Mobile complex of providing tests and evaluating efficiency of protection systems functioning of objects against hazardous weapons

FIELD: weapon and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in the development of test facilities and evaluation of the effectiveness of systems to protect objects from damage by precision weapons (PW). The mobile complex for testing and evaluating the effectiveness of the operation of the systems protecting objects from damage from the known is characterised by the fact that the support-rotary device is equipped with an elevating platform and is equipped with a range measuring unit, a receiver of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and N - a channel measuring-recording unit, each of whose channels contains a series-connected signal receiver and an analog-to-digital converter, and also introduced The data carrier has N + 3 inputs, a data input unit, a sequentially connected WCO guidance loop simulation unit, and a unit for evaluating the effectiveness of an object's protection against damage to the WCO. The output of each n-th channel of the measuring-recording unit, where n =1…N, is connected to the corresponding input of the information store, the output of which is connected to the input of the simulator of the phono-target environment, the output of the ranging unit and the output of the receiver of the GNSS equipment are connected, respectively, to the N + 1 and N + 2 inputs of the information storage device; The first, second and third outputs of the control unit are connected respectively to the N + 3 input of the information storage device, the first input of the SDU and the second input of the PW guidance loop simulation unit, and the first, second and third outputs of the data input unit are respectively connected to the second The input of the SDS, the third input of the PW Guidance Simulation Block and the second input, the unit for assessing the effectiveness of the object's protection against the PW defeat, the output of the imitator of the background-target environment is connected to the first input of the PW contour modelling.

EFFECT: obtaining adequate assessments of the effectiveness of object protection systems in relation to the actual conditions of their operation and the background-target situation.

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Thermal test-object // 2549072

FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: device to control parameters of thermal imaging systems relates to equipment for control of parameters of surface thermal imaging devices (TID) for observation and sighting for military purposes under field conditions and may be used in testing and assessment of TID quality. The device to control parameters of thermal imaging systems comprises a thermal radiator made in the form of a matrix of heat releasing elements (2), installed onto a panel from material with low heat conductivity (1), digital temperature sensors (7), installed on heat releasing elements, a control device on the basis of a microprocessor (6), feedback of which with a thermal radiator is carried out by means of signals from digital temperature sensors, and also a source of power supply (4). The panel has dimensions of a real observed object.

EFFECT: provision of assessment of TID parameters under real conditions of their operation, increased objectivity of produced results, reduced requirements to an operator.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: training simulator contains a workplace (WP) of 1 commander and the launcher operator (L), WP 7 of the training supervisor, WP 11 of the station supervisor, WP 16 of L control officer, WP 19 of the second operator, WP 24 of the first operator, WP 34 of L instructor, WP 38 of the commander of the surface-to-air missile system, the network equipment providing control and switching in the training simulator.

EFFECT: providing the possibility to conduct training of combat crews of the surface-to-air missile system that is a part of the antiaircraft missile system Antey-2500, the range of known training simulators for combat crews of surface-to-air missile systems is expanded.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises fire simulator to be fitted on gun or gun simulator and hitting simulator to be fitted at target. Fire simulator comprises laser with coded radiation, transmission-type indicator and lens, all being optically communicated. Hitting simulator comprises photo receivers with threshold device and device to define destruction or shelling by code of received laser radiation. Said transmission-type indicator has N zones, where N=1, 2, 3…K with sizes r1<r2<…<rN and transmission factors in zones τ12>…>τN. Centres of said zones are aligned or shifted relative to each other in vertical. Said transmission-type indicator has extra zone covering aforesaid zones or a portion thereof with transmission factor lower than those of said zones. Laser can radiate at simulation shot at least two pulse packets that differ in coding and power of radiation.

EFFECT: simplified design, decreased weight and sizes.

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Shooting simulator // 2527371

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: simulator is set at the side of gun and comprises lengthwise bed, forearm part of detachable connector to be fitted at shooter shoulder and dogs with hinges at simulator bed interacting with shooter forearm via said connector. It has two-arm lever articulated with the bed interacts by its one arm with carrier at forearm part dog. Sight composed by foresight and rear sight with cut-out arranged in one plane with clearance, video device and target image. Laser marker of hit point is pivoted at correction mechanism secured at forearm device dog to interact with carrier made at the end of two-arm lever and is electrically connected with the device interacting with shooter forefinger. Sight appliances are arranged at the base front part. Foresight is secured at simulator base while rear sight with cut-out is arranged at forearm part dog end. Target image is set ahead of sight appliances while white sheet is arranged ahead of the gun at fire range.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of training.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for training of the Army MLRS personnel and complex training of MLRS unit command personnel. Complex simulator comprises simulator of external tactical situation, MLRS simulator, instructor workstation, trainee workstations, training control hardware and power supply. Besides, it additionally incorporates simulator of carry-and-load machine, battery command vehicle and battalion command vehicles Also, added are background situation simulator and simulators of instrumentation of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles Note here that instructor workstation is connected via second-level info-and-control line with simulators of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles and those of instrumentation of fire, carry-and-load and command vehicles Besides, it is connected via two-way bus with carry-and-load vehicle simulator and background situation simulator.

EFFECT: enhanced performances.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: dummy starting mechanism of portable SAM complex comprises standard starting mechanism. It incorporates radio modem with transceiver antenna, data signal converter and starting interlock. Note here that standard starting mechanism output is connected with data signal converter input. Converter output is connected with radio modem input. Starting interlock input is connected with radio modem output. Interlock output is connected with standard starting mechanism input, said mechanism having individual network address.

EFFECT: data exchange between SAM missile and instructor control board via radio communication line.

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: laser fire simulator comprises optically connected objective lens, transparency, illuminator and laser with a supply device, wherein the simulator is equipped with a scanning device situated between the laser and the transparency and a drive connected to the scanning device.

EFFECT: wider range of distances and sighting angles of simulated firing.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: sports.

SUBSTANCE: method of shooting training in case of variable wind is carried out using a computer complex. After the reference aiming the pointing of the rifle barrel and subsequent adjustment are deleted. Then shooting to the target bull's-eye is mastered to achieve the greatest density of hits, aiming is carried out with the distant offset corresponding to the strong wind, and finally with an average offset which corresponds to the weak wind. The result of the shot is evaluated, the errors are identified which were made in the process of aiming and processing of pull-off, and the information about this is clearly provided to the shooter.

EFFECT: mastering of precise aiming skills in the shortest time, depending on the wind strength and direction.

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: training set includes a training practical item representing a launching tube, into which a dummy missile is installed, a control instrument, a power source, a launching motor, a dummy launching motor, a control unit, a charging device and a set of cables. Dummy missile has a stepped axial hole on its rear end. On front ends of the launching motor and dummy launching motor there axisymmetrically fixed are split four-sector holders of harpoon type, which are made from polyamide with a spring insert from carbon hardened steel. Power source includes nickel metal-hydride storage batteries, and a connector for a power source cable connection is installed on the charging device.

EFFECT: improving efficiency and safety of a training process.

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Rifle simulator // 2495355

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: rifle simulator comprises a gun, a target image generator, a sighting notch image generator, a front sight image generator installed on a hinged joint, a projection device, lower and upper leashes, installed on a hinged joint, a carrier, a screen installed on the gun. A forearm piece is made in the form of a detachable connecting device fixed on the rifleman forearm. Leashes with a hinged joint are installed on the base of the simulator and are connected to each other with a device for measurement of angles of lower leash installation, with a flexible resilient element and a contact element on it. The latter interacts with the rifleman forearm via a connecting device. The upper leash with the carrier installed on the end stretches under the hinged joint of the front sight image generator made in the form of a double-arm lever. The first arm of the lever interacts with the carrier, and at the end of the second arm there is an opaque screen shaped as the front sight.

EFFECT: development of a skill of proper visual perception of sighting accessories and a target and accuracy of sighting.

4 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: means for training of fire from the small arms.

SUBSTANCE: sighting at the target of the trainee under the supervision of the trainer is accomplished with the aid of a training device. Used as a target is the eye of the trainer or trainer, which are located relative to each other at a distance of 40 to 60 cm and in the process of training switch the roles.

EFFECT: simplified and accelerated mastering of the elements of firing procedure.

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Trainer for layers // 2247296

FIELD: training of layers, simulation of target selection at various remoteness from the layer in different conditions of illuminance on the background of the terrain.

SUBSTANCE: the trainer is made in the form of a small-sized simulator of a sight-laying instrument with a body, cover and two sight channels. Each channel has an ocular, block of lenses, mirror located in the body. A beam splitter in the form of a block of prisms, lens in a cell and a tube, in which a block of objective lenses collective lens with a reticule, objective lens are located and fastened, are located and fastened inside the instrument body on a common rack. The splitter and the tube make up the sight axis of the instrument beam. The lens in the cell with the reflected sight beam from the splitter make up a reference sight axis in parallel with the instrument sight axis. The optic axis passes through the sight axis and the reference sight axis. The rack is fastened to the body bottom and the cover.

EFFECT: enhanced skill of operation of the layer with a simultaneous control of data and target in the real conditions of terrain illuminance, as well as simplified construction of the trainer.

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Test site // 2263869

FIELD: rocketry; a test site used for complex seminatural modeling analysis of operation of the air and space objects.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of rocketry and may be used at a complex seminatural model-based analysis of the air and space objects operation. The substance of the invention consists that the test site contains a guidance head, a dynamic stand of modeling of the a guidance head angular motion and the target radio-simulator, which is supplied with two platforms located on both sides of a semi-sphere with a mirror symmetry in respect to each other and pressed by the magnetic force to each other. The platforms are capable to move on the semi-sphere in any direction. The trajectory of the platforms motion is determined by a control unit of seminatural model-based analysis of operation of the guidance head. On the platform located on the inner side of the semi-sphere there is an emitter of a signal, which is emitting a signal directed to the side of the guidance head. So it imitates relocation of the target. The guidance head receives the emitted signal and using the dynamic stand of modeling of the guidance head angular motion conduct tracking of relocation of the emitter, which then is analyzed. Realization of the invention allows to decrease the labor input, materials consumption at manufacture of the test site, and also to simplify its operation.

EFFECT: the invention allows to decrease the labor input, materials consumption at manufacture of the test site, and also to simplify its operation.

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FIELD: tests.

SUBSTANCE: the rocket is installed on a test rig, the countdown graph is started, the power of the control signal is changed in proportion with the distance of the rocket to the target, and the external actions on the rocket in a real flight are simulated. The operation of the rocket control system and the parameters of the external actions are monitored, the serviceability of the system is determined according to the response of the rocket control system to the checked external actions. The microrange includes a test route, rocket and a test rig for development of the rocket. A guidance instrument is installed on the test route, a device for varying the control signal power in proportion with the distance to the rocket is installed between the guidance instrument and the rocket, and the rocket is positioned on the rig simulating the external actions on the rocket. The device for varying the control signal power is made in the form of optical filters of various penetrability or reflecting surfaces of various curvature that are installed on the shaft of the rotation drive. The rig has a device for installation of the rocket, base and a system for measurements and recording of the rocket parameters. The device for installation of the rocket is made in the form of a gas turbine, whose rotor is fastened on the rocket, and the stator is coupled to the base through a hinge providing for turning of the rotor in the horizontal plane, and an additional rotation assembly installed at a distance from the turbine. The fixed yoke of the additional rotation assembly is coupled through a hinge to the rod of a pendulum, whose axle is installed on the vertical guide of the base. The system for measurement and recording in addition has transducers of rocket attitude, spinning and rocket bank position electrically coupled to the recording system.

EFFECT: provided test rig development of laser beam-controlled rockets in the conditions simulating the real flight, the material for the analysis and repeated use being preserved.

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Fire trainer // 2310150

FIELD: means for fire training, in particular, fire trainers.

SUBSTANCE: the weapon with a trigger mechanism is a combat arm, the trainer is provided with sound columns, and the weapon-with two microswitches, the first of which is rigidly fastened an its handle under the trigger, and the other-on the handle under the hammer for closing the electric circuit at a hammer cocking. Both microswitches are connected in series and connected to the computer input. The device for display of the results and the sound columns are connected to the computer output. The video camera is fastened under the barrel by means of a bracket. The target field is installed at a distance preset at conducting of real fire. The targets are made of paper and the trainer is additionally provided with a vice for fastening the weapon in the condition of adjustment fire.

EFFECT: reduced time for preparation to studies and training to target firing.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns working-capacity control devices for aviation sighting and monitoring video systems, as well as for flight personnel training. The said device consists of collimator tube, bracket with prism, and light filter fixed at the exit face of collimator tube. Collimator tube includes cylindrical case with an objective lens at its exit end, and a running head attached by a slide to the entrance end face of cylindrical case with two horizontal guide rails. Ring seat of the running head has a grade rod inside, with illumination lamp in front of the rod. L-type bracket with a linear actuator is fixed at the outer side of running head. Grade rod consists of two clamping glasses and a removable slide, and is moving against the optic axis of the collimator tube.

EFFECT: higher reliability of working-capacity control of aviation sighting system video monitoring and application of working-capacity control as flight personnel training equipment.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: several pairs of film projectors are entered into a training apparatus for training the deflection shooting, first of them in each pair contains a film with the image of the target with group of several marks, and the second film projector contains a film with a target kill sign. The training apparatus also contains the relay and comparison units by the amount of film projector pairs, shooting conditions input-output block, the decoding block and the amplifier unit.

EFFECT: approximation of training conditions to real conditions.

1 dwg

FIELD: training simulator.

SUBSTANCE: stand contains made at scales simulation systems of artillery range with targets usage and also control tools for these objects. Additionally it is outfitted by facilities for appearing and moving targets, light and audio simulators, fire control desk, engineering tools and target situation control desk, connected to switching boxes and switching block. At that on each engineering tool there are installed motors for shooting device control, implemented as laser emitter, by coordinates "Azimuth" and "Range", interlocked to synchro-transmitter, located inside of tool, which are electrically connected to synchro-receiver, installed on fire control desk, implemented with ability of displacement of lamp with crystalline crosshair by appropriate coordinates "Azimuth" and "Range". Facility for appearing targets is implemented in the form of closed in metal body electromagnet with lever, affecting to axes, connected to target. Facility for moving targets is implemented with ability of movement simulation of technique and infantry.

EFFECT: training improving.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: sport.

SUBSTANCE: arrangement contains device, mounted at gun muzzle or its dummy on simulator of fire training with focusing system, release mechanism with button "Shot", recording desk for training results and baffle-screen with covered on it curved line. Devise installed at muzzle is implemented in the form of ultrared light-emitting diode emitter with generator of emission modulation and related to button "Shot" of release mechanism. Baffle-screen is implemented as radiussed by turn of gun muzzle in horizontal plane and lengthwise curve of dive or pitching. Baffle-screen is installed on body by means of carriers with fastener and outfitted by ultrared radiation detector (targets), implemented with ability of light energy transduction into electrical and signal conditioning on recording desk for training results, at that baffle-screen is outfitted by module of screen of silhouette forming for air targets.

EFFECT: automation of training process of shooting by air targets.

6 dwg

FIELD: weaponry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aiming and firing training devices. The proposed system incorporates a gun with a barrel and trigger mechanism, a laser radiation source with power supply, a target, a blank shot adapter attached to the barrel, the said adapter front section accommodating a membrane. The adapter rear part accommodates the laser radiation source with the power supply. The target comprises several laser radiation signal receivers arranged on the equipment in compliance with impact zones and representing photo diodes. The laser radiation source represents a solid-state laser and electronic tube with a microcontroller. Every laser radiation signal receiver consists of a flexible rectangular plate housing LEDs arranged all over the plate face area with a spacing equal to the laser beam spot and on the plate rear area, the said LEDs form a beam located in the photo diode sensitivity zone. Note here that the aforesaid every laser radiation receiver incorporates an electronic unit of signal processing.

EFFECT: shooter training in conditions approximated to actual combat conditions.

5 cl, 3 dwg