All-season tundra vehicle

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: cross-country vehicle contains the cabin, the main drive from the internal combustion engine, the full-range pneumatic-wheel propellers of large diameter, mounted on the chassis, and the cargo compartment. The pneumatic propellers contain the full profiled with low and medium pressure tyres, and the suspension is made without springs, the wide frame chassis is performed with differently tracked location system of the pneumatic propellers on the spaced bridges with the gravity center stabilisation and the lateral stability. The lateral retractable support wheels are installed at the frame, the aerodynamic engine power plant of helicopter type with detachable emergency-detonated blades is installed between the main engine and the cargo compartment in the vehicle mass center. The water jets and high-speed impeller are installed on the bridge transverse beams. The engine compartment, the cabin and the cargo compartment are sealed and made of composite, fiber-glass materials and carbon fiber, and the vehicle carrier elements are made from aluminium and titanium alloys.

EFFECT: improved the vehicle cross-country.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. three-axle vehicle with combined power plant includes thermal engine connected with wheels of middle axle, reversible electrical machines, driveline and on-board control system. Vehicle is made with rear-wheels driven by electric machines installed in hubs of wheels the axle of which is equipped with lifting mechanism. The middle axle is driven by thermal engine and reversible electrical machine located in one unit with transmission. Electric machines of front wheel drive are located on undercarriage.

EFFECT: simplified design and improved operational characteristics are achieved.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery. Proposed mechanism serves to distribute natural load from wheeled tractor front axle to extra propulsor. Cylindrical thrust mechanism is mounted at tractor frame by means of welded corner plates. Said mechanism consists of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic pump, pump cut in lever, elastic fluid feed hoses. Hydraulic cylinder rod thrusts against the end of dual semi-elliptical sheet spring. Spring central part is articulated with bracket hinge at tractor frame center. Said spring rests on thrust piece mounted on extra drive axle and provided with limiter.

EFFECT: better floatation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to amphibious transport facilities. Proposed transport facility comprises drives to move on ground and those for moving in water. Drives to move on ground include, at least, two axles spaced apart along vehicle length and, at least, one intermediate axle mounted there between. Said intermediate axle is provided with, at least, one wheel that may be retracted above vehicle waterline for motion in water and/or on ground. One or several axles may be driving, either permanently or selectively. Transport facility can plane on water surface and may feature V-like hull. Motion on water may be actuated by water-jet propeller. Wheels may be retracted either vertically or in turn about vertical axis of transport facility. It is expedient to control turns by one-side braking. Wheels may be furnished with guides for retraction and wings while transport facility may be furnished with roof. Pairs of sliding parts may make roof support. Transport facility may be equipped with front control station with driver seat.

EFFECT: better maneuverability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, namely to auxiliary devices designed to increase non-four-and-four wheeled tractor cross-country capacity. Auxiliary device to increase non-four-and-four wheeled tractor cross-country capacity represents auxiliary positively locked drive axle mounted with the help of welded thrusts and spring-loaded vertical power hydraulic cylinders arranged between front and rear axles of the tractor, perpendicular to vector of tractor motion, and engaged via p.t.o-box with gearbox. It allows redistribute tractor front weight to additional drive axle via pressure cylinder mechanism depending upon operating conditions. To add to system of horizontal stiffness, auxiliary drive shaft is secured to tractor frame by two reactive tie-rods.

EFFECT: higher cross-country capacity, reliability, simplified design.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device serves to lift automotive axles, particularly those furnished with pneumatic suspension. Suspension comprises support element (2), lifting element (4) and lever element (6). Lifting and lever elements can be jointed together by lifting element. Support element is arranged stationary relative to lever element but can rotate or turn about it. When lifting element operates, support element is supported on vehicle frame element (16). To lift axle control lever, lever element applies, primarily vertical force to lever (20). Lever element is arranged stationary and can rotate or turn with respect to distal end of lever (20) and/or frame element.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, mainly to higher cross-country capacity trucks. Proposed truck comprises two drive axles with mechanical drives: one main axle and one wheeled axle. Main portal axle is equipped with mechanism to elevate it in cut-off state. Wheeled portal axle is equipped with mechanism to elevate it in cut-off state. Portal axle has wheels rotational axis not aligned with drive half axle axis. Wheeled axle wheel diametre is smaller than that of the main axle. Wheeled axle drive gear ratio exceeds that of the main axle. Wheel gage of wheeled axle is smaller than that of the main axle by the sum of maximum projections on horizontal plane of one wheel of main axle and one wheel of wheeled axle.

EFFECT: increased thrust and better cross country capacity.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: automobile suspension systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed suspension system for automobile-amphibian includes the control lever mounted rotatably on automobile body passing to wheel bracket. Control lever and wheel bracket are mounted for rotary motion relative to each other. Wheel bracket includes automobile wheel supports. Suspension system is provided additionally with drive unit mounted rotatably on automobile body at spatial connection relative to control lever and for rotation of control lever around its swivel joint with body for shift of wheel bracket and consequently for shift between two limiting positions of automobile wheel. In first limiting position, wheel is mainly located vertically for grip with road and in second limiting position, it is retracted for motion of automobile in water. Drive unit is mounted rotatably on body in center position relative to its length so that it should turn during motion of wheel bracket between the first and second limiting positions.

EFFECT: increased motion of automobile forward and inside at retraction.

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The invention relates to tractor industry, in particular for agricultural tractors

The invention relates to a transport machine-building, namely the mechanisms of bridge lifting of vehicles with pneumatic suspension

Wheeled vehicle // 2178752
The invention relates to vehicles intended for operation in off-road conditions, such as planetary Rovers

Flying car // 2551300

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: flying car comprises bearing body, hybrid power plant, ICE, running gear and four propellers. Sais propellers are drive by motors running in opposite directions and at different angular velocities. Said motors are fed by electrical generators driven by said ICE. Two propellers are arranged at car front in symmetry with its lengthwise axis. Two other propellers are arranged at car rear, one above the other at lengthwise shaft, and feature diameter larger than that of first two propellers. Frying vehicle is equipped with hybrid power plant generating electric power for motors of propellers in motion on roads and in flight. Car moves on ground when drive by ICE, transmission and running gear.

EFFECT: accelerated conversion to flying state.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: multifunctional gyroplane includes fuselage with four-door cabin where front seats and rear sofa are located, instrument panel, navigational instruments, power-plant instruments, monitor, landing gear, outboard aerodynamic element installed on pillars above cabin roof with fuel tank inside it, four-bladed lifting propeller with automatic system of blades setting, fixing and folding, four-bladed variable-pitch reversing pusher propeller, electric gear motors, V-shaped vertical stabilisers with yaw rudders connected in top points by stabiliser with elevation rudder, internal combustion engine (ICE). The pusher propeller is installed in aerodynamic ring behind cabin in interjoist. The ICE is placed in the centre of mass and is used to drive gear box with generator, compressor and tachometer installed on it. The gyroplane is provided with two rotatable front landing gear legs with wheels, four braking wheels, clearance and steering lamps at the front and on tail boom. In the fore-body scanning locator is installed. Steering column rudder controls front legs turning on the ground and yaw rudders in the air.

EFFECT: improved operating performance of transport facility.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircrafts folded wing. Transport facility contains fuselage (1), propulsor, wing, consoles (2, 3) which are made capable to be folded, wing folding device. The wing folding device includes right (2) and left (3) wing consoles attached to fuselage (1), console swivelling device, lock for console fixation (2, 3) in flight and folded position. The consoles are connected by articulated joints (6) and (7) right (4) and left (5) struts connected by articulated joints (8, 9) with fuselage (1). Root ribs (10, 11) of consoles (2, 3) are connected by articulated joints (12), (13) and (14), (15) with rod (16) located in plane of symmetry of transport facility and equipped with up motion drive.

EFFECT: smaller transversal size of aircraft wing and possibility of autonomous ground run with folded wing with decreasing its transversal size.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles. This vehicle comprises spherical airframe composed of flexible bars interconnected by appropriate links to make a reticular structure, two coaxial rotors with opposite rotation, power source, engine and reduction gearbox for driving of rotors, communication equipment, surface and air control system, diametrical swing axle extending beyond spherical axle and articulated with said airframe. Said axle carries screws with drive arranged above and under said diametrical swing axle. Said axle inside airframe is engaged with suspension to support payload while outside said airframe it is rigidly coupled with arc supporting the platform to support hardware. Two rings are fitted on spherical airframe perpendicular to said diametrical swing axle.

EFFECT: better flotation, higher speed.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Convertible craft // 2531538

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: this craft comprises fuselage with cockpit and passenger cabin, rear screw plant, front and rear undercarriage wheels and release and retraction mechanisms, folding RH and LH wing planes and tail-end. The latter is jointed to fuselage by hinges. Fuselage has isolated compartments for mid engine, rear screw drives and rear undercarriage wheels. Nose compartment and two streamlined windows above cockpit for control and observation at takeoff and landing. Take-off-landing gear is arranged at fuselage centre and equipped with two retractable pairs of legs with wheels and damping props. The latter are arranged as-folded in lateral compartments between cockpit and passenger cabin. Skis as-folded are located in boxes ahead of wheels. Wing planes have leading and trailing struts, screw plants and engines located at the front of root sections. Wing planes and tail part with control tail unit can be folded by cable mechanisms for conversion into surface carrier.

EFFECT: motion over ground, water, ice and air.

5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of lift in air. Development of lift for displacement of cargo in air comprises arrangement of two main discs of carrier two sides for vertical turn thereabout. Spiral-like sets of unidirectional ribs are arranged above every said disc to develop decreased pressure by spinning of extra disc. There is the hole to locate and fix the drive at turning device for spinning of extra disc. Stiffness plate is secured at turning device and aligned with main disc. Gearing is fixed at said plate to engage with drive reduction gear, as well as several pairs of limiting rollers. Internal U-like stiffness rib is arranged between limiting rollers of every pair and feature toothed surface of the wheel for motion of the ground. Gearing is engaged with toothed surface of U-like stiffness rib of said wheel.

EFFECT: decreased overall dimensions.

9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles for moving in air and over road surface. Method of lifting force generation for cargo lifting and transfer in air includes using two main disks at two sides of transport body with possibility of vertical turn by means of turning mechanism. Over the main disks, helical sequences of ribs of one orientation are placed to create decreased pressure above their surfaces by rotating them by means of additional disk of drive which is made with gearset. Turning mechanism is made with linear drive and with two parallel cylindrical guides functionally associated with bushings of longitudinal movement which are mounted on diametrically opposite sides of limit washer and connected with linear drive. On the limit washer, several pairs of limit rollers are rotatably fixed. Between rollers of each pair, internal flat-topped reinforcement rib with scalloped surface of land moving wheel is installed which surface is linked with drive gearset.

EFFECT: minimisation of overall dimensions.

3 cl, 6 dwg

Aviatransformer // 2519307

FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: aviatransformer comprises fuselage with streamlined canopy with bottom shaped to boat bottom, three-wheel undercarriage, engine with pusher propeller, top wing with left and right outer wings folding along fuselage side surface, upper centre-section, empennage with two aerodynamic fins. Fuselage bottom is shaped to boat bottom and comprises boards changing at mid section to two bottom parallel hydrodynamic keels of invariable width with bases located in one horizontal plane. Fuselage bottom part between hydrodynamic keels is composed of short-span airfoil. Said hydrodynamic keels are smoothly conjugated with aerodynamic keels at fuselage tail bottom section.

EFFECT: improved takeoff and landing.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed vehicle consists of the body fitted at bearing frame, ICE with exhaust pipe mounted at wheeled chassis. Vehicle rear gas extendable blower. Vehicle roof carries rotary steering rudder. Vehicle sides have compartments to store folding wings connected with compressor. Folding wing is made of soft skin tightly connected with all-mode compressor via pipeline fitted in wind drive. Telescope tubes with rope fitted there inside are located inside said wing. Wing skin consists of communicated cells with check valves arranged in webs made between said cells. Safety valve is arranged on folding wing outer surface.

EFFECT: expanded performances.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed aircraft has fuselage, wheels to run on ground attached to fuselage bottom, wings to create the lift arranged in symmetry on fuselage both sides and propellers mounted on wings and fuselage to generate the lift and traction. Said wings are attached to fuselage by means of position variators, each including multiple variable-volume chambers and volume variator arranged on one side of variable-volume chambers to adjust their expansion to allow every wing to be folded.

EFFECT: higher flight stability.

15 cl, 8 dwg

Autoplane // 2257300

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ground vehicles converted into flying vehicles. Proposed autoplane (flying car) contains undercarriage, body with cabin engine and vertical rudder. Support platform is made on upper section of body after cabin on which two posts, each provided with lock, are secured at sides opposite to each other and symmetrically relative to longitudinal axis. Autoplane has lifting surface consisting of two fan-like halves fitting on said posts of support platform, horizontal stabilizer with elevator, and jet engine arranged in space of body. Each half of lifting surface consists of set of plates, two tapes, bushings and braces. Lock is made in form of wing nut, and plates are provided with holes. Tapes are passed through holes of lower base, and ends of tapes are secured on extreme plates, one of which is rigidly coupled with support platform. Vertical rudder consists of vertical stabilizer with rudder. Clamp is fastened on end face of extreme free plate from side of upper base. Each half of lifting surface is provided with detachable holder.

EFFECT: enlarged set of technical means.

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