Way of coordinated management of multi-terminal system of high-voltage direct current power transmission using voltage converters

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method, if the main control station of DC voltage stops, subordinate control station of DC voltage takes over management of DC voltage, and the rest converting stations continue to operate in the initial management regimes. The control transmission comprises the following steps: on condition that the inter-station communication means operate, the main control station sends a signal to the slave station to stop operation by means of inter-station communication means, and when the slave station receives data indicating that the main DC voltage control station has stopped operating, the slave station switches from the current control mode to the DC voltage control mode; and provided that the inter-station communication facilities are missing or faulty, the slave receives data on the change in the DC voltage in the multi-terminal DC system, and if the difference in the value of the DC voltage and its nominal value exceeds a certain threshold, the slave station switches from the current control mode to the DC voltage control mode.

EFFECT: increasing the stability and reliability of the multi-terminal electricity transmission system.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: in electromechanical insert for connecting power systems the double supply machines (5 and 6) are connected to different energy systems (1 and 2) and coupled by rotors to converters (9 and 10) through five rings 11 instead of a standard number of six rings.

EFFECT: improved reliability and simplified design.

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Dc link // 2546638

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power supply system link is fitted with the polar short-circuiting switches allowing to use thyristor bridges as reactive power regulators in case of link failure.

EFFECT: improved use of DC power supply system link.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention offers the electric power transmission and distribution system suitable for power supply of underwater electrical loads. The system contains a primary DC transmitting cable (8), which can be hooked up to onshore AC/DC conversion module (2). The underwater cable end (8) is hooked up to the primary underwater power distribution unit (10), which contains DC/DC conversion module (14), having modular topology with groups of interdependent DC/DC conversion units, and a primary DC distribution mains (16). Secondary DC transmitting cables (24) and connected with them automatic switches (26) ensure hooking up of the primary underwater power distribution unit (10) to the secondary underwater power distribution units (18a, 18b). Each underwater power distribution unit (18a, 18b) contains the DC/DC conversion module (20a), having modular topology with groups of interdependent DC/DC conversion units. The respective secondary DC distribution mains (22a, 22b) are used for power supply of one or several underwater electrical loads.

EFFECT: possibility to decrease the size of onshore components.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to converter equipment. In order to provide a device for electric parameter conversion (1) in the area of electric energy transmission and distribution with the converter (2) switched between the alternating-current network (11) and direct-voltage loop (7) having power semiconductor valves (3) which are placed between the alternating-voltage output (4) and direct-voltage output (5, 6), at that each power semiconductor valve (3) includes a series circuit of bipolar modules (8), which comprise respectively an energy storage and power semiconductor circuit coupled in parallel to the above energy storage, and with network connection unit (9) coupled to the alternating-voltage output (4) for connection with alternating-voltage network (11), which ensures simple, effective and economical balancing of voltage in the direct-voltage loop in regard to the earth potential, the invention suggests a zero-point reactor (14) coupled to the potential point (13) between the network connection unit (9) and converter (2) having choke coils (15) coupled to the grounded zero point (16), at that the choke coils (15) are made so that for alternating current with the main oscillating frequency of the alternating-voltage network (11) it represents the pathway for current with high impedance in regard to the earth potential and for direct current the pathway for current with low impedance in regard to the earth potential.

EFFECT: balancing of voltages in the direct current loop in regard to the earth potential.

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Dc link // 2520312

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device exchanges electric energy between power systems (1) and (2). Voltage inverters at each side are formed by diode bridges (7) and (8) and bridges (11, 12) of back-to-back closing gates. The controlled bridges (11) or (12) can be switched off for the periods of unidirectional energy transmission to perform routine maintenance or to reduce losses of electric energy.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability, carrying capacity and increase of efficiency factor.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of electric engineering and may be used for reactive power control in power supply systems for such devices as digging machines of different type, which are used for mining operations. The approximate defined embodiments can provide an adapted system, a device, manufacture, a scheme and/or a user interface and/or a method and/or a machine-readable medium containing instructions for activities that can contain by means of the preset data device for the preset digging machine consisting of a variety of active input cascades, at that each active input cascade is coupled electrically to the AC power mains of the above digging machine, each active input cascade is adapted to supply DC power to the DC bus, the above DC bus is coupled electrically to a variety of inverters and each inverter is adapted to supply AC power to at least one operating motor, an active power control is formed by each active input cascade in an independent way.

EFFECT: reduction of weight and dimensions, increase of power factor and electric energy quality.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of eclectic engineering and may be used in power supply systems supplying power to current collectors located far from the shore and under sea. The submerged power system (10) consists of a set of building blocks (12), (13) for modular power converters which are installed both at the side of power supply source (20) and the side of submerged current collector (30); they are united and interconnected in order to meet requirements to expansion of the operation area and configuration of the current collectors. The above power system (10) includes a transmission line/bus (14) which may transfer direct-current electric energy of high or medium voltage from the onshore facilities or upward side of the power supply source (20) to the set of submerged modules (18) of the current collector. The configuration of the multi-level modular power converter at the undersea side of the submerged power system (10) is symmetric to the configuration of the multi-level modular power converter at the onshore/upward side of the above system (10).

EFFECT: improving efficiency of power supply, reliability/fabricability, efficiency factor and specific power rating.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: installation for electric power transmission contains a DC voltage network (100) and at least one three-phase AC voltage network (101) connected to it through a station (102). The station contains a voltage source transducer (103). The unit (104) is configured for the transducer control in accordance with the PWM principle for generation of AC voltage having a voltage component of the third harmonic added to the main voltage component. A transformer is absent between the transducer phase leads (106) and the AC voltage network (101). The layout (107) is configured for blocking the third harmonic voltage component and prevention of the component penetration into the AC voltage network.

EFFECT: power losses reduction.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: high-voltage direct current device includes the first converter unit (1) and the second converter unit (4), which are connected to main line (11, 21) and to return line (12, 22) respectively. Each converter unit (1, 4) is connected to an individual return line (12, 22). Return lines (12, 22) are connected to each other through pole line (31); at that, pole line (31) can be interrupted by means of pole line interruption unit (32).

EFFECT: providing high variability of the device in operating conditions, and namely for compensation of deactivations determined by the operation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: control device for transformer substations (5, 6) in high-voltage installation (1) of DC transfer comprises a unit (12) of rectifier control and a unit (13) of inverter control to control transformer substations that operate accordingly as a rectifier (5) and an inverter (6). Firing angles of accordingly the rectifier (5) and the inverter (6) are set and adjusted with the help of the units (12, 13). Between the units (12, 13) there is a delay link (20), with the help of which the start-up torque for adjustment of the inverter (6) firing angle is delayed relative to the start-up torque for adjustment of the rectifier (5) firing angle for the specified delay time (Δt).

EFFECT: provision of relatively quick transition from initial operating condition into new established operating condition.

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FIELD: electrical engineering; heavy-current converter substations feeding aluminum electrolysis series.

SUBSTANCE: proposed substation characterized in high reliability at its equivalent rectifying phase characteristic equal to 48, 60, 72, or 96 has each of its n converters incorporating converter transformer and rectifier. All converter transformers are connected to high-voltage supply mains. Converters are available in m design alternates distinguished by absolute angle of phase shift between primary line and phase voltages of converter transformers and have 2k relatively parallel dc busways. Converters are disposed along dc busways and all rectifiers are electrically connected to these busways. Converters incorporating converter transformers having maximal absolute angle of phase shift are disposed in extreme positions and those whose converter transformers have minimal absolute angle of phase shift are arranged in middle part of multiphase converter substation, where n is number of converters, 4 ≤ n ≤ 10; 2k is number of positive and negative dc busways, 2 ≤ 2k ≤ 64; m is number of converter design alternates distinguished by absolute angle of phase shift of converter transformers.

EFFECT: improved power characteristics, including power factor and efficiency, enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: electric engineering, in particular, system for utilizing energy of coal.

SUBSTANCE: device contains means for generating thermal electric energy for transformation of coal energy in coal deposit, positioned at location which is remote from end consumer, into electric energy by generating thermal electric energy near the coal deposit, alternating current load at end consumer, network for transmission/distribution of alternating current and means for transferring electric energy for transferring electric energy from device for generating thermal electric energy near the coal deposit to transmission/distribution network. Electric energy transmission device consists of a combination of super-conductive constant current electric energy transmission system with low losses during transmission with usage of super-conductive power cable and conventional transmission/distribution network with normal temperature.

EFFECT: efficient usage of equipment for accumulation of electric energy, which contains super-conductive power cable or super-conductive coils and conventional distribution network, which allows to realize efficient transfer of electric energy over large distances.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric engineering and can be used to operate at joint centres of electric power consumption for instance for large municipal areas or geographical regions. In the method and the device for improvement of alternating currant power transmission system dispatching capabilities, electric power transmission system provides isolation of local alternating currant power supply system from surrounding alternating current system, and local centre of alternating current power consumption has multiple local alternating current loads and distributing system feeding line that supplies multiple local alternating current loads. Additionally there is at least one remote power station or other electric power source to deliver alternating current electric power to local centre of alternating current power consumption. To isolate alternating current electric power received from remote power station from local centre of alternating current power consumption by converting alternating current electric power into direct current electric power, full or partial ring of direct current power lines are created between local centre of alternating current power consumption and remote power station. Then the second conversion of direct current electric power into alternating direct current electric power is performed on the basis of demands in electric load. Feeding line of distributing system delivers alternating current electric power from remote power station providing isolation of all local alternating current loads.

EFFECT: providing stability of alternating current - direct current - alternating current power supply with simultaneous power flow control in all incoming and outgoing power lines carrying alternating and/or direct current.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and may be used for supplying power to consumers. Prime cost of multi-version energy production is reduced by power supplying facilities and electricity co-generation (conversion of thermal wastes into electric energy and heating) at consumers' point. This method allows for consumer to select one or more types of primary energy from a variety of available energy sources in order to reduce cumulative capital and operational costs and satisfy needs in the own loading. According to the invention, the most profitable current possibilities of energy saving and/or possibilities of money earning by energy exporting to power grid are taken into account. These are the cases when market prices are high and/or it is possible to profit from paying to support grid or provide auxiliary services, is there are any. To support operation requiring high level of reliability, operation without additional costs for redundant lines of power supply connection and expensive backup means of power generation can be ensured at consumer's place.

EFFECT: improved reliability of power grid and consumer power supply systems and wide range of multi-version energy generation application and electric energy co-generation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is used in electric engineering. Converting substation for power plant system connecting to bipolar HVDC transmission line has DC neutral plant ensured with the first DC switches (131, 132) allowing for disconnecting the first current circuit between neutral bus (112) of the first conductor (105) and a neutral bus (111) of the other conductor (104) when substation operates in bipolar mode and switching to single-polar mode of operation, if needed. In order to isolate faulty section in system, current circuit with connecting elements (142, 143) of electrode line to direct current from the said conductor (105) to another one, there are split connection elements (142, 143) available for each electrode line (191, 192). There is a special device to connect each neutral bus to one selected connecting elements of electrode line.

EFFECT: improved reliability of power transmission.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device (1) comprises power supply terminal (4) to connect AC power supply circuit (2) and consumer terminal (5) to connect multi-phase consumer (3). Note here that rectifier (6) is connected behind terminal (4). The latter is connected, via intermediate DC circuit (8) comprising smoothing device (12) with inverter (9) connected, on the AC side, to aforesaid consumer connection terminal (5). Note also that rectifier (6) and inverter (9) comprise thyristor gates (9a+, 9b+, 9C+; 9a-, 9b-, 9c-), while control unit (14) triggers thyristor gates (9a+, 9b+, 9c+; 9a-, 9b-, 9c-.) of inverter (9) depending upon timed signal. Control unit (14) is connected to timed pulse generator-transducer that enjoys independent power supply. Capacitative-type apparent resistances (13) are connected to inverter (9) to switch current in direction of power flow, or aforesaid multi-phase consumer (3) has apparent resistance of said capacitative type sufficient to switch current.

EFFECT: higher reliability of power supply.

11 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: converting substation for connection of alternating current system to bipolar HVDC supply line of electric power has setting of DC neutral made with the first DC switches allowing to break the first current circuit between neutral bus (111) of one conductor (104) of the above electric power supply line and neutral bus of other conductor (105) at bipolar mode of substation for insulation of failed sector and for switching over to unipolar mode/reverse travel. Setting of DC neutral has at least two first DC switches (133, 136 and 134, 137) on the above first current circuit, which are in-series connected and provided with possibility of functioning as reserve for each other in case some of them will not be able to break the first current circuit for insulation of failed sector owing to switching over from bipolar to unipolar mode.

EFFECT: improving electric power transmission reliability.

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Converter // 2396665

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: converter designed for conversion of alternating voltage to direct voltage and vice versa in the converting station included in high voltage supply system includes in-series connection of many valves (10-13) of converter. Connections to transformers in the above converter are located on both of two opposite sides of the above converter valves.

EFFECT: improving reliability.

18 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: converting substation for connection of alternating current system to high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission line includes at least two converters installed in two individual rooms of converter valves (40, 41). Substation includes separate control device (49, 50) to control each converter, and separate device to provide auxiliary power supply for each converter. For each converter there installed is separate control device (51, 52) of common operating conditions, which makes each converter independent. Rooms of converter valves are separated from each other through considerable distance.

EFFECT: improving electric power transmission reliability.

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Transmission system // 2397591

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: HVDC transmission system includes on one end of bipolar HVDC transmission line the converting station intended for connection of the above transmission line to AC system. This station has two converters and DC neutral circuit being common for converters. The above DC neutral circuit has individual connecting element (142, 143) of electrode line, which connects to electrode lines (191, 192). Electrode lines (191, 192) have such dimensions that when the converting station operates in single-pole mode, the transmission of actually total current to electrode station (190) through the one or several left electrode lines can be possible at disconnection of arbitrary number of electrode lines.

EFFECT: improving electric power transmission reliability.

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