Biogas plant for manure processing

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: biogas unit contains a bioreactor with series-interconnected tanks having overflow baffles and equipped with pipelines for supplying manure substrate and extracting fermented mass, with heaters, stirring devices and unit for collecting and releasing biogas. The bioreactor has one reactor tank and five annular maturing tanks, made of reinforced concrete structures. Tubular heaters are installed at the bottom of each tank. The baffles of the annular maturing tanks have overflow windows, which are in diametrical opposition to each other and at different depths. There is a gas holder above the bioreactor. The lower end of its ring is dipped into a hydraulic gate. A backer plate of the gas holder is welded on the outer side of the ring. It pivots on four serpentine rollers, two of which are rigidly fixed in the foundation, and two are compensators. There are cross braces inside the gas holder ring. A hard stirrer for the main reactor tank and chain stirrers for annular maturing tanks are fixed thereto. The baffles of the annular maturing tanks are made of bimetal. The baffle bimetal material on the side of dropped substrate has a heat-conductivity coefficient which is 2.0-2.5 times greater than the one on the side the subsequent maturing tank. The hard stirrer for the main reactor tank and chain stirrers for the annular maturing tanks are connected with a gear motor, which is designed as a drive with a rotational speed control device coupled with a temperature control device and temperature sensor, located in the main reactor tank. The temperature control device includes comparing and setting units, an electronic and magnetic amplifier, a nonlinear feedback unit. The rotational speed control device is designed as a block of magnetic powder couplings. The biogas extracting device is equipped with a nozzle and a swirler, which is composed of plates, the inlet and outlet sections of which are located one opposite to the other at right angle. And the nozzle at the smaller outlet port has an annular groove which is connected with a mud collector. The outer surface of the gas holder is covered with a fine-fiber basalt material made of twisted bundles which are longitudinally extended from the ring to the top of the gas holder.

EFFECT: maintaining the specified quality of a finished product at low ambient temperatures.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: manure dehydration device contains a housing, screw guides 9, fixed in the housing, a filter 8, a loading device 13, devices for discharge of filtrate and condensed fraction 14, 15. The filter 8 is formed by sections with formation along the internal perimeter opposed three or more broken right and left helical lines, and also internal three and more helical grooves with identical pitch. The sections are assembled from two subsections made from three and more series connected among themselves lateral sides of perforated isosceles trapezoids and perforated isosceles triangles, the bases of which one in the subsection are located in different sides. The sections are connected among themselves by larger bases of the punched trapezes, and subsections are connected into the section so that the bases of the punched isosceles triangles of one subsection are attached to the top base of the punched isosceles trapezes of the second subsection, and the bases of the punched isosceles triangles of the second subsection attached to the top base of the punched isosceles trapezes of the first subsection.

EFFECT: increase of productivity and expansion of process capabilities.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: installation for livestock manure dehydration contains casing, input branch pipe, helical insert and branch pipes for liquid and concentrated faction removal. Inside the casing filter 8 is installed, it is made multi-entry, cone and made out of sections 16, connected one-by-one along length by their end face holes in form of polygons. Each section 16 is made of two sub-sections 17, 18. First sub-section 17 along perimeter is made out of even, at least four similar first isosceles perforated triangles, connected one-by-one by their sides with sides of at least four similar second isosceles perforated triangles. Bases of the second isosceles perforated triangles are larger then bases of the first second isosceles perforated triangles 19. Second sub-section 18 is made out of connected one-by-one along perimeter at least four similar isosceles perforated triangles with sides equal to bases of second isosceles perforated triangles of the first sub-section with sides of at least four similar isosceles perforated triangles with top angle 90, with creation of small and large end holes in form of polygons. At that larger end hole in form of polygon of the first sub-section is equal to smaller end hole in form of polygon of the second sub-section. The sub-sections are connected with each other in sections by end holes in form of polygons.

EFFECT: higher installation capacity, expanded process performances.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: unit comprises a housing, a filter, a drive, the loading and unloading devices for removal of condensed fraction and the filtrate. The filter is mounted of sections assembled of two equal sub-sections, made of an even number of equal perforated isosceles triangles connected alternately along the perimeter of the sub-section with four equal perforated equilateral triangles with the formation of small and large end openings in the form of polygons. The two sub-sections are connected to the section with the sides of end large openings, and the sections are attached to each other by the sides of the small end openings with the formation of a multiple-thread helical perforated surface. The loading and unloading devices for removal of condensed fraction are made in the form of sleeves. The inner surface of the sleeves and the longitudinal generants of the sleeves are attached to curved helical inserts. The helical inserts in the loading device protrude from the ends of the sleeve. In the unloading device for removal of condensed fraction the helical inserts protrude beyond the sleeve only in the direction of the filter and enter into its inner cavity. The housing is made in the form of a casing mounted above the filter over its entire length and is rigidly secured with the unloading device for discharging the filtrate.

EFFECT: increased productivity and enhancement of the technological capabilities.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: machine for dehydration of manure comprises a housing, the means for loading, a filter, a drive, an unloading device for removal of condensed fraction, an unloading device for removal of filtrate. The filter is made conical, with perforated walls on the perimeter, the axis of which makes an acute angle with the axis of its rotation. The end filter cheeks are made perforated of elliptical shape, and the larger diameters of the ellipses of the end cheeks are rotated on the axis of the conical surface relative to each other by an angle of 0-360. The end cheeks are mounted at an acute angle of 10-90 not only to one another but at different angles to the axis of rotation of the filter. Along the entire length of the filter a conical-shaped spring is mounted with flat section of coils and with direction of coils, which coincides with the rotational direction of the filter. The spring is equipped with a device for changing the pitch of coils by its expansion or contraction.

EFFECT: increased productivity and enhancing the technological capabilities of the device.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method of producing biogas from animal waste includes pretreatment of an organic substrate by bringing moisture content thereof to 90%, followed by crushing the substrate to particle size of 0.5-0.7 cm. An organic catalyst is added, fermentation is carried out in an anaerobic medium and biogas is collected. The organic catalyst used is dairy wastes in amount of 5-10% of the mass of the organic substrate. Fermentation in an anaerobic medium is carried out at temperature of 17-22C.

EFFECT: invention intensifies the process of methane fermentation of manure to increase output of biogas and increase content of methane therein.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method of microbiological treatment of bird droppings comprises laying bird droppings and application of bioadditives in liquid form, biological heating and anaerobic fermentation of the mixture, and the bioadditive is used as effluent in an amount of 3-8% by total weight of bird droppings, which is composed of mineral fertilisers - N:P:K in an amount 0.1:0.16:0.18%, respectively, and the indigenous microflora with a density on microorganisms of 260108 CFU/ml, and biogas produced during the decomposition of bird droppings is collected and removed.

EFFECT: invention enables to improve efficiency and speed of treatment of bird droppings, to increase the activity of methanogenic consortium contained in the effluent in the absence of the cost of cultivation of microorganism strains.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: screw-separator consists of a shaft mounted in spring loaded supports movable relative to the housing, with ball bearings ensuring a tight contact without gaps of the outer surface of screw turns with a perforated bottom of the housing or with a perforated removable replaceable insert in the solid housing. In the interturn space of the screw an additional wiping blade is mounted. The additional blade with its one end is mounted on the shaft hub on the length of the interturn space of the screw and with the other free end it approaches directly to the perforated bottom or the insert and ends at a certain distance from the bottom or the insert. Between the free end of the additional blade and the bottom or the insert a technological gap is formed which is limited by the edges of the turns of the screw. The additional blade from the point of mounting to the shaft hub to its the free end is made in the form of a curved surface so that in the cross section of the press between the bottom or the insert the screw turns and the ends of the additional blade a curved wedge channel is formed. The channel has an inlet size which is much larger than the outlet size which is the technological gap between the free end of the additional blade and the bottom.

EFFECT: in such implementation the moisture is more fully separated from the separated mass of without clogging the holes of the perforation in obtaining less wet stiff fraction.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in live farming and agriculture for processing of organic, phytogenous and biological wastes to high-efficiency organic fertilisers, biogas, heat and electric power. Proposed plant comprises intake tank 5, pumps 7, intake and discharge pipelines 8 and 14, digester 9, biogas discharge pipeline 10, compressor 11, has-holder 13 and gas boiler 18 located directly in stock building 2 that have common main line 20 to collection of biogas and intermediate effluents storage 16. Note here that biogas generator is divided into modular units that include extra device 12 to remove moisture from biogas and common control unit 21. Number of modular units is defined by that of stock buildings.

EFFECT: stable operation, lower costs, higher efficiency and reliability.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural production and can be used in fertiliser application for plowing. The method comprises crushing of urea-formaldehyde fertiliser to pieces. From the crushed mass the fraction of 5-10 mm homogenous by size is isolated, which is kept in a solution of potassium salt to filling of the its pore space. Then the wet mass is encrusted with phosphorus fertiliser and dried. Livestock wastes can be used as the solvent of potassium salt.

EFFECT: proposed method of preparation of foamed urea-formaldehyde fertiliser to for application for plowing enables to apply at one time in the soil the main mineral fertiliser in a slow acting available for plants form, which is not subject to washing out into the ground water, distributing them on the field.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sizing the domestic wastes into fuel briquettes. Proposed method comprises stock pre-grinding, its separation and mixing with fillers in forced-type mixer to produce homogeneous bulk. pre-grinding is executed by cutter-type grinder to particle size of 20-30 mm and, then, by brush grinder to particle size of under 6 mm. Note here that separate inclusions sized to 10-15 mm in amount of 10% of total bulk are permitted. Then, obtained pulp is fed to mixer for mixing with water, binders and wastes of fuel or food oils properly proportioned in amount of 5-6% of the pulp. Average moisture content in resultant pulp may not exceed 25-55%. Prepared pulp is fed after mixing into accumulation bin to be kept there in for 2-3 hours and, further, via bin proportioner it is fed by conveyor or manually by shovel into extruder loading cone. Pulp is homogenised, compacted and extruded at 150-200 kg/cm2 in extruder carrier. In extrusion, some portion of moisture is squeezed off in interflange gap of extruder carrier and housing to allow outlet extruded briquette moisture content 5-7% smaller than that of initial stock. Briquettes are dried at 50-60C for not over 40-90 minutes at intensive hot air blowing or at good sunny weather on exposed rain-protected sites.

EFFECT: simplified briquetting.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering; fertilizer grinders; additional grinding of raw biohumus from concrete and wooden chutes, beads etc.

SUBSTANCE: proposed grinder-accumulator has working members made in form of shredding drum with L-shaped knives. Working members are arranged on load-bearing trolley where bin-accumulator is mounted; mounted in lower part of this bin-accumulator is unloading unit made in form of spiral; grinder made in form of shaft with rigidly secured straight knives is secured in its upper part. Mounted on bin-accumulator is cyclone for receiving mechanical admixtures. Bin-accumulator is connected with pneumatic pipe line by means of elastic member. Pneumatic pipe line is made in form of double casing with threaded joint in between its walls and injectors. Injectors are connected with thermal fan mounted on load-bearing trolley under bin-accumulator. L-shaped working knives of shredding drum are rigidly secured on its shaft; shredding drum is connected with front part of load-bearing trolley by means of hoisting mechanism and hydraulic cylinders. Shredding drum and pneumatic pipe line are interconnected by means of elastic member for synchronous motion in vertical plane with the aid of said hoisting mechanism and hydraulic cylinders.

EFFECT: improved quality of organic fertilizers.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has pulse generator and vibration emitter with electrodes. Emitter is made in the form of cylindrical pipe and is located inside solenoid.

EFFECT: increased effectiveness of disinfecting of liquid manure and manure sewage wastes, reduced consumption of power and simplified construction.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular, equipment for processing of organic agricultural wastes under anaerobic conditions, may be used for producing of biogas from organic wastes.

SUBSTANCE: bioenergetic apparatus has helium collector, methane tank with water jacket and heat insulation, inlet and outlet branch pipes, biogas discharge pipes, electric water heater, water pipelines and gas holder. Helium collector is made in the form of unit with Sterling engine operating in conjunction with heating pipe. Sterling engine is connected through belt transmission with electric generator and is equipped with biogas boiler to provide for continuous operation of system during periods, when there is no solar radiation, said boiler being connected through pipeline with gas holder.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, stabilized heating of substrate under fermentation process, and enhanced reliability in operation of apparatus for producing of biogas in the absence of centralized electric energy source.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: fertilizer contains nutritive substances for plants. Organic substances contained in liquid fertilizer composition are mineralized by at least 95% of amount of organic substances in wastes before being fermented in methane tank with resulting production of humus. Method involves feeding into outer chamber of coaxial methane tank liquefied and ground organic substances of wastes and providing sequential anaerobic fermentation thereof; heating and mixing mass under fermentation process with gas-and-liquid mixture; discharging resulting mass for producing fertilizer; withdrawing biogas from outer and inner chambers; introducing biogas contained in heated gas-and-liquid mixture from outer chamber into inner chamber in the form of dissipated jet streams for mixing of fermentable mass therein; providing first phase of anaerobic fermentation of liquefied and ground organic waste substances in outer chamber in acid medium at pH less than 7.0 until complete decomposition of all delivered and settled fermented organic waste substances of different densities is provided by active symbiosis of splitting (hydrolyzing) microorganisms accompanied with destruction thereby of complex compounds into simpler compounds and formation of fatty acids and weak biogas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide); introducing the latter into inner chamber for providing second phase of anaerobic fermentation in alkaline medium at pH exceeding 7.2 with following producing of fuel biogas by means of methanogenic bacteria. Apparatus has hermetically sealed reservoir, bottom and cupola with concentric partition having shape similar in plan to that of reservoir and adapted for dividing it into outer and inner chambers, branch pipes for supplying liquefied organic wastes and discharge of fermented sediments, means for mixing and heating fermented wastes and branch pipes for discharge of biogas from outer and inner chambers. Branch pipe for discharge of biogas from outer chamber is connected through gas line with suction pipe of injector, to pressure pipe of which is joined heat exchanger with heater.

EFFECT: improved quality of liquid mineralized organic fertilizer.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, reprocessing of manure for producing of fertilizer in animal forming.

SUBSTANCE: method involves settling synanthropic flies in manure and providing conditions for laying eggs by flies and full development cycle, followed by withdrawal of larvae from reprocessed manure. Reprocessing of manure is performed in complex containing pig houses and poultry houses, chain-and-scraper conveyor for delivery and dispensing of hen dung for feeding of pigs. Manure is transported from pig houses through enclosure yards and quarantine zone via underground channels with grid-type and bridge-type ceilings. Conditions are provided for laying and providing of full development cycle of synanthropic flies under bridge ceilings on manure surface. Mature fly larvae are withdrawn from manure through openings of grid-type ceilings by hens. Apparatus has manure reprocessing vessel, devices for charging of basic manure and discharge of reprocessed manure, poultry houses with perches and pig houses with enclosure yards and feeders, which are connected with poultry houses through chain-and-scraper conveyor for removal of bird dung from under perches in poultry houses and transportation thereof for feeding of pigs. Enclosure yards for poultry are equipped with underground channels of manure removal system, said channels being arranged at different levels and providing removal of manure by gravity. Said system is provided with sluices, grid-type and bridge-type ceilings, and is further provided with hydrogen pipelines and hose for hydraulic washing away of manure. Bridge-type ceilings are arranged in equally spaced relation. Underground channels of manure removal system are communicating through underground channels of quarantine zone with underground passages positioned in enclosure yards for hens, said underground passages being equipped with bridge-type ceilings for laying of eggs by flies under said ceilings and with grid-type ceilings for withdrawal of fly larvae by hens through openings in said grid-type ceilings.

EFFECT: reduced expenses for manure reprocessing, delivery and dispensing of bird dung for feeding of animals.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular, disinfecting of manure sewage for further utilization thereof for fertilizer irrigation.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has emitter mounted on pipeline portion and consisting of electrodes connected to generator. Pipeline portion is made from insulation material and is disposed between electrodes of electric field emitter. Adjustable high-voltage current source is used as generator.

EFFECT: reduced costs for processing of manure sewage.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises hopper that receives horizontal transporter as well as grinding drum and drum-accelerator mounted in series above the transporter from the side of the outlet and provided with gearing members. The gearing members are made of blades and mounted parallel to the axis of rotation of the drum. The crushing chamber is pivotally connected with the hopper, and its sides and front wall are provided with pins. The crushing chamber is provided with the member for forming row.

EFFECT: improved quality of disintegrating.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular, disinfection of manure sewage with following utilization thereof for fertilizing irrigation.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for disinfecting of manure sewage in conduits has pulse generator and vibration emitter made in the form of paraboloid of revolution with electrodes at conduit section made from diamagnetic material. Winding is located on outer side of conduit and connected in series with electrodes to pulse generator output. Within conduit section of diamagnetic material with winding there is ferromagnetic cylindrical core.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in disinfecting of manure sewage.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for disinfecting of manure sewage and for further utilization thereof.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has ionized radiation source made in the form of lamp with rigid ultraviolet spectrum, and power source. Apparatus is further equipped with pipeline consisting of two axially aligned pipes, one of said pipes having greater diameter, being manufactured from diamagnetic material with winding switched to current source, and provided with water discharge branch pipe for water saturated with saline, and other pipe of smaller diameter being located at pipeline outlet end and designed for feeding of water for fertilizer irrigation. Apparatus may be used for disinfecting of sewage delivered from various production enterprises.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in disinfecting of manure sewage and wider operational capabilities.

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FIELD: agriculture; bioenergetic installations for processing organic waste materials of the farm-production in the anoxic conditions.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of agriculture, in particular, to the installations for processing organic waste materials of the farm-production in then anoxic conditions and may be used for production of the biogas. The bioenergetic installation contains: the methane-tank with the water jacket, the heat insulation, the stirrer, the loading and unloading connecting pipes, the pipe ducts of the biogas feeding and the gas-holder. The installation is supplied with the helio-collector, the electrical water-heater and the Sterling engine in the form of the thermomechanical generator with the biogas burner, which is arranged on the side of the engine bottom and connected to the pipe duct for feeding of the biogas from the gas-holder. In the Sterling engine the heat energy of the biogas burning in the biogas burner is converted into the electric power and used for heating of the biomass fermented in the methane-tank up to the necessary temperature and provision of the continuous operation of the system in the periods of absence of the solar energy-radiation{sunlight}. The invention ensures the stand-alone power supply of the local customers in the rural area with the combined utilization of the solar energy and the power of the biomass.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the stand-alone power supply of the local customers in the rural area with the combined utilization of the solar energy and the power of the biomass.

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