Dust trap fan

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: dust trap fan includes a body with inlet and outlet nozzles, respectively, for gas supply and discharge, divided by transverse annular partitions into at least two annular chambers. In the annular chambers on the common rotation axis, there are the blade wheels containing the front annular and rear solid discs arranged in series. The front circular wheels of the blade wheels are located in the central holes of the transverse annular partitions. Each transverse annular partition is made convex towards the gas flow, mating near the central opening tangentially to the inner surface of the corresponding front annular disc. In this case, the mating surfaces of the transverse annular partition and the front annular disc of the blade wheel contain seals of contactless type or contact type.

EFFECT: increase the edust trap fficiency in combination with lower energy costs for transportation of cleaned gases.

8 cl, 6 dwg



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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for separation of solid particles from gases. Proposed process comprises the steps that follow. Catalyst is recovered in regenerator and solid particles are separated in the first and second stage cyclones. Gas flow is forced from second stage separator into third stage external separator. Gas flow is directed from said external separator into cyclone recycling unit to get a clean gas flow. Solid particles are charged to cause their agglomeration in said recycling unit. In implementation of this process, extra flow is fed from cyclone recycling unit into third stage external separator. Another flow is fed therefrom into the filter. Separate gas flow derived from the filter is fed into offgas heat recovery system and, then, into chimney. Additional flow from cyclone recycling unit is fed into the filter. DC electric field is created in said cyclone recycling unit.

EFFECT: higher quality of gas cleaning.

10 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: water treatment device comprises a hydrocyclone with feeding and drain branch pipes, an input, output and washing pipelines with appropriate branch pipes and gate valves, treatment wastes gathering tank with quick-detachable lid and pipeline valve, pipes filter installed in the inner part of the hydrocyclone, its lower end is dead and a corrosion-resistant flanged drain branch pipe is threaded to the upper end, and is flange-mounted to the outlet branch pipe of the hydrocyclone. The device is additionally equipped with tank connecting the output and washing pipelines. The washing pipeline is equipped with washing pump, thus permitting periodic change of the operation mode. The outlet hole of the feeding branch pipe in the hydrocyclone is made as a segment with the arc length l ≈ 1.55d, where d is diameter of the inlet hole of the feeding branch pipe in the hydrocyclone and is set at the angle of φ = arctg0.32(0.12÷0.4) to the perpendicular of the hycrocyclone axis. Flooding of the pipe filter and installed on it drainage branch pipe is performed to interface plane of the cylindrical and cone parts of the hydrocyclone.

EFFECT: intensification of the water treatment process, increased time between washings of the pipe filter, increased quality of the pipe filter washing.

3 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: water treatment device comprises a hydrocyclone with feeding and drain branch pipes, a filtering element installed in the inner part of the hydrocyclone, its lower end is dead and a corrosion-resistant flanged drain branch pipe is threaded to the upper end and is flange-mounted to the outlet branch pipe of the hydrocyclone, inlet, outlet and washing pipelines with relevant branch pipes and gate valves allowing for periodical change of operating mode: filtration of water suspension by the hydrocyclone and the filtering element, washing of the filtering element and treatment waste collector by return flow of the water suspension to the discharge system, the treatment waste collector with a quick-detachable cover and a tap. The filtering element consists of the cylindrical and conical parts conjugated in the plane of co-location of the hydrocyclone's cylindrical and conical parts. The sides of the filtering element's conical part are parallel to the sides of the hycrocyclone's conical part. The outlet hole of the feeding branch pipe in the hydrocyclone is made as a segment with the arc length l ≈ 3.1r, where r stands for the radius of the inlet hole of the feeding branch pipe in the hydrocyclone and is set at the angle of φ = arctg0.32(0.12÷0.4) to the perpendicular of the hydrocyclone axis.

EFFECT: increased reliability and high quality of water treatment process.

3 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to removal of dust or other disperse particles from gases and can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, etc. Proposed device comprises cyclone consisting of cylindrical case with conical bottom equipped with sludge discharge pipe, dusty gas flow feed pipe arranged tangentially to said case and cover with cleaned gas discharge pipe. Electrical filter consists of corona-forming electrodes arranged inside dusty gas flow feed pipe, corona-forming electrodes and/or electrodes/nozzles fitted at cyclone cylindrical case conical bottom. Conical gauze filter is arranged at cleaned gas flow pipe to make corona-forming electrode which is equipped with corona-forming needles. HV source negative pole is connected to corona-forming electrode inside dusty gas flow pipe and to conical gauze filter. HV source positive pole is connected to corona-forming electrodes, electrodes-nozzles arranged at cyclone conical bottom or cylindrical case.

EFFECT: higher quality of gas cleaning.

13 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry and power engineering and can be used in treatment of industrial and household wastes. The vortex layer apparatus has a removable cartridge (2) made of nonmagnetic material with inserts of ferromagnetic material, mounted in the active area of a pipe (4). The cartridge (2) is a cylinder whose ends are closed by swirl diffusers with blades (7) which overlap with each other, inside of which there is a rod (9). There are ferromagnetic particles inside the reaction chamber (6). An electromagnetic inductor (1) creates a rotating magnetic field in the working area.

EFFECT: invention improves efficiency and the quality of treating a liquid and simplifies operation of the apparatus.

3 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for reagentless purification and disinfection of water comprises two hydraulic cyclones 20, 21, a reactor tank 1 with an air-stripping tower 2, in the top part of which there are two ejectors 3, 4, mixing chambers of which are directed towards each other. Over the mixing chambers there is a cupola-shaped reflection shield 5, over which there is a filter cartridge 8. The reactor tank 1 is divided by two vertical perforated partition walls 9, 10 into two compartments. The first compartment 12 of the reactor tank 1 contains a settling tank 15 linked to a drainage system. The second compartment 13 of the reactor tank 1 is equipped with upper 17 and lower 18 water level sensors. The outlet of the reactor tank 1 is connected to the feed line of the water to be treated and a pipe for feeding water to the consumer. The hydraulic cyclones 20, 21 are connected to the feed line of the water to be treated and the drainage system, and through mesh filters 22, 23 to inlets of receiving chambers of the ejectors 3, 4.

EFFECT: invention increases the water/air contact area and provides further dispersion, cavitation, agitation, aeration and degassing of the treated water.

9 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises casing with pipes, filter, swirler, precipitated impurities collection chamber, heater arranged at filter case, porous filtration elements arranged vertically inside the filter and having their top ends secured in tube plate arranged inside filter top part to separate powder-gas flow cleaning chamber from cleaned gas chamber. Swirler is arranged on filter cylindrical shell outer side, between said shell and casing. Device is regenerated by forcing high-pressure gas backflow through the filter. Said high-pressure flow is created by abrupt feed of gas contained at pressure in receiver through porous filtration elements into pre-evacuated working chambers of the filter. Note here that pressure inside said working chamber does not exceed barometric pressure.

EFFECT: efficient filtration, low drag, longer life.

4 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dust separation. Proposed system comprises cyclone making first cleaning stage that has case, peripheral inlet of flow, cover, bin, cleaned gas outlet branch pipe with filtration element that makes second cleaning stage. Said case is composed of two different-diameter cylindrical parts. Gas axial inlet represents rectangular bend with outer part communicated with axial inlet branch pipe and inner part arranged in symmetry about said case and comprises tapered cylinder nose cone arranged there inside and aligned therewith. Tapered turnback washer is arranged outside rectangular bend inner part. Filter incorporates temperature gage arranged in filtration section case. Dust collection bin is proved with dust emergency level pickup. Filtration section outlet box accommodates automatic thermal warning pickup. Filtration section outlet box accommodates manifold with nozzles to be connected to firefighting system. Filter regeneration system comprises valve units incorporating solenoid valves, pulse valves with pulse tubes and branch pipes, Venturi nozzles and differential pressure gage.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability, reduced metal input and vibroacoustic activity.

5 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cyclone separators intended for generating vortex flow swirling about separator central axis (I) and, at a time, translating from converging flow inlet and throat section to diverging flow outlet. Note here that said throat section 4 is arranged between converging flow inlet and diverging flow outlet. Diverging flow outlet comprises outlet channels 6, 7, one inner first channel of which is intended for flow components with low content of condensates and another second channel 6 is intended for flow components rich in condensates. Cyclone separator compromises, at least, one scroll diffuser 9, 9' communicated with one of said outlet channels. Note also that said diffuser comprises scroll outlet 90, 90' with spiral axis (II) math makes, in fact, a spiral around central axis (I). Outlet 90, 90' comprises swirling chamber 95 to convert vortex flow axial pulse relative to central axis (I) in tangential pulse relative to spiral axis (II). Note here that separator features scroll outlet cross-section increasing from minimum to maximum. Note also that maximum cross-section of said outlet 90, 90' includes transition to minimum cross-section of scroll outlet 90, 90'.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

14 cl, 11 dwg

Inertial thickener // 2465063

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to suspension separators and serves to extract suspended substances from effluents at live farming. Proposed inertial thickener consists of cylindrical housing and its conical section. Housing cylindrical section accommodates filtration shell with tangential inlet branch pipe arranged at its top for initial suspension, vaned rotor aligned with said liquid fraction discharge branch pipe to run in bearings that features height and diameter equal to filtration shell chamber. Filtration shell bottom edge is provided with tangential discharge branch pipes with their inner ends directed in rotational direction of vaned rotor and outer ends passed through hollow housing wall. Discharge shell top base encloses hollow housing with radial clearance at the level of tangential discharge tubes and features skewed bottom penetrated by hollow housing conical section sealed therein.

EFFECT: higher dehydration.

3 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cleaning of air from aerosols and gas admixtures and can be used in vent systems of various industrial branches. Combined air cleaner comprises primary cleaning section and adsorption section. Primary cleaning unit is composed of electrostatic filter with filter element. The latter is made of porous nonwoven material including synthetic fibres of micron and submicron sizes that possess a dipole moment. Adsorption unit is composed of adsorption-catalytic filter element. Filter elements of primary cleaning and adsorption units are composed by cylindrical pipes fitted concentrically in common case. Note here that diameter of adsorption unit filter element is larger than that of primary cleaning unit filter element.

EFFECT: high-efficiency cleaning.

1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to acid components separator. Proposed separator plant comprises tank (8) to accommodate cyclone separator (9). Filter chamber (10) is arranged above said separator (9) in direction of gravity force and equipped with filter plugs (17) and wherein central pipe (20) of cyclone separator (9) is brought. It differs from known design in that separation wall (19) is arranged between cyclone separator (9) and filter chamber. Said separation wall is composed by tapered bottom for central pipe (20) of cyclone separator (9) to pass there through. Note here that smaller-diameter rundown pipe (21) is fitted in central pipe (20) to discharge fine dust. Said pipe (21) is equipped with feed elements (24) to displace fine dust from tapered bottom (19) into rundown pipe (21) and to feed the dust to dust accumulator (23) via dust discharge assembly (22) provided with gates.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation.

4 cl, 3 dwg

Gas cleaning system // 2538845

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas cleaning system that can be used removal of both solid dirt and moisture from gases. Proposed system comprises at least one case (2) with first chamber (6) to receive gas to be cleaned and second chamber (10) that makes filter chamber wherefrom purified gas escapes. Second chamber comprises gas filter and filter element (54) for separation of solids and precipitation of gas-associated moisture. First chamber (6) comprises cyclone (60) for pre-removal of moisture from gas wherefrom dirt and fluid can be diverted in third chamber (14) of case (2). Note here that case (2) consists of top part (8) with second chamber (10), central part (4) with first chamber (6) including cyclone (60) and bottom part (12) that makes third chamber (14). Case parts can be drawn up by means of at least one anchor bolt (32) to make a closed pressure tank. Case bottom part (12) is shaped to bowl including third chamber (14) to be connected to outlet (51) of cyclone (60) while its bottom (24) makes the fastener for several anchor bolts (32). Every case part (4, 8, 12) has sidewall composed of cylinder shell (16, 20, 22) abutting on appropriate adjacent shell (16, 20, 22) at joint (38) between case top and central parts (8) and (4), or at joint (40) between case central and bottom parts (4) and (12) to make stay at one line. Note here that said joints (38) and (40) have appropriate end surfaces that make sealing metal sealing surfaces under tension forced developed by anchor bolts (32).

EFFECT: lower production costs.

8 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device includes supply pipeline (1) located vertically or slantwise and discharge pipeline (2) that is arc-shaped at least in some sections and has the possibility of its being connected, when required, to the separation device for separation of remained solid substances from pre-cleaned gas. The device has the possibility of supplying through the supply pipeline to its lower end side (3) of gases (G) contaminated with solid substances, and upper end side of supply pipeline is closed with cover plate (4). Arc-shaped discharge pipeline (2) is located on supply pipeline (1) so that a continued part of pipeline (5), which has the shape of a blind hole, for separation of solid particles is formed. Besides, arc-shaped discharge pipeline (2) is made with a curvature in the form of an arc of circle or an arc formed of straight segments, with the radius that is by 3-5 times more than width for clear opening of the arc-shaped discharge pipeline (2).

EFFECT: reliable separation of solid substances from gas contaminated with them.

18 cl, 3 dwg

Liquid separator // 2466773

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: separator is fitted with a centrifugal separator and a final purification separator through which the cleaned gas flows. The centrifugal separator consists of a cylindrical housing with a tangential inlet hole and an axial outlet hole. The final purification separator has a housing which bounds space which, through a check valve, is insulated from the inner space of the centrifugal separator. The check valve has a housing which, when the check valve is closed, rests on the bearing surface formed by the top wall of the centrifugal separator.

EFFECT: reducing the risk of oil foaming, reducing loss when releasing gas and increasing the service life of the separator.

10 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to device for transported gas treatment. The device housing (3) with cavity (I) forms the section of preliminary gas treatment. The device housing (4) with cavity (II) forms the section of gas fine treatment. The housing (3) is plugged, there is an inlet fitting (5) mounted above it. The housings (3) and (4) are connected by pipeline (10) for gas passing. There are through holes under the zone of pipeline (10) input that are closed from above by L-shaped partition before which there is a hole in annular partition (23), the hole is connected to drain tube (29) for condensate discharge. There is a filter in housing (4) performed in a form of removable cassette (21) with sockets for filtering elements. The cassette (21) includes two circular plates coaxially arranged and connected between themselves via supports. The first plate of larger diameter has holes for installation of outlet fittings of filtering elements, and the second plate has holes for annular covers of filtering elements. The upper part of the cover between the first and second plates has tangential slots for swirling the gas flow between each filtering element and inner surface of its cover.

EFFECT: improvement of gas treatment quality, operating convenience, increase of operational life due to easy replacement of filtering elements at device maintenance and repair.

6 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sorption appliances and serves to clean air of chemically harmful substances. Absorbing filter comprises case with bottom, detachable cover with bolt-on flange joint, inlet and outlet branch pipes, axial stud with press nut, coaxial filtration element and formed sorption unit. Sorption unit consists of hollow cylinder made up of carbon-containing sorbent and thermoplastic polymer. Inlet branch pipe is rigidly jointed to cover bottom. Additionally, filter incorporates inlet branch pipe attached to case bottom and T-joints connected to inlet branch pipes and stud for tight pressure of filtration element and sorption unit to case cover and bottom. Carbon-containing sorbent is impregnated with compounds of copper, chromium, silver and triethylene amine while sorption unit incorporates chemical absorber impregnated with nickel sulphate solution.

EFFECT: higher dynamic activity, reliable seal of filtration element and sorption unit.

1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used at enterprises of profound coal conversion into other fuel kinds and may be used in power engineering and transportation. In entrapping coal dust, the latter is pre-neutralised by interaction between sucked flow and grounding electrode. Then, it is subjected to homogenising in contact between coal dust with liquid absorbent inside radial-flow bubble apparatus. Obtained coal-dust suspension is injected into vessel for it to be mixed with other ingredients of liquid boiler oil. Proposed device comprises housing 1 with inlet and outlet branch pipes 2 and 3, suction blower 4 with encased motor 5, radial-flow bubble apparatus 6 with guide grid 7 and collection chamber 8. Said housing additionally accommodates separation chamber 9 and beater 10. Guide grid 7 is arranged inside radial-flow fan. Special openings 14 and gas and fluid passages are made on separation chamber side surface.

EFFECT: higher fire and blast safety.

7 cl, 2 dwg

Drop separator // 2447925

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drop separator and its swirling appliances intended for high rate gas flow. Drop separator 10 comprises flow channel 5 to direct gas flow saturated with drops along main flow 6, and precipitating element 8 arranged around said channel 5 and having inner lateral surface 12. The latter features diameter of flow channel 5 and includes several grate structures 9. Said flow channel 5 accommodates swirling appliances 1 with deflector 2 to swirl aforesaid gas while drops are forced by centrifugal force toward precipitating element 8. Deflector 2 deflects, at least a portion of aforesaid gas from direction of main flow toward orifices 15, 19.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

23 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: gas purification.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in processes producing waste gases of high temperature and pressure. The system of gas purification consists of at least one housing (1) with first volume (31) where purified gas if fed, and second volume (33) where purified gas comes out from. The volumes (31) and (33) are divided by bottom plate (43). The system is also equipped with filter device containing filtering media to divide solid particles and dehydrate the gas due to the separation of coalescing liquid. Device (37) of preliminary dehydration of gas contains at least one cyclone, the ring surface of which is concentric to the lateral axis (17) directed at least approximately vertical in the normal mounting position. The bottom of the housing (1) ends with collecting vessel (25) for the liquid separated during preliminary dehydration. The bottom plate (43) has a socket (47) ensuring the hole (45) for the connection fitting of filter element (35) through which the preliminary dehydrated gas flows from the cyclone (37). Above the bottom plate (43) there is a widening forming a chamber (65) used for collection of liquid coalescing at the filter element (35) which is drained through drain hole (67). The invention ensures both purification and sufficient dehydration of gas.

EFFECT: gas purification and dehydration.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: gas purification device contains a centrifugal separator with a centrifugal rotor for separation of particles from gas and the actuating unit for rotation of a centrifugal rotor around a rotation axis. The actuating unit contains the active turbine attached to a centrifugal rotor with a possibility of its driving, and a nozzle for the fluid medium under pressure. The active turbine is implemented with blades for reception of the fluid medium flow under pressure from the nozzle directed towards the blades which are implemented so that the direction of the fluid medium flow is reversed along the blade height. The blade height is 2-3 times greater than the diameter of the nozzle bore.

EFFECT: increase of efficiency of utilisation of energy for driving of a centrifugal rotor at high speeds of rotation at the same flow of the fluid medium under pressure.

14 cl, 4 dwg