Absorbent product with set of sensors for detection of body excretions

FIELD: hygiene.

SUBSTANCE: absorbent article is disclosed. It comprises main part (32) comprising outer shell (40) with inner surface and outer surface, and absorbent structure (44), adjacent to outer shell inner surface. Device also has set (104) of contactless electronic sensors containing gas sensors, each of which is capable of separately monitoring level of concentration of gas, associated with specific volatile compound, wherein set of contactless electronic sensors monitors levels of concentration of gases, released as a result of inflow into absorbent product of contaminants in form of two or more volatile compounds. It also comprises controller (106), configured to detect changes in levels of gas concentration exceeding, as a result of inflow into absorbent product of contaminants in form of urine and/or defecation products, limit levels of gas sensors in set of contactless electronic sensors. Device also comprises signalling device (110) to notify user on controller detected changes in concentration of gases.

EFFECT: alternative version of absorbent device and signalling device used in above absorbent products are also disclosed.

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FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: non-invasive signal device determining and indicating urine presence in absorbing item, and urine gathering and determination system. Device contains a casing; pair IR generator/detector located in the casing. The pair IR generator/detector is suitable for change detection of IR light reflection as result of the urine entering the absorbing item. The pair IR generator/detector contains IR LED and optical transistor sensitive for IR radiation. The body effuses gathering and determination system contains the absorbing item and signal device.

EFFECT: increased device compactness and accuracy of urine presence detection.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to absorbent products. A tampon comprises: a compressed insert having a periphery, an insert-type remote end and an opposite near end; a removal string having a standard length; the removal string is attached to the near end of the compressed insert and extends from it; and a measuring string comprising a moisture-activated shrinkable fibre; the measuring string with an inner portion and an overhang portion is also provided; the inner portion contacts to the compressed insert and extends from the remote end, while the overhang portion extends from the remote end of the compressed insert and adjoins the removal tape. A method for indicating if the tampon has been filled in the vagina provides the following stages: providing the tampon with the removal string and measuring string extending from its near end; the removal end has a standard length; inserting the tampon into the vagina and comparing the length of the measuring string to the standard length.

EFFECT: indicating the absorbent product saturation with no need for removal.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: equipment for alarm warning of the fact of the bed moistening and method to determine whether the bed-sheet is moist. The equipment contains a bed-sheet with two electrodes that are made of an electrically conductive material and positioned at a distance from each other inside or on the bed-sheet, a measurement circuit intended for measurement of active capacity resistance or impedance between the electrodes, an electrical connection spot ensuring the electrodes connection to the measurement circuit, a control unit intended for detection of the fact of the bed moistening relying on the measurements obtained by the measurement circuit. The electrodes are connected to at least one additional electrical connection spot on the electrode. The method involves the following stages: a) checking the electrodes in the bed-sheet for integrity and operability and checking the connections for joining correctness, b) checking insulation between the electrodes, c) the measurement transition into the standby mode for a specified period of time upon expiry whereof the stages a) - c) are continuously repeated either until deactivation by the user or until the bed moistening situation occurs resulting in an alarm signal warning the personnel of the cleaning performance necessity.

EFFECT: ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of the bed condition, possibility of measurement of a single electrode and accordingly - finding an eventually possible malfunction.

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FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a sensor changing its colour in the presence of a water-base fluid. In particular, the present invention relates to an absorbing product fitted by a moisture sensor with a leuco dye rich in electrons and an electron-deficient receiver which shows a person taking care or a user that the product is ready to be replaced. A sensor to detect the presence of water-base fluid where the sensor comprises a substrate having at least one type of the moisture detecting material which is set or printed upon the layer of the said substrate. The detecting material includes at least one electron-donating leuco dye and one electron-deficient receiver; the detecting material of the sensor is coloured when dry and the colour fades or vanishes when contacting with water-containing fluid, also, the detecting material comprises an agent facilitating wettability or a hydrophilic water-soluble agent.

EFFECT: absorbing product comprising such a sensor to indicate a customer that the product is filled by water-containing fluids is proposed.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: monitoring device for use with an absorbent product. The monitoring device comprises a signalling device accommodating hardware, software, a microprogram or a combination thereof; a sensor device; a peripheral device. The sensor device is configured in such a manner as to read out the individual physiological readings, and electrically connected to a monitoring circuit in the absorbent product and interacts with one or more signalling devices. A monitoring method provides activation of the signalling device in the absorbent product wearable by an individual; the output of the individual physiological readings on the signalling device and the variation of the function or indication of the signalling device, as the individual develops with aging by changing hardware, software or the microprogram being components of one or more signalling devices. The absorbent product comprises the monitoring device and the primary element comprising the outer coating, an absorbent structure, and a wedge shaped piece.

EFFECT: provided creating the monitoring system that can be updated and developed together with the user, except for replacement or installation of a completely new monitoring system.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to absorbents and signalling devices to be incorporated therewith. Proposed system comprises: basic element to be carried by the kid, two conducting elements contained in the latter to make the part of sensor system and electric device connected with said two conducting elements. Said basic element comprises outer coating with inner and outer surfaces and absorbing structure. Electric device is configured to display revealed physiologic changes of the kid. These include the increase in the volume of secretions in time, increased time intervals between secretions and kid proximity to one of preset objects and preset locations. Proposed method comprises generation of signals related with physiologic changes, application of absorber, signalling device to generate signals to be perceived by kid and tuning it so that it reacts to revealed physiologic changes.

EFFECT: perfected design and process.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: remote detection systems for absorbent products that can detect liquid excretions. The absorbent product comprises an outer cover, an absorbent structure adjoining an inner surface of the outer cover, a first conductive portion spaced from the second conductive portion and separated therefrom. The conductive portions are provided on the outer cover; each outer cover comprises an area on the outer cover that forms a number of holes. The holes extend through the outer cover and are coated with a conductive composition. The absorbent product may contain a signal system that comprise a sensor attached to the outer cover and designed so that to detect the changes in the environment inside the absorbent structure. The sensor comprises a temperature pickup, a conductivity probe, a humidity detector, a vibration detector, a chemical detector or an expansion detector. The signal system additionally comprises a signal device that is emitted when the sensor detects the changes in the environment inside the absorbent structure.

EFFECT: provided creation of the signal system that requires no conductive metal elements or other devices to be introduced inside the product.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: disposable absorbent product able to detect the absence or presence of urine, as well as urine leakage. An absorbent product comprises a substantially liquid-impermeable layer, a liquid-permeable layer and an absorbent core provided between the substantially liquid-impermeable layer and liquid-permeable layer. A number of sensors are integrated into the product across the width thereof and arranged so that the sensors are in the liquid connection with urine discharged by the user. At least one of the sensors comprises a pH indicator. At least one of the sensors is able to indicate the absence or presence of urine and at least one of the sensors is able to indicate the urine leakage. A method for detecting the absence or presence of urine, as well as the urine leakage in the absorbent product provides the urine contact with the absorbent product so that when urine contacts with the above sensor, there is a preset possibility of the leakage and the absence or presence of urine in the absorbent product and of the fact if the urine leakage from the absorbent product occurs that is ensured by inspecting one or more sensors.

EFFECT: providing reduced liquid leakage from the absorbent product due to detecting the near-leakage state, but before the leakage has occurred.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: hygienic clothes for pets-mammals includes pants, moisture-repelling insert, the gasket located in the pocket of the moisture-repelling insert, moisture sensor, located between the gasket and the pants, and a means of signaling, coupled with a moisture sensor. The pants are made with the ability to connect with the back of the animal with two upper straps, and with the chest and abdomen of the animal with one lower strap fastened to each other. The lower strap is made hollow to accommodate the wires that connect the moisture sensor with a means of signaling, made as a light source, which means for fastening is made in the form of a triangle of soft tissue, fixed straps at the site of the straps interaction with the front part of the animal's neck on one of the straps, or in a place of connecting the said three straps. The moisture-repelling insert along the pocket contour contains an antimicrobial agent and a positively charged material to capture micro-organisms. The means for attaching additionally comprises a mobile modem, connected to the sensor.

EFFECT: hygienic clothes for pets-mammals is provided.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: system for associating a defined absorbing article with a person and/or location of the user of the absorbing article regardless of the location of said user has an absorbing article and machine-readable information associated with the person and/or location of the user. The system contains machine-readable information which identifies the absorbing article, a reading device and a storage device. The reading device is designed to read information which identifies the absorbing article, and information associated with the person and/or location of the user. The storage device is configured to store information associated with the person and/or location of the user of the absorbing article in such a form that, upon extraction of information from the storage device, information associated with the absorbing article is automatically associated with information associated with the person and/or location of the user of the absorbing article.

EFFECT: high accuracy of the system of associating a defined absorbing article with a person or location of a user.

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Absorbing article // 2261079

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: absorbing article has moisture content indicator disposed on inner side of article and made in the form of pattern seen through rear sheet material. Moisture content indicator is applied onto one strip having color other than color of remaining portion of rear sheet material.

EFFECT: simplified identification of location of moisture content indicator.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: animals care articles, in particular, hygienic wear, for example hygienic coveralls, for mammal animals.

SUBSTANCE: hygienic clothing has shorts 1 and three straps 2, 3, 4 connected with their one ends to one another and adapted for engagement at indicated connection point with front part of animal's neck 5 and connected with their other ends to shorts 1. One of straps, namely lower strap, is adapted for engagement with animal's chest and abdomen, and two other straps, namely upper straps, are adapted for engagement with animal's back. Hygienic clothing has layer 6 placed within shorts. Sensor 18 is positioned between layer 6 and shorts 1 and is adapted for moving beyond said shorts in order to sense moisture content. Sensor 18 is connected through wires 19, 20 to current source and to signaling device. Lower strap 2 is made hollow and tubular. Wires 19, 20 are passed therethrough for connecting said sensor with signaling device made in the form of light source 22. Triangular pocket is located at strap connection point (under animal's muzzle) and defined by triangle 11 made from soft cloth and half 9 of strap, straps 3, 4 and half 10 of hollow strap. Triangular pocket defines attachment means for light source 22 and is adapted for accommodation of said light source in conjunction with battery 21. Owing to arrangement of light source, current source and wire at site where these sources and wire are invisible for animal and do not irritate it, and also because of variable length of straps and soft texture of cloth from which shorts are made, said shorts extending along animal's body, said clothing does not rub animal' thighs, abdomen and inguinal region. Such clothing may be used for dogs, cats and other domestic mammal animals having identical build.

EFFECT: convenient hygienic clothing which prevents animal's skin surface from injury during heat period as well as in case of incontinence of urine.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: moisture indicator, intended for training how to use a lavatory room, can be moisture indicator placed in garment of clothes or it can be made together with garment. Moisture indicator has liquid-penetrable wrap inside which the water-absorbing member is installed. Liquid=absorbing member absorbs liquid, entering underwear, and applies hydraulic pressure to wrap after specified amount of liquid has been absorbed. Wrap prevents absorbing member from widening in such a way that moisture indicator get rigid after liquid is absorbed. Moisture indicator has one meaning of rigidity and it is relatively flexible at dry state and it has the other meaning of rigidity, which exceeds the first one, after specified amount of liquid was absorbed.

EFFECT: improved comfort; higher efficiency.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: there is disclosed adsorbing hygienic product, such as a diaper, diaper panties, a sanitary towel, and an incontinence protectant etc. which consists of thermochromic fibres. The thermochromic fibres are introduced into one or more following components of the adsorbing product: protective inlay (6), receiving layer (8), adsorbing structure (5), protective outer layer (7) or layer between the protective outer layer and the adsorbing structure. The product can contain optionally a fibrous layer which contains generally or completely the thermochromic fibres. They can be applied as a humidity indicator, as a higher temperature indicator, as a functional control of microorganisms introduced into the product, or for entertainment, such as colour hand printing, etc.

EFFECT: improved properties of the adsorbing product.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to be used simultaneously with the method for detection of moisture in an absorbent product and additionally concerns the integrated method for detection and signalling intended for detection of detachment and/or moisture in the absorbent product. Besides the invention covers a system for detection of a situation when the absorbent product is detached or removed from a carrier's body and/or when the specified product is wet, and for transmission of an alarm signal when this is the case. Said system contains the absorbent product including at least one absorbing layer, an object to be displaced, such as an attachment system, one or more sensitive elements, one or more excitation devices and a remote receiver.

EFFECT: invention provides alarm signal recording and delivery when the product is detached.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to absorbent articles. The absorbent article comprises a humidity sensor containing an electrical circuit built in the absorbent article and made of an electrically active material. The material is imprinted on one or several elements of the absorbent article. The electrical circuit includes parallel or series capacitor and inductance coil. Moisture variation in the absorbent article has an effect on resonance frequency of the electric circuit. The capacitor accommodates a liquid-absorbing material or a water-soluble substance between its covers so moisture variation in the absorbent article has an effect on capacitance of the capacitor.

EFFECT: invention allows simplifying production of the article and its intended use due to improved presentation of humidity detection.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to methods and systems to associate the indications of a machine-readable gauge mounted in an absorbent product. The absorbent product contains the machine-readable gauge. A machine-readable identification mark is definitely associated with a user, irrespective of the absorbent product. Besides, the gauge sensing concurs with the identification mark scanning. The present invention refers to a system containing the absorbent product, comprising the gauge, the identification mark and a reader for gauge sensing and mark scanning within the same session.

EFFECT: group of inventions allows for reliable association of the machine-readable gauge mounted in the absorbent product with the user's identity and reducing risk of confusion and noisy user data.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of personal hygiene, namely to absorbing products which include temperature-changing element. Absorbing product includes liquid-impermeable outer coating, absorbing element, located on said outer coating, and temperature-changing element, located with said absorbing element. Said temperature-changing element contains composition for temperature changing, which contains matrix of fibres and material for temperature changing, mixed in said matrix of fibres, said temperature-changing element provides said product with change of temperature on at least 5 degrees C.

EFFECT: invention allows to ensure sensation of change of product temperature in case of moisturising, which allows to accustom the user to the toilet.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of making a piece (2, 4) of a film (1) of magnetoelastic material having initial flexural rigidity when flexural rigidity is increased in the first direction. In accordance with this method, a piece (2, 4) is provided with at least one linear depression (5) in the first direction of the piece (2, 4). Also the piece (2, 4) is curved along at least one linear depression from one or more linear depressions (5) in order to obtain a piece (2, 4) with stable flexure in a direction across the said first direction, through which high flexural rigidity is ensured in the first direction of the piece (2, 4). The invention also discloses an absorbent product made using said method, a sensor, an absorbent structure and an absorbing article having said sensor.

EFFECT: invention enables formation of a piece of film having initial flexural rigidity when flexural rigidity is increased in the first direction.

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Detecting element // 2412678

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a detecting element for determining humidity in the ambient medium. The detecting element has a magnetoelastic film and a polymer substrate for the said magnetoelastic film, where the said magnetoelastic film is attached to the said substrate. The polymer substrate includes a mixture of polymer material and magnetically sensitive material, where the said magnetically sensitive material is in form of particles. The invention also relates to a method of making said detecting element, use of said detecting element in an absorbing article and to an absorbing article containing said detecting element. The detecting element has a biasing magnet having a reproducible more homogeneous magnetic field. The magnet meets stringent safety requirements for a product used in sanitary products.

EFFECT: high efficiency of determining humidity in ambient medium.

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