Preliminary heating fluid media device, in particularly fluid media of the combustion engine cooling agent

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: heating device for the fluid media contains a heating device with U-shaped fluid media channel (6); and at least one electrical resistor (1), located close to the heating device. The heating device contains a continuous element (2) inside the mentioned device with parts of the fluid media channel (6), which correspond to the U-shape. The continuous heating element (2) contains at least one open groove, extending along and in front of the U-shaped fluid media channel cavity, at that at least one electrical resistor (1) is placed in at least one groove, and at the same time the heating device contains at least one covering plate of at least one groove, designed for fastening to the continuous element.

EFFECT: increase of thermal performance and design simplicity.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: chamber of afterburning of combustible gases is installed downstream a loading hopper for fuel and is separated from a loading hopper by a vertical partition with a throughput hole in the lower part of the partition. The specified boiler comprises a mechanism of air supply into the loading hopper for fuel, a throughput channel for smoke gases, a gate valve for smoke gases overflow, a heat exchanger in the form of a reservoir, adjoining external surfaces of the loading hopper for fuel and an afterburning chamber for combustible gases. The throughput hole is arranged at a certain distance from the level of a fire grate, making it possible to perform a thermochemical reaction to combine air oxygen with fuel carbon in a layer of wood coal. The heat exchanger is made as increasing in volume by a unit of height, starting from the level of the fire grate and above. In the zone of largest volume of the heat exchanger per unit of height flue pipes run through the heat exchanger, which connect the gas afterburning chamber with the throughput channel for smoke gases.

EFFECT: simplified design and provision of pressure of coolant, including generated steam, which is higher than it is provided in plate heat exchangers.

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FIELD: heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heat engineering. Grate of cooled construction consists of steel rectangular-shaped pipes which are laid parallel at some distance from each other and which are welded on one end to inlet header, and on the other end - to outlet header at an angle allowing circulation of heat carrier (water) inside the above rectangular-shaped pipes, by means of which pipes are cooled from inside; between steel pipes, at some distance from each other, there welded are steel rod sections, being expansion joints which together with plane of rectangular tubes form a working surface of the device, and distances between steel rod sections form the holes through which air is supplied to solid fuel combustion area, and ash is discharged to boiler ash pit.

EFFECT: invention allows improving operating reliability, effective heating of heat carrier (water) circulating in operating tubes of grid with energy of burning solid fuel lying on grate surface.

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FIELD: heat engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to energetics, particularly to devices for heating of individual dwelling and supply by domestic hot water in places, where are absence modern heat sources and is excess wastes of combustible-lubricating materials. Water heating solid-propellant boiler contains body with steel double-layer walls, forming water jacket, at least one convection air- gaseous pass, located between water heating pipes and connected to gas-collecting manifold, particulate bin, locked on combustion chamber with fire grate, under which there are located facility of delivery of primary air and ash bin, bottom pipeline of cold water supply and top pipeline of hot water drainage. In inner space of body double-layer walls form additional water jacket in the form of frontally located top and bottom flanges, where on bottom flange of water jacket it is installed heat-reflecting barrier made of refractory material, forming with top flange upward slotted nozzle, located in combustion zone and by its butts thrusting into external opposite walls of body, where opposite to each other it is implemented at least by one "reach-through" hole for delivery of secondary air into slotted nozzle into combustion zone. Water heating pipes are flowing connected to water jacket of external opposite walls of body. Gas-collecting collector is located in bottom part of combustion chamber in external wall of body.

EFFECT: expansion of heating area, creation of optimal conditions for circulation of water at its heating in boiler, effectiveness increase of fuel burning and increasing of duration of its burning from loading till loading, simplification of attendance and operation of boiler.

24 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat-and-steam production and can be used in heat engineering. The proposed boiler comprises combustion chamber made up of horizontal tubes, interconnected by headers and convective chamber. The latter is made up of horizontally mounted bundles of "П"-shape tubes and screen-side panels. Combustion and convective chambers tubes make an integral water path. The tubes of aforesaid screen-side panels of convective chamber accommodate vertical partitions with two holes made in their upper and lower parts. Aforesaid headers feature partitions with one hole.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.

6 dwg

Hot water boiler // 2341732

FIELD: heat-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: boiler consists of a furnace, convection area with ducts forming a flue, heat-exchanging tube hydraulic system consisting of individual convection and radiation tube sections connected to each other subsequently in water flow direction and opposite to flue gas direction. Connection of heat exchanging tubes in sections and connection of sections to each other is made in the form of loops so that end of one tube in a section is connected with the beginning of the other tube which is adjacent, and the end of one section is connected with the beginning of the other one. Tangential-slot reducing piece made in the form of a rectangular cross-section tube the inlet and outlet ends of which are placed tangentially in walls of two adjacent tubes is used for connecting two adjacent tubes. Bigger size of tangential-slot reducing piece cross section is directed along the tube length. Cross section area of tangential-slot reducing piece channel is equal to cross section area of each tube being connected. Hydraulic system of heat exchanging tubes consists of two independent strings - left one and right one located symmetrically.

EFFECT: improving heat exchange efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, ensuring fail-safety, reliability and long service life of the boiler operating on any fuel type under conditions of water treatment system non-availability.

6 dwg

Boiler // 2310123

FIELD: heat and power engineering, possible use for heating water.

SUBSTANCE: boiler contains boiling layer furnace, moving fire bar flat part with blowing zones positioned below it, rotary screen, side screens, scalloped screen, convective block. On side screen, accelerating duct is mounted, inside which mobile plate is installed, and in its lower part pneumatic casting is built in. In frontal part of lower branch of mobile fire bar flat part, frontal thickened part is installed. In back part of upper branch of mobile fire bar flat part, back thickened part is installed. Rotary screen is made of pipes with metallic plates, attached to pipes along whole length. Between scalloped screen and convective block, in its lower part, water-cooled beam is installed, back part of boiler is connected to direct-flow cyclone. Boiler contains a recirculation system, which is made in form of a pipeline and positioned between smoke exhauster and air duct.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of boiler, reduced atmosphere pollution, improved labor conditions, reduced economic costs of boiler operation, increased reliability of boiler operation.

6 dwg

FIELD: equipment for heating water and producing steam, possibly in heat supply and (or) hot water supply systems.

SUBSTANCE: boiler includes shaft type burner restricted by front, back, lateral, hearth and crown tube shields whose tubes provide joining of lower and upper manifolds. Tubes of hearth tube shield pass to lateral and further to crown tube shield having C-shaped configuration in cut-away view. In central part of burner coil tube steam generator with two rows of windows is arranged. Lower and upper manifolds are horizontal, they have the same configuration and in plan view they have H-beam configuration of cross section. Coil tube steam generator with two rows of windows has outlet comb formed of branch pipes for discharging steam to users. One of said branch pipe is communicated through pipeline with outlet branch pipe of boiler for supplying hot water to user.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved functional possibilities and efficiency of boiler.

FIELD: water heating, applicable in heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the boiler has a rigid framework with water walls and stacks of the convective section fastened in it, the convective section is located at the side of the furnace. The water walls and the stacks are installed from the front part of the boiler in the lower and upper guides fastened in the framework and are interconnected by tubular transitions on the flanges in the front part of the boiler and by two welded tubular transitions in the rear part of the boiler, due to it dismantling of the heating surfaces is possible for repair and replacement.

EFFECT: enhanced maintainability of the boilers.

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Hot-water boiler // 2287116

FIELD: water heating, applicable in heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the boiler gas a brick-lined body installed on a foundation, heat-exchanging blocks consisting of heat-exchanging sections are located in the body, the heat-exchanging sections are located in the body, the heat-exchanging tubes of each section are connected to headers, as well as a distributing header with an inlet pipe connection and a built-in header with an outlet pipe connection. Two heat-exchanging units are installed in the body, each of them has at least two heat-exchanging sections, the headers of the unit sections are parallel with each other and with the plane of the foundation, the heat-exchanging sections of each heat-exchanging unit are inclined at an acute angle to the plane of the foundation, and the upper headers of the units are drawn together, one of the lower headers of each unit is connected to the distributing header, and one of the upper headers of each unit - to the built-in header. The upper and lower headers of the adjacent sections of each unit, except for those connected to the distributing and outlet headers, are connected to each other at least by one by pass tube.

EFFECT: enhanced heating capacity and efficiency of the boiler.

2 dwg

FIELD: water heating equipment, particularly heat-and-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: water heating boiler comprises furnace with side screens made of pipes, lower and upper screens made of pipes, as well as lower and upper horizontal manifolds. Each side screen includes primary and secondary screens. Lower manifold is composed of two lower pipelines having rear ends connected with each other by the first connection pipe. Upper manifold is composed of two upper pipelines having front ends connected with each other by the second connection pipe. The primary side screen is made as a number of straight pipes, which connect each pair of lower and upper pipelines arranged along boiler side. The secondary screen is made as a number of curved pipes installed from the primary screen outside and connecting each pair of lower and upper pipes extending along boiler side. Diameter ratio between secondary screen pipes, primary screen pipes, lower manifold pipes and upper manifold pipes is 1:(2.1÷2.5):(4.7÷5.2):(6.6÷7.0).

EFFECT: reduced metal consumption, increased economy and reliability.

14 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in pre-starting and auxiliary heat power plants of vehicles for simultaneous generation of heat and the electric power. Pre-starting heat power plant for vehicles contains an internal combustion engine (1), an electric generator (2), a waste heat exchanger (3) utilising the heat of exhaust gases, a mixing device (4) with an electric heater, a liquid pump (8) with the electric drive, a check valve (5) and hydraulic lines (9), (10), (11) with heat carrier. The plant is also contains the oil pump (15) with the electric drive, the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil and the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine, oil hydraulic lines. The recuperative heat exchanger (18) of heating of engine oil according to the series hydraulic circuit is connected by hydraulic lines of the heat carrier to the mixing device (4) with the electric heater. The oil pump (15) with the electric drive through oil hydraulic lines supplies engine oil to the recuperative heat exchanger (18) for heating of engine oil after which heated engine oil is supplied into the oil line which is built in the oil pan with the nozzles directed towards the necks of the cranked shaft and towards the oil pump of the internal combustion engine.

EFFECT: design simplification and reduction of dimensions.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in internal combustion engines. The invention proposes an electric heater of diesel oil or motor oil, which includes the following: outer casing (2), heating rods (1) and temperature control (3). Each of the heating rods (1) includes an electrode part, a heating part and a cover of the external coating, as well as it is connected to a mounting end of temperature control (3) by means of the electrode part and rigidly attached to outer casing (2) with one of its ends. Temperature control (3) is arranged inside outer casing (2); cavities of outer casing (2) are filled with a liquid sealant, and hole (5) is arranged on outer casing (2) for fixation of the heater in a set position.

EFFECT: heater has a low price; it is composed in the form of a structure; it is safe, reliable and serviceable.

6 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed heater comprises housing with coolant feed and discharge channels and cover tightly coupled with said housing, tubular electrical heater secured therein and motor-drive rotary pump Impeller is fitted on pump rotor shaft inside aforesaid housing Note here that said rotary pump is provided with jacket fitted in heater housing with secured by its one end in the latter in inlet channel zone Its opposite end is secured at housing cover in the area of rotor shaft with impeller exit so that said impeller is located inside aforesaid jacket Note here that said jacket in impeller zone has openings to communicate the jacket inside with heater housing inside Motor rotor is enclosed in cup-like case closed by cup cover on cover outer side and secured at cover inner side Note here that rotor shaft section with impeller fitted thereon extends through cup cover and heater housing cover inside the housing Tubular heater is composed of helical coil arranged around said jacket above its openings and secured at heater housing cover Coolant feed channel, pump jacket and rotor shaft with impeller are aligned.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, electric power saving.

11 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention claims autonomous device for diesel fuel heating in fuel tank 16, including heat exchanger 1 and heat carrier feed and control system 2. System 2 includes trolley 3 with gas heater 4 for heat carrier, pump 5, accumulator 6, control device 7 and gas cylinder 8 mounted on the trolley, heat exchanger is made in the form of rigid spiral tube mounted on handle 10 by a joint and connected to heater 4 with a flexible hose. Electric pump for heated diesel fuel stirring is installed inside spiral tube of the heat exchanger.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of diesel fuel heating in the whole volume of fuel tank.

3 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: measured ambient air and coolant temperatures are used to define air heater operating interval to correct it by fuel mix temperature in combustion chamber at compression stroke end while fuel in nozzle is heated to maximum possible value. After engine start, fuel heating intensity is decreased while nozzle operating heat conditions are kept up with the help of thermal pickup built in the nozzle, heater and control unit and maintained at said level during the entire cycle of post-starting interval with allowance for engine heat conditions and ambient air temperature. Inlet fuel and air controlled heating subject to engine and ambient air temperature allows maintenance of optimum temperature of combustion mix in the engine combustion chamber at whatever operating conditions.

EFFECT: decreased time and power consumption by diesel preparation for starting.

3 dwg

Fuel heater // 2535431

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: electric fuel heater comprising body in form of the bolt with cavity in its rod, input and output holes, agitator, ceramic heating element, nickel-chromium spiral connected in series with the ceramic heating element, and casing. The internal cavity of the fuel heater body is made with spiral groove. The fuel agitator installed in the internal cavity of the body is in form of the bolt containing guide part and agitating element in form of the ellipse with spiral groove direct opposite to the spiral groove of the body.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of heat transfer.

1 dwg

Ice liquid heater // 2535291

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: heater comprises ICE, electrical generator, heat exchange offgas heat recovery unit, offgas main line, fluid lines, electrically drive fluid pump, check valve and tank with electric heater. In compliance with this invention incorporates extra recuperative heat exchanger for cooling of coolant with electrically driven blower and three-way valves with servo drive. Note here that fluid electrically driven pump is communicated via coolant fluid lines with ICE cooling system. Said system accommodates the tank with electric heater and heat exchanger-offgas heat recovery unit. Said heat exchanger is connected via fluid line with the first three-way valve with servo drive. The latter is arranged downstream of check valve in fluid line feeding coolant from ICE to carrier heater radiator lines and those of aforesaid recuperative heat exchanger. Second three-way salve with servo drive is arranged upstream of electrically driven fluid pump to communicate coolant feed and discharge lines with carrier ICE. Besides, ICE exhaust gases are fed via offgas main line to recuperative heat exchanger.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of pre-starting heating, higher thermal efficiency, decreased overall dimensions.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: engine prestart heating is performed by natural gas feed into prestart heater combustion chamber to heat carrier engine coolant by natural gas combustion heat. Natural gas is fed from low-pressure main line via distribution gas line and gas hose into prestart heater combustion chamber. Prestart heater control system power supply and that of actuators related therewith is performed by connection to power supply located outside the carrier.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency at long stops.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: system to maintain availability for start-up of an internal combustion engine (7) of a diesel locomotive comprises a standard system (4) for cooling of an internal combustion engine (7), a liquid heater (1), connected to the main manifold of the standard cooling system (4), a standard fuel system (18) of an internal combustion engine with a standard fuel tank (23) and a standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional fuel tank (20), equipped with an overflow pipeline (21), a drain pipeline (22) with a tap and a pipeline connecting the additional fuel tank (20) with the liquid heater (1). There is an additional fuel pump (17), installed in the standard fuel system (18) in parallel to the standard injecting fuel pump (19), an additional oil pump (11), connected in parallel to the standard injecting oil pump (43), a device (15) for booster charge of an accumulator battery (16) of a diesel locomotive, maintaining it in the condition of availability for start-up of the internal combustion engine, and cooling coolant temperature sensors (13) for control of system operation, connected into the pipeline (46) with the lowest coolant temperature in the cooling system of the internal combustion engine. The additional fuel tank (20) of the system is connected into the drain pipeline of the standard fuel system (18) for provision of its reliable filling with diesel fuel. Additional circulating water pumps (30) are installed on inlet pipelines of standard liquid heaters (28) of air in driver's cabins (29) for provision of conditions in them for start-up of the internal combustion engine (7). Supply of the liquid heater (1), circulating electric motors (8), oil (11) and fuel pumps (17), a device (15) for booster charge of the diesel locomotive accumulator battery (16) and elements of the control system (47) is arranged via a separate cabinet (48) of electric equipment from the external source of energy.

EFFECT: increased reliability of system operation and increased time for engine standing idle in cold time of the year as continuously available for start-up.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in gas feed into cylinders and cylinder antechamber, spark ignition of gas in antechambers, and feed of gas combustion product from antechamber into combustion chambers of engine cylinders. At starting gas engine at crankshaft cranking by starter to stable idling rpm, gas is forced into engine cylinder antechamber and/or gas engine cylinders, gas volumetric combustion heat exceeding that of natural bas by some 1.5-2 times and higher. At starting the gas engine, fuel gas can be fed into some cylinders of multicylinder gas engine.

EFFECT: higher reliability of starting and accelerated starting.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises heating the support bearing liner work surface layer and differs from known designs in that, to allow time and power savings, electric current is, first, passed through electric heaters built in under layer of every liner. Then liner electric heater power supply is cut off and, at the time, starting torque is applied. Invention comprises formula to determine time τ (s) of passing electric current through liner electric heater. Proposed device comprises metal layer of electric heater structure that is isolated all around by inorganic dielectric material laid under metal surface layer of every lines. Note that pair of faces of consecutively arranged liners are interconnected by common layer of electric heater metal. Note also that one of the liners comprises pin- or tape-type outer electric contact electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning, while the other liner has its electric heater end connected via inner pin terminal with liner metal base. At the same time, to use electric heater with different power in support plain bearing liner, every liner is furnished with inner pin and outer pin or tape terminals connected with liner electric heater beginning and end, respectively. Note that, to allow electric independence of electric heater of liner metal base, the liner is furnished with two pin or tape terminals electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning and end, respectively. Note also that work surface layer of such liner if provided with outer electrically insulated terminals connected with said layer. Invention covers a device design version.

EFFECT: higher time and power savings in starting cold engine.

6 cl, 12 dwg