Filter paper breaking down in water quickly

FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: paper used as a filter material or a filter wrapping paper for a cigarette filter is made of cellulose fibers for at least 80 wt %, where at least 80 wt % of the said fibers consist of a mixture of long-fiber cellulose and mercerized cellulose. At the same time from 0 to 90 wt % of the said mixture consists of mercerized cellulose, and the remainder consists of long-fiber cellulose, and the grinding degree of the cellulose fibers of the said mixture determined according to ISO 5267 does not exceed 30°SR. During the breaking test with devices described in TAPPI T 261, after 30 seconds the paper is broken down for at least 60%, preferably at least 70% and particularly preferably at least 80%.

EFFECT: invention provides a paper for a cigarette filter, which breaks down in water quickly and is easy to manufacture.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to test medium for express-analysis of motor oils in internal combustion engines. Medium has density from 50.0 to 200.0 g/m2 and in terms per total weight of test medium contains from 70.0 to 98.0% of weight of cotton pulp, from 0.0 to 25.0% of weight of cellulose and from 0.5 to 30.0% of weight of silicon acid and/or at least silicate salt. Another invention refers to method for express-analysis of motor oils in internal combustion engines whereat researched drop of motor oil is applied on and penetrates into test medium disclosed in this invention. Further, for evaluation of engine condition results of the test are compared mainly with at least one reference pattern. Also here is disclosed the method for express-analysis of actual state of internal combustion engine utilising the above described test medium.

EFFECT: simplicity, quickness and reliability of analysis.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: absorbing personal care item represents diaper, tissue or towel. Said personal care item contains at least one upper sheet layer, permeable for liquid, at least one lower sheet layer, impermeable for liquid, and at least one absorbing intermediate layer between at least one upper sheet layer and at least one lower sheet layer. At least one absorbing layer contains bleached modified chemical or semi-chemical cellulose and quantity of hemi cellulose, contained in modified cellulose, constitutes approximately 4-16% of dry mass of modified cellulose.

EFFECT: increase of volume of product, its reduced sensitivity to moisture and improved characteristics of hydro expansibility.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: absorbing cloth from a cellulose fiber contains an admixture of hard wood and soft wood fibers located in the form of mesh structure, including: the set of columnar areas fibers conglomeration with relatively high local density, aggregated by means of set of the connecting areas with lower local density, where orientation of fibers is inclined along a longitudinal direction between the columnar areas interconnected in a such way, where the cloth possesses coefficient of elongation in a cross-section direction, which is at least in 2.75 times higher than relative strength at cloth stretching in a dry condition. The above-stated material is obtained as follows. A water cellulose composition from hard wood fibers is prepared. The composition is moved on a forming tissue in the form of a stream which is let out from a pressure head box with a flow rate. The composition is dehydrated and compacted for manufacturing of a paper for formation of the fibrous layer possessing chaotic distribution of a fiber for paper manufacturing. Packing of the dehydrated fibrous layer possessing chaotic distribution of a fiber on the transporting transferring surface moving with the first rate. Creping of a fibrous layer from the transferring surface on a tape at dryness from 30% to 60% with use of the pattern creping tape. The creping stage is carried out under pressure in a contact zone of the creping tape confined between the transferring surface and the creping tape. Thus the tape is moved with the second speed, lower than speed of the transferring surface. Tape drawing, parametres of a contact zone, speed difference and dryness of the fibrous layer are chosen in such way to crepe the fibrous layer at its removal from the transferring surface and to redistribute on the creping tape with formation of a fibrous layer with mesh structure. Drying of the fibrous layer is performed after. The process is regulated so that coefficient of elongation in a cross-section direction is, at least, approximately in 2.75 times higher than relative strength at stretching of the fibrous layer in a dry condition. Such method allows obtaining a cellulose fibrous layer for products made from thin paper, and also products in the form of towels.

EFFECT: improvement of ready product quality and power consumption decrease.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: fibre or a film with an ion exchanger is dipped into bactericidal active metal ions and/or ions of pharmaceutical active substances such that, a depot of these active substances is formed in the article.

EFFECT: when using such articles in aqueous solutions, they separate active substances in a period of time at the level corresponding to equilibrium concentration.

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FIELD: textile, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to cellulose-paper industry. Fibrous filtering material is formed in the air environment and contains a chemical fiber - viscose, polyester or polypropylene, as well as milled paper loss with polymerisation degree of 200-800 and surface area of 100-9000 m2/g. The material also contains bast fiber and/or cotton production waste. The milled paper waste is processed by silicone hydrophobisator on silane or siloxane basis (5-25% from dry paper waste weight) and dehumidified to dryness of 85-88%. This provides oil capacity increase of the filtering material, as well as enhancement of its hydrophilic properties, which, in turn, leads to filtering material service life prolongation.

EFFECT: prolongation of filtering material service life.

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The invention relates to methods for producing a sheet of fibrous filtering materials (paper and cardboard) and is intended for use in the pulp and paper industry in the manufacture of paper filtering media for filtering liquids and gases, preferably air

The invention relates to the pulp and paper industry and relates to a fibrous sheet of filter material for deep cleaning fluids from emulsified in her oil and gaseous media and obtained by the method of dry forming

The invention relates to the pulp and paper industry, in particular the production of sorbing filter paper, which will be used as the absorbing layer in the manufacture of protective material from corrosive air environments

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a photodegradable synthetic material containing a cellulose ester, characterised by that the photodegradable synthetic material contains photocatalytically active, carbon-modified titanium dioxide dispersed therein.

EFFECT: facilitating decomposition of a cellulose filter.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to composite material, which is formed of polymer (P), which is acetylcellulose, and compounds (C), selected from precipitated silicon dioxide and mixture of precipitated silicon dioxide and activated carbon, as well as that it has average size of particles at least 150 mcm, pore volume, (Vd1) formed by pores with diameter 3.6-1000 nm, equal to at least 0.4 cm3/g, and cohesion index CIN, equal to ratio (number average particle size after impact of air pressure 4 bar)/(number average size of particles without impact with air pressure (0 bar)), higher than 0.40.

EFFECT: provision of gas and liquid filtration.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cigarette filter which comprises: a plurality of filtering materials spaced in a line; a capsule located between the filtering materials, which contains the liquid for using as a flavouring agent or adsorbent; the forming paper which covers the filtering materials and the capsules, connects the filtering materials with each other, and which comprises an impermeable material to prevent seepage of the liquid contained in the capsule: and an adhesive agent for bonding the filtering materials and the forming paper with each other, located between the filtering materials and the forming paper along the part or the entire circumference of the filtering materials and the forming paper, at that from the filtering materials, the filter material located closer to the tobacco rod, filled with the shredded tobacco, relative to the capsule, is the unwrapped filter segment, which fibre is open on its surface.

EFFECT: filtering with flavouring is provided.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to environmentally degradable cigarette filter comprising the filtering element of the plasticized cellulose acetate tow and plug wrapping surrounding the said filtering element, which additionally comprises a weak organic acid and pH-adjusted salt of an ester encapsulated in a matrix material, at that the said pH-adjusted salt of an ester has the pH less than or equal to 8, at that the said matrix material encapsulates the said weak acid and the said pH-adjusted salt of an ester being in contact with the tow.

EFFECT: providing release of a strong acid to provide the acceleration of degrading of cellulose tow.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the head of a filtering strap of compressed filtering strap and is characterised by the fact that the filtering strap head contains at least two individual filtering strap strips, conjointly placed in layers, preferably - within the same layer.

EFFECT: in the process of the head formation one ensures uniformity of the filtering strap strips tension and reduces the produced filters density variation.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: cigarette filter and its versions are designed to soften taste when smoking. The cigarette filter comprises a filtering plug, having a cylindrical body of a wrap, and a filtering material arranged in a cylindrical body. Wrapping of the filtering plug is formed from highly strong and highly permeable paper, longitudinal rigidity of which makes 30 or more, when measured in accordance with the standard JIS P8143, and air permeability makes 1000 units of Coresta or more. Versions are related to a cigarette filter, comprising multiple filtering plugs, which uses highly strong and highly permeable paper as wrapping for a filtering plug to wrap a filtering material and/or as a shaping paper that connects multiple filtering plugs. The invention also relates to a cigarette with a filter.

EFFECT: improved quality of cigarettes by increasing ventilation ratio, providing of possibility of fresh air supply for a higher dissolution of smoke inhaled by a smoker and reduction of a cigarette prime cost.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: filter for tobacco smoke contains fibres, which comprise regenerated cellulose, for instance lyocell fibres, where adsorbent has been introduced. More than one adsorbent is introduced into fibres of filter for tobacco smoke, and/or filter for tobacco smoke comprises adsorbent between fibres.

EFFECT: such filter for tobacco smoke may be used to achieve high content of adsorbent.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: tobacco filter contains additives applied on surface in the form of fibres, elementary threads or films, at the same time ratio of resistance at tobacco filter draw to mass of additives in tobacco filter is more than 1 mg/daPa, at the same time tobacco filter has channel structure, and filtering material represents an item of flat shape.

EFFECT: tobacco filter, in process of smoking, together with especially high filtration capacity, differs by low resistance when inhaled and is relatively simple to manufacture.

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The invention relates to a material for filters suitable, in particular, for the production of filter cigarettes

The invention relates to calculatetotal structure with good Biodegradability to the tobacco filter

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in obtaining adsorbents in substances for smoking and filters for tobacco smoke trapping. Granules of microporous activated coal of vegetable origin are submerged into solution of alkali earth or alkali metal, shaken, filtered with the following drying of filtered coal. Microporous coal, processed with salt, can be activated with vapour, for instance, in argon, for 1-10 h. Obtained coal has volume of micropores at least 0.4 cm3/g and volume of mesopores at least 0.3 cm3/g.

EFFECT: invention provides improved capability of coal to filter tobacco smoke.

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