Assembly on printed circuit board

FIELD: physics, computer science.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the assembly on the printed circuit board. It is achieved by that, the assembly on the circuit board includes: a bottom layer; electronic components, which are divided into categories, at that, each component is attached to the bottom layer by means of fasteners, having a specified temperature of thermal tripping, depending on to which category applies the mentioned component.

EFFECT: invention provides creation of an assembly on a printed circuit board and the assembling method of such assembly on a printed circuit board, in order to facilitate separation and collection of different electronic components, mounted in an assembly on a printed circuit board, at the end of its service life, and additionally facilitating the reuse of electronic components and / or recycling of substances, from which the electronic equipment wastes consist of.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: pins in a rigid substrate as per version 1 are set on the flat working surface. The height of the pins above the working surface does not exceed the height of a printed circuit board. The rigid substrate as per version 2 is fitted with threaded holes in the flat working surface.

EFFECT: provision for the automatic assembly of radioelectronic components on printed circuit boards and reduced materials consumption.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: printed circuit board comprises a dielectric base (1) with contact sites (3) on the first side, connected by through metallised transition holes (5) with metallised sections (4) on the second side. At the same time each contact site (3) is connected with the specified transition holes (5) not more than with one metallised section, at the same time areas of the metallised sections (4) are in direct proportion to quantity of contact sites (3), with which they are accordingly connected electrically.

EFFECT: provision of even heat removal from contact sites of a printed circuit board with preservation of possibility of their electric connection.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in the method of assembling microelectronic components, once a position fixing polymer (4), in order to maintain alignment of microelectronic components (2) that are assembled on a substrate (1) using an anisotropic electroconductive film (7), is applied onto the substrate and hardened, the microelectronic components (2) are heated to a predetermined temperature and compressed at a predetermined pressure using a flexible sheet (5) provided on the microelectronic components and then subjected to single-step compressive fixation on the substrate (1).

EFFECT: providing a method of assembling microelectronic components which, when using an anisotropic electroconductive film to assemble a plurality of microelectronic components of different height on a base plate, allows assembling at precise positions on the base plate, thereby preventing position shift which results from compressive fixation.

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FIELD: electronic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates in substance to shell-type discrete electronic components, containing, for example, electronic power supply circuit, shell or case in the form of parallelepiped and contact pins connected inside shell with the above circuit and protruding out of shell for electric connection with printed-circuit board (PCB). Shell contains heat-dissipating front section having at least one surface outside shell and lying in plane; specified contact pins protrude from shell so that their first section lies in parallel to the above plane. Flat-topped is preferred in a couple of contact pins located after the first section parallel to plane as such bend will allow more stable mounting of component in process of its soldering on heat-dissipating intermediate pad.

EFFECT: creation of discrete electronic component, which structural and functional performance provide its easy, fast and simple mounting at supporting pad for further installation with other components at PCB.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for surface installation of electronic components with ball leads by flip-chip method and particularly for installation of electronic component with ball lead matrix. Installation method of electronic components with ball leads provides for application of flip-chip method including ball leads positioning, fastening and connection to printed circuit card mounting surface contacts, which are mechanically and electrically connected with plated-through holes by soldering. Prior to positioning, printed circuit card is turned over, with its mounting surface directed downwards, ball leads of electronic component being placed under plated-thought holes contacts, with the said special orientation of printed circuit card preserved for the time of all operation execution.

EFFECT: production of reliable high-quality soldered connection during surface installation of electronic components.

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FIELD: electrotechnics.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the method, according to which semiconductor elements, forming the part of electronic circuit or at least some of its components, of integration to the plate-base, for example to the printing board in the process of its production. The effect of the invention is achieved by making through-holes in the plate-base for semiconductor components, together with that these holes move between the first and the second surfaces of the plate-base. After creating these holes on the second surface structure plate-base one lays on the plastic foil, which covers the through-holes for semiconducting elements from the side of the second surface structure plates-base. Before hardening of he plastic foil or after its partial hardening the semiconductor elements are cut in from the side of the first surface. Semiconductor elements are pressed down to the plastic foil after that they are being glued to it. After that the final hardening of the plastic foil is carried out.

EFFECT: creation of the method, by which packageless microcircuit are inbuilt safely and economically to the plate-base.

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FIELD: engineering of flexible multilayer electronic boards (loops) for assembly of microelectronic equipment.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, as substrate material, polyimide, polyether and fluoroplastic films are used. Polyimide film substrates make it possible to achieve high thermal stability of loops and allow usage of different methods of assembly, including welding and soldering, and fluoroplastic films are most usable for making loops based on them for assembly of UHF circuits, due to low losses in UHF frequency range and possible constant wave resistance of loops which connect UHF modules and devices. Structure and placement of contact areas, meant for assembly of electronic components or connection of loop to other devices or electronic boards, and also materials and covers, used for forming aforementioned contact areas, must also provide for high density inter-cell connection in electronic equipment. To that end, contact areas are positioned on the other side of flexible substrate and connected to working conductors via through metallized apertures in the substrate. External sides of contact areas are tin-plated, for example, covered in layer of tin-bismuth alloy, onto the surface of contact areas which is adjacent to substrate, a layer of material is applied to prevent spreading of soldering alloy, chromium for example, and connection of contact areas of loop to contacts of electronic devices is realized by welding-soldering using double electrode tool for micro-mounting, brought to contact with the other surface of contact area via through aperture in the film positioned above the contact area.

EFFECT: manufacture of flexible electronic board, wherein the gap between adjacent conductors does not exceed 20 micrometers, making it possible to ensure placement density of components and contact areas for assembly thereof, approaching contact placement density of modern VLSI circuits.

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The invention relates to a card with a chip contact area, the region has suffered a conductive varnish, and the varnish can be painted

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electronic board which is meant, for example, for integration into on-board equipment of an aircraft. Offsetting insulating areas of one layer relative the other enables to bring the working conducting area of one of the two layers "closer" to the peripheral area of the other layer. Insulating areas, which are bad heat conductors, are no longer stacked on one another, thus the heat barrier effect associated with layering in the same zone of these insulating areas is significantly reduced. This is achieved due to that the electronic board has at least two conducting layers (2') stacked on each other with an insulating layer (3') between two conducting layers (2'), wherein each of the two conducting layers (2') has a working conducting layer (7'); an insulating area (8') lies between conducting areas (6', 7'), wherein the insulating area (8') of the first of the two layers (2') is offset from the insulating area (8') of the second of the layers (2'). The aircraft has a chassis (10') on which at least one electronic board is mounted.

EFFECT: design of an electronic board which is reliable and has improved characteristics in terms of heat dissipation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: circuit module is mounted with an integrating circuit, which modulates and demodulates a signal with several carriers. The circuit module has a multilayer circuit board, which is equipped with multiple conducting layers inside laid with insulating layers between them, and the integrating circuit, which is equipped with multiple grounding outputs, which are to be grounded. From multiple conducting layers a conducting layer, which is closest to the integrating circuit, forms a grounding layer, which is electrically connected with multiple grounding outlets.

EFFECT: increased reliability and protection against noise.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: circuit module is mounted with integral circuit (IC) which modulates and demodulates the signal with several carriers. Circuit module has multi-layer board which is equipped on the outside with many conducting layers laid with insulating layers between them and IC which is equipped with many earthing outputs which shall be earthed. The conducting layer which is the closest to IC of many conducting layers forms the earthing layer electrically connected to many earthing outputs.

EFFECT: improving reliability and increasing noise protection.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: hybrid integrated microwave circuit includes dielectric substrate on the front side of which there located is topological metallisation pattern, and on rear side - screen earthing metallisation, at least one metallised mounting platform connected to screen earthing metallisation, at least one transistor, at least two capacitors on both sides of transistor. At that, at least one of the transistor outputs is electrically connected to upper coatings of capacitors, at least two other outputs are electrically connected to topological metallisation pattern, lower coatings of capacitors are electrically connected to metallised mounting platform and through it to screen earthing metallisation. Transistor with outputs, two capacitors and electric connections of one of transistor outputs to upper coatings of capacitors are made in the form of at least one crystal of monolithic integrated circuit, which is located on one metallised mounting platform. At that, both capacitors are film-type, upper coatings of capacitors, outputs of transistor and electric connections of one of transistor outputs with upper coatings of capacitors are provided in one metallisation layer of crystal of monolithic integrated circuit. At that, in crystal of monolithic integrated circuit immediately under lower coatings of capacitors there made are through metallised holes for electric connection of lower coatings of capacitors with metallised mounting platform.

EFFECT: improving electrical and mass and dimensions characteristics, improving reliability, reducing labour input of manufacturing process.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in system of hardware protection for sensitive electronic modules of data processing against external manipulations has accordingly matched topology.

EFFECT: improves manufacturability.

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FIELD: physics; computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: tachograph for highly sensitive processing and protecting data which includes a system for protecting hardware for a protected circuit has a substrate which has a central region projecting backwards, where the central region is surrounded by regions which project forward. Due to this, the system for protecting hardware is particularly made in form of a half-cup. Also the system for protecting hardware has conducting structures placed on and/or in the substrate for detecting access to the protected circuit.

EFFECT: design of a system for protecting hardware which can be integrated into an electronic module, which provides reliable detection of attack on hardware.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electronic units, namely, to simplification of such units. In particular, invention is related to electronic ballast resistors for gas discharge lamps, at that such ballast resistors have higher scattering of heat, reduced amount of components, minimised mechanical stress in electric components and improved suppression of electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Electronic unit having vessel is arranged with sealing against effect of environment, with possibility to suppress EMI and proper thermal connection between hot electric components and external heat radiator contained in unit.

EFFECT: improvement of electronic units operation, improvement of electronic ballast resistances operation for gas discharge lamps, reduction of mechanical stresses in such devices, lower EMI emitted by these devices.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: present invention is related to electron field devices such as transmitters of technological processes parameters used for monitoring (routine inspection) of these processes. In particular, the present invention is related to electron field devices used in environment of technological plants, which may produce high level of electromagnet interference. Field industrial device (200) for operation under severe conditions comprises body (208) with electroconductive walls that surround cavity (206) with open end. Cavity may contain electronic module (292) based on printed circuit boards. Device comprises ready-fitted printed circuit board (270), which represents multilayer printed circuit board with through electric contacts and hidden layer (350) of grounding, which is electrically connected to body (202) for screening of electronic module (292) against electromagnet interference and provision of electronic module protection against effect of environment.

EFFECT: creation of body designs for transmitters of technological processes parameters, which possess improved resistance to effect of moisture and substances that pollute the environment, and also provide efficient filtration of electromagnetic field and radio interference.

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Damped board // 2332817

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: damped board contains printed circuit board and damping unit consisting of reinforcing layer made of structural material bonded with printed board by layer of viscoelastic material. Damping unit is performed as two-layer frame passing through fixing points of printed board and containing reinforcing layer and layer of viscoelastic material.

EFFECT: providing of printed boards damping with maximum saving of useful area; minimal increase of board mass and keeping damping properties in wide temperature range.

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FIELD: electronics; printed circuit boards.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer printed circuit board consisting of signal dielectric layers comprising topological patterns of the printed wiring and interchanging with screening layers having the form of a grid provided with printed conductors reflecting the topological pattern configuration of their nearest signal layer. Top layers of said printed circuit board are covered with a protection coat that consists of a mixture of ferrite powder and plastic binder based on protective varnishes or compounds and is applied by means of spreading, immersion or spraying.

EFFECT: enhancement of the quality of printed circuit board protection against effects of EMI.

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in soldering of porous materials with substrate for, for example, sealing of gas turbine engine blade ends or in fabrication of noise damping panels. Powder solder alloy with organic binder is arranged between porous material and substrate. Soldering is performed with application of pressure for solder compaction. Content of solder alloy liquid phase displacing in soldering is limited by 10% by maintenance of soldering working temperature at the temperature of solidus-liquidus range and/or addition of filler to said soldering alloy. Soldering alloy can be configured to 100-500 mcm deep tape. Organic binder can be represented by acrylic resin copolymer. Soldering agent or filler powder features particle size of 10-100 mcm.

EFFECT: reliable bonding at minimum change in porosity owing to impregnation of porous material by not over 500 mcm.

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