Determination method of the active input elements of the input link and the input link

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: method contains provision of the input elements, that are connected according to the matrix link, provision in the matrix link of at least two drive lines each connected to the corresponding drive circuit, provision in the matrix link of at least two reading lines, that can be used to detect the active input elements, provision in the matrix link of the serial connections, each of which contains one of the input elements and the resistor. Each serial connection is connected to the corresponding one of the drive lines and to the corresponding one of the reading lines, provision of the pull-up resistors, that connect the reading lines to the first potential, and using of the control device for the drive circuits.

EFFECT: avoidance of the false keystrokes.

15 cl, 37 dwg



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The invention relates to input devices

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer data input devices. The ergonomic detachable frame for computer keyboard is a rectangular detachable frame with four guide plates for fingers of each hand without a recess and one guide plate which defines the key area for the ring finger and the little finger of the right hand with a recess at the level of the numerical row of keys, which are located on lines which define the key area for each finger for inputting data using a touch method with ten fingers, wherein each guide plate of the detachable frame is arranged such to strictly limit the area for finger movement and reduce the number of errors when inputting data using an additional keyboard device, the design of which allows customisation of the arrangement of the guide plates for the fingers of each operator by moving the guide plates along the frame, the size of which is adjusted according to the dimensions of the keyboard owing to the design of the corner elbows, which enable to pull in and out by the required length the longitudinal or transverse ribs of the frame, which is placed on the keyboard around the periphery of four rows of letter-digit and service keys in the gaps between key rows, which ensures reliable fixation.

EFFECT: high efficiency of the work of a computer operator, fewer errors when inputting data using the keyboard.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: reference voltage source comprises the current source coupled between the supply bus and base of the first transistor, which collector is coupled to the supply bus and emitter to the device output, a stabilitron coupled by its cathode to the base of the first transistor, the second and third transistors, at that emitters of the second and third transistors are coupled to the common bus, base of the second transistor is joint with the collector of the second transistor and base of the third one and coupled to anode of the stabilitron, while collector of the third transistor is coupled to the device output.

EFFECT: increasing temperature stability of output voltage.

5 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to text input devices and methods, a computing device and a mobile telephone having such a device, and computer-readable media. The text input device includes at least one processor and at least one storage device having a computer program code which, upon interaction with said at least one processor, enable to: receive character strings entered using a plurality of keys or key representations, wherein each or key representation has a plurality of characters displayed on said key or key representation; comparing said character string with a prestored list of character strings; indicating which of said characters are available for selection by the user to provide the next character of said compared character strings by selecting said displayed characters that are next in any of said compared character strings; and ignoring input in response to pressing a key or key representation without selected characters.

EFFECT: eliminating consequences of inaccurate key input, thereby speeding up and simplifying text input.

14 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: input system includes a cache word library (300), to store information on frequently-used words associated with one-keystroke codes and two-keystroke codes, and index data on these words. The system also includes a core word library (200), to store information on frequently-used words associated with one-keystroke codes and two-keystroke codes, and index data on these words. The system further includes a word retrieving module (100), to retrieve words from the cache word library (300) according to the index data if a one-keystroke code or two-keystroke code is input, and to retrieve a word from the core word library (200) according to the index data if a three-keystroke code or four-keystroke code is input.

EFFECT: high rate of Wubi input.

15 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: sensor device for data input includes a transparent touch screen and a display behind said touch screen, connected to a control device, capable of randomly distributing characters and corresponding functions on an input field for each code input session. To limit the angle of view of images of characters, an insert is placed between the touch screen and the display, said insert having optical channels, wherein for each character displayed on the display, the number of optical channels N is selected such that N≥1, and the length of each optical channel, the linear dimension of a section of the field of the display in the channel to be viewed, as well as the linear dimension of the opening of the optical channel on the side of the touch screen should be in a defined ratio.

EFFECT: more secure input of a personal user identification code when using electronic devices.

7 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus comprises a whiteboard manager component which may comprise an image quantiser module to receive an image of a writing surface with pen strokes and quantise each pixel of the image into a predetermined number of colours, an attribute extractor module communicatively connected to the image quantiser module, the attribute extractor module configured to extract stroke attribute information for the pen strokes from the quantised pixels, and a whiteboard interface module communicatively connected to the attribute extractor module, the whiteboard interface module configured to send the stroke attribute information to a meeting console for rendering as digital pen strokes on a digital writing surface.

EFFECT: easy collaboration of users on a whiteboard for a multimedia conference event, avoiding the need to modify pens or the whiteboard, low consumption of communication frequency resources.

19 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: system which implements a dynamic programmed keyboard includes: a predictive keyboard mechanism; one or more units connected to provide the predictive keyboard mechanism with information describing the current input environment for the programmed keyboard; and said predictive keyboard mechanism is configured based at least in part on information describing the current input environment with the possibility of: changing the pressing region of multiple keys of the programmed keyboard, reducing the size of the pressing region of one of the multiple keys while increasing the size of the pressing region of an adjacent key from the multiple keys so that the pressing region of the adjacent key from the multiple keys passes over the display area of said one key. The changed pressing region of said adjacent key includes one or more positions in which said adjacent key is displayed, as well as one or more positions in which said one key is displayed and not said adjacent key, and for each of the multiple keys, the pressing region includes positions on the programmed keyboard corresponding to a key; the changed pressing regions of the multiple keys are used.

EFFECT: high rate of input.

20 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device (2600) includes controlled shell texture (2606) that defines keyboard (2610), sensor and control logic (200). Sensor determines proximity of indicating element (2900) to each key (2800, 2808, 2902, 2908) of the keyboard based on user input. In response to proximity determination of indicating element to a certain key control logic changes height of each key of the keyboard. In one example device includes displaying device (2700) to display variety of keys (2612). Control logic changes visual properties of a certain key (2800, 2808, 2902, 2908) and adjacent keys (2802, 2810, 2904, 2910) in regards towards each other and other keys in variety in response to proximity determination of indicating element to a certain key.

EFFECT: possibility to activate different texture surfaces of device shell thus providing different sensations of the user.

20 cl, 39 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: contact point on the screen is calculated, radius of the contact area from the contact point is established; if it is detected that selected objects are at least partially located in the contact area defined by the radius, the objects are partially activated by changing the nature of their display. When computing another contact point determining a partially activated object, that object is completely activated and other partially activated objects are deactivated.

EFFECT: compensating for input error when using a finger or pen to click on an interactive element.

19 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: method to display a virtual keyboard on a display of a mobile terminal device, for instance, a mobile telephone, besides, the mobile terminal device comprises a camera for shooting video data, a screen for their display and a keyboard for selection of menu functions or input of, for instance, a text message, consists in the fact that the keyboard is displayed on the mobile terminal device screen in the form of a virtual keyboard, and the indicator (cursor) displayed on it is made as mobile, besides, in accordance with movements of the mobile terminal device made along spatial axes, the indicator (cursor) moves along the corresponding field of the virtual keyboard.

EFFECT: provision of calculation time reduction and thus elimination of accumulator discharge, provision of more accurate control of a mobile terminal device.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: computers.

SUBSTANCE: device has keyboard, mounted on a panel, including at least one key, which has at least one operating area, at least one radiation source and one radiation detector, mounted in such a way as to provide possible effect by at least one working tool on route of passing of radiation from emitter to detector and/or on key in appropriate operating area.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: data input devices.

SUBSTANCE: device has base, at least one assembly, consisting of key and means for determination of operation of key, first means for determination of displacement of device elements relatively to one another, while the key is mounted with possible outside access to it, a platform is provided, mounted with possible displacement relatively to base, key is mounted with possible displacement of it together with platform relatively to base, first means for determination of device elements mutual displacement is mounted with possible recording of platform displacement relatively to base, and means for detecting key operation is made or positioned relatively to key in such a way, that it can record well operation in neutral position, and/or in case of platform displacement from neutral position.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

15 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: computers.

SUBSTANCE: method includes detection of connection of user computer to Web-site of sub-domain on national language and selects service of registration of domain name on national language, performing software extension for automated forming of combination of symbols of English alphabet, matching domain name, based on national language, determining, whether such combination of English symbols was registered before as existing domain name, and, if not, then it is registered as domain name.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: method includes mounting information input device of wrist of operator, device has flexible cover in shape approximately matching shape of hand, and sensors connected to cover, then sensors are activated by pressing against a stop, which is a portion of operators body or object, external to operator body and placed within limits of range of free hand action by operator with mounted device.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

9 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: keyboard devices.

SUBSTANCE: method includes building three sets of graphic images of letters using a set of graphic elements, separation of alphabet on groups on basis of presence of main graphic element, selection of basic letter symbol in each group, construction of graphic images of letters, applying graphic image of each letter on basic letter with forced combination of main graphic element.

EFFECT: lesser dimensions, higher efficiency, broader functional capabilities.

2 cl, 10 dwg

Computer keyboard // 2266556

FIELD: computer science, in particular, information input/output systems.

SUBSTANCE: keyboard has controller, data processing device and keys mounted on a panel with transparent key heads, in each of said heads light diode is positioned in form of rectangular frame, used for reproduction of two mutually contrasting colors, one at a time, and a fourteen-segment indicator positioned inside aforementioned diode with working side directed towards face surface of key head, used for reproduction of symbol with color, contrasting with any one of two colors produced by light diode.

EFFECT: higher manufacturability of two-side communication keyboards and higher user comfort of visual perception of symbols shown on keyboard.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: computation engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method involves concurrently displaying a set of functional patterns of keyboard keys on the screen enabling one to select one of said patterns, and representing the keyboard image, and moving the image relative to said patterns.

EFFECT: high operability quality; simplified keyboard usage.

9 cl, 10 dwg

Keyboard // 2267152

FIELD: electric engineering, in particular, engineering of elements for controlling and commutation of electric circuits, possible implementation for construction of panels for controlling electro-mechanical devices, in form of separate switches, in key-based discontinuous information input devices in form of keyboards.

SUBSTANCE: keyboard has additional number of tension-sensitive elements same to number of keys and having contacts for taking in signals, connected to electronic block for processing signals. Device additionally has joined rigidity element and selector made of elastic material, wherein tension-sensitive elements are positioned, while in electronic block for processing signals function of alternating measurement of signal amplitude is realized, which signal is taken from each tension-sensitive element, value of amplitude is compared to preset threshold value and signal is formed at output, appropriate for pressed key.

EFFECT: prevented false activations and higher reliability of keyboard.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: devices for data input to electronic devices, in particular, to small keyboards, in which the output keystrokes are determined both on the basis of activation of a separate switch, and on the basis combined activation of the adjacent switches.

SUBSTANCE: in a small keyboard the regions of independent and combined keys are located in alternating columns, the columns of the regions of combined keys include multiple digital columns and at least one column containing regions of keys corresponding to the symbols of punctuation.

EFFECT: reduced dimensions of the keyboard, enhanced accuracy of data input.

15 cl, 46 dwg

Keyboard // 2268481

FIELD: engineering of keyboard with left and right portions, meant respectively for use on appropriate working side by left and right wrists of hand, accordingly.

SUBSTANCE: keyboard has left and right portion, meant respectively for use on appropriate working side by means of left hand wrist and right hand wrist accordingly, while angle between working side of each portion of keyboard and horizontal plane is 60-150°, and keyboard itself is provided with supporting means for carrying hand wrists during working with keyboard, while bearing means are made to allow primarily horizontal displacement of wrists relatively to appropriate portion of keyboard. Keyboard is equipped with checking side, directed in opposite direction relatively to main side, while performing actions using a part of keyboard cab be visually checked on checking side.

EFFECT: prevented repeated overstrain damages (RSI) during use of keyboard, probability of such an occurrence is reduced to minimum.

22 cl, 2 dwg