System for remote reading of sensor indications

FIELD: measuring equipment.

SUBSTANCE: system for remote sensing of sensors consists of a network of data transmission devices, each of which consists of a series-connected sensor, a processor and a first radio module, a data receiving device consisting of a second radio module, a second processor and a computer connected in series. The data transmission devices are divided into m groups of n data transmission devices, the first radio module comprises a spread spectrum receiver and a narrow-band transmitter, the second radio module comprises a noise spreading signal transmitter and a first narrowband receiver, n-1 or more are input to the second radio module Narrow-band receivers whose inputs are connected to the input of the first narrow-band receiver, and the outputs to the second processor, the spreading factor of the transmitter with noise-like signals is selected greater than 10, and the data rate of the narrowband transmitter is less than 480 bps.

EFFECT: increasing the range of radio communication due to the possibility of a significant increase in the sensitivity of the receiving path while maintaining the total information rate of the sensors interrogation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device is configured to define the angular position of tire air pressure transfer device on the basis of centrifugal acceleration gravity acceleration component during transmission of tire air pressure data. Besides, it transmits, in wireless signal and predefined cycle, the air pressure data and that on angular position of tire pressure transfer device.

EFFECT: decreased power consumption by air pressure transfer device.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device to control air pressure in tyres of vehicles. The device comprises: a unit (4a) to calculate angular position, which detects angular position for each wheel, when a wireless signal, including a specific sensor ID, is transmitted; a unit (4c) to detect position of the wheel, which receives angular position of each wheel many times and accumulates it as data of angular position for each wheel and detects position of the wheel, corresponding to data of angular position with least degree of dispersion among all data of angular position, when the position of the transmitter wheel (2d), corresponding to the sensor ID; and a unit (4e) to prohibit detection of angular position, which prohibits detection of the angular position of each wheel by the unit (4a) to calculate angular position, when braking control is performed, which controls pressure of the working braking cylinder of the wheel.

EFFECT: increased speed of wheel position detection.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device includes the following: transmitter installed on each wheel to transmit detected air pressure data in wireless signal; angular position detection mechanism (wheel speed sensor) located on the side of vehicle body which corresponds to each wheel and detects angular position (wheel speed impulse) of each wheel and outputs angular position data (wheel speed impulse counter value) to communication line at preset time intervals (20 ms cycle); and angular position evaluation mechanism at the side of vehicle body (angular position calculation unit) which evaluates angular position (number of teeth) during transmission (time (t2) of data transfer command) by transmitters based on information about reception (time (t4) of reception completion) for wireless signal from transmitters and information about angular position (input times (t1, t5), number of teeth for wheels) entered via communication line.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of each wheel transmitter angular position detection for monitoring air pressure in vehicle tires.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to remote control means. The invention describes a device control system, wherein the system includes a remote control unit for transmitting a signal in the form of electromagnetic radiation and a repeater unit, having a detector for detecting electromagnetic radiation to obtain a repeater reception signal and a first signal conversion unit for passive conversion of the repeater reception signal into a repeater switching driving signal for actuating a first switch for switching the repeater unit between an inactive mode, wherein the repeater unit is completely disconnected from a first power supply, such that the repeater unit does not consume any current, and an operating mode where current from the first power supply is consumed by the repeater unit. The repeater unit further includes a signalling unit powered by the first power supply for generating a repeater transmission signal based on the repeater reception signal and a repeater transmission interface for relaying the repeater transmission signal in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The system also includes a controlled device, having a remote control interface for detecting electromagnetic radiation transmitted by the repeater transmission interface to obtain the reception signal of the device.

EFFECT: longer range of the remote control device in the system while minimising power consumption of the entire system.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises, at the initial step, estimating and determining the required link throughput for telemetry and control command transmission, estimating and determining and determining the required link throughput for video transmission based on analysis of the quality of detectability of objects of different configuration after performing comparative analysis of video transmission and compression formats, selecting modes of the initial image and structure of the communication subsystem, performing analysis of frequency band characteristics and selecting the frequency band most suitable for application in the system, based on providing remote communication and specifications of the required equipment, forming the structure of the communication and data transmission system based on transmitting information in analogue and digital form.

EFFECT: high link reliability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises pressure gage (2a) arranged in tire of every wheel (1) to define pressure therein; transmitter (2d) arranged at every wheel (1) for wireless transmission of air pressure data signals along with gage identifier at preset angular position; receiver (3) arranged at carrier body to receiver said signals; wheel rpm transducer (8) arranged at said body to comply with every wheel (1) to define angular position of said wheel (1); and TPMSCU (4) for reception of the wheel angular position ten and more times when wireless signal is transmitted with the definite gage identifier its accumulation and determination of the wheel position corresponding to angular position data with the least degree of dispersion of every data on angular position as wheel position for transmitter (2d) corresponding to gage identifier.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of wheel position determination.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. When difference between the first rotation period Tp determined on the basis of detection by means of G sensor 2b and the second rotation period Ta determined on the basis of detected value of wheel rotation speed sensor 8 is equal to or less than preset value α an angular position of each wheel corresponding to wireless signal transmitted in preset angular position is adjusted when wheel position is determined. When difference exceeds preset value α an angular position of each wheel corresponding to wireless signal transmitted in angular position other than angular position is not used when wheel position is determined.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of each wheel position determination.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of selecting at least one of a plurality of controlled devices, wherein each of the controlled devices is capable of transmitting a detectable signal. The method comprises steps of: receiving signals from a plurality of controlled devices through a plurality of receiving modules contained in the controlled device, where each receiving module separately detects signal contribution; determining the width and angle of incidence for each of the signals using correlation between different signal contributions; comparing the width and angle of incidence for each of the signals with a set of predetermined criteria and selecting at least one of the plurality of controlled devices best corresponding to the set of predetermined criteria.

EFFECT: enabling selection of a controlled device from a plurality of controlled devices by determining the width and angle of incidence of the signal emitted by said devices.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote radio control of a machine. The apparatus comprises at least one controlled drive of the movable part of a machine, includes a panel (10) with a control unit, a transmitting device and at least one motion sensor, wherein the control unit transmits user-input control commands to the transmitting device and compels the transmitting device to transmit said commands to the machine, particularly a corresponding receiving device, wherein the motion sensor detects movements of the panel (10) in the space around at least one axis of tilt (KA, DA) such that in motion mode, the detected movements are converted by the control unit into control commands transmitted to the machine, wherein the motion mode is activated by user input on the panel (10). According to the invention, the control unit is such that, upon activating the motion mode, the current position (I) of the panel (10) in space is detected as the current base position (I), as a result of which movement relative to said current base position (I) is detected by the motion sensor and transmitted by the control unit to the machine in form of control commands. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method of implementing the disclosed remote radio control.

EFFECT: high accuracy of detecting movement of a panel in space.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to selection of a light source among several light sources by the remote control device. Technical result is reached due to the remote control device assembled for selection of a light source among several light sources. The remote control device has an omnidirectional transmitter and it is assembled in order to transmit through the omnidirectional transmitter instructions to light sources to send a directional signal with a code unique for each light source. Besides, the remote control device has a directional signal receiver, and it is assembled in order to receive directed signals from light sources, and a signal comparison circuit coupled to the directional signal receiver. The remote control device is assembled to select one source out of light sources based on received directional signals. Besides, the remote control device comprises a transmission indicator assembled to generate indication signal that specifies omnidirectional transmission, and it is assembled to initiate selection of one source out of light sources by indication signal.

EFFECT: reducing variation of time required for detection of codes of lighting parameters by the remote control device.

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FIELD: remote measurement of temperature, possible use in power engineering, medicine, home appliances.

SUBSTANCE: the method is claimed for remote measurement of temperature as well as device for its realization. In accordance to the invention, information received from temperature sensor is processed and transferred through cell phone upon request, while the request is a call to the cell phone. Call signal is transformed to control command of phone pickup of cell phone, then during first non-rated seconds speech information about value of measured temperature is transferred, and then the connection is terminated. The device for realization of suggested method contains coupling block, indication module, parameter input module, timer, speech synthesizer, where timer and parameter input module are connected directly to inputs of microcontroller, and indication module, cell phone control input and control input of speech synthesizer are connected directly to its outputs, where output of sound signal of cell phone through coupling block is connected to input of microcontroller, and analog output of speech synthesizer is connected to microphone input of cell phone.

EFFECT: increased convenience of remote temperature measurement.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: system contains facilities, which are used to register multiple mobile information devices, every of which is designed for presentation of information and has connection to auxiliary system, creation of list of mobile information devices available in auxiliary system, reception of information request from subscriber requesting information, and provision of information response.

EFFECT: provision of access to network connected to mobile network with mobile information devices to subscribers who request information, provision of access to content of these mobile information devices without data on international number of mobile device in united network or identifiers of these mobile information devices, without separate control of these mobile information devices accessibility.

24 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric engineering in particular to dielectric connector and preventing direct current flow through connection intended for radio-frequency signals transmission from signal generating device located inside explosion-proof casing to receiver located out of casing. Signal path through connector can be unidirectional or bidirectional. The connector has structure wherein it is plugged into casing hole being compressed and is made capable to receive inside casing at least one inner current conducting element, and to receive out of casing at least one outer current conducting element. At least one of current conducting elements is partially inserted into connector, and reactive (capacitive and/or inductive) coupling and electrical isolation is provided between signal generating device and signal receiver.

EFFECT: providing strong signal interaction through explosion-proof casing while keeping firm dielectric section of casing.

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FIELD: physics, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to sensor device with sensor of measured signal, which perceives measured signal, analog-digital converter (ADC) for received measured signal transformation into digital form, with device for transmission and/or reception for wireless data transfer to environment device and processor. Processor is control processor, which is intended for control of measured signal sensor, ADC and device for transfer and/or reception. Digital measured signal is directly sent by means of device for transfer and/or reception to environment device.

EFFECT: development of communication method, in which it is not required to perform highly efficient and accordingly costly assessment related to expenses in sensor device.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: to control a door or gate operating gear, a transmitter code is transmitted from the transmitter of the transmitter-receiver system to a receiver designed for it, and the transmitter code is compared with the receiver code. According to the invention, the programming device has a computer unit for managing transmitter and receiver codes of the transmitter-receiver system. The device also has an input unit for entering transmitter and receiver codes into the transmitter-receiver system. Also the programming device has an interface unit for connecting transmitters and receivers, through which transmitter codes can be transmitted to connected transmitters and receiver codes to connected receivers. In a computer unit for a single transmitter-receive system, transmitter codes are assigned for its transmitters as a subset of receiver codes of its receivers.

EFFECT: design of a programming device for a transmitter-receiver system for contactless control of the operating gear of doors and gases, which simplifies assignment of codes for the transmitter-receiver system.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive active protection hardware, particularly to tire pressure and temperature control devices and those of braking control. Tire state control system comprises the unit intended for remote measurement of tire state parametres fitted in tire, central controller, voice message unit and braking system. The unit intended for remote measurement of tire state parametres fitted in tire measures pressure and temperature inside tire at 5 to 20 Hz and generates signals comprising measures parametre values to be transferred via radio channel into central controller. Central controller receives signals via radio channel comprising data on tire state and processes these data. Said central processor generates instructions to generate data messages and to brake the vehicle. Thereafter, instructions are transferred to voice message unit and braking system. Voice message unit serves to receive the instructions from central controller and output voice data messages. Braking system receives appropriate instructions from central controller and to brake the vehicle by its brakes.

EFFECT: higher safety at emergent tire breakage or abrupt pressure drop therein.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device for radio-controlled automatic systems comprises radio receiver, which is connected to electric motor or to electric switch intended for opening/closing of doors etc. or switching light or electric appliances on/off, and comprising at least one radio transmitter for remote opening/closing, besides radio receiver comprises switching facility to switch electric motor or electric switch on the basis of content of switching radio signal, which goes out of at least one radio transmitter, radio receiver comprises nonvolatile storage, which stores certificate for identification of radio receiver, and which is tuned to provide a permission to perform any operation in radio receiver, switching facility comprises saved commands to perform operation, if switching signal that goes out of radio transmitter, comprises a coded certificate in addition to code of radio transmitter recognition code and control code, which corresponds to operation to be performed.

EFFECT: provision of device reliability, improved convenience of its use.

23 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of wireless transfer of control commands in system of load-lifting mechanism control, when wireless facilities of operative control have specified unambiguously recognised address, and receiving device of load-lifting mechanism - selected identification code. Besides facilities of operative control are tuned only for this receiving facility of load-lifting mechanism. Operations are provided to tune facilities of operative control so that its commands are sensed by according receiving device: creation of address identification mark from address of operative control facilities and special identification code of receiving device; transfer by means of operative control of tuning message, containing address identification mark; receiving sent tuning message by receiving device and tuning operative control facilities for receiving device, if receiving device is in "non-tuned" condition, by recording address identification mark in memory of this receiving device.

EFFECT: unambiguous recognition of mutual compliance between facilities of operative control and receiving device of wireless system of control commands transfer.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: method includes stages, at which information of process parametres is obtained, selectively intensity of data transfer signal is identified for multiple providers of data transfer service available for the field device, and information of process parametres is sent by means of one data transfer service provider selected of many at least partially on the basis of intensity of the signal of selected data transfer service provider; event information related to connection to selected data transfer service provider is saved, besides event information is accumulated to provide for communication history with the help of any of data transfer service provider; and history is analysed, and at the same time selection of selected data transfer service supplier is partially based on analysis.

EFFECT: improved reliability of data transfer from field devices.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medical equipment, namely, to devices for measurement of arterial pressure and methods of remote control and monitoring. Device comprises collar connected to unit for creation and collapse of pressure in collar, connected to one of inlets and outlets of arterial pressure detection unit, clock microelectronic circuit and control unit. Outlets of pressure detection unit, clock microelectronic circuit and control unit are connected to inlets of processor, outlets of which are connected to display unit, unit of arterial pressure detection and clock microelectronic circuit. Device includes cellular module arranged with the possibility to send and receive SMS messages, inlet and outlet of which are connected to one of inlets and outlets of processor. Control unit is equipped with switches to program mode of data transfer. Method for remote control and monitoring of arterial pressure consists in setting parametres of measurement mode and control of arterial pressure metre, measurement and analysis of data of arterial pressure in patient, reproduction and transfer of data. At the same time a digital identifier is previously assigned to metre of arterial pressure, and cellular module is installed in it. Results of measurements are periodically sent to individual page of medical Internet site user, where identification is carried out by digital identifier and internal identifier of cellular module.

EFFECT: using group of inventions makes it possible to improve convenience of arterial pressure monitoring.

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