Methods of storage of cryogenic fluid environments in storage tanks

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method to maintain the supercooled state of the bottom portion or the natural convective flow of LNG in the storage tank comprises allocating part of the cryogenic fluid cooling portion abstracted cryogenic medium and re-introduction portion abstracted cryogenic fluid back into the fluid reservoir area for storage. Cooling is provided by mechanical cooling. The method of advantageously maintenance of the supercooled state throughout the volume of fluid in the storage tank, comprises allocating the part of the cryogenic fluid of cooling portion abstracted cryogenic medium and re-introduction of abstracted cryogenic fluid portion back into the fluid reservoir area for storage. Cooling is provided by mechanical cooling.

EFFECT: exclusion of gas discharge into the tank.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a quick freezer comprising a refrigerator with a hydraulic main which is connected to a pump through parallel heat exchanges contacting with one surface of thermoelectric modules, the second surface of which contacts with thermally conductive plates. The thermally conductive plates contact in their turn with a cooling pack placed in between. The thermoelectric modules are provided with a power supply isolated from the thermally conductive plates, with the cooling packs placed in between, by an insulating wall with power cables of the thermoelectric modules passing therethrough. A cavity formed by the thermally conducting plates is filled with a fluid wherein cooling model sets are placed; a freezing temperature of the fluid is below that of cold junctions of the thermoelectric modules placed on the outer side of the sealed cavity.

EFFECT: quicker freezing of products and solutions, particularly plasma and blood.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for storing biological material comprises an inner, low-temperature, and an outer, high-temperature chambers, a rack design, a control panel, a compression-condensation unit, a remote compression-condensation device. The inner and outer chambers are isolated from each other and are located one inside the other, and the inner chamber with the walls made of insulating material, with thickness of the at least 120 cm, with refrigeration at least -40°C, with its separate two-stage chilling machine is equipped with several doors. The outer chamber has walls of insulating material with thickness of the at least 80 mm, with refrigeration from 0°C to +5°C, high temperature chilling machine. Using the present invention prevents destruction of the packaging material and freezing it to the grids and provides rational using the volume of low-temperature chamber.

EFFECT: reduction of negative impact on the health of the working personnel, prevention of destruction of the packaging material and freezing it to the metal grid, and more rational using the volume of low-temperature chamber.

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Thermostat // 2486418

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: thermostat includes a load-carrying structure having mainly the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped for formation of some or all side end faces of the tank, and a plug-in element that is located between external walls of the tank and specifies with its inner side at least a partially isolated volume. The tank has a flexible thin outer casing forming outer surfaces of the tank and an intermediate space formed between the plug-in element and the outer casing, which is filled with a thermally insulating and curing foamed body. Thermostat manufacturing method involves the following stages, preparation of the load-carrying structure mainly having the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped for formation of some or all side end faces of the tank, arrangement of elastic outer casing on the load- carrying structure for formation of outer surfaces of the tank, arrangement of the plug-in element between walls of the outer casing, stabilisation of flexible outer casing against deformation by foam filling of the intermediate space formed between the plug-in element and outer casing with formation of thermally insulating and curing foamed body. Plug-in element forms with its inner surface an insulated volume.

EFFECT: use of this group of inventions provides simple manufacture of a cheap thermostat.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed assembly comprises heat-isolated housing, conveyor, and mechanism for direct feed of carbon dioxide into product. In fish processing, carbon feed mechanism is mounted horizontally at fish cutting line conveyor. Said mechanism comprises set of sprayers of proportioning generators arranged horizontally at moving bar to reduce ice-forming carbon-dioxide loss and for more uniform arrangement in inner chamber.

EFFECT: perfected method.

9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food product surface cooler. Proposed device cools food products with the help of cooling tubes connected with cooling surface and carrying the coolant. It comprises lower glass connected with cooling tubes, upper glass making a service surface, glued to adhere said glasses together at high pressure.

EFFECT: efficient cooling.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: device for cold accumulation includes an ice storage, a heat exchanging circuit, which is filled with a liquid cold-transferring agent with freezing temperature of - 60° C, a heat exchanging unit arranged in the ice storage and a heat exchanging unit arranged in a refrigerating chamber, supply and drain channels and a pump. The heat exchanging unit, which is arranged in the ice storage, comprises the first and second vertical headers with at least two horizontal headers and arranged in the ice thickness in parallel to each other at different levels at height. Cavities of horizontal headers are communicated with a horizontal register, having ribbing and comprising at least two pipes. The cross section of the vertical header is less than the sum of cross sections of horizontal headers, which in its turn is less than the sum of cross sections of horizontal registers. The heat exchanging unit, which is installed in the refrigerating chamber, is arranged as capable of operation in one of two modes, or with cold extraction from the ice storage, or with cold extraction from outer air at its temperature below - (40-60°C) and its supply into the ice storage.

EFFECT: possibility to establish a device for cold accumulation, with simplification of its design and reduction of power consumption, increased duration of accumulated cold usage.

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Cold accumulator // 2438074

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: cold accumulator includes storage tank, tight plastic containers with shaped surface, which are arranged in storage tank and filled with phase transition medium. Containers are made in the form of linear flexible tubes with corrugated surface; corrugated tube wall is reinforced with spiral from polyvinylchloride; tubes are arranged in storage tank in parallel cross rows. At tube diameter of 25<D<50 mm, distance between walls of adjacent linear containers δ is 2<δ<5 mm.

EFFECT: use of this invention allows reducing the cost of accumulator owing to its simpler design and intensifying accumulator charging process.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, in particular to constructions of portable medical thermostats. Thermostat for storage and transportation of biological substances contains case with lid and brought into heat contact with thermoelectric battery working chamber of compression refrigeration unit in which placed are detachable thermo-containers with single-stage and two-stage thermoelectric battery. Withdrawal of heat from hot soldered joints of thermoelectric battery in stationary conditions is carried out by compression machine evaporator. During transportation of biological substances thermo-container is placed into a special external case, withdrawal of heat from hot soldered joints of thermoelectric battery being carried out by means of heat tubes installed in external case frame, power feeding of thermoelectric battery with electric energy is performed by detachable accumulator source of constant current installed into external case frame.

EFFECT: improvement of technical and economical indices and increase of thermal stabilisation during storage and transportation of biological substances.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food, chemical industry, refrigerating equipment, agriculture and is intended for cooling of fluid. Method provides for cooled fluid irrigation onto surface of heat exchanger. Fluid is supplied to external surface of heat exchanger, which is cooled from inside by refrigerating agent from freons variety. At the same time area of irrigation is limited down to inner surface of heat exchanger tube plates. Device comprises refrigerating plant, sprinkler, reservoir for fluid collection, heat exchanger consisting of at least one pipe. Additionally tube plates are installed, which limit zone of irrigation. End parts of heat exchanger tubes are pulled tightly in holes of tube plate, through which they are taken out at the distance from 0.1 to 25 of size of external diametre of heat exchanger tube without irrigation, with their further turn by 180 degrees and tight connection of horizontally oriented tubes of heat exchanger in vertical plane. At the same time refrigerating installation may consist of one or cascade of refrigerating machines with various parametres of boiling and general parametres of condensation.

EFFECT: invention provides for reduction of capital and operational costs for fluid cooling.

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Freezer chest // 2402721

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: freezer chest includes refrigerated cabinet, cooling system, which consists of compressor, evaporator, dryer filter, temperature controller, baskets for goods arranged in refrigerated cabinet. Freezer chest cabinet is equipped with circular guides, which are arranged at lateral sides, which are larger in length, inside refrigerated cabinet, and supports of baskets are equipped with journals, which enter into circular guides with the possibility of baskets turn and rotation of baskets along circular trajectory. Supports of baskets are arranged higher than their center of gravity so that as baskets move along circular guides they preserve vertical position.

EFFECT: improved cooling capacity, due to reduced time required to open door of freezer chest, better overlook over sold goods.

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Cold accumulator // 2271504

FIELD: refrigerating equipment, particularly devices using cold-storage bodies.

SUBSTANCE: cold accumulator comprises tank with cold accumulation substance and heat-exchanger including pipes filled with coolant. Upper heat-exchanger section is located in ambient atmosphere, lower one is submersed in cold accumulation substance. Heat-exchanger pipes are connected in pairs and form single loop. One pipe has increased heat-transfer capacity in upper pipe section. Another pipe has increased heat-transfer capacity in lower section submersed in cold accumulator. Valve adapted to prevent reverse liquid flow if ambient temperature exceeds cold-accumulation substance temperature is arranged inside one of the pipes. Above heat-transfer capacity increase is obtained by forming pipe of special structure, for instance by providing the pipe with ribs in lower pipe section or with using heat-insulation in upper pipe section or by usage of pipes having varying diameter.

EFFECT: increased cold accumulation efficiency and reduced accumulator cost.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: refrigerating equipment used in extreme northern regions.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit has tank adapted for storage of ice water and placed within room, cooling water circulation system, and fan for feeding of outer air through air duct. Ice water tank is made in the form of set of reservoirs whose cavities are communicating with one another. Reservoirs are arranged in horizontal position within warmed box equipped with hood which may be opened. Inlet and outlet air ducts attached to warmed box are equipped with gates. Trough for drainage of warmed water is placed onto one of said reservoirs.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of refrigerating unit owing to simplified construction and reduced production costs due to decreased consumption of power.

2 dwg

FIELD: heat-exchange apparatus.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises using cooling fluid made of low-boiling condensed gases and packing solid material into container for loose materials.

EFFECT: reduced cost.

18 cl, 9 ex

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: milk cooling apparatus has refrigerating apparatus with tubular evaporator placed within liquid heat-carrier filling heat-insulated casing, wherein milk reservoir is positioned in spaced apart relation to casing wall. Blade mixers are vertically located within casing and milk reservoir. At least two-tier mixer for liquid heat-carrier is offset relative to axis of oval-shaped casing and localized within concentric baffle combined with additional evaporator having congruent profile, whose entrance part adjoins milk reservoir at minimal gap and whose outlet positioned between milk reservoir and casing defines ejector. Baffle overlaps gap between loop-type evaporators whose pipes are equally spaced from one another. Electric contact commutator fixed at a distance from evaporator pipe is connected to control unit of refrigerating apparatus, said distance corresponding to predetermined thickness of frozen-on ice layer.

EFFECT: increased milk cooling rate and reduced power consumption.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: equipment for collecting and transporting of cooled liquids.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has immovable cooling unit 1 and isothermal reservoir 4 mounted on automobile 5. Cooling unit 1 has refrigerating unit 2 connected to liquid heat-carrier circulation contour 3 equipped with connection means 34, 35. Isothermal reservoir 4 has liquid collecting reservoir 6, reservoir 7 for storing stock of cold-producing substance, and cooling contour 8. Cooling contour 8 has heat-exchanger 81 located within reservoir 6, cooling liquid circulation pump 82 for cooling liquid flowing through reservoir 7, and branch pipes 83, 84 for connection means 34, 35 of cooling contour 3. Control means has temperature sensor mounted on reservoir 6 and is adapted for controlling of cooling contour 3.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of apparatus having refrigerating units adapted to outside vibration effects occurring on movement of apparatus on imperfect roads.

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FIELD: cooling equipment, particularly for brewing industry to maintain low temperature in fermenters.

SUBSTANCE: cold accumulation device comprises heat-insulated tank with row of vertical coil-type tubular heat-exchanging members arranged inside it. The tubular heat-exchanging members are serially connected to cooling machine through control valves and refrigerant distribution means. Liquid to be cooled circulates in closed loop including tank, pump, apparatus with jacket, manifold, liquid flow distributor and temperature sensor.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of produced cold usage and decreased power inputs for cold production.

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FIELD: refrigeration equipment, particularly for product cooling, refrigeration or low-temperature storage in cooling chamber in controlled gas medium used in food industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using battery cooling devices; arranging aqueous solution channel near cooling battery surfaces; passing aqueous solution through the channel so that aqueous solution is in contact with working volume of the chamber. The aqueous solution freezes under low temperature.

EFFECT: provision of carbonic acid gas concentration control inside storage facility with decreased oxygen content, elimination of gas exchange between storage facility and outer regeneration devices, which results in decreased mixture of ambient air penetrating through storage facility wall with gas medium inside storage facility.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: energy-saving plant has accumulation reservoir, compression-condensation unit, evaporator placed within accumulation reservoir, regulating valve, milk pump, coolant pump, and control unit. There are openings in accumulation reservoir cover for communicating inner volume of accumulation reservoir with atmosphere through hoses with valves. Air filter and fan are positioned on one of hoses. Two closable drain openings are formed in side wall of accumulation reservoir, above and below upper edge of evaporator: upper drain opening and lower drain opening. Two filters provided in central part of accumulation reservoir, at its opposite sides, are made in the form of vertically mounted flexible perforated hoses. One of said filters oriented downward is connected through coolant pump to inlet of coolant section of heat-exchanger. Other filter oriented upward reaches level of lower drain opening and is connected to outlet of coolant section of heat-exchanger. Inlet of milk section of heat-exchanger is connected through milk pump to accumulation reservoir for milk, and outlet of milk section of heat-exchanger is connected to milk storage reservoir-thermos.

EFFECT: reduced capital and operation expenses and enhanced reliability in operation of cooling system.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: animal husbandry.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises heat insulating sealed vessel that receives evaporator, condenser, compressor, tank heat exchanger provided with the coolant section, control unit, and float vale mounted in the top part of the heat insulating sealed vessel. The valve is connected with the water supply system. The top part of the heat insulating sealed vessel that is set above the float valve is connected with the ambient air through the valves and with the output section of the coolant section, vessel heat exchanger, and the bottom section of heat insulated sealed vessel connected to the inlet part of the coolant section through the pump, and control valve is provided with the pipes with spraying openings connected with the atmosphere through the pipe.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption and enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method of thermostatting low-temperature food product freezer rooms with closed refrigeration cycle. A coolant chilled from outside by heat exchange with a flow of cool low-pressure natural gas is used as an intermediate heat transfer medium. The above gas flow is produced in a vortex energy dividing device by reducing the pressure of the part of high-pressure natural gas flow which is supplied to the gas-reducing station of the gas main. The hot gas flow and the cool flow being heated and produced in the energy dividing device are combined and withdrawn into the low-pressure consumer gas network.

EFFECT: reducing energy demand for the system operation.

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