Control method of the hydraulic gate drive for the hydraulic gate with the electric machine, operational diagram, the hydraulic gate drive and the hydroelectric power station

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: drive has the asynchronous machine (210), operated as the asynchronous motor/generator to control the gate. The machine (210) has the brake (230) with release the brake device. The method contains the following steps in which the emergency closing situation is detected and/or indicated, the brake (230) is released by the release the brake device in the event, when the insufficient power is indicated. The machine (210) is activated by the gravity force of the hydraulic gate shield or the roller gate. The machine (210) is operated automatically, at that the rotating field is formed. The machine (210) is operated in the generating island operating mode, in which the rotating field is generated automatically.

EFFECT: creation of the method and device to control the hydraulic gate or the roller gate drive, which during the emergency shutdown provides the gate shield release passively.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a distribution unit to feed a Pelton turbine impeller with water. A distribution unit (1) for a Pelton turbine impeller (R) comprises a distributing water line (20) in the form of torus part and several nozzle pipelines (31-35) distributed around the impeller (R) installation point so that to deliver water under pressure to buckets. Each nozzle pipeline (31-35) is connected to the distributing water line (20). The distribution unit (1) comprises at least one auxiliary pipeline (310-340, 350) having an output (340.2, 350.2) connected to the inner part of the nozzle pipeline (31-35) and an input (340.1, 350.1) connected directly to the distributing water line (20) at the input of the respective mentioned nozzle pipeline (31-35) between the input of this nozzle pipeline (31-35) and the input (340.1, 350.1) of the nozzle pipeline (31-35) being the preceding one as per the water flow path.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the design of a distributing unit allowing for maximisation of conversion of water's kinematic energy into mechanical energy of a wheel.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a plant intended to convert hydraulic energy to electrical energy or mechanical energy. The plant (I) for conversion of hydraulic energy to electrical energy or to mechanical energy includes a hydraulic turbine (1), a channel (5) for the supply to this turbine of a pressure water flow (E), a channel (8) for the removal of a flow leaving the turbine and guide vanes (20) for the movement of the flow in the removal channel. Each guide vane (20) is movable as to rotational movement relative to an axis (X22) crossing a wall (84) of the removal channel. The plant includes control devices of the guide vane angular position relative to its rotation axis, which include a unit 10 and a servo motor. Each guide vane (20) movable as to rotational movement is retracted into the wall (84) of the removal channel (8). The plant includes a piston that can adjust the submersion of the guide vane (20) into the wall (84).

EFFECT: invention is aimed at the stabilisation of a flow passing through theremoval channel without any decrease of an efficiency coefficient in different modes of the plant operation.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: control system of the ring-seal gate contains first servomotor group, second servomotor group, and third servomotor group. Each servomotor group is linked with the appropriate control point on the ring end face of the ring-seal gate. Servomotors of each servomotor group are connected with ring end face of the ring-seal gate in the appropriate connection points. Sensor is connected with ring end face of the ring-seal gate. Control valve is installed between the hydrodynamic pressure source and, at least, two actuators. The regulator is connected with each control valve, and with each sensor. The regulator controls individually of the closed loop of each servomotor group to regulate position of the control points and to keep horizontal orientation of the ring-seal gate.

EFFECT: assurance of proper operation of the seal gate ring during operation.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: pressurised compressed air is supplied into a water flow in a discharge water conduit. Some water flow from the water conduit is taken to a body 4, broken into separate jets and sent to a lower pressure area 16. Further separate water jets are broken into small drops and saturated with air. The produced gas and liquid flow is sent to hollow pylons 9 arranged across the flow. Water is supplied via pylons 9 into the gas and liquid flow. Due to narrowing and expansion of a gas and liquid flow, pressure surges are formed in it, when water drops are additionally ground with further saturation of water with air and formation of an emulsion structure. The emulsion gas and liquid flow in the channel 18 is changed to a bubble flow mode, and water saturation with air is continued due to static pressure growth. Afterwards some water flow is returned into a water conduit. Simultaneously some compressed air is sent from a pipeline 3 into a channel 11 arranged in a central body 10, where it is speeded up. Afterwards the speeded flow is sent into a wide section of the channel 11, and a lower pressure zone is created in it, through which water is sucked via hollow pylons 9 from the environment with subsequent mixing of the latter with compressed air to form the gas and liquid flow and simultaneous saturation of water with air. Afterwards the gas and liquid flow is drained into the space of the discharge water conduit that surrounds the body 4.

EFFECT: improved process of aeration of water supplied into a hydraulic turbine.

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Diffuser // 2469214

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: it is proposed to install wedge-like ribs 2 on streamlined surfaces of external rims 1 of flat, conic or annular diffusers. Free external edges of ribs 2 are installed parallel to longitudinal axis of diffuser. Top of wedge-like ribs 2 is located in inlet diffuser cross section at the level of minimum inlet dimension of external rim 1. Internal edges of ribs 2 repeat the profile of external rim 1 of diffuser 1.

EFFECT: enlarging the range of allowable opening angles of flow part of diffusers from the point of view of dynamic loads, and thus reducing their length almost without loss of efficiency.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: air inlet device includes housing 1 and valve including seat 3 and shutoff member 4. Housing 1 has inner 9 and outer 8 walls of cylindrical shape, equipped with bottom 10 located between walls and separating the space between walls of housing 1 from flow-through part of hydraulic turbine. At bottom 10 there are through holes 12 the total area of which is less by 2-6 times than the passage area of valve in full opening position. In cavity of housing 1, which is restricted with its inner 9 wall, coaxially to walls of housing 1 there installed is hollow cylinder 14. Shutoff member 4 is equipped with piston 7 arranged in inner cavity of cylinder 14. Cavity 19 of cylinder 14, which is located under piston 7, is connected to flow-through part of hydraulic turbine, and cavity 20 above piston 7 is connected to atmospheric air.

EFFECT: reducing noise level during the operation of air inlet device at simultaneous increase of the device operating stability.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to repair and recovery of cavitation-erosion damages of mixed-flow hydraulic turbine wheel blades. Proposed method comprises welding plates to blades in zones of cut damaged sections. Damaged blade sections are cut to produce rectangular shape to be filled with bars-strips. Longer side of said rods-strips is parallel to exit edge of blade. Note here that every strip is welded by faces starting from strip most remote from exit edge of blade. Strips are welded together in reverse sequence, that is, starting from strip arranged nearby exit edge of blade.

EFFECT: improved reparability of wheels, reduced residual strain, higher reliability.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: power plant for conversion of air or water flow energy comprises at least two blade turbines installed one over another with the possibility of rotation to opposite directions with vertical axis of rotation, electric generator and system of fixation to support structure. Support structure consists of fixed horizontal support base arranged between rotary turbines and in cross section arranged in the form of rectilinear polygon, and vertical support connected to it, produced by linear tubular truss connected to support base in units of internal stiffening ribs crossing. Primary part of electric generator is arranged in the form of reaction-free inductor with double-sided active zone and magnetic field closed by fixed magnetic conducting plates.

EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of power plant.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to power engineering and may be used to convert energy of oceanic, sea and river currents into electric energy. Power installation comprises orthogonal balanced hydraulic unit with at least two blade rotors installed below water level of water current above each other with the possibility of rotation in opposite directions with vertical axis of rotation, electric generator and system for fixation to support structure. On upper part of support structure above water level there is an orthogonal balanced wind-power unit installed with blade rotors of opposite rotation and fixed inductors of power generator. Support structure includes fixed polygon, in tops of which there are specified fixed inductors, and linear (tubular) tower of truss type fixed in internal units of polygon rigidity, which rests on units of hydraulic unit rigidity with excess floatage, arranged under water level below ice cover and zone of wind waves action. Installation is fixed at the bottom of water reservoir with the help of anchor braces or bottom piles, which are connected to hydraulic unit.

EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency of power installation.

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Source of energy // 2370662

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: source of energy comprises electric generator 1, arranged as birotary with internal and external rotors 5 and 4 and hydrodynamic drive 2 with internal and external shafts 13 and 12 of drive. On external rotor 4 of electric generator 1 there are stages of working blades 14 installed, between which here are stages of opposite rotation working blades 16 installed, being connected to internal rotor 5 of electric generator, through magnetic couplings 17, number of which corresponds to number of stages of opposite rotation working blades 16.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of plant with reduction of its size and simultaneous increase of power.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method includes forwarding a larger part of Volga run-off from the Zhigulevskoe storage pond bypassing existing hydraulic structures of the Zhigulevskaya HPP along the valley of the Usa River for its supply into water-passage tunnels under a neck between water areas of the Zhigulevskoe and Saratovskoe storage ponds, designed to supply water onto blades of hydraulic turbines of a new hydraulic power plant in the area of the settlement Perevoloki of Samara region, and also for idle discharge of water into the water area of the Saratovskoe storage pond.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the extent of protection of structures arranged in zones of possible breakthrough of water masses.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method includes installation of a water conduit pipe in the duct chamber, its sealing along surface of the duct adjacency, chamber dehydration, installation of lower section of the knife gate body. After installation of the lower section of the gate body the pipe is withdrawn, and the upper section of the knife gate body is installed.

EFFECT: simplified assembly of knife gates in chambers of sewage and water conduit ducts of water supply networks.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: water-intake facility consists of shore well, pump station, self-flowing line, head, aerator of flow generator and fish-retention net. Head and aerator-flow generator are placed in satellite water reservoir joined to lake by means of water-intake channel, besides aerator-flow generator is arranged near shore of satellite water reservoir in the section between head and channel so that water arrives to its for aeration from lake, being mixed with water of satellite water reservoir, and oxygen-saturated water of aerator-flow generator is sent to head.

EFFECT: reduced energy inputs for aeration of water in the area of head.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: discharge water conduit of hydraulic accumulating electric station (HAES) includes input head, transition section, water conduit, anchor support, knee of discharge water conduit and flow-guiding element. Discharge water conduit is equipped with support gasket, utility gallery, connecting pipeline, nozzle with stop valves, fixing longitudinal and transverse sealing tapes. Flow-guiding element is arranged in the form of elastic shell, besides support gasket is arranged between water conduit and anchor support, utility gallery is installed in body of anchor support, connecting pipeline is mounted into body of anchor support and is arranged so that its part passes directly through utility gallery. Nozzle with stop valves is installed on connecting pipeline in utility gallery, flow-guiding element is arranged on inner side of water conduit in the area of its knee, fixing longitudinal and transverse sealing tapes are also installed inside water conduit directly at the edges of flow-guiding element and in its middle part. Flow-guiding element is fixed in water conduit so that its longitudinal edges are arranged in middle part of opposite side inner surfaces of water conduit parallel to axis of water conduit and fixed to its wall with the help of fixing longitudinal sealing tapes and pins, and transverse edges of flow-guiding element are arranged on opposite sides of knee: one - from upper side of knee, the other one - on lower side of knee, both - on lower inner surface of water conduit in plane perpendicular to axis of water conduit, and fixed to its wall with the help of fixing upper and lower transverse sealing tapes by means of pins. Directly on knee flow-guiding element is also fixed to wall of water conduit with the help of fixing medium transverse sealing tape by means of pins, which provides for formation of upper and lower cavities between flow-guiding element and inner surface of water conduit. Upper end of connecting pipeline is connected to upper cavity formed by flow-guiding element and inner surface of water conduit, and lower end of connecting pipeline is connected to lower cavity.

EFFECT: reduced losses of flow energy in discharge water conduit, reduced material intensity, labour intensives of water conduit elements manufacturing and its cost, increased reliability of discharge water conduit operation.

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FIELD: methods or layout of installations for water supply, particularly for plants, which generate thermal energy and electric power with the use of solid fuel, prevention of natural water resource contamination with suspended solids and hazardous chemical compositions.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises sewage tank, runoff ditch, filtering dam, reagent preparation and supply station, floccule forming device, floccule distribution device, which distributes floccules over runoff ditch width, water deposit structure, sorption filter and water cleaning complex, which cleans water in winter period. Complex includes ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline. Above components are arranged in series downstream the filtering dam and arranged below seasonal ground freezing level. Water deposit structure comprises primary and fine cleaning ground chambers. Bases of filtering dam, ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline are on one level. Floccule forming device is made as multistage zigzag gutter.

EFFECT: increased operational efficiency and ecological safety, possibility to use ecologically clear natural materials for system construction.

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The invention relates to hydraulic structures and is intended for the construction of water supply facilities in the form of pipes, conduits, trays and other conduits, exposed to temperature extremes due to climate or features of the technological mode

The gateway complex // 2012712

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: electric hydraulic system of a ship lock double-leaf gate drive comprises two piston power hydraulic cylinders, every of which kinematically via its stem is connected with one leaf of the gate, and the under-piston cavity of which is connected to the injection line of the pump with the drive from its electric motor. The pump is connected with an input to a supply tank, and each gate leaf is equipped with a sensor of its position. The electric drive of the pump drive is connected to the electronic control unit. The above-piston cavity of the power cylinder is connected to the second injection line of the second pump with its drive from the second electric motor. The inlet of the second pump is connected to the supply tank. On the first and second injection lines there are pressure sensors connected to the electronic control unit. The first and second electric motors are connected each to the electronic control unit via its frequency converter, and the sensor of position of each gate leaf is installed on the stem of the piston of the appropriate power hydraulic cylinder and is connected to the electronic control unit.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of gate leaf motion speed control when moving forward and backward.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method involves installation of waterproof cross fencing in winter in the pre-selected place on the bed of mountain river. Dam, forming the upper pool in front of it, is constructed above the fencing down-stream, from which short-term water discharges are executed at negative air temperatures. Each of the discharges is interleaved by pause in time until the freeze of the discharged water and water on the surface of the upper pool, forming two ice-catchment basins, lying on the ground of the river bed. One of the basins is located above the fence, and the other - above the dam. Cycle of basin formation is repeated for several years until the thickness of the ice in basins reaches the value greater than 80 m. Ice-catchment basins in the southern latitudes of the Earth are formed at the altitude greater than 2500 m above the sea level.

EFFECT: irrigation of lands on piedmont territories throughout the spring-summer period.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: system includes one or more sections 1 consisting of two internal water-filled envelopes 2, external protective envelope 3, which are tight on two lateral sides. The system includes diaphragms 10 and anchors 9 at the bottom of the sections and a water drain of nappe-shaped profile 5 with flexible outlet tray 7. A parabolic shape of tray 7 is supported with longitudinal water-filled envelopes 8. Sections 1 are connected to each other by means of flexible braces 4. An erection method of the system of mobile protective dams involves selection of a route, a layout and filling of section 1. Two internal water-filled envelopes 2 are filled by means of envelope filling device 6. Then, external protective envelope 3 is filled. Anchors 9 come forward under action of pressure inside the external protective envelope by means of diaphragm 10. Then, by means of flexible brace 4 there installed to the end face of section 1 in the route direction is the next section 1 of the water drain of nappe-shaped profile 5, and flexible outlet tray 7 with longitudinal water-filled envelopes 8 is attached. After that, depending on distance of the protected territory, one or more sections 1 are attached.

EFFECT: safety at rise of the level in natural or artificial water courses, at breakthrough of hydraulic structures, discharge of excess water course to natural wells, thus not subjecting populated localities to flooding.

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