Liquid crystal display module and mobile device

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: liquid crystal display module for a mobile device is proposed, comprising: a display functional component disposed in the enclosing space of the mobile device frame and adjacent to the inner frame border; and a protective glass made in the form of a front glass placed directly on the functional component of the display and having such a size that it is placed, at least in part, on the upper surface of the frame. The protective glass covers most of the top surface of the mobile device.

EFFECT: simplified design of the mobile device.

9 cl, 7 dwg



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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable servicing tools. Spark-proof tool 52, 102 comprises communication module 121, 138 configured to allow communication with field device 22, 23, 104. Chamber 157 is configured to receive at least one image related with field device 22, 23, 104. Controller 130 is connected with communication module 121, 138 and can be coupled with chamber 157. Chamber 130 is configured to receive at least one image related with field device 22, 23, 104. This portable tool 52, 102 can comprises audio input device for capture of audio files.

EFFECT: spark safety of portable servicing tool.

14 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: framework is basis of structure of the automatic monitoring and diagnostic systems (AMDS), is contains four vertical supports rigidly secured on base and in top cover of the framework. Guides are secured to side framework poles, in them the sliding trays are installed with possibility of rigid securing. On trays AMDS functional units are installed with rigid securing to trays. The guides and trays are arranged through height with different distances depending on height of the installed units. Flat side panels are secured outside to the side poles. By the side poles on one side of the framework AMDS cabinet is secured to the wall of the process space. AMDS rack is secured to floor and wall of the process space using the shock-absorbers. AMDS functional units have build-in cooling devices. On the additional slide trays of AMDS main option the following is installed: monitored object connected to hardware channels of the test actions, and to hardware measuring parameters of the response signals of the monitored object, and keyboard of AMDS control PC. Option of AMDS design provides for installation of the face and rare doors, that in work position are opened and turned along wall of the process space.

EFFECT: reduced loading of air conditioning devices of the process space of the repair-testing workshops, reduced impact and vibration loads on cabinet REE, especially during AMDS transportation as part of mobile repair-testing facilities.

10 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to an electronic device. Disclosed is an electronic device which includes: a mounting plate, a first external element configured to hold a keyboard component, and a second external element configured to form a second external surface and a supporting plate located on the lower side of the keyboard component, wherein the mounting plate is placed between the first external element and the second external element; the supporting plate includes a first engagement portion having a first surface located opposite the first external element; the mounting plate includes a second engagement portion having a second surface located opposite the second external element, and the first surface faces the second surface when the first engagement portion engages with the second engagement portion, when supporting plate slides along the mounting plate; the first engagement portion includes a protrusion having a flat, substantially U shape and a hanging portion which continues from the protrusion; the first surface is located on the side of the protrusion; the second engagement portion includes a tooth portion which protrudes from the edge of the opening through the mounting plate; the second surface is located on the side of the tooth portion, and the tooth portion is located between the first engagement portion and the supporting plate, when the first engagement portion engages with the second engagement portion.

EFFECT: simple design of an electronic device.

13 cl, 24 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic devices. The device includes a first unit having a display; a second unit which is mechanically connected to the first unit, wherein the second unit has an opening on the display area which enables to view a smaller area of the display when the first and second units are in a closed position, wherein the opening on the display area includes a transparent touch screen having a top and a back side and touch-sensitive on both the top and the back side.

EFFECT: ensuring operation of the device in a closed position with lower power consumption, wherein the sensor region used is the same region for both the closed position and the open position.

13 cl, 6 dwg

Display // 2517354

FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to display. Display (1000) comprises case module (100), display module (300) and support module (200) directed upward from case module (100) to support display module (300). Note here that support module (200) is located on the left of the right fro the centre in horizontal direction of display module (300). Display module (300) is supported by support module (200) by both the bracket and hinge (360) to turn about central rotational axis in horizontal direction. Note also that hinge (360) comprises at least two hinge plates (362, 364). Note that every hinge plate (362, 364) can be locked at multiple mid positions relative to horizontal axis of display module (300) and is articulated with shaft (366) secured at support module (200) to extend along display module horizontal axis. Mind that rotation of hinge plate (362, 364) about shaft (366) changes the inclination of display module (300).

EFFECT: variable display position relative to horizontal axis.

6 cl, 65 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an electronic device for displaying content, having: a first panel having a first display surface; an inclinometer configured to detect a change in inclination of the first panel; an accelerometer configured to detect rotation of the first panel from a landscape orientation to a portrait orientation; and a processor configured to execute at least one software application having a graphical user interface. The processor responds to the inclinometer and responds to the accelerometer to redraw an image displayed on the first display surface, from a landscape-type display of the image to a portrait-type display of the image when change in inclination of the first panel does not exceed a threshold during rotation of the first panel; wherein the threshold includes an angle in one of a first range between 5 degrees and 30 degrees and a second range between minus 5 degrees and minus 30 degrees.

EFFECT: design of a portable device with the possibility of increasing the size of the screen.

38 cl, 69 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: method includes steps of transmitting display data from an application running on a portable computing device (PCD) to a first PCD docking station display; receiving calls through the PCD; determining whether the PCD is communicating with the PCD docking station; displaying a telephone application on a second PCD display; and ringing a call through one or more PCD docking station speakers.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities owing to simultaneous display of information of a telephone application on the PCD docking station display and the PCD display during the telephone call, made through PCD docking station speakers.

24 cl, 37 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: electronic book has a housing with a front wall and a rear wall; at least part of the front wall is made using an electronic ink technique; the rear wall of the housing is made from sheet strained material, the sheet strained material being made such that the boundary of its cross-section on one of the areas is in form of an element of a conic section and the boundary of its longitudinal section on one of the areas is in form of an element of a conic section, wherein said area of the boundary of the cross-section and area of the boundary of the longitudinal section are in form of different-length elements of different ellipses, hyperbolas with different values of eccentricities and focal parameters, and the area of the boundary of the cross-section and the area of the boundary of the longitudinal section cross.

EFFECT: high counterfeit protection of electronic books.

2 cl, 16 dwg, 12 tbl

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: method can involve determining whether a portable computing device (PCD) is interfaced with a PCD docking station when the PCD is mounted in the PCD docking station, starting up an internal security call if the PCD is not interfaced with the PCD docking station, requesting a primary access code from the user and verifying the primary access code. The method can also involve terminating the internal security call if the access code is correct, and providing limited access to content elements and PCD applications through the PCD docking station.

EFFECT: improved system and method for utilising computational capabilities provided by a portable computing device, at a time when access to power and computational capabilities can be limited by the size of the portable computing device.

40 cl, 35 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: personal computing electronic device having: a first panel having a first display surface and a first back surface; a second panel having a second display surface and a second back surface; a third panel having a third display surface and a third back surface, wherein the first panel is connected to a first edge of the second panel with possibility of rotation and the third panel is connected to a second edge of the second panel with possibility of rotation; a folding configuration sensor configured to detect a configuration of the first panel, the second panel, and the third panel; a direction sensor for detecting change in direction of one of the first panel, second panel and third panel relative the direction of gravity; and a processor configured to execute at least one software application having a graphical user interface, the processor responsive to the folding configuration sensor and the direction sensor to automatically modify the graphical user interface based on the detected configuration and change the direction of one of the first panel, second panel and third panel relative the direction of gravity.

EFFECT: enabling change in configuration of the interface of an electronic device with multiple panels.

34 cl, 69 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to lighting engineering. Backlight lighting device (24) is equipped with backlight base (22) with mounted LED unit (32) and a light-conducting plate (20), which lateral surfaces are light-receiving surfaces (20a). The LED unit (32) is faced to light-receiving surfaces (20a) of the light-conducting plate (20). The backlight base (22) has guide pins (40) protruding from the base plate surface (22a), at that the light-conducting plate (20) has concave connecting sections (38) at positions faced to the guide pins (40), while the guide pins (40) are coupled to the connecting sections (38). Lateral surface of each guide pin (40) is equipped with a through hole (40a), which passes through the above lateral surface.

EFFECT: prevention or exclusion of uneven brightness of the light emitted through the light-conducting plate.

9 cl, 12 dwg

Lamp // 2521865

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. A lamp (100) contains at least one light-generating element (2), a partially transparent lampshade (5) placed around the light-generating element (2) over the angle of at least 180, but 360 is more preferable, at least one liquid crystal screen (10) placed between the light-generating element and the lampshade, and a controller (20) to control the liquid crystal screen so that it has sections of mutually variable light transmission in the range of 0% and 100% so that an image is displayed. In the horizontal cross-section the liquid crystal display is continued in two dimensions with its concave side faced to the light-generating element. The liquid crystal screen should be flexible preferably so that it may be bended and shaped cylindrically around the light-generating element.

EFFECT: change in light colour and intensity.

13 cl, 8 dwg

Display device // 2515588

FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to display devices such as a liquid crystal display device. The display device comprises first and second substrates facing each other. The first substrate has a substrate body, a first group of interconnections provided on the substrate body, and a second group of interconnections with an insulating film situated between the groups of interconnections. A channel (27) is formed over the first group of interconnections (21, 23a) of the first substrate, which continues along the section of the outer periphery of the substrate and across the first group of interconnections (21, 23a). An underlying layer (27a) of metal is provided in the same layer as the second group of interconnections (23), under the channel (27), at least in regions where the channel (27) overlaps the first group of interconnections (21, 23a) when viewed from above.

EFFECT: reduced frame thickness and longer service life of the display panel.

17 cl, 33 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal display panel and a touch input panel. One of said panels has a first alignment mark and serves as a reference point for alignment between the panels, and the other has a second alignment mark which consists of a transparent element and is aligned with the first alignment mark.

EFFECT: reducing the number of steps during manufacture.

14 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: display device includes a board on which a light source is mounted, a liquid crystal panel, a first and a second housing and a reflecting plate. The liquid crystal panel is mounted to the first housing. The board is mounted to the second housing. The first and second housings are joined to each other as an external housing which forms the outer appearance of the liquid crystal display device. The reflecting plate is placed on the inner surface of the second housing in a position in which the reflecting plate is held by a light-emitting diode board.

EFFECT: easy assembly and wide effective display region.

20 cl, 11 dwg

Display device // 2502101

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: display device equipped with a full lens on the front side of the display surface includes: a video signal input part and an image converting part for image conversion for each horizontal line of displayed images obtained from video signals input by the video signal input part corresponding to the curved part of the full lens.

EFFECT: reduced colour non-uniformity, which is a result of the angle of view property of the curved part of the full lens.

6 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: lighting device includes multiple LED 16, circuit board 17S LED, chassis 14, connection component 60 and reflecting plate 21. LED 16 are installed on circuit board 17S LED. Both plates 17S and 17C LED are attached to chassis 14. Connection component 60 is electrically connects circuit boards 17S and 17C LED between each other. Reflecting plate 21 is put on surface 17A of light sources installation. In the lighting device, connection component 60 is located on surface 17B of attachment of connection component of circuit board 17S LED. Surface 17B of attachment of connection device is opposite to the surface, on which reflecting plate 21 is put.

EFFECT: increasing brightness of reflected light.

23 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: display device has a display panel (2), where display elements are arranged in form of an array, said display panel having a frame region situated on the edge of the display panel (2), which does not contain display elements, a light guide (4), which changes the light path of a portion of light emitted by display elements such that said portion of light is directed into the frame region, a photosensor (100), situated on the display panel (2), which measures illumination from the surrounding environment, a correcting unit for correcting the image signal, which (i) corrects the image signal transmitted to the display element of the region having a light guide (4), and (ii) outputs a corrected image signal, and a control unit which controls the display element in accordance with the corrected image signal.

EFFECT: preventing colour shift in an image when the display is illuminated by an external light source.

13 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: lighting device 12 includes light source 17, housing 14 containing light source 17 and hole 14b for passing of light emitted by light source 17 and optical element 15a provided so that to be directed to light source 17 and close hole 14b. Optical element 15a has various coefficient of reflection lengthwise to light source 17.

EFFECT: achievement of nearly even distribution of lighting brightness without partially formed dark parts.

12 cl, 27 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: device has optical sensors (30) designed to determine intensity of received radiation, and having the function of an area sensor for determining the point of external input stimulus through each optical sensor (30) detecting an image on the surface of the panel. The device also has a temperature compensation sensor (50) designed for temperature correction of the optical sensors (30). The compensation sensor (50) has a blocking film for blocking radiation lying in a bottom layer, an optical sensor 30A designed to determine temperature of the environment in which the liquid crystal display device is located, lying on the blocking film which lies in the bottom layer, and a blocking film for blocking radiation lying in a top layer, which blocks ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation and covers optical sensors for determining temperature.

EFFECT: increasing accuracy of detecting external stimulus.

14 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: computer periphery.

SUBSTANCE: device has back wall, made of metallic alloy with flowing limit Re = 210-280 N/mm2 and durability limit Rm = 270-410 N/mm2.

EFFECT: lesser dimensions of display, possible utilization with following secondary processing of broken-down bodies of display, higher safety of user, increased durability.