Vehicle suspension wishbone

FIELD: automobile manufacturing.

SUBSTANCE: suspension wishbone contains a connecting bend, a wheel bend and a crank-shaft neck. The connecting bend is designed to attach the suspension arm to the vehicle body. The wheel bend is attached to the connecting bend and is configured to attach the suspension arm to the wheel post. The crank-shaft neck has a pin portion inclined to the wheel bend and a transition region forming a flattened fastening portion having a trapezoidal or triangular configuration attached to the connecting bend. The connecting bend includes an area with a recess near the hollow connection zone, at least, partially surrounding the anchoring portion of the crank-shaft neck. The recess is configured to provide access to the fastening portion from the upper side and the underside of the transverse suspension arm.

EFFECT: creating a lateral suspension arm with smaller dimensions in the area of the connecting zone, to which the whip crank-shaft neck is attached.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device for position adjustment and reduction of pressure on ground of the control system - steering axle of wheeled grain combine harvester - is mounted on brackets on the beam of the steering axle and the combine body. The device for position adjustment and reduction of pressure on ground is made in the form of a mechanism comprising pneumatic wheels, wheel hubs, a centre clutch, a bearing, the position-loading clamps, and two-way hydraulic shock absorber. The wheel hubs are fixed by the torsion axis with limiters. The position-loading clamps consist of triangular tubular rails with mounting attachment bracket, bearings, silent blocks and power hydraulic cylinders connected to the hydraulic system of the combine and the pressure regulator.

EFFECT: increase in permeability and rate of movement on weak soils.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to snowmobile and front suspension assembly top lever. Snowmobile comprises frame with front and rear parts, drive caterpillar track arranged under frame rear, engine mounted at the frame, drive engaging said engine with drive caterpillar track to transmit traction to drive caterpillar track, front suspension assembly with LH and RH sides, two skis engaged with said LH and RH sides. Every of said LH and RH sides comprises: top lever with at least far and near ends. Both are engaged with the frame. Spindle has top part including ball joint, mid part engaged with bottom lever, and bottom part engaged with appropriate ski of said pair of skis. Said fear end of top lever comprises bushing. Said bushing includes ball joint to engage spindle top part with top lever far end and at least one of LH or RH sides with at least one edge extending, in fact, vertically from said bushing. Front suspension assembly top lever comprises: at least far end, near end, said near end being engaged with said frame, hollow sleeve rigidly connected to top lever far end and at least one ledge extending beyond the bushing, in fact, vertically.

EFFECT: better controllability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive suspension. Rear axle comprises two suspension levers to swing in vertical plane. Every said lever is provided with the holder of rear wheel hub at its appropriate rear part. Additionally, rear axle comprises deformable crossbar to couple two suspension levers. Every suspension lever has vertical hole made on lever width space and ahead of hub holder axle, between said crossbar and hub holder wherein fitted in shock absorber. Lower attachment of the latter is coupled with suspension lever.

EFFECT: simplified design.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to articulated assembly (1) and/or to bearing assembly for the vehicle, first of all for details of the running gear or steering control. Articulated assembly (1) contains the head (4) of the articulated joint, which is penetrated by the axle body (12; 112; 212; 312), and installed with a possibility of movement by at least of sections surrounding the head (4) of the articulated joint of the body and one or several support rings (6) through the gasket with an elasticity of rubber (7). Facing to the axle body (12; 112; 212; 312) the boundary surface of the head (4) of the articulated joint is made as a sleeve located radially inside the surface of the stable-shaped sleeve body (4). The axle body (12; 112; 212; 312) is installed in the head (4) of the articulated joint with a possibility of rotating. The axle body (12; 112; 212; 312) in the sleeve body by means of axial stoppers (20; 120) is protected from axial movement of the axle body (12; 112; 212; 312) with reference to the sleeve body (4).

EFFECT: creation of articulated and/or bearing assembly, in which, on the one hand, the comfort of articulated joint with pre-stressed elastic element is kept, and on the other hand, at the expense of possibility of rotation of the axle body with reference to the head of the articulated joint the protection of slide bearing from breaking or slippage of connection is formed, and therefore the advantages of articulated joint with the pre-stressed elastic element and sliding support are combined.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. This running gear comprises front axle (13) and rear axle (14), stabilisers (18, 19), spring damper system (20), body (12) and one fluid-operated actuator (23). Stabiliser (18) is coupled by lateral end parts with suspensions (17) of front wheels (15) while stabiliser (19) extends to rear axle (14) and is connected by its lateral end parts with suspensions (17) of rear wheels (16). Spring damper system acts on every wheel suspension (17) to rest on carrier body (12) by every end lateral part of every stabiliser (18, 19). Note here that every stabiliser (18, 19) is rigidly coupled with body (12) so that every stabiliser (18, 19) cannot turn about body (12).

EFFECT: new design of running gear.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: method for elimination of transferred torque value change caused by aggregate angular oscillations around its driving shaft. This method differs in the fact that additional turn of aggregate's driving shaft relative to its body is made for angle determined by expression φat/i, where φa is - aggregate's driving shaft turn angle relative to its body; φt is turn angle of shaft which actuates aggregate's driving shaft relative to body of the first shaft; i is gear ratio from the first shaft to the second shaft. Device for torque stabilisation on vehicle driving wheels containing propulsion device attached to vehicle body, swinging on axis driving axle with bevel gear speed reducer to transfer torque to driving wheels connected with propulsion device by universal-joint drive has in its driveline chain two coaxial shafts the facing ends of which are splined at different angles to axis of shafts which shafts are connected by splined bushing being shifted in axial direction by drive proportionally to driving axle turn angle relative to longitudinal axis of driving shaft of axle bevel gear speed reducer. Bushing shift drive consists of two hydraulic cylinders connected by pipelines. One of hydraulic cylinders by its one end is connected with vehicle body, and by its second end - via bearing with splined bushing. The other hydraulic cylinder is connected with vehicle body and driving axle.

EFFECT: equality of turn angles of driving axle relative to speed reducer driving shaft axis and one mentioned shaft relative to the other.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Pliable system for the main suspension comprises support bracket 30 and hub post 10 secured to said bracket by pliable joint. Resilient element 40, 41 connects hub post 10 with support bracket 30. Hub post 10 is pressed to preset position relative to said support bracket 30. Support elements 1 allow displacement of hub post 10 relative to support bracket 30 and make a virtual ball hinge between hub post 10 and support bracket 30. In compliance with first version, suspension system comprises above said pliable system and incorporates extra drive motor arranged in the wheel. In compliance with second version, this suspension system comprises said pliable system and is attached to controlled main suspension. Note here that kingpin axle is located between suspension system and wheel or said system is located between kingpin axle and wheel. Transport facility comprises abode described suspension.

EFFECT: perfected performances, simplified deign, decreased overall dimensions.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed device comprises wheel knuckle. Wheel is fitted thereat to run in bearings. Said knuckle has wheel support and guide parts. Guide part is engaged with wheel suspension. Two rotary parts are arranged between retaining and guide parts to be actuated and twisted around rotary axis by appropriate drive. Rotary parts rotate to displace support and/or guide parts in preset direction. One actuator drives said rotary parts in, preferably, opposite directions. Said rotary parts have opposed inclined skewed surfaces. Said skewed surfaces are arranged at preset spacing and furnished with end teeth. Drive fear engages with said end teeth.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture and control.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive suspension lever. Structural element is composed of metal sheet and comprises suspension lever. Said lever comprises identical-depth forged piece from metal sheet. Said element includes central wall and two flange parts at opposite sides of said central wall. Central wall features single material depth. Flange parts comprises the parts extending upward and downward and composed of continuous dual inverse segment of metal sheet. Depth of every flange part is twice the depth of central wall. Cut ends of metal sheets terminate at central wall and are rigidly secured thereat. Structural element has double-tee profile.

EFFECT: higher stiffness and strength, decreased weight.

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Swivel // 2493020

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to swivels. Proposed swivel 1 comprises keeper pin 5, support and flange 8. Keeper pin head axial end has swivel head 4 to take up the force of one- or multi-component bearing device 2, 3. Keeper pin lower end 5a, 5b can be attached to axle beam 10. Flange 8 can apply force to lower area 5a, 5b of keeper pin 5 for connection with the beam of axle 10.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability and longer life.

8 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; freight trucks with pneumatic springs.

SUBSTANCE: according to invention, pliable to twisting lever 4 of four-point suspension is installed over vehicle axle 3. said lever is connected at one side with vehicle structure 1a, 1b by means of pair of joints 5, 6 spaced across longitudinal axis of vehicle, and at other side, with vehicle axle 3 by other pair of joints 7, 8 spaced across longitudinal axis of vehicle. Fitted at each side of vehicle is at least one tie-rod 11, 12 to direct movement of axle arranged in direction of longitudinal axis of vehicle and connecting axle 3 of vehicle with structure 1a, 1b to provide their displacement relative to each other in vertical, and at least one shock absorbing spring unit 19, 20 between axle 3 and vehicle structure 1a, 1b. Each tie-rod 11, 12 is installed with connection to structure 1a, 1b and vehicle axle 3 by means of joint 13, 14, 15, 16 containing housing, and elastomer arranged between inner hinge joint member and housing for taking forces in several directions and twisting between mated members. Hinge joint 13, 14 connecting tie-rod 11, 12 with vehicle structure features rigidity characteristic higher than that of hinge joints 15, 16 coupling tie-rod 11, 12 with vehicle axle. Invention provides optimization of dynamics of movement, reduction of vibrations, wear and provision of higher side rigidity of axle, reduction of number of separate parts, improvement of repairability and reduction of weight of unsprung parts.

EFFECT: improved suspension of vehicle solid axle.

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FIELD: transport engineering; elastic suspensions.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elastic suspensions of separate wheels with steering levers. According to invention, vehicle wheel suspension contains bell crank whose arms are arranged at angle relative to each other and middle part is hinge-connected with chassis, flexible member with supports, one of which is installed on one arm of bell crank, and the other, on carrying member of chassis. Second arm of bell crank interacts with wheel axle. Angle between arms of bell crank is 50-130°. Ratio of lengths of arms is 0.5-1.5. Hinge-coupling of middle part of bell crank is provided by hub-and-bearing unit. Second support of flexible member and hub-and-bearing unit are installed on underframe arranged at least at one level with wheel axle. Hub-and-bearing unit of bell crank of suspension is unified with hub-and-bearing unit of vehicle wheel.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities of suspension, improved reliability, repairability and manufacturability.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elastic suspensions for separate wheels with turnable lever. Proposed suspension of vehicle contains bellcrank installed from outer side of frame and hinge-connected by middle part with axle connecting frame sidemembers and engaging by one arm with wheel hub. Bellcrank is box-type with at least one additional hole on horizontal arm for re-placing of hub-and-bearing unit of wheel. Resilient members and shock absorber are installed parallel to each other and are coupled by some supports with horizontal arm of bellcrank, whose length exceeds length of vertical arm, and by other supports, with sidemembers of vehicle frame. Baffle installed on frame installed on frame limits travel of bellcrank vertical arm. At least one stiffening rib is installed space of bellcrank. Middle part of bellcrank is coupled with axle by means of conical hole.

EFFECT: improved reliability, adaptability to manufacture and repairability of suspension.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to triangular lever used in suspension of vehicle axles. Said triangular lever is designed for articulated connection of automobile axle with its frame, and it has two levers which, when being interconnected on one of end section, form housing of rubber-metal support by means of which lever is attached to automobile axle and which has axle with spherical surface and elastomer member enclosing the axle at least on section of arrangement of its spherical surface. elastomer member is fitted in cavity specially made in housing. two pressure rings fitted form axial outer sides of elastomer member in housing cavity are installed for moving towards one another by clamping device bracing them through thrust surfaces of housing adjoining outer sides of pressure rings pointed in different directions.

EFFECT: provision of preliminary compression (preload) of rubber-metal support in axial and radial direction making it possible to take up heavy forces owing to increase in rigidity.

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FIELD: mechanic.

SUBSTANCE: a single wheel block designed with the possibility of installation on the body of a vehicle, contains a wheel frame, which serves as a support for the suspension mechanism and the wheel assembly installed on the suspension mechanism. The suspension mechanism contains a Z-shaped link consisting of three levers connected end to end so that they can rotate. The suspension mechanism is fixed to the wheel frame so that the mechanism can be rotated, and a damping device absorbs the suspension mechanism vibration. The wheel suspension hinge support intended for the installation between two rotatable elements contains a cylindrical bushing support limiting the central shaft and having open ends with curved belts. The bushing support is located in a bored hole of the first rotational element. This bushing support supports the axle passing through the flanges with holes in the second rotational element. The flanges are located at each side of the bored hole and the bushing support. The flange holes have curved surfaces for reception of the mating curved bushing support belts.

EFFECT: increased manoeuverability, increase effective load, lower tyre wear.

28 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: suspension of vehicle consists of trailing arms. Each of trailing arms is made with variable section in vertical plane up to rectangular section before its inset with beam axle of vehicle. The said arm is divided by vertical notch into two symmetrical parts from point of its pinning to vehicle frame and place of its attachment to mentioned vehicle beam axle with possibility to vary ratio between thickness and height of trailing arm section and width of notch.

EFFECT: design simplicity due to suspension stabiliser elimination, high rigidity of suspension trailing arm while its weight and dimensional parameters are equal to the same parameters of known arms, more durable operation of suspension pneumatic element and suspension survivability under destruction of one of the trailing arm front parts.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle suspension contains upper and lower links pivotally connecting swivel member mounted on wheel hub and main gear housing. Propeller shaft of main gear drive is installed in protective housing which is used as lower link. Drive shaft protective housing is made with ball ends forming joints together with mating spherical elements of swivel member and main gear housing.

EFFECT: simplification of suspension design, improvement of its durability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed support has bar-like main part and support elements for pin ball heads arranged on the main part ends. Cross section of the main part features S-shaped form made by three parallel and spaced apart crossarms and crosspieces jointing each two adjacent crossarms. Note here that said crosspieces are arranged on opposite ends of crossarms.

EFFECT: increased moment of inertia of plastic support.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive suspension. Lever 14 comprises first and second crosswise connecting elements 18, 28 converging toward vehicle body and interjointed by lengthwise coupling elements 34. First crosswise connecting element 18 is articulated with wheel hub by two sleeves 22 and with vehicle body by sleeve 20. Second crosswise connecting element 28 is articulated with wheel hub by sleeve and, with vehicle body, by sleeve 30. First connecting element 18 features torsional stiffness. Second connecting element 28 and coupling element 34 feature cross sections that make vertical stiffness of lever 14 at the point of articulation of second connecting element 28 with wheel hub insignificant with respect to that between articulation of the first connecting element 18 with wheel hub. Independent suspension comprises lower lever made as described above and upper bar of camber angle adjustment.

EFFECT: reduced number of parts and lower weight.

25 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to suspension lever and automobile with such lever. Said lever is made from plate and comprises thrust end E of rotary part to allow jointing to wheel, front joint A and lever central part that makes rear joint B for jointing with bracket coupled with automobile chassis. Edge located between said thrust end E and read joint B has extending section 21 that ups relative to plate top surface 1 directed upward in fitting the on bracket. Note here that said extending section 21 comprises top part 22 curved in crosswise direction so that free end 23 of said extending part is directed downward toward top surface 1. Proposed automobile incorporates above described boomerang-like lever.

EFFECT: simplified design.

9 cl, 3 dwg