber receives cooling member, fan, and first temperature gauge, first control unit with two commutating contacts, and first temperature controller. The second thermostat has the second working chamber that receives the second heater, second temperature gauge, second control unit, and second temperature controller.

EFFECT: enhanced cooling rate.

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FIELD: cooling and refrigerating engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed cooling or freezing apparatus contains several zones 10,11 for cooling, freezing and/or conditioning, and interactive indicator 1. Information from cooling, freezing and/or conditioning zones is put out on indicator. Set includes also input device 5-7 by means of which user can put in data. Indicator 1 is made for putting out messages generated on base of data introduced by user. Indicator 1 is made for graphical representation of zones of cooling, freezing and/or conditioning and recommended zones can be shown or graphically separated. Invention makes it possible to put out graphic data on interactive display and provide advices and recommendations concerning storing of products in corresponding zone.

EFFECT: convenience in handling of cooling or freezing apparatus.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment, particularly fridges and doors thereof.

SUBSTANCE: fridge comprises body door and body adapted to connect fridge door. The door comprises outer wall and inner wall connected with each other along longitudinal and transversal edges. Display member is mounted on upper front body edge. Transversal edge has inspection window extending through the full door depth in which the display member may be seen when door is closed.

EFFECT: increased door dimensions along with possibility to see control members connected to front body side when door is installed in closed position.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises heat-insulation body defining inner space and provided with heating device for inner space heating. Body encloses inner container and heat-insulation layer surrounding the container. Inner container has orifice. Heating device is installed on support to provide access to the device from inner space and at least partly closes orifice.

EFFECT: prevention of heating device failure and increased heating device repairability.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises switch with contactless control and case enclosing the switch. The case has fastening means for removable case retention inside orifice. Plug connectors to bring the switch into circuit are provided on one case side. Refrigerator wall has plug socket with mating members to receive plug connectors of the switch. Switch is carried by plate provided with plug connectors formed on one plate end. The switch is of magnetically operated sealed type, namely reed switch.

EFFECT: decreased moisture sensitivity, possibility of sensor installation on refrigerator body and replacement.

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FIELD: heating, refrigerating equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to refrigerating equipment. The refrigerating device with a super cooling function contains a chamber for storage of drinks, a refrigerating unit for cooling the storage chamber and a control unit. The refrigerating unit includes such components as a compressor, a circulating fan and a heat exchanger. The control unit is required for confirmation of the type of a drink, for assessment of the optimal temperature of super cooling and for control over the refrigerating unit in such a way that an optimal super cooling temperature would be maintained in the chamber. The method of control is also applied for the refrigerating device with super cooling function.

EFFECT: creation of a refrigerating device with a function of regulated super cooling.

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FIELD: refrigerating engineering.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator which has a drink overcooling function contents section for drink overcooling and storing which has variety of shelves certain types of drinks and connected by means of guide channel with ventilator for cooling air circulation; input unit, intended for choosing drink solidification level and outfitted by activate button button of solidification level choosing; control unit for regulation drink overcooling degree based on choose solidification level, which is connected with input unit; temperature sensor connected to control unit for definition of temperature in overcooling section; evaporator intended for cooling of overcooling section which is mounted on back wall of overcooling section; driving device connected to evaporator and control unit.

EFFECT: invention allows to regulate drink overcooling degree for supplying of selective regulation of solidification level.

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Refrigerator // 2332622

FIELD: refrigeration engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a refrigerator with a casing housing a cold room and a carcass built in the casing and incorporating the refrigerator cold-productivity control circuitry, the control being effected in response to the temperature change signal. The refrigerator comprises also one control element to set up a setting and/or the refrigerator working parameter indication element, and, at least one light to illuminate cold room, the carcass seat is arranged in the casing top cover.

EFFECT: simpler connection of control circuitry with the refrigerator various working assemblies.

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