Phenol additive for electrodepositable coating composition containing cyclic guanidine

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: electrodepositable coating composition comprising a reaction product of an epoxy functional polymer and cyclic guanidine and a source of unreacted phenol are described. This electrodepositable coating composition exhibits a Coulomb consumption of less than 100 coulomb/gram, when applied to an electrically conductive substrate at a current density of ≤1.5 mA/cm2. A substrate and a method for coating a metal substrate are also described.

EFFECT: electrodeposited coatings containing cyclic guanidine are produced, which are effectively and in sufficient quantity applied to the substrate.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry and concerns a method for producing an additive in the form of hard fibres, wherein the said additive is storage stable and based on the eco-friendly polyamide acid; the said additive in a salt state can be used for the production of composite materials and metal coatings. The method for polyamide acid salt production comprises forming a polyamide acid fibre cocoon by mixing 13.0-13.5 wt % polyamide acid solution in dimethylformamide with distilled water while stirring at the rate of 50 rev/min. The obtained cocoon is washed with distilled water, and separated into individual fibres to dry in the air and then at 120-130°C for 60 min in a cabinet drier, in a vacuum thermostat at 79-81°C and a pressure of 1 atm. to reduce dimethylformamide content down to 3.68 wt %, followed by dissolving the fibres in a mixture of N-methylpyrrolidone, monoethanolamine and water to obtain the said salt. A method for producing coatings based on fluoropolymers with polyamide acid salt or polyamide acid-based also disclosed.

EFFECT: storage stable polyamide acid in the form of fibres, improved quality of polyamide acid and composite materials based on fluoropolymers and polyamide acid, improved antiadhesive and antifriction coatings.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a thermally reversible hot-melt adhesive which is isocyanate-free. The thermally reversible hot-melt adhesive contains at least one multifunctional diene monomer/prepolymer L-(X)P and at least one multifunctional dienophile monomer/prepolymer L-(Y)q, where at least one or P and Q is greater than 2.1. The thermally reversible composition can also be used as a priming coat.

EFFECT: thermally reversible hot-melt adhesive can be repeatedly heated and cooled without deterioration of performance characteristics of the adhesive.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a moisture-curable resin based on aliphatic isocyanates. The moisture-curable resin contains a material with aliphatic isocyanate functional groups, which contains a reaction product of hexamethylene diisocyanate and a hydroxy-functional ether compound, and a material with cycloaliphatic isocyanate functional groups, which contains a reaction product of isophorone diisocyanate and a monofunctional alcohol, wherein the weight ratio of the material with cycloaliphatic isocyanate functional groups to the material with aliphatic isocyanate functional groups ranges from 95:5 to 50:50. A method of improving cold lap resistance, bubbling resistance and weather resistance of the coating composition which contains said moisture-curable resin includes a step of preparing a composition which does not exhibit significant cold lap when deposited with thickness of the moist film of at least 6 mil, and where the coating composition does not exhibit bubbling during curing to thickness of the dry film of at least 6 mil.

EFFECT: invention improves cold lap resistance and bubbling resistance of the coating composition and improves film-forming and coating properties of the resin.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to surface coatings with anti-icing properties, moulded articles and devices having said coating, methods of producing and using said coatings, moulded components and devices. The coating contains a matrix and an active polymer incorporated into said matrix, wherein said active polymer consists of certain structural links and is covalently bonded to the matrix, selected from a group consisting of sol-gel and polymer layers.

EFFECT: said coatings have excellent anti-icing properties.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a method of applying a coating on a substrate. The method includes applying a primer composition on part of the substrate. The primer contains a self-emulsifying polyester microgel.

EFFECT: invention provides a coating with good adhesion.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of electroplating a substrate that has not undergone pretreatment. The method includes (a) contacting at least part of substrate material with a solution containing a copper source and water, where the solution is substantially free of a group IIIB metal source and a group IVB metal source, (b) bringing at least part of the substrate into contact with an electroplating composition containing (i) a film-forming resin and (ii) a yttrium source. Also described is a coated substrate and a method of electroplating a substrate, which includes (a) contacting at least part of substrate material with a solution containing a copper source, water and at least one substance selected from acids and surfactants, followed by contacting at least part of the substrate with an electroplating composition.

EFFECT: corrosion resistance of the substrate material without a compulsory pretreatment step.

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FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the system of sunlight reflecting coatings. The system of coatings comprises two layers of coatings. The layer of the first coating a) has CIELAB L* value no more than 40 and includes: i) film-forming resin and ii) the pigment absorbing visible radiation and transparent for infrared radiation. The layer of the second coating b) is applied below, at least, a part of a layer of the first coating and includes: i) film-forming resin; ii) the pigment of thin scales of metal or alloy of metal reflecting the infrared radiation, and iii) the pigment absorbing visible radiation and transparent for infrared radiation. The layer of the first coating and the layer of the second coating has contrast ration (L*second/L*first) from 0.8:1 up to 1.6:1. The system of coatings has % of the full solar reflection (FSR) of, at least, 25%, and the layer of the second coating has % FSR of, at least, 25%.

EFFECT: invention allows to create the system of sunlight reflecting coatings.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective coatings. Composition of protective coating includes acryl resin, reactionable polyorganosiloxane or its initial reagent, hexamethyldisiloxane and system of solvents.

EFFECT: invention provides preservation of external looks of coloured surfaces after durative influence of weather conditions, as well as at regular cleaning and washing, in particular leaves "water spots" invisible.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to composition for coating of different substrates, including metal substrates of packing products, for example, containers for food products or drinks, and method of obtaining such packing products. Product contains: metal substrate of container for food products or drinks or its parts and coating, applied on, at least, part of metal substrate surface, with coating containing: film-forming quantity of polyether polymer, which has one or more segments of the following formula I: -O-Ar-(Rn-Ar)n-O-, where each Ar independently represents phenylene group, each n independently stands for 0 or 1, R, if present, represents bivalent organic group, which has molecular weight lower than 500 and two atoms of oxygen, each represents ether oxygen, with temperature of glass transition (Tg) constitutes at least 70°C, with composition for coating is, at least, in fact, free from bisphenol A and diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A, and polyether polymer is product of reaction ingredients, which include polyepoxide and polyatomic phenol.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to obtain coating with stability against albication, corrosion, stability to etching, and high adhesion to metal substrate.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to obtaining protective coatings resistant to aggressive media with improved deactivating ability, intended for application in chemical, petroleum refining industry. Composition contains polyfluorinated copolymer of vinylidenefluoride, hexafluoropropylene and allylfluorosulphate, eposy diane resin, solvent, filling agent and hardening agent. As filling agent composition contains substances, selected from the group, including soot, fluoroplast, aerosil or their mixtures.

EFFECT: claimed polymer composition is hardened at room temperature, possesses high resistance to aggressive media and improved deactivating ability, as well as high adhesive and physical-mechanical properties.

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FIELD: corrosion protection.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for oil production and can also be used in mechanical engineering, instrumentation engineering, and other branches. Composition contains 6-10% low-grade lignosulfonates, 2-5% industrial oil (spindle oil, tall oil, or MS-20 oil), 60-65% production waste, and 24-28% additive, namely primary C8-C11-amines. Production waste is, in particular, vat residues from production of synthetic fatty C10-C-acids or solid petroleum hydrocarbons: asphaltene-tar-paraffin deposits formed during production and transportation of petroleum. Use of composition increases degree of protection of metallic objects against corrosion under atmospheric precipitate conditions owing to retained high adhesion of coating formed from composition to metal, reduced porosity of coating, and prolonged period of time before appearance of the first center of corrosion attack at lower thickness of coating.

EFFECT: improved anticorrosion characteristics, simplified composition preparation technology, reduced coating formation time, and reduced expenses due to utilized waste.

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FIELD: coating composites.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the coating composite. The composite comprises the following components: alkyd resin hardened by oxidation - polyunsaturated product of condensation with by-side groups in the amount above 20% by the condensation product mass wherein by-side groups comprise unsaturated bond carbon-carbon, polythiol with two or more SH-group and siccative. Equivalent ratio of thiol-functional groups to unsaturated bonds carbon-carbon is less 0.3 but preferably between 0.01 and 0.25. Vanadium and manganese compounds are used as a siccative. The coating composition can comprise chelating agent accelerating the hardening process and a solvent. Invention provides preparing the stable composite rapidly hardened at low temperature and exhibiting the sufficient time for its storage. Invention and the composite can be used as clear lacquer, decorative coating, for example, for doors and window frames, in industry for wood substrates and for substrates made of metal, concrete, plastics and other materials.

EFFECT: valuable properties of composite.

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FIELD: chemical industry; production of polymeric compositions on the epoxy basis.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of chemical industry, in particular, to production of polymeric compositions on the epoxy basis. The invention offers a composition for protection of internal surfaces of fuel tanks-caissons of aircrafts made out of aluminum alloys against corrosion at the long-term usage in a fuel medium and it also may be applied to protect interior and exterior surfaces of means of transport and structures made out of magnesia alloys and steel. The offered composition for application as a metal coating contains: in the capacity of a polymeric binding - epoxydianil resin or epoxyorganosilicon resin; in the capacity of a modifying agent - polysulfide or butadieneacryl nitrile carboxylated rubber; as a hardener - organosilicone amine - γ-aminopropyltriethoxy silane, 1-amino hexamethylene -6- hexamethylenetriethoxy silane or a condensation product of γ-aminopropyltriethoxy silane, a mineral filler - barium sulfate, aerosil, talcum, titanium dioxide or their mixes; in the capacity of abscopal pigments - strontium chromate, barium chromate, chromium phosphate or their mixes; organic solvent - xylene, acetone, butyl acetate, ethyl cellosolve or their mixes at the following components ratio(in mass shares): polymeric binding - 100, modifying agent - 9-50, a hardener - 5-80, a mineral filler - 25-105, inhibiting pigments - 30-140, organic solvent - 5-200. The offered composition allows to produce a fuel and a water-resistant coating with high adhesive and physical-mechanical characteristics, fungi-resistant, protective features ensuring at small thickness (a small weight of the coating) the long-term protection of the fuel tanks-caissons, which are operating in the liquid hostile environments at the temperature difference from-60°C up to (+100-150)°C.

EFFECT: the invention ensures production of a fuel and a water-resistant coating with the high adhesive and physical-mechanical characteristics, fungi-resistant, protective features.

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FIELD: production of refractory paints (molded and non-molded) at roasting temperature up to 1550°C; marking articles before and after heat treatment.

SUBSTANCE: proposed dyestuff contains the following components, mass-%: titanium dioxide, 30-75; chromium oxide, 5-50 and cobalt aluminate, 5-40. Components taken at definite ratio (mass-%) make it possible to obtain dyestuff for marking the articles inclusive those working at high temperatures and keeping marks intact during operation at temperature up to 1550°C and at thermo-cycling of marked articles.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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FIELD: dyes, building materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sets of dye semifinished products used in preparing dyes of different designation. Invention describes the dye semifinished product with properties of fluidity and covering power that can be used in preparing a single-package latex dye stained with pigment wherein the volume content of dry matter is from about 30% to about 70% with the Schtormer viscosity value from about 50 to about 250 EK and comprising the following components: (I) at least one pigment conferring the covering power property; (II) at least one dispersing agent; (III) at least one thickening agent, and (IV) water wherein at least one dispersing agent and at least one thickening agent are compatible with at least one pigment and other dye components. Also, invention describes sets for dyes and dye lines comprising a latex polymeric binding agent. Some dyes for internal and external coating of different objects are prepared by using sets of dye semifinished products. Invention provides preparing the broad assortment of dyes of different quality for external and internal workings and with different levels of polishes and bases for carrying out the coloring from dye semifinished products and by using the minimal amount and types of the dye components. Proposed dye semifinished products can be used for architecture, industrial, polygraphic, elastomeric and non-cement coatings.

EFFECT: improved preparing method, valuable properties of dyes.

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FIELD: varnish-and-paint industry.

SUBSTANCE: lacquer coatings with water-, oil-, and fuel-repellent properties is prepared by applying onto substrate paintwork material containing organofluoric modifier followed by curing thereof. Organofluoric modifier is selected from esters and amides of perfluoropolyether acids with molecular mass 1200-1400 and used in amounts 0.2 to 0.5% of the mass of paintwork material.

EFFECT: increased oil- and fuel-repellent properties of moisture-resistant lacquer coatings.

1 tbl, 10 ex

FIELD: polymer materials.

SUBSTANCE: block copolymers with their at least one block containing phosphate and/or phosphonate functional groups are utilized to form coatings on metallic surface, such as steel or aluminum surface, said coating being, in particular, suitable to raise efficiency of subsequent deposition of a film-forming composition onto thus modified surface or to protect indicated metallic surface against corrosion. Invention further discloses a method for applying coloring compositions or mastic formulations onto metallic surface by means of utilization according to invention as well as coated materials, which can be obtained according such application method.

EFFECT: increased coating efficiency.

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FIELD: self-cleaning covers for devices for brewing, roasting, baking and grilling, which are polluted with remainders of foodstuffs during operation.

SUBSTANCE: the cover ensures satisfactory binding of cover with substrate, its impact resistance, chemical stability, resistance to temperature falls, and also resistance to scratching and includes (a) porous particles A, being particles of thermo-stable and chemically stable porous oxides, carbides and metal nitrides, and having dimension (particle diameter) ranging from 5 to 100 mcm and (b) binding substrate, being an inorganic polymer or inorganic substance, capable of resisting temperatures up to 500°C for extensive time spans, while porous particles A do not contain solid or liquid secondary phase in their pores "a", and volumetric share of binding substance ranges from 5 to 40%.

EFFECT: simplified removal of pollutions, surface of device or part of device looks clean without mechanical cleaning.

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FIELD: varnish-and-paint industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to area of working enamels for protective-decorative coatings for metallic surfaces, parts of machines and instruments used under indoor and outdoor conditions, and also in corrosive media. Acrylic lacquer composition is described, which contains, as film-forming material, 48-52% toluene solution of butyl acrylate/styrene/methacrylic acid copolymer with proportions of components (37.8-38.8):(58.5-59.5):2.7, respectively, crystalline calcium carbonate as filler, toluene and butyl acetate as solvent, organic derivative of montmorillonite "Bentone SD-2" as thickener, mixture of natural phospholipids "vegetable lecithin" or "Soy lecithin Nalec 10-F" as dispersant, and dibutyl phthalate as plasticizer, all components at specified proportions.

EFFECT: lowered film hardness characteristics, increased abrasion resistance, and improved coating luster factor value.

2 tbl

FIELD: chemistry of polymers.

SUBSTANCE: invention describes a composition for using as a conditioner and comprising water and at least one cationic polygalactomannan or derivative of cationic polygalactomannan. A lower limit of average molecular mass of these cationic substances is 5000 Da and the upper limit is 200000 Da, transparency value of 10% aqueous solution is above 80% at wavelength 600 nm. The protein content is less 1.0% as measured for polysaccharide mass and the content of aldehyde groups is at least 0.01 ml-eqiv./g. Residue for modification of cationic derivative of polygalactomannan is chosen from group comprising alkyl, hydroxyalkyl, alkylhydroxyalkyl and carboxymethyl wherein alkyl comprises in chain from 1 to 22 carbon atoms, Hydroxyalkyl is chosen from group comprising hydroxyethyl, hydroxypropyl and hydroxybutyl, and cation residue is chosen from compounds of quaternary ammonium but with exception of hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride. Proposed compositions are used for preparing a clear final product, for example, for personal hygiene agent and household chemistry agent.

EFFECT: improved preparing method, improved and valuable properties of composition.

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