Cutting structures for a drill bit with fixed cutting tools

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: cutting tool comprises a tool body, a plurality of blades extending from the tool body, and a plurality of non-planar cutting elements on each of the plurality of blades. A plurality of non-planar cutting elements forms a cutting profile in the rotated form of said plurality of non-planar cutting elements in one plane. The cutting profile comprises a conical portion, a protruding portion, a shoulder portion and a calibration portion. Mentioned plurality of non-planar cutting elements comprise a first mould at least on a conical portion but not on a shoulder portion or a calibration portion and a second having an excellent shape on at least one of the protruding portion, the shoulder portion and the calibration portion but not on the conical portion site.

EFFECT: ensuring an effective penetration rate and an acceptable bit life.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to drill tool and to seals of its bearings. Drill bit comprises the body, at least of shaft of bearings extending from the drill bit body and rolling cone running on said shaft. Mechanical seal is arranged in collar between bearings shaft and rolling cone. Said seal comprises stiff seal ring with the surface of dynamic sealing with rolling cone and the other surface, not sealed, exposed to collar opening. Besides, said mechanical seal includes at least one cooling channel made in said unsealed surface of said stiff seal ring. Note here that cooling channel has open end in fluid communication with collar opening.

EFFECT: longer life of seal and lower operating temperature.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: according to the first version a blade drilling bit comprises a casing with connection thread, central channel and outlet holes for drilling fluid, blades with a passive calibrating part with its surface being protected by hard-alloy layer and reinforced by diamond cutters PDC, the diamond cutters PDC are made with bevelled rear edge, the value of the back bevel amounts to 20% of the diameter of the diamond cutter itself at the angle of 25-60. According to the second version a blade drilling bit comprises a casing with connection thread, central channel and outlet holes for drilling fluid, blades with a passive calibrating part with its surface being protected by hard-alloy layer and reinforced by diamond cutters PDC, the diamond cutters PDC are of spherical shape.

EFFECT: use of the proposed group of inventions will allow for better impact resistance of the passive calibrating part structure and thus for longer preservation of the rig diameter preventing deviations from the specified diameter of the well being drilled.

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Pdc-drill rool // 2545201

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rock cutting tools used for well drilling, particularly, to PDC tools, for example, drill bits. This tool comprises the body with PDC cutters. Note here that working surface furnished with cutters is shaped to inverted conical surface with cone base radius-to-height ratio of 2/3. Cutters at inner inverted conical surface can optionally be fully backed up. Cutters to calibrate well walls are arranged in steps in direction of tool spinning.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of tool operation.

6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: flushing assembly of a drilling bit comprises a housing with a channel and a seat and a nozzle with a sealing element, fixed there by means of a retainer. The retainer is designed as a several step rods with a collet working head, the step with bigger diameter of which is located at the side of the output end face of the nozzle, and the nozzle is designed with through axial companion channels, coaxially to which in the housing from the side of the bottom of the nest a ring boring for placement of collet heads of rods is made, the shanks of which are installed in working position with a possibility of interaction with a ledge between steps of nozzle channels or with an output end face of a nozzle. In ring borings under the large bases of collet heads elastic elements for fixing of retainers in uppermost position are installed.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to moulding of downhole apparatus, calibration rings and to methods of their production. Calibration ring comprises frame case to receive crown bit and one or several displacement channels to discharge bore mud extending inside over said frame case. Bore mud displacement channel comprises first end, second end and face surface extending from first end to second end. Calibration ring inner surface has at least one groove to lessen stresses originating in moulding. In compliance with some versions, at least one said groove is made at bore mud displacement channel face surface. Additionally, pressure neutralising material is filled in one or several grooves.

EFFECT: ruled out or eased cracking, efficient casting.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rock PDC-cutters, particularly, to drill heads, reamers, stabilisers and bits. Proposed tool comprises body with blades furnished with PDC-cutting tools. To up the efficiency of rock cutting by formation of open stepped surface completely destructed at minimum power consumption, working elements are arranged on blades so that at tool operation on well face a stepped surface is formed starting from tool axis to periphery at steps in width a=(0.20.4)D+0.5d and height b=(0.40.6)D, where D is bit diameter and d is diameter of PDC-cutter.

EFFECT: higher tool efficiency.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to downhole tools and to methods of their production. Proposed cutter comprises substrate with connection surface on substrate one end shaped for coupling inside cutter groove and multiple cutter indices on at least the section of said connection surface wherein cutter every index is arranged around central axis of the substrate and extends not that completely around said central axis and therein multiple cutter indices are, in fact, uniformly spaced apart around said central axis. Said connection surface can be precisely arranged inside cutter groove ay one position whereat said surface is not flat.

EFFECT: precise fit of cutters in downhole tool grooves.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling and can be used in production of diamond drill bits with steel bodies. Drill bit comprises body, flushing assemblies, PDC cutters arranged in bushes of plastic metal fitted in blade holes. PDC cutter is attached with the help of two conical lock bushes fitted one into another. One of the latter has outer cylindrical surface mating with blade hole wall and inner conical surface symmetrical about hole axis, its cone vertex facing its bottom. Another bush with inner cylindrical surface mating with PDC cutter bottom surface and outer conical surface symmetric with hole axis, cone vertex facing its inlet. PDC cutter mount hole bottom has through hole in blade of smaller diameter intended for mounting or withdrawing of PDC cutter by axial impacts or squeezing with the help of drift pin to allow worn-out section turn and replacement at cutting edge by turn through required angle relative to axis or complete replacement of PDC cutter with new one.

EFFECT: higher reliability, longer life, simplified repair.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cutting tool inserts that allow minimum depth of superhard material and high impact strength. Insert comprises superhard point secured to substrate over interface that features average modulus of elasticity over 900 GPa. Note here that substrate includes hardening trim with average modulus of elasticity making at least 60% of that of superhard point. Substrate aims at increasing the hardness of substrate area nearby interface and features volume twice as large as that of superhard point. In compliance with proposed method premade blanks for hardening trim, load bearing part and point. Said parts are assembled to make the assembly of blanks to be subjected to superhigh pressures and temperatures. Diamond preserves thermodynamic stability under said conditions.

EFFECT: high impacts effects delivered to ores and rocks.

15 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: hybrid drilling bit includes a bit housing with an axis, a blade on the bit housing, a rolling cutter assembly installed on the bit housing. The bit includes the main cutter having cutting surface projecting partially from the blade, located so that it can pass along the cutting trajectory at rotation of the bit housing about the axis and having the configuration providing the capture of rock at movement along the cutting trajectory; and a set of cutters, which includes several rear cutters, each of which has cutting surface projecting partially from the blade. Each rear cutter is located so that it can follow after the main cutter along the cutting trajectory at rotation of the bit housing rotation about its axis. At least one of the rear cutters of the set of cutters has side front angle that is within the side front angle of approximately 5 degrees to side front angle of approximately 75 degrees or within the side front angle of approximately minus 5 degrees to the side front angle of approximately minus 75 degrees. At least one cutter of the above said set is offset from the rotation trajectory of the main cutter approximately by groove width.

EFFECT: improved drilling characteristics.

17 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: well drilling tools, particularly cone bits.

SUBSTANCE: drilling bit comprises body with bosses provided with calibrating cutting members, which are symmetric to calibrating points of inverse cones and to each other. The calibrating cutting members are made as continuous blades or rows of separate teeth having cutting edges facing bit rotation direction. Teeth apexes are arranged in plane defined by imaginary cylindrical surface having diameter equal to that of drilling bit. Wear-resistant members with cutting edges are arranged in each body boss and made as one or several elongated serially arranged blades or as one or several teeth or diamond insert rows. Cutting edges of one or several members are arranged along imaginary generatrix of cylindrical surface having diameter equal to drilling bit diameter or inclined at an angle equal to 0°-30° to the generatrix in clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

EFFECT: decreased radial cone bit runout and provision of constant well diameter due to active well hole reaming at drill body level.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: rock-cutting tools, particularly cone bits for well drilling.

SUBSTANCE: drilling bit comprises body with conical nipple having inner channel and outer thread. The body is provided with flushing channels and grooves made in inner surface. Drilling bit also has legs with cutters fixedly secured in body grooves. Outer diameter of thread provided on minor base of drilling bit nipple cone d is related to outer (nominal) drilling bit diameter D as d/D=0.2-0.6. Drilling bit made in accordance with the second embodiment comprises body with conical nipple having inner channel and outer thread. The body also has flushing channels and grooves created in outer surface thereof and legs with cutters fixed in body grooves. Formed inside the nipple are n channels, wherein n≥2. Outer diameter of thread provided on minor base of drilling bit nipple cone d is related to outer (nominal) drilling bit diameter D as d/D=0.2-0.6.

EFFECT: increased drilling bit efficiency, reliability and manufacturability.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: rock-cutting tools, particularly cone drilling bits.

SUBSTANCE: cone bit bearing comprises axle with axial channel and end conical boring, milling cutter secured by means of retaining bearing member and compensator installed in axial axle channel. The compensator is provided with cylindrical stem and conical section congruent to the end conical boring. Axial axle channel and compensator stem have mating threads, which create screw pair with adjusting unit, which regulates compensator position with respect to axle. The adjusting unit is made as hollow stop disc coaxial to axle and fixedly secured to it and as spring arranged between the disc and compensator end. The compensator end is provided with groove. In accordance with another embodiment compensator is stepped and spring-loaded in axial direction. The compensator is installed in axle interior and may slide in axial direction under the action of well wall reaction force. Outer compensator stem end is parallel to bit axis and spaced a distance equal to bit radius from bit axis.

EFFECT: increased working ability.

3 c, 4 dwg

FIELD: rock-cutting tools, particularly drilling bits.

SUBSTANCE: drill head comprises two-wing body 2, blades 2 with hard-alloy cutting plates 5 installed on blade bodies, stem 1 and starting borer 6 with guiding member 7. Working surfaces of cutting plates are sharpened. Two blade rows 3, 4 are arranged on the two-wing body so that each blade row is connected to each body wing. Wings are located so that 180° angle is defined in-between. Pitch between blades 3 of the first row is equal to that of the second row. Blades 4 of the second row are shifted with respect to blades 3 of the first row for value equal to 1/2 of blade pitch. Blade 4 diameter is twice as large as that of blade 3. Cutting edges of blades 3 and 4 are inclined towards head rotation direction. Working surfaces of hard-alloy cutting plates 5 are inclined towards bodies at angle of 20° to provide forward stress concentration in head rotation direction.

EFFECT: conversion of hole drilling operation into high contact stress creation method along with following crack formation accompanied by large particle chipping, collapse, crumbling and generation of dispersed mass, which flows around steel blade bodies.

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FIELD: well drilling equipment, particularly drill bits.

SUBSTANCE: drag bit comprises body including at least two conical layers made as coaxial independent bodies of revolution. Cutting wings of the layers have inclined front edges and are provided with high-strength cutting members defining broken lines in projection onto longitudinal plane.

EFFECT: increased wear resistance and drilling speed, extended operating time along with vertical well direction retention.

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FIELD: mechanic, drilling technique.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the sphere of drilling technique and can be used in drilling bit, made for drilling of deep oil and gas well and wells for pit-run of explosion drilling. It allows to minimize the meaning of top and radial beat. Before assembling it is provided the guaranteed gap of double hosohedron foot, after it made the base assembling holes on the tops with the axis, situated in planes, passing through the axis of double hosohedron under similar angels from the cover side, with similar sizes from their bottom up the point of crossing axis of operating pin with axis of running race. After it is movingly fixed the conical cutter on the foots, fixed the locking hooks, the sections are installed, to the base holes to the corresponding to the sizes and forms, the base pin devices for assembling, and with the help of clutch pins and pushers of the sections, it is rotated around its axis of base pins the sections up to the contact of opposite contours of cone of the conical cutter with inside surface of installed on the hard pistons of ring gage, after the sections are welded. On the back of the foot it is done symmetrical base holes with similar distance from the base to the axis of the device of the assembling, it is taken away the bit body from the assembling device and it is installed the device for with base cog, corresponding to the form and size of base holes in foots, hard fixed the hull by them, and then it is made the cutting on the nipple of added conic throat.

EFFECT: minimization of meaning of the top and radial beats by optimizing the assembling of drilling bit.

14 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to drilling technology, and particularly to the method of installing a rock bit. The method involves the following stages: the legs and rock roller bits are numbered, diameter and linear dimensions of bearing pathways are measured, recorded into a computer and using a special computer program, the "leg-rock roller bit" pairs are selected for each section and drilling bit section. The sections are gathered and welded together. For each drilling bit section, the optimum difference in radial and axial gaps are individually calculated based on the criterion of minimum maximum contact pressure in the support. The "leg-rock roller bit" pairs and drilling bit sections which have minimum deviation of these parameters from corresponding optimum values are then chosen.

EFFECT: increased durability of the support of the drill bit, its increased penetration due to equal distribution of contact loads on the support components.

11 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns drilling equipment and can be applied in cone cutter bits assembly. The device for assembly of cone cutter bit sections includes pivot housing with plate and supports for section orientation and fixation, template ring for ensuring necessary cutter bit diametre. On the plate there are basic mounting pins equidistanced from each other. Assembled sections have mounting holes on the ends, matching the basic mounting pins, and are mounted with minimum positive allowance by dihedrals. The case bears moving cams with sprung thrusters and rigid struts with replaceable template ring mounted on them and having internal diametre equal to the assembled cutter bit diametre. Minimum positive allowance δ is arranged between the dihedral planes of assembled sections to enable each section thruster turning around the basic mounting pin axis till reverse cutter cones contact internal surface of the template ring. Axes of all basic mounting pins at the section ends are positioned at planes passing over dihedral axes at equal acute angles β if seew from entering side, while axes of shearing thrusters are positioned at acute angles γ to leaving sides. Axes of internal mounting surfaces of rigid struts, intermediary ring and gage ring coincide with the central device axis. Cams shifting cutter bit sections during assembly are equipped with adjustable spring thrusters allowing compensation of difference in radial foot forging sizes of cone cutter bit at the points of their contact to the cutter bit feet.

EFFECT: fast and more accurate cutter bit assembly.

5 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices for well boring with implementation of roller-cutter bit. The device incorporates roller-cutter bit with rest, bottom drill collar tube, rest unloading unit in kind of wash over plate with a circular flange forming friction pairs with reverse cones of roller-cutters, and unit of forced circulation running of roller-cutters, installed inside the bottom drill collar tube .The unit is made in form of an axial turbine, a shaft of which is connected with the wash over plate. The exterior surface of the friction bearing from the not loaded side is installed with a gap relative to the interior surface of the roller cutter at arranging the rest of the roller cutter bit with implementation of the locking ball rolling bearing together with the friction bearing. The locking bearing is composed of balls part of which is coated with rubber coat (rubberised). In the second version the locking bearing is composed of balls part of which is hollow and made out of tensile material. Solid and hollow bodies are alternately arranged next nearest. Walls of hollow rolling bodies have radial channels, cavities of which are partially filled with lubricating material.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of roller cutter bit operation.

7 cl, 7 dwg

Anchor bolt // 2343287

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to drilling elements and anchor bolts used at mining works and tunneling. The drilling element has opposed the first and second ends and a rod passing between the ends. At least one drilling head is positioned on the first end. The second end is adjusted for connection to a drilling facility to ensure rotation of the drilling element and to transfer axial force onto it. Along and around the rod there is assembled a bushing while the passage formed between the bushing and the rod facilitates flowing of fluid medium along the rod. Also there is suggested the drilling bit, the method of drilling with a drilling element and the method of stabilisation of rock.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of process of rock bolting and reduced costs for drilling elements.

57 cl, 31 dwg