Seat back tilt device

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: tilt assembly contains a tilt device. The tilt device includes a tilt control handle that can be selected from the first control handle and the second control handle and the tilt control shaft on which the control handle is mounted. The control shaft comprises an area for spacing the first return member linked with the first control handle, an area for spacing the second return member linked with the second control handle and an area for transferring forces from the first control handle and from the second control handle.

EFFECT: possibility of using one tilt control shaft for two different types of control handle in the seat back tilt device.

11 cl, 7 dwg



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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle passenger seat block contains block of bottoms and block of backs connected with block of bottoms. Block of bottoms is fixed to floor of vehicle. Each back of back block is made with double-sided profile for passenger back which profile is located symmetrically relative to vertical axis of back each one of which is able to deviate from vertical position from position for passenger sitting to accumbent passenger position and to be fixed in any of these positions by stopping mechanism. Each back is provided with two handles-armrests capable to rotate around axis parallel to seat block rotation axis and to be fixed in final position being comfortable for passenger. Backs are pivotally mounted on tube of rotating frame with possibility to rotate around tube longitudinal axis. The rotating frame are fixed on seat block using articulated joints laying on one axis and is able to rotate together with bottoms around articulation pivot and by required structural angle α up to position where rotating frame ties bear against limit stops rigidly fixed on seat block and forming required angle α between themselves.

EFFECT: comfortable travel conditions for passengers facing ahead irrespective of vehicle motion direction changeover.

9 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a regulation drive for regulating devices of a car seat. The regulation drive for the regulating device of a car seat comprises a driving motor, a two-step down reducer and a body for installation of the driving motor and fixation of the two-step down reducer in the body shell closed by the body cover. A coupling (43) is connected to the second gear (42) of the first step-down gearing (4). The coupling (43) may be engaged with the first gear (62) of the second step-down gearing (6, 7), which is placed in a previously mounted group (5) between the body cover (3) and a protective disc (8, 8', 9), connected to the body cover (3), and is supported in axial direction. The previously mounted group (5) may be connected to the shell of the body (2) and form an integral structural unit.

EFFECT: provides for development of a regulation drive with good resistance to impact during collision and simple cost-effective combination of various steps of a step-down reducer.

25 cl, 25 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the vehicle seat tilt regulator. A round vehicle seat tilt regulator comprises a holder, a gear sector, a gear ring with inner teeth, N locking mechanisms displacing between locking and unlocking positions and a control device to displace the said N locking mechanisms between the said locking and unlocking positions in response to the turn of a working shaft. The holder has N guide locking elements extending from the surface to the gear sector to guide every locking mechanism. N-1 guide locking mechanisms of the N guide locking mechanisms have a round guide surface with the centre of revolution. One guide of the locking mechanism has a round guide surface with the shifted centre of revolution.

EFFECT: reliable locking of seat back rest.

8 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle seat has fastener assembly, seat bottom (3) connected with one of two elements of fastener assembly (11, 12) and backrest (4) connected with the other of two fastener elements (11, 12). The fastener assembly has the first fastener assembly element (11) on which ring gear (17) is placed, the second fastener assembly element (12) on which gear wheel (16) is placed and which engages with ring gear (17), as well as cam (27, 27) installed in rests with possibility of rotation and actuated by collar (21) and revolving in circumferential direction. Between the first fastener assembly element (11) and the second fastener assembly element (12) mounting space (B) is provided which is sealed in some places in outward direction. In the mounting space (B), dividing ring (61; 61') is placed which divides mounting space (B) into outer mounting space (Ba) intended for gear mechanism determined by gear wheel (16) and ring gear (17), and inner mounting space (Bi) intended for cam (27, 27) and contains lubricant for cam (27, 27).

EFFECT: creation of fastener assembly for vehicle seat.

10 cl, 9 dwg

Vehicle seat drive // 2520182

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives of transport facility seat drive. Automotive seat assembly comprises seat and backrest. Backrest inclination is adjusted by system composed of the drive and fastener assembly incorporating eccentric planetary gearing with medium eccentricity. Said drive comprises motor (51), and reduction gearbox arranged at motor shaft output end side and driven wheel (58) fitted to run about central insert axis (K). It has central insert (59) to turn about said axis (K) that has central shaped hole (60) for drive shaft (7) to be fitted and locked therein, shaft axis (W) making the central axis. Central insert axis (K) and shaft axis (W) are shifted parallel with each other by eccentricity. At drive (5) actuation of driven shaft (7), said drive (5) adds oscillation to rotation of said shaft (7) about central insert axis (K).

EFFECT: smooth setting of seat to inclined position.

12 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fastener assembly for a vehicle seat. The vehicle seat has a bottom and a backrest the tilt of which is adjusted using one fastener assembly (10). The fastener assembly has the first element of the fastener assembly (11) on which a crown gear (17) is performed, the second element of the fastener assembly (12) on which a gear wheel (16) is installed, which engages with the crown gear (17) providing interconnection of both elements of the fastener assembly (11, 12) by means of the gear, and running around an eccentric (27). The eccentric (27) is actuated by a buckle (21) and is installed with a possibility to rotate and serves to initiate the gear wheel (16) rolling around motion relative to the crown gear (17). During rolling around motion at one contact point (K) the side face of the gear wheel (16) tooth adheres to the side face of the crown gear (17) tooth. Eccentricity (e) is determined as a segment between the centre (M17) of the crown gear (17) and the centre (M16) of the gear wheel (16), and the contact point (K) is located - relative to the centre (M16) of the gear wheel (16) - in the first corner (α) over continuation of eccentricity (e). The side faces of the gear wheel (16) and the crown gear (17) teeth adhering to each other at the contact point (K) each time correspond to an equiangular spiral segment shape. The first angle (α) ranges from 10° to 55°.

EFFECT: smooth adjustment of the vehicle seat backrest tilt.

11 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and may be used for production of seats. Proposed lock comprises spring-loaded axle engaged with the lever and bracket secured to the seat backrest. Device comprises two cones, i.e. inner cone is fitted on the axle while outer cone is arranged at the bracket. Spring-loaded lever is furnished with inclined surface to interact with cam fitted at spring body. Said lever can interact with said inner cone via axle.

EFFECT: simplified design and production, ease of use, reliable locking.

3 dwg

Gearing stage // 2499695

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to truck seat gearing. Seat gearing stage is composed of friction gearing and comprises case, drive 12, driven link 14 shifted from drive mechanism 12 by eccentricity e and ball 15 or some other solid of revolution to transmit forces between drive and driven mechanisms 12 and 14, respectively. Said ball 15 or some other solid of revolution is arranged in wedge-like clearance between said mechanisms 12 and 14. Gearing stage is composed of changeable engagement whereat ball 15 or other solid of revolution extends from wedge-like clearance or fits therein between drive and drive elements 12, 14 by means of electric current and/or mechanical means. To force said ball 15 or other solid of revolution from or in said clearance driving yoke 41 is arranged and controlled from outside. Position of eccentricity e relative to case 5 does not vary while gearing stage i features two different gear ratios depending on direction.

EFFECT: controlled gearing stage.

15 cl, 14 dwg

Vehicle seat mount // 2494885

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to vehicle seta. Proposed seat comprises pad, backrest and seat mount. Seat mount comprises internal element 11c, 11d, external element 9, 16a with hole 16b with edges 9c, 16c to receive inner element 11c, 11d and weld joint 20 to joint external element 9, 16a with internal element (11c, 11d). Hole edge 16c of external element 9, 16a is spaced on major part of its circle from internal element 11c, 11d to make radial clearance G of definite minimum width. Said weld joint in clearance G is made using filler material. To make said clearance G used is at least one bearing point, preferably, four bearing points 9d, 16d spaced radially from hole edge 16c of external element or from internal element 11d.

EFFECT: perfected design for laser welding with filler.

13 cl, 6 dwg

Transmission stage // 2476740

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: transmission stage 10 is composed of friction gearing stage and comprises: housing 5, drive element, driven element 14 spaced from drive element 12 by eccentricity (e). Note here that wedge-like clearance is formed between drive and driven elements to accommodate one solid of revolution to transmit forces from drive element 12 to driven element 14. Said solid of revolution is arranged for every drive direction to be automatically moved into said wedge-like clearance in rotation of drive element 12 and clamped therein. Bearings 8a, 14a located in stationary seats in housing 5 for said drive and driven elements 12, 14. Pressure element 31 is arranged to clamp or pull solid of revolution 15 into aforesaid clearance. Note here that solids of revolution are equivalent force elements except for direction of motion.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

11 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: aeronautical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pilot's seat adjusters. Proposed pilot's seat with fastening units contains hinge-mounted tilted backrest and its control and locking mechanism. Said backrest control and locking mechanism is made in form of two sectors installed on seat from two sides and synchronized in operation. Sectors are provided with teeth for fixing them in position and slots along which pins of tilted backrest move. Sectors are locked in position by retainers getting between teeth of sectors and operated by handle.

EFFECT: improved ergonomic characteristics of seat, optimized conditions of operation.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; backrest-to-cushion base adjusters.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device to adjust position of at least one movable part of vehicle seat contains two connecting parts, one being attached to movable part of seat cushion, means to connect said two parts to provide rotation of at least one part connected with movable part around first axle, and control devices by means of which said part connected with movable part of seat can be set in position for rotation and, alternately, can be fixed in preferable angular position. Control devices are furnished with gear rim made, at least partially, in form of circle in said member, connected with movable part of seat, at least two gear wheels engaging with said gear rim and arranged for planetary motion around first axle of rotation, and system of levers made for displacement of said gear wheels to first position in which gear wheels are in meshing with each other and with gear rim, thus preventing rotation of part connected with movable part of seat and for shifting gear wheels in second position in which said gear wheels are in meshing only with gear rim, thus providing rotation of part connected with movable part of seat. Said system of levers, gear wheels and gear rim holding gear wheels remain relatively adding to provide possibility of shifting gear wheels in meshing with each other when shifting gear wheels from first into second position. Invention makes it possible to adjust position of one movable part of seat, particularly, position of backrest, relative to cushion base.

EFFECT: simple design, small number of parts, possibility of quick assembling, no radial play between components.

21 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: air landing armored vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to combat landing vehicles, armored personnel carriers, medical vehicles. proposed seat of military crawler driver contains seat base, seat backrest, seat head rest connected to each other and to their position adjuster relative to support coupled with vehicle body. Seat backrest is link of articulated parallelogram with two links upper and lower ones hinge-coupled with support through slewing overrunning locking device. Upper link is hinge connected with seat backrest by opposite end. Lower link is hinge-coupled with seat backrest through third link with possibility of unlocking and turning of links from initial working position into intermediate position or into position for rest and landing owing to change of position relative to support by means of two control levers acting onto slewing overrunning locking device so that shifting of seat from initial position into intermediate position takes place at turning of upper link with lower link kept motionless, and setting of seat in position for rest and landing takes place at upper link fixed in intermediate position and turning of lower link through preset angle for landing.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities, provision of convenient operation, quick acting and compact design.

2 dwg

FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed mechanism to adjust and fix rake of vehicle seat backrest relative to seat cushion consists of movable member with central bushing connected with fixed member, provided with stepped hole, by means of gear train consisting of internal gear rim of movable member and external gear rim of fixed member set into motion by two retainers in form of ring eccentric sectors arranged in central stepped hole of fixed member and intercoupled by wide ends with ring spring, and by narrow ends interacting with lever of carrier made from of bushing with hex hole. Balls in cage are installed in central hole of fixed member between eccentric sectors and wall of narrow part of stepped hole, uniformly over circumference. Bushing of carrier is provided with lock mechanism made in form of lobes with ring catches in end uniformly in end uniformly arranged over circumference on end face of bushing pointed to side of movable member of mechanism for engagement with disk secured on end face of movable member of mechanism. Said bushing with hex hole is made of plastics.

EFFECT: improved serviceability of mechanism by decreasing force to be applied to control handle.

5 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; seats of automobile.

SUBSTANCE: proposed seat back rake adjuster has internal gear train with two output members one of which has internal gear with cylindrical axial boss and hole for drive element. Other output member has external gear and cylindrical axial hole for said axial boss and ring. Mechanism is furnished with solids of revolution, some of which are in contact with outer surface of ring and with surface of cylindrical axial hole, and others, with inner surface of ring and outer surface of axial boss, said ring is made eccentric, with Z-shaped cross section.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of seat back rake adjuster at reduction of force to be applied by used to seat back control handle.

7 cl, 2 dwg

Backrest adjuster // 2327583

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to backrest adjuster as regard to pad of seats to be installed mainly in cars. Backrest adjuster includes tooth gear with internal gearing. Tooth gear consists of two output links. First link consists of gear wheel with internal teeth, cylindrical pivotal lug and axial hole for drive element. The second output link contains gear wheel with outer teeth and cylindrical axial hole to displace the said pivotal lug of the first link and ring. Mechanism is provided with rolling elements. Some of rolling elements contact with outer ring surface and with surface forming axial hole of the second output link. Other rolling elements contact with the inner surfaces of ring and with outer surface of the first link outer surface. The said ring is arranged eccentrically. Rolling elements may be represented as rolls. Longitudinal axes L and N are located along longitudinal axis S of pivotal lug of the first output link or along longitudinal axis Z of mechanism. Drive element may include groove to fix ring. At least, gear wheels may be made of plastic. Ring may be also made of plastic. Groove may be represented as eccentrically machined ring, which is similar to reciprocal end section of mechanism ring.

EFFECT: increase of backrest adjuster efficiency factor owing to reduction of effort to be applied to adjuster handle by user.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: method enables to transform interior space of vehicle comprising seats each one of which has seat bottom and back. For one seat its back is moved from the first position when lower seat back edge is located opposite to the first lateral seat bottom edge to the second position when the said lower edge of seat back is opposite lateral edge opposite to the said first lateral edge. Additionally the said movement of seat back is combined with turning around axis by 180°.

EFFECT: possibility to transform interior space of vehicle.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, namely to transmission stage of automobile sear actuator drive. Proposed transmission stage comprises bearing (12) defined by axis (A12) and ball (11) fitted in bearing (12) and rotating about another axis (A11). With drive rotating, ball rolls over bearing (12) about its axis (A12). Axis (A11) of ball (11) is inclined at angle (α) to axis (A12) of bearing (12). Ball (11) fits to bearing (12) in points of contact (B1, B2).

EFFECT: actuator drive to adjust seat back inclination.

14 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine actuator for automobile seat and method of its manufacture. Engine actuator 1 arranged between two movable seat components comprises engine electronically connected with gearbox first stage 21 and second stage 31 integrated into single housing of engine actuator drive 1. Said first stage 21 is arranged on engine 11 on the side of p.t.o.-shaft. Second stage 31 is arranged on gearbox first stage 21 on the side of p.t.o.-shaft to make transfer mechanism taking up the load. Assembled actuator drive 1 incorporates built-in sealing elements (19, 29, 30) to protect the engine 11 and/or its electric contact (17), and/or one of its gearbox stages 21 or 31 to be dismantled from actuator drive 1 prepared for operation. Proposed method consists in that engine 11, gearbox first stage 21 and second stage 31 are integrated into engine actuator drive 1. Assembled drive 1 is subjected to aggressive cleaning and/or painting. Engine 11 and/or its electric contact 17, and/or gearbox first stage, are sealed by one sealing element (19, 29, 30).

EFFECT: perfected engine actuator drive.

12 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to car seat latch assembly. Latch assembly comprises base, latch, pawl and pawl plate. Latch is arranged on plate to move from locked and open positions. Pawl and pawl plate are arranged aligned on said base and engaged to interact in turning. In compliance with first version, said seat comprises latch with lock surface, pawl plate and plate. Pawl plate has pressure surface to press on lock surface with latch in locked position, and first support surface. Lock surface thrusts against first support surface with latch turning when pushed. Pawl has second support surface whereon rests lock surface together with pawl plate with latch turning when pushed. In compliance with second version, it comprises latch including lower latch interacting with pawl and upper latch arranged on lower latch to interact with pawl plate, and top lock surface. Pawl plate has pressure surface to press top lock surface with latch locked.

EFFECT: easy, stable and reliable operation.

17 cl, 12 dwg