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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: carpet floor consists of a wearing surface, the first adhesion layer, a protection layer and an insulation layer. The wearing surface contains yarn/fiber of polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) and/or PET BiCO fibers. The first adhesion layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate-based adhesion. The protection layer is made of a fiber linen or a polyethyleneterephthalate-based fabric and, optionally, PET BiCO fibers. The insulation layer is made of polyethyleneterephthalate/polyethyleneterephthalate copolymer fibers and PET BiCO fibers.

EFFECT: lower fabric total weight.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floor coatings used in collective passenger transportation vehicles, in particular - planes, and deals with low weight carpet and carpet tile. The carpet tile contains threads embedded into the tufting carpet main layer, an antipyrene layer and an auxiliary lining layer containing an antipyrene and a filler, the weight being preferably 82 oz/sq. Yd. (3,050.5 g/m2).

EFFECT: invention ensures creation of lightweight carpet and lightweight carpet tiles suitable for usage in collective passenger transportation vehicles, in particular - in a passenger plane, that meet the requirements of transportation industry standards dealing with combustion, smoke release and toxicity and allows to size tiles in the process of manufacture as required, enabling the possibility of tiles laying in the form of configurations minimising the required quantity of tiles size types as well as the necessity to cut tiles in the process of laying.

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FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: product comprises at least one textile material made of fibers/filaments, in particular in the form of filaments having partially inner pouncing of the impregnating material. The pattern penetrates at least partially the cross-section of the said first textile material, forming the impregnated areas and unimpregnated areas in accordance with the pouncing. The unimpregnated areas are air-permeable and can comprise a functional coating.

EFFECT: product is air-permeable and permeable to water vapor and has a reduced water absorption, upon its production the time of redrying is reduced, in one version the product exhibits additional improved fire-resistance.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method to manufacture a textile cover (2) from a linen (3) of fibre containing: a rear surface (8B), the first area (5), the second area (7) and a front surface (8A), besides, the first area is the area of adhesion, in which fibres (4) of the linen (3) are integrated into a dense woven structure (5), retaining these fibres (4), and which is arranged only in part of the linen (3) thickness (6), and the second area (7) is arranged in the other part of the linen (3) thickness (6) up to the specified front surface (8A). The method is characterised by the fact that according to the method a) the AC electric field is applied to the linen (3), at least front or rear (8A, 8B) sides of which carries a thermomelting powdery binder (12), besides, this powdery binder (12) is introduced into the linen (3) from the fibre (4) so that the specified binder (12) is concentrated in the first area (5). Then c) the binder (12) is exposed to melting by heat supply; then d) the binder (12) is left until hardening or exposed to hardening.

EFFECT: simplified manufacturing of a textile cover without deterioration of cover mechanical properties.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a structure of a material, in particular, for manufacturing a material cloth for clothes containing a fire-resistant material, which may be used to manufacture clothes with reflecting or protective properties. The invention also relates to clothes with such structure of a material. The structure of the material comprises the main structure, which at least partially contains a fire-resistant material, has the first and second sides. At least on the first side of the main structure there is an ornament printed, which has open zones, through which the surface of the main structure is visible. The ornament has a material containing a fluorescent dye. The visible surface of the first side of the main structure in combination with the ornament sets colour of the material structure, which meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 471.

EFFECT: invention provides a material suitable for making preventive clothes with a simultaneous protective function.

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FIELD: manufacturing process.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the textile industry, in particular to a method for manufacturing tufted material, used as flooring, as well as for interior decoration. The method consists in applying a binder - fine hot melt polyethylene powder, on the secondary synthetic non-woven substrate. The binder while heated turns into a plastic condition. Then under pressure it connects the secondary substrate with a primary polypropylene woven substrate, stitched with pile of synthetic yarn. The application of the binder is carried out on the secondary substrate, while its progress and effect of temperature on top. The connection of the primary substrate and the secondary substrate with a binder in a plastic condition is carried out under a pressure of 0.3-0.7 MPa, while the impact of the temperature of the lower calender of 130°-150° C and the temperature of the upper calender of 50°-80° C. The primary substrate is fed directly into the joint area of layers, at a rate of admission of the secondary substrate with the binder. In the result manufacturability of the carpet is improved due to separation of stages of the binder melting and the layers connecting.

EFFECT: increased strength of binding of substrates across the surface while maintaining the appearance of the pile layer.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: fabric contains threads and gaps between threads, at the same time gaps between threads have average width of more than 100 mcm. At least one of threads consists of many fibres. The specified at least one thread has cavities between fibres, at the same time cavities are filled with polymer material. Gaps remain open, and size of gaps remains same as before treatment. Polymer material is located substantially in cavities of a thread and covers fibres available inside relative to the external surface of the specified thread.

EFFECT: filling of cavities between fibres with polymer material prevents water absorption by the specified gaps and results in reduced absorption of water by the fabric.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: covering includes a textile element of surface 2 and a layer 1, which on the surface and at least partially is connected to this textile element of the surface. The layer 1 contains a viscoelastic polymer foam. The textile element of the surface 2 has a module of elasticity, the value of which makes from ≥0.5 N/mm2 to ≤2.5 N/mm2. In the layer 1 the viscoelastic polymer foam has deposition hardness, the value of which at 40% of compression makes from ≥1 kPa to ≤10 kPa. In the layer 1 the viscoelastic polymer foam has hysteresis, the value of which at the deposition hardness determination of 40% makes ≥20% to ≤70%.

EFFECT: method of manufacturing includes a foaming operation of the back side of the textile element of surface with the help of a reaction mixture, forming a polymer foam of the layer.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laminate and method of its production, and to overlay coat and its application. Laminate comprises backing 5 and wear-resistant film 1. The latter has paper layer 3 whereon applied are printed layer 2, impregnation layer 3a consisting of first synthetic polymer mix containing amino resin and layer 4 produced from second synthetic polymer mix containing amino resin and inclusions of anti-fretting material, for example emery or silicon carbide. Note that said layer is applied on paper layer side opposite the printed layer 2. Layer 4 of decorative film 1 made from second polymer mix is applied by lamination onto impregnated and, if necessary, printed, decorative paper 7 arranged on top side of backing 5.

EFFECT: high wear resistance Laminate for flooring or furniture decoration.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing of homogeneous patterned material of floor coating on plastic base includes formation of the first adhesive layer and further application of thermoplastic particles into adhesive layer, besides particles consist of at least two various grades of particles or mixtures of particles. Above-mentioned particles are introduced in two or more stages into predetermined formations onto adhesive layer so that the latter is fully coated with a patterned first layer of particles to form the first layer of material. Method also includes formation of one additional adhesive layer, on which particles are laid to form additional layer of particles with patterns that comply with the patterns of the first layer, to form additional layer of material, as a result of which additional layer of particles is formed with pattern that complies with the pattern of the first layer, to form the next layer of material. These two layers are synchronised so that patterns match each other as a result of pressing operation, and layers of material produce a homogeneously patterned material of floor coating. Two similar layers may be formed on two separate surfaces, which are synchronised and connected together in pressing installation. These layers may also be formed straight one over another by means of equipping of the first layer of material with adhesive layer and further application of thermoplastic particles onto adhesive layer so that additional layer of particles with according pattern is applied and connected over the first layer of particles.

EFFECT: production of homogeneous patterned floor coatings with thicknesses of up to 2 mm and more distinct pattern.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: floor coating consists of anantistatic bottom layer and top layer, which consists of polyurethane (PU) dispersion, PU-solution, 2-component PU, PU-acrylate, epoxy acrylate, polyether or polyester acrylate, silicon-acrylate or mixture thereof, and contains mainly spherical particles with current-conducting coating, in amount of 0.01 to 10% (wt.) as regards to top layer weight. Average particle size is 0.1 to 50 mcm. Particles are coated with silver, aluminium, copper, nickel, gold or alloys thereof. Bottom layer is a current-conducting and antistatic polyvinylchloride (PVC)-, polyolefin- or rubber-based coating with vertical current-conducting channels.

EFFECT: highly transparent coating, easily cleaned and maintained.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises case (11) to house one or several sound generators to protect them against ambient air, hence, to kill their sounds. Case (11) has inlet (12) for air to flow in case (11) for hardware cooling and j noise suppressing panel (20) arranged in case (11) for air to flow there through from case (11). Sound suppressing panel (20) comprises first wall (21) directed inside said case and second wall (22) extending along and at a distance from first wall (21) to form flow space between said first and second walls (21) and (22). First wall (21) has holes (24) for air to flow into flow space (23) between walls (21, 22). Dissipation means (25) is arranged at second wall (22) directly opposite every hole (24) and extends from second wall (22) towards appropriate hole (24) in first wall (21). Said means is configured to deflect air flowing through holes (24) towards second wall (22) and, further, in different directions in flow space (23). Several inner surfaces of flow space (23) are coated with sound absorbing material. Sound suppressing panel (20) comprises discharge hole (31) connected with flow space (23) for air to be discharged into ambient medium. Invention discloses vehicle with ICE including the sound suppression device.

EFFECT: efficient noise killing.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to transport engineering. Sound-insulating part of trim contains one area with predominantly sound-absorbing characteristics - absorbing area. The absorbing area contains one porous fibrous layer and one other area with mass-spring acoustic characteristics - insulating area. The insulating area consists of mass layer and separating layer. The mass layer consists of impermeable protective layer and the same porous fibrous layer as the absorbing area in the insulating area regulated according to Young's modulus (Pa): 96·AW·t, where AW is specific weight (g/m2), t is width (mm) of porous fibrous layer. Impermeable thin protective layer is located between porous fibrous layer and separating layer, and all the layers are couched together. Thickness of porous fibrous layer in absorbing area is greater than thickness of the same layer in insulating area. The mentioned sound-absorbing part of trim is used in automobile part such as inner panel, floor covering or wheel insert in a vehicle, for instance in passenger car or truck.

EFFECT: lower noise in a vehicle.

9 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: automobile production.

SUBSTANCE: manufacturing method of sandwich panels containing at least one layer of a warmth-keeping material, mainly foamed plastic and a reinforcing layer from glass fabric involves connection of the reinforcing layer and foamed plastic by means of a glued connection. Besides, there additionally used is at least one matrix form, the working surface of which is pre-treated with a releasing agent for resins; then, the working surface is filled with resin, mainly epoxy resin, with a layer of preferably 0.5-1.5 mm and left till it is dried; after that, an additional reinforcing layer in the form of a glass fibre matt layer and a reinforcing layer in the form of a glass fabric layer are laid in turns onto the resin layer; after that, the glass fibre matt and glass fabric layers are soaked with a self-expanding polyurethane adhesive with microspheres and the warmth-keeping material is laid onto the glass fabric layer; then, the layers being attached are pressed and dried, and mainly under pressure by means of a vacuum table; after complete drying of the layer the matrix form is removed.

EFFECT: improving heat-insulation and strength characteristics.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: group of invention relates to sound-proofing device to be arranged between car body sheet (12) and inner lining web (14), to car cabin lining and to car. Proposed device comprises plate (20) of foamed material based on polymer impregnated with the mix of mineral filler and organic binder. Plate (20) of foamed material is intended for tight contact with body sheet (12) and inner lining web (14). Car body inner lining system comprises inner lining web (14) to cover car body sheet (12) and above described device. Car incorporates said system.

EFFECT: ease of assembly, decreased weight and lower costs.

25 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle in the first version contains ceiling and one speaker. The ceiling has the first part reflecting sound waves and having the first soundwave reflection characteristic and the second part having the second soundwave reflection characteristic. The first part reflects sound waves in a greater degree than the send part. Speaker is located in vehicle so that the first direction of sound propagation is directed towards the first part. The first part is configured to reflect incident sound wave (which is propagated by speaker) in various directions to obtain "cloud" of diffused sound. Vehicle in the second version contains ceiling and two speakers located in the vehicle so that the main direction of sound propagation is directed towards the first part. Speakers are located in headrest or in sound column which is made capable to be attached to backrest or headrest of seat so that different sound waves propagated by speakers in direction of the first part represent decorrelated sound waves. Vehicle in the third version contains ceiling where the first and the second parts are formed as integral parts of the ceiling.

EFFECT: better stereo sound for vehicle passengers.

20 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: module comprises an external acoustically transparent envelope featuring one- or multi-layer version made of metal or polymer material or from a combined laminated structure of dissimilar structural materials shaping a closed formed independent vessel with the porous sound-absorbing material placed into the inner cavity. A form of the external acoustically transparent envelope is presented primarily in regular geometrical figures of volumetric cavity elements, a thickness of the wall of the external acoustically transparent envelope does not exceed 3 mm, its structural construction material corresponds primarily to a continuous air-tight layer of elastic polymer film or metal foil or air-blasted perforated layer of elastic polymer film or metal foil or air-blasted fibrous layer of non-woven fabric or woven fabric, or a perforated layer of metal or polymer material, or the combined multi-layer combined conjunctions thereof. A volume of every stand-alone fractured sound-absorbing element is located primarily in a range of Vf=4.2×(10-9…10-2) m3, while a density of filling a cavity of the closed formed stand-alone vessel amounts to ρf=10…655 kg/m3.

EFFECT: improving acoustic convenience due to improved noise-suppressing efficiency in the extended frequency range.

33 cl, 47 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention set relates to automotive industry. Three-dimensional structured metal sheet for use in automotive heatshields has multiple recesses and bosses. All the bosses extend in the same direction normal to surface of smooth sheet material which surface determines neutral plane n. Bosses extend for the same distance h from this neutral plane. Multiple bosses together form regular grid. Each boss intersects with two other bosses to form connection. The heatshield for vehicle contains layer of the mentioned three-dimensional structured metal sheet with multiple recesses and bosses.

EFFECT: higher rigidity of three-dimensional structured metal sheet.

8 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed system incorporates basic spring layer, stiffening layer and one top porous resilient layer. Basic spring layer is made of porous resilient material and arranged opposite some surface of the carrier. Stiffening layer arranged over basic stiffening layer features weight per surface are unit making over 250 g/m2. Top porous resilient layer is arranged on stiffening layer. The latter is made of dense porous material with air flow resistance over 2500 Nm-3s, below 6000 Nm-3s and varies from 3000 Nm-3s to 5000 Nm-3s. Carrier wall element is either floor, front bulkhead or wheel arch. Said element comprises support and above said system. Said support is the element of carrier body confining said surface. Portion of said basic spring layer is arranged at some distance from said support to make air ply. Air ply medium thickness exceeds mid thickness of stiffening layer.

EFFECT: decreased weight, better sound damping.

15 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. integral noise-killing module is composed by battery of acoustic resonators integrated with standard devices. Said battery consists of acoustic resonators and/or volume expansion chambers. Open necks of the latter are communicated with the underhood space. Said battery features the following overall dimensions: length L, width B and height H. Said dimensions are composed by standard parts, that is, hood, front board and wheels mud flaps, front bumper, engine room bottom shield, i.e. engine mud flap, frame, grate, cooling system fan case and facing. Said parts make the engine room front upper and lower vent openings. Battery of acoustic resonators is composed by quarter-wave acoustic resonators and/or half-wave acoustic resonators and/or Helmholtz resonators and/or expansion chambers. Frequencies of oscillations used by said resonators fR equal or differ from those of lower acoustic modes fmL, fmB, fmH of engine room space by not over 1.2 times. Overall dimensions and expansion chamber cavities ratio multiple thereof are not equal and are not multiple of overall dimensions and engine room L:B:H ratio multiple thereof. Mutual radio of expansion chambers sizes and those of said spaces multiple thereof differ by at least 1.2 times.

EFFECT: lower noise.

21 cl, 35 dwg

Transport facility // 2504488

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Structural frame of vehicle body comprises multiple box-like components (sills, reinforcements, frame, struts) made of thin-sheet metallic molded panels. At least one of the latter accommodates at least one thermosonic plug including bearing sound transparent shell filled with porous sound-absorbing substance. Said porous sound-absorbing substance is composed by separate crushed sound-absorbing fragments from identical or different type and grades of porous sound-absorbing materials with identical or different physical properties, chemical properties, porosity, quantity and combination of porous layer structures on single- and/or sandwiched combinations of identical or different shape and sizes and made from initial recovered stock.

EFFECT: higher noise killing efficiency, non-polluting properties.

18 cl, 46 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle comprises structural elements, first and second parts of inner lining butted in the area of joint. Two parts of inner lining separate passenger cabin internal part from venting chamber arranged between structural element and inner lining parts. Sections of inner lining first part in the area of butt joint feature arched profile facing the second part of inner lining to eliminate the butt and to make vent channel between passenger compartment inner part and venting space.

EFFECT: better ventilation of passenger compartment.

9 cl, 4 dwg