Arrangement of connecting pipe nozzle

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: projecting inner tubular part is formed in the connecting pipe nozzle arrangement, which forms the installation chamber inside the screw connecting part of the nozzle body. The lock nut is in threaded connection with the coupling ring, which is pre-installed inside the screw connection part. A screw part is formed on the outer periphery of the coupling ring, so that threaded connection between the coupling ring and the lock nut inside it is provided. A slope is formed on the outer side of the coupling ring, so that this slope is connected to the slope formed inside the lock nut.

EFFECT: simple and efficient assembly of the nozzle bodies without the need to disassemble the lock nut in the process of locksmith works.

5 cl, 10 dwg



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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to quick-release couplings. Device for joining the pipeline has housing, secured to the pipeline, seal of such form that it passes around the pipeline, minimizing the leakages, as well as locking device, actuating the seal, in such a way that the seal minimizes leakages from the pipeline, if the water pipeline is installed in the proper way in the housing.

EFFECT: invention improves reliability of connection.

9 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of a casing made as two pivotally connected arch sections with grippers being rigidly fixed at its ends. On the gripper there installed are reverse-type hydraulic cylinders with their stems being rigidly connected to an expanding sleeve which is made as two pivotally connected circular sectors each of which has the angle of contact of a collar equal to at least 160. One end of each sector of the expanding sleeve is of stepped shape with wedge-like projections to get under the steel locking ring, and at least two radial projections with radial channels with the angle between their axes being equal to 90 are provided on the surface of each expanding sleeve sector turned to the bell mouth. Spring-loaded detent cams are installed inside the radial projections. A hollow pole on which a hydraulic pump with a reverse valve is mounted, is installed on the arch casing section.

EFFECT: invention allows for simplified mounting and demounting of detachable pipelines.

8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: connecting assembly for a compressed air circuit has a fixing device for detachable connection of the first and the second subassemblies located in the corresponding ends of the first and the second air main lines. The first air main line is connected to a tool that can be operated with compressed air, and the second air main line is connected to a compressed air source. A valve device controls a compressed air flow between the first and the second air main lines. The valve device is connected to the second subassembly and is capable to move with sliding between the first position in which it allows compressed air passage and the second position in which it does not pass any compressed air flow. The connecting assembly has a locking device to prevent disconnection of the first and the second subassemblies when the valve device is in the first position. The fixing device includes the first and the second fixing cams. The locking device includes a pair of locking clutches.

EFFECT: invention improves connection reliability of a compressed air supply line.

9 cl, 7 dwg

Pipe connection // 2432518

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pipe connection consists of seat end with internal circular slot where into there is inserted flat end of second element of pipeline, of packing gasket and of lock member. The flat end and the seat end form a radial gap. The lock member consists of a tooth and a side adjacent to a wall when the gap is in the first range of gaps. When the gap is in the second range of gaps the lock member forms a turning point relative to the wall of the slot, while the tooth engages external surface of the second element of the pipeline because of lock member wedging.

EFFECT: increased reliability of connection.

25 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: quick connect and disconnect hydraulic clutch consists of holder, of enveloped core with circular groove receiving holder, of enveloping seat with stepped groove receiving holder upon setting core into seat, and of sliding bush sleeve arranged around core, resting against holder and minimising reciprocal travels of core in seat. The bush sleeve can be pressed to the holder with dust protecting packing which rests against a collar on the bush sleeve. The collar is positioned at distance relative to an inlet end of the bush sleeve resting against the holder. Additionally, the bush sleeve radially retains the holder pressed into a circular groove of the core, and/or the bush sleeve resting against the holder can stabilise the holder and equalise it along axis with the core for insertion of the core into the seat.

EFFECT: increased reliability of connection.

12 cl, 9 dwg

Insert joint // 2418230

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: insert joint comprises the first element, having a receiving hole, the second element, which may be inserted into the receiving hole, a fixing device, which surrounds at least one of two elements, and a seal. The seal is located inside on the fixing element, the first element and the second element have end sections facing each other, and the seal is located between the end sections.

EFFECT: invention provides for proper tightness with low joint forces.

14 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: connector consists of first and second parts designed for engagement with each other. Also, connector includes an indicator packing positioned on the first part. The indicator packing is visible when the connector is not fully engaged. At full engagement of the first and the second part the indicator packing is not visible. Here is disclosed procedure for forming the connector and determination of complete engagement of the connector.

EFFECT: increased reliability of connection.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in connector of coupling for pipelines for fluid mediums there is a blocking element to block inserted part introduced into connector and control element for control of reliable blocking of inserted part. The control element is equipped with side spring levers springy in axial direction; levers have an engagement structure designed for engagement with an arresting structure; in the first control position without reliable blocking the inserted part, the engagement structure blocks transfer of the control element into the second control position. The inserted part actuates an executing structure made on each spring lever which brings the control element into the second control position whereat it is out of engagement with the inserted part. Consequently, the inserted part can also be removed from the connector due to actuation of the blocking element at the second control position of the control element.

EFFECT: increased reliability of connection.

11 cl, 7 dwg

Connection device // 2398974

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: connection device comprises the first connecting element and the second connecting element, the first detachable blocking facility arranged between connecting elements, to provide for connection of elements together and the second blocking facility arranged between connecting devices, to prevent, in process of operation, relative displacement between elements in direction of unblocking of the first detachable blocking facility, in order to prevent unblocking as load applied to connecting device is removed.

EFFECT: invention prevents displacement between connecting elements when changing from loaded condition to unloaded one and back.

15 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: main line coupling has receiving part and fixing device for fixing the insert part. Fixing device has the retaining part rigidly installed in the receiving space of receiving part and provided with rotary retaining flaps for enveloping the end collar made on insert part and attached to the retaining part with possibility of being offset, fixing part which together with receiving part has the fixing device which prevents the movement of fixing part from extended position to the inserted position if the insert part is in appropriate position.

EFFECT: invention is easy-to-manufacture and ensures the reliability of fixing the insert part in the receiving part.

23 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: in a metal pipe with an internal plastic pipe and a thrust bushing made of a metal pipe lined with a plastic pipe, ends of the plastic pipe are at the distance from the ends of the metal pipe and are fixed by bushings, where the novelty is the fact that the plastic pipe at one side is fixed with an insert from corrosion-resistant steel, remaining inside the metal pipe, and at the other side by the internal end of the shell from the corrosion-resistant steel, with which the thrust bushing is plated inside, at the same time the thrust bushing protrudes beyond the end of the metal pipe and serves to cover the welded joint from the pipeline cavity. Besides, the thrust bushing and the metal pipe are sealed from the pipe cavity by a seal from elastic resilient material.

EFFECT: simplified technology of pipes connection with an internal plastic pipe with the help of electric arc welding in process of pipeline assembly and increased quality of protection against corrosion of welded joints of a pipeline.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to moulding devices for production of articles with and without filling in the form of pads. In compliance with one version, rotary moulding device comprises mantle including female die plate with multiple discharge openings. Said mantle makes an feed opening. Container is secured to female die plate. Said container surrounds female die plate openings. Moulding wheel is secured to female die plate to turn thereabout. Motor assembly is secured to moulding wheel. Said motor assembly is designed to revolve said moulding wheel in hypocycloid.

EFFECT: higher quality of finished products.

23 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device for connection of two pipes includes an external thread located on the first pipe. A shutoff element with external shutoff profiles is installed on the second pipe of the pipeline with possibility of radial movement. On external thread there screwed is a coupling sleeve having an internal thread and internal shutoff profiles for engagement with the above external shutoff profiles. The coupling sleeve moves in the first axial direction to the first pipe by rotation on the external thread, when its internal profiles are in intermediate engagement with external profiles until this movement is restricted with thrust surfaces of internal and external profiles after possible axial gaps are chosen as a result of that first axial movement. Thrust surfaces have an inclination allowing to tighten the coupling sleeve in axial direction opposite to the first axial direction, at outward movement of external shutoff profiles in radial direction from position of intermediate engagement to position of further engagement with internal shutoff profiles.

EFFECT: improving pipe connection reliability.

6 cl, 7 dwg

Connection element // 2468275

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: connection element (1) in the area of the first end (3) comprises a nut (2), which may be screwed onto a connection nozzle of a washing machine. The nut (2) comprises an inner ring (7) and an external ring (6), between which there is a friction safety coupling (15), and also an axial support surface (14) for the end side of the connection nozzle.

EFFECT: prevention of connection element overload, reliable tightness.

11 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed steel tube contains the following elements in wt %: Ca - 0.12-0.27; Si - 0.05-0.40; Mn - 0.8-2.0%, Fe and impurities making the rest. Note here that said impurities contain in wt %: Ca - 0001 or less, P - 0.02 or less and S - 0.01 or less. Note here that ultimate strength makes at least 900 N/mm2 while maximum diametre of nonmetallic inclusions at depth of at least 20 mcm from steel tube surface doe not exceed 20 mcm. Besides steel tube may contain one or more of following elements in wt %: Cr - 1% or less, Mo - 1% or less, Ti - 0.04% or less, Nb - 0.04 or less and V - 0.1% or less. Proposed method comprises the following stages: steel tube is first quenched at temperature not lower that that of Ac3 phase transition and tempered after quenching at temperature not higher than Ac1 phase transition temperature.

EFFECT: longer life, higher resistance and reliability.

Adapter // 2355936

FIELD: mechanics, mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention considers adapters for hydraulic couplings used for underground mining. The adapter contains connecting ring provided with inner thread from the open side of connecting ring to an annular groove made in connecting ring. The ring lock is inside connecting ring where the other open side is available in the above connecting ring. The adapter is moved on the connecting part of lock for hydraulic couplings. Separate spring elements of ring lock are wedged between circular space of connecting ring and annular groove made in the connecting part.

EFFECT: improved reliability of coupling.

9 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pipeline fittings and is designed as shutting down and control device for pipelines and channels of wells transporting working medium. The half-case of the sliding shutter consists of a branch and of external and internal flanges. Thread is cut on at least one end of the branch. The thread is ended with a circular groove. A thrust ring is inserted into the circular groove. The external flange and/or internal flange are connected to the branch by means of a threaded connection with crumpling made on the flange thread against the thrust ring. The sliding shutter is made of two half-cases with a spacing ring. The shutter is assembled between the half-cases.

EFFECT: upgrade manufacturability of half-cases of sliding shutter.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: valving.

SUBSTANCE: self-sealing pipe junction comprises nipples that are in a contact one with the other, means for junction made of lock nut, and compensators mounted at the end of each pipeline. Each compensator is made of ring spherical member. The radii of curvature, the widths, and the diameters of the rings are the same. The nipple of each pipeline is made of conical section whose small diameter engages the ring spherical member. The large diameter of the conical section of the first nipple engages the disk secured to the first pipeline and is positioned perpendicular to it. The large diameter of the conical section of second nipple engages the corner flange whose side is perpendicular to the second pipeline and secured to it. The side of the flange that is concentric to the second pipeline is provided with thread for the lock nut mounted on the first pipeline.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

2 dwg

FIELD: hydraulics.

SUBSTANCE: fitting comprises male member, female member, tube, elongated arrester whose diameter corresponds to the inner diameter of the tube, nut, flat surface, and connecting part. The connecting part has cam part and part that arrests movement in the axial direction. The flat surface and connecting part are made in block. The connecting part has a space provided with part extending in radial direction over the elongated peripheral arrester.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

2 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: coupling has hose tip which is made of a member for inserting into the hose, fastening section, and coupling section. The coupling section is made of female member and male member. Both of the members can be tightly interconnected. The coupling has thread and flats for wrench. The flats provide disconnection of the hose from the valving. The female member is made in block and has front, back, and intermediate bearing cylindrical surfaces. The first ring groove can receive the stop ring of the connection between the hose tip and fastening member and second ring groove. The second ring groove can receive the seal and spacing part.

EFFECT: accelerated assembling.

5 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to conducting connections of drilling pipes for signal transmission between a bottomhole and a surface. The electric connector is offered which contains the first and second parts (10, 20) of the connector which contain the first and second contact elements (11, 21) and the first and second holders (1b, 3a) respectively which hold the first and second parts of the connector, and can be assembled to each other by means of screw or bayonet fastening device. The first part of the connector contains the elastic bearing frame (13), the proximal end (13a) made integral with the first holder, and the distal end (13b) holding the first contact element. The second part of the connector contains a bearing ring (23) which provides engaging with the sliding image of the first contact element when fastening between the first and the second holders. On a limited circular arch of the bearing ring the second contact element is placed, and the ledge (30) is provisioned for stopping which is suitable to stop the first contact element at the second contact element to provide connection with the connector parts.

EFFECT: technical result is improvement of accuracy and reliability of connection at the expense of avoidance of discrepancy and axial gaps between electric contacts during assembly.

18 cl, 12 dwg