Decomposable and adjustable metallic packing and its production technique

FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: packing comprises a plymetal. A plymetal comprises a cellular nanomatrix which has a metalliferous material of a nanomatrix, a metallic matrix that is housed within the cellular nanomatrix, and a degradative agent housed within the metallic matrix. A degradative agent comprises: cobalt, copper, ferrum, nickel, wolframium or the combination that includes at least one of the above-mentioned. A packing comprises the first packing surface and the second packing surface that is placed oppositely to the first packing surface. A metalliferous material of a nanomatrix, a metallic matrix and a degradative agent are selected in such a way that the packing is designed to form a metal-to-metal seal in return for contractive force application. A packing can be made by dint of the metallic matrix, degradative agent and metalliferous material of a nanomatrix powder combination with the composition formation; of the consolidation of the composition with compacted composition formation; of the compacted composition agglomeration; and of the compression moulding of the sintered composition with the packing formation.

EFFECT: exclusion of the elements or tools removal from the borehole.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: press split seal, made as the sealing split ring lapping the moving shaft, with input of working agent - gas or fluid. The ends of press split sealing ring have shaped kerfs, both in horizontal, and in vertical plains matched by the shape with each other. The conical ring lapping the press split sealing ring is located in the body, and its split contains an sealing compound.

EFFECT: reliable sealing of movable couplings.

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FIELD: valving engineering.

SUBSTANCE: actuator comprises electropneumatic control device, link-screw rotating gear, and fluidic motor with the reduction gear. The fluidic motor has housing, lid, rotor lid, rotor with nozzles secured to the shaft, branch pipes for supplying gas, and labyrinth seals for the shaft. The seals are set in the sleeves inside the housing and lid of the reduction gear and made of a stack of rings whose inner diameters are bent in the direction of gas supply. The outer diameter is fit into the sleeve. The housing is provided with the passage that connects the inner surface of the housing with the space between the lids of the rotor and reduction gear.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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Seal // 2124662

The invention relates to the design of the sealing units rotating shafts predominantly centrifugal pumps used in various industries

Mechanical seal // 2025629

Split o-ring // 2023921
The invention relates to a sealing technique and can be used for sealing of the pistons of the cylinders, compressors, gidropodemnik couplings, etc

Sealing unit // 2018751

Hydraulic packer // 2555846

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: intended for disconnection of the well casing string between the submerged pump and equipment for produced fluid separation from mechanical admixtures, and can be also used during development and operation of the oil and gas wells. The hydraulic packer contains stock with thread ends, installed on stock sealing assembly containing stop, movable sleeve and installed between them sealing element, and hydraulic drive containing a hydraulic cylinder and valves system. At that end part of the spring-loaded piston of the hydraulic cylinder is located in the internal boring of the movable sleeve. On the hydraulic cylinder lid a ball check valve and differential valve are installed, they are hydraulically connected with each other by the common chamber connected with output of the submerged pump. At that the differential valve is provided with radial channel, that during shutdown of the submerged pump connects the above piston cavity of the hydraulic cylinder with annulus.

EFFECT: improved design of the hydraulic packer, improved comfort o maintenance.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: packer for creation of the gravel filter includes cross-over unit containing the nipple with side holes blocked by a bushing moving along the nipple, the sealing unit comprising the sealing collar with anchoring devices, the core enclosing the collar and located inside the guiding bushing and the pre-coat unit containing a slide valve. The core and the guiding bushing are implemented with a possibility of compression of a sealing collar at their shift with reference to each other. Also the packer contains the pre-coat tube leaning by end face on the end face of the housing of the slide valve of the pre-coat unit and passing inside the core of the sealing unit and inside the nipple of cross-over unit with a possibility of formation of through passage channel in the packer. The pre-coat unit also contains the insert with pre-coat windows located between the external surface of the housing of the slide valve and the internal surface of the cylindrical base with pre-coat windows. On the lateral surface of the housing of the slide valve two rows of process holes are implemented, and process holes of one of rows are located opposite to the process holes implemented in the insert which is rigidly fastened to the cylindrical base. Pre-coat windows of the base are located opposite to pre-coat windows of the insert. From the one side the insert encloses the face part of the pre-coat tube, and from the other side it has the through hole the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the pre-coat tube. And the through hole is implemented with a possibility of installation in it of the flushing tubes used in the assembly of configuration of the underground equipment for creation of the gravel filter.

EFFECT: improved device reliability.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for the borehole sealing includes a well screen unit having the upper end and a segment of an imperforated bearing tube close to the upper end, a withdrawable unit, a mechanical packer and a bypass tool and a swellable packer. The withdrawable unit is placed at the upper end of the imperforated bearing tube. The Bypass tool is placed over the withdrawable unit. The swellable packer is made of a swelling material fixed to the outer side of the imperforated bearing tube and has the first diameter and the second diameter bigger than the first one. The device is made with the potential gravel packing of the well before installation and further removal of the mechanical packer, injection of gravel slurry through the bypass tool to the annular space between the well screen unit and the wellbore wall and sealing of the annular space by the swellable packer. Removal of the mechanical packer and the bypass tool is made by means of the withdrawable unit disconnection.

EFFECT: invention ensures perfection of the device design that does not require additional round trips.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: mechanical isolation packer includes composite rod with ends for thread, isolation unit installed at the rod, which includes a fixed cylindrical stop with outer cone area, guide sleeve with inner cone area having sizes matched to sizes of outer cone area of cylindrical stop and sealant placed in-between as well as sleeve with pin placed in the rod cam slot, the sleeve is fixed from longitudinal movement in regard to the rod and installed so that it may be rotated axially, and braking section. At that sealant is placed at the rod inside housing fixed in guide sleeve by four pins and due to this housing may be moved longitudinally in grooves of guide sleeve.

EFFECT: improved convenience in packer maintaining as additional ground equipment is not required anymore for this purpose.

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Soluble bridge plug // 2553717

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the bridge plug to be installed in the well limited by the casing string. The bridge plug includes integrity component to maintain the anchor integrity or structural integrity in the well during usage creating pressure in its top part, at that the specified component is made with possibility of dissolution in the well and out of the material containing chemically active metal, that is selected from a group including aluminium, calcium, magnesium, and alloying element.

EFFECT: invention ensures drilling of the bridge plug.

23 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing with a channel, elastic sealing elements mounted therein on it, between which a piston pair with the sealing rings is placed, and the retaining nut. The working chamber of the piston pair is connected with the housing channel, and in its cylinder a radial hole is made with the ability of communication with the working chamber of the piston pair when packing the well with elastic sealing elements and the additional compression of the elastic sealing elements when hydraulic fracturing pressure with self- locking of the isolated part of the well. The elastic sealing elements are made of soft material and reinforced with rigid elements with different elastic properties.

EFFECT: increase in the sealing capacity of the device and the elastic properties of the elastic sealing elements.

2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plugs for the drilled wells where the fluid flows upwards. Plug (102) with walls (104) contains pipe (112), that can be inserted in the drilled well (102), at least one diaphragm (106) out of material impermeable for fluids. At that at least one diaphragm (106) if secured impermeable for fluids in the pipe (112). At that this at least one diaphragm (106) can take state folded in the direction of pipe (112) and state unfolded in the direction from pipe (112) to walls (104). At that the pipe (112) and specified at lest one diaphragm (106) are made such that in state folded in direction to pipe (112) of the specified at least one diaphragm (106) there is a gap (108) between the specified at least one diaphragm (106) and walls (104), when the pipe (112) is inserted in the drilled well (102). At that the specified at least one diaphragm (106) has at least one fixing element. At that hardness of the specified at least one fixing element exceeds hardness of walls (104), so the specified at least one fixing element (302) can penetrate in walls (104), when the specified at least one diaphragm (106) is pressed to walls (104). At that connection with geometric closure between the specified at least one diaphragm (106) and walls (104). Is ensured besides, the plug contains activated means. At that activation of the activated means results in that specified at least one diaphragm (106) can accept state unfolded in direction from pipe (112) to walls (104).

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the well disconnection in case of damages.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: horizontal well formation treatment device includes a packer containing a through-way housing in an axial direction, which has a shaped slot on outer surface, a yoke with a pin and slips; with that, the pin is installed into the shaped slot and has a possibility of being moved along the shaped slot trajectory, an elastic cuff located between upper and lower supports. The upper support of the packer housing is rigidly connected to a disconnector. The disconnector includes a shaft with radial holes, with upper and lower threads and a spool-type valve located inside the shaft and a shear element connected to it. The spool-type valve is provided with an axial central hole and a mounting seat for a free-fall element dropped inside the device prior to treatment of the formation located above the packer. The lower ring is made in the form of a cover plate screwed on the lower thread of the disconnector shaft. The cover plate is equipped from below with external thread for connection to the passage-through packer housing, and the cover plate is equipped in its centre with a pin rigidly fixed on it and directed towards the spool-type valve, as well as axial holes in a circumferential direction. Carrying capacity of these holes is higher than that of the central hole of the spool-type valve, and the pin has a possibility of tight interaction with the axial central hole of the spool-type valve after the free-fall element is put on the seat of the spool-type valve and axial movement of the spool-type valve relative to the disconnector shaft. The elastic cuff is made in the form of two sealing rubber elements separated from each other with a metal washer. Upper and lower supports are made in the form of plates with a possibility of preventing flowing of the sealing rubber elements beyond their limits at fitting of the packer. Upper and lower supports are provided with flattened cones put at fitting of the packer on the sealing elements of the elastic cuff. The flattened cone of the upper support is directed with its apex in a downward direction, and the flattened cone of the lower support is directed with its apex in an upward direction. The disconnector shaft is provided with two internal annular grooves provided with split-type spring stop rings having a possibility of fixation of the upper end face of the spool-type valve after axial movement of the spool-type valve relative to the disconnector shaft. The free-fall element is made in the form of a stock provided from below with a semi-sphere above which there rigidly installed on the stock is a split-type centraliser made from reinforced rubber, and above the centraliser there rigidly installed on the stock is a solid sealing rubber ring.

EFFECT: horizontal well formation treatment device allows eliminating non-tight fit of the packer of the device in a horizontal formation of the well or loss of tightness of the packer during operation of the device, as well as enlarging functional capabilities of operation of the device and improving its operating reliability.

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Circular web // 2550612

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to circular web systems for expansion in ring-like space between well tubular structure and wellbore inner wall. Circular web comprises tubular section of the well. Expanding coupling covers said tubular section and has inner surface facing said tubular section. Note here that every end of expanding coupling is connected with connecting section connected with tubular section. There is the space between coupling inner surface and tubular section. The element is connected with said coupling. Note here that said element has first and second sections located nearby said inner surface. Note also that element first section is secured to said inner surface. Note that second section extends into said space from first section.

EFFECT: higher hardness of said coupling.

19 cl, 27 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil industry. To increase tightness of the packer installation in the well the supporting mechanical packer contains body, connected telescopically by means of the cuffs with the support nipple with possibility of their axial movement between each other. The body has a ring seal, connecting coupling, adjustment nut with top pressing ring stop installed in the coupling with possibility to adjust position of the ring seal on the body between stops on the adjustment nut and bush connected with support nipple. In the bush a stepped surface is made resting by step projection against collar on the body. On the collar a groove is made, it interacts with shear pins installed in the bush. On the body triangular notches are made, they interact with collet inside which the counter triangular notches and external cone are made. The collet is located in the cavity of the bush with rest against end of the supporting nipple, and is held against axial movements by lock ring with internal cone interacting with the external cone of the collet to fix the ring seal in compressed state, with possibility of movement along the body to length exceeding compression of the ring seal with radial expansion till tight disconnection of the well cavity. The lock ring is made with groove for additional shear pins installed in the bush.

EFFECT: invention can be used to disconnect the well cavities by packers with radial expansion under axial pressure.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to production of composite cathodes for ion-plasma evaporation of multicomponent nanostructured coatings. Proposed method comprises preparation of aluminium-based powder mix, compaction of said mix to get cathode blank to be heated and compacted. First, said powder mix is compacted at room temperature to hardness of cathode blank. Then, cathode blank is placed in injection mould of large cross-section to allow plastic strain of cathode blank to 10-60% at further compaction. Said blank is heated in furnace air to temperatures not over that of phase conversion start for prepared aluminium-based powder mix. Now, additional uniaxial compaction of cathode blank is effected.

EFFECT: no need in additional machining.

15 cl, 2 dwg, 11 ex

Hard alloy body // 2521937

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to production of hard alloy body from hard alloy containing tungsten carbide grains and metallic binder comprising cobalt with definite concentration of tungsten dissolved therein. Hard alloy body has bordering surface area and inner area. Note here that mean fraction of binder in inner area is larger than that in surface area. Note here that carbon concentration in the binder is larger in surface area than that in inner area. Note that hard alloy body does not contain eta-phase and free carbon. Concentration of tungsten dissolved in binder in surface area is smaller than that in inner area and defined as (16.1-σt)/0.275, where σt is quotient of had alloy body magnetic moment division by mass fraction of binder in this area. Hard alloy body is produced by forming of unsintered blank containing the tungsten carbide grains distributed in cobalt-containing binder, preliminary sintering at 1000-1280°C for 1-3 hours, thermal treatment in carburising medium and liquid-phase sintering at 1320-1400°C.

EFFECT: higher wear resistance and resilience in surface area.

11 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder metallurgy, particularly, to production of high-density monolith billets from metal and alloy powders of micron and nanocrystalline dispersity. Powder metal produced by cryogenic grinding is degassed and compacted to 3D billet. Said billet is placed into container made from material with tensile strength making at least of said monolith billet powder material. Then, intensive plastic straining is effected by stepwise overall half-closed forging in three axes of orthogonal system to cause mode of deformation of simple shearing strain. Forging is carried out in several cycles to reach accumulated strain e>3 at temperature not exceeding that of powder material recrystallisation.

EFFECT: higher density and hardness.

3 dwg, 1 ex