Sucker rod pump drive

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: drive comprises a base with a stand and swing mechanism which includes a sway-beam with swinged horseheadand a traverse beam. Horsehead steering mechanism comprises a front inlet of the worm-reduction gear shaft, horsehead fixating in the operating position device with fixing bolts and locking nuts on them. The sway-beam fixating device comprises a coupler of adjustable length, as well as an automatic drive protection system. The front inlet of the worm-reduction gear shaft and fixing bolt heads are kinematically connected to the drive transfer box fixed at the sway-beam with a steering column, a steering wheel and turn a box-couplings engaging levers on it. Locking element of the fixing bolts is fitted in the drive transfer box. Adjustable coupler length of the sway-beam fixating device is made integral. Kinematical connection from the worm-reduction gear to the drive transfer box is made via attachable transient reducing gear and universalarticulated double coupling. Kinematical connection from the drive transfer box to the fixing bolts is made via articulated double coupling, attachable reducing gear with torque flow division into two flows. Attachable reducing gear and attachable casings with couplings are fitted at the additional bracket fixed on the sway-beam.

EFFECT: improved comfort, reliability and safety of operation.

4 cl, 10 dwg



Same patents:

Drive of pump jacks // 2557813

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: between the drive engine and pump jacks the central switching coupling, multi-stage central gearbox, angle reduction gearing unit, side switching couplings and cardan drives are installed. Three pairs of gear wheels, easy three-link planetary gear and six switching couplings ensure 18 gears in wide range of gear ratios. The multi-stage gearbox ensures reliable start-up of the pump-jacks due to high gear ratio of low gears and selection of the optimal oscillation frequency of bottom-hole pumps due to distribution of the gear ratios within wide range.

EFFECT: extended operation features of the pump-jacks due to improved balance of their operation.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: oil-well sucker-rod pump unit consists of long immobile flexible tube with long flexible mobile rod inserted inside, with one rod end connected to power drive on the surface and the other rod end connected to end effector of submersion plunger or screw pump. Inlet and outlet points of long mobile flexible rod and long immobile flexible tube are sealed. Annular space between them is filled with liquid lubricant and features a channel at the wellhead end. Bottom and top ends of immobile flexible tube are connected to wellhead and pump taps. At the bottom rod end, a shell filled with a high-gravity liquid ensuring protection of plunger pump seal is positioned. Long flexible rod is capable of rotational or reciprocal movement. In another version, an overturned shell filled with liquid lubricant ensuring protection of well pump seal is positioned at the bottom rod end and is fed from a bypass valve calibrated for design pressure and installed between the shell and the annular space. Separate lift string or multichannel coil tubing can be used for well fluid transportation to the surface.

EFFECT: improved reliability of deep-well pump operation, longer period between overhauls, reduced power cost of pump operation.

6 cl, 6 dwg

Oil well pump drive // 2547674

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: pump drive contains an engine, a reducer, a mechanism converting the rotary into the reciprocating motion. The latter comprises the driving and driven pulleys overlapped by a continuous flexible link connected with the carriage connected to the counterbalance connected through a flexible link with a rod suspension unit. Axes of the converting mechanism, of the counterbalance and the flexible link are located near the same vertical plane. The top driven pulley is installed in the housing with a possibility of rotation and limited movement along the axis of the converting mechanism. The tension mechanism consisting of a mobile housing with an axle of the pulley installed on a longitudinal skid of the housing and connected to a pusher, is used to adjust the tension of the continuous flexible link. The tension mechanism pusher is designed as hydraulic pair cylinder - piston the mobile part of which supports the housing of the top pulley. The tension mechanism is designed as a hydraulic plunger or a piston pump interconnected through the delivery valve with the pusher cylinder which is interconnected with the feeding vessel interconnected through the suction valve with the pump. The mobile part of the latter is fitted with a weight which is selected with a possibility of movement of the pusher mobile part when the tension of the continuous flexible link falls below the selected tension value. Service life of the flexible link and the drive in general is increased, and also dynamic loads of the borehole equipment are decreased.

EFFECT: labour input and costs of service of the drive are decreased.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: drive includes a body, an engine and a reduction gear mounted on the base on a single frame. In the body there is a driving sprocket and an idler sprocket covered by a closed hauling chain coupled to a carriage connected to a counterbalance. The latter is of a flat-topped shape in the cross-section; it is installed in guides with the chain placement in its open cavity. Vertical axes of symmetry of a transforming mechanism, counterbalance and binder are placed in direct vicinity from the same vertical plane. It contains a mechanism for a drive recoiling from the wellhead and a tape of a flexible non-metal elastic material that connects the counterbalance element to the unit of a rod basket. A drum for the communication of the rod basket unit with the tape is set so that it can be rotated around the horizontal axis. Guide pulleys of the counterbalance rollers are made of a non-metal material. The tape of the flexible non-metal elastic material in the rod basket unit is equipped with a whipstock with the total weight bigger than the tape weight and the lower part of this whipsrock is made with a wedge-shaped lower part installed so that it can contact the rod basket unit.

EFFECT: improved operational reliability of the drive.

11 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical attachment of an insert sucker rod pump in a tubing string. An attachment assembly includes a coupling 6 with an inner cylindrical surface and a cone section and a mounting cylinder 7 of the pump with a mating cone section. On the outer surface of the mounting cylinder of the pump there is an annular projection in which a friction ring 8 is installed, which interacts with the inner cylindrical surface of the coupling 6 and is tightly pressed with sealing ring 9. The outer diameter of the friction ring 8 exceeds the inner diameter of the coupling 6 by the value of not more than 1 mm.

EFFECT: improving the reliable attachment of a pump in a tubing string and processibility of the assembly rigging-up and installation.

2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant comprises flow strings. It includes cylinders with different-diameter steps arranged one above the other and hollow plungers, smaller diameter bottom plunger and larger diameter top plunger equipped with pressure valve and suction valve, respectively. Pressure valve is arranged in pressure valve box at smaller-diameter plunger end. Valve box diameter is larger than that of smaller-diameter plunger to allow increasing the pressure valve diameter which ups the efficiency of pump plant owing to easier access of thick has-fluid mix into said plunger. Maximum distance between pressure valve box top to the point of joint between cylinder steps is larger than plunger stroke. Larger diameter plunger cavity communicates with cylinder cavity via bores, with smaller diameter plunger cavity via pressure valve and with filter bed via suction valve which ensure normal serviceability of this pump plant. Cylinder top part is provided with toroidal weights to prevent its moving at upward string motion while bottom part is equipped with rubber rings to seal the cylinder seat equipped with scraper bush for cleaning the plant filter arranged in hollow part of filter bed.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of operation, longer life.

1 tbl

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: well bottom-hole pump drive comprises an asynchronous motor 1, a double-acting reducing gear 3 and a drum 5 for a rope 6 winding, which are interconnected by couplings 2 and 4. The rope 6 is fixed by its one end at the drum 5 while by its second end it is connected to a rod 8 of the bottom-hole pump. A brake magnet 9 interacts with the asynchronous motor 1. A programmable electronic control unit 13 controls the drive by a frequency converter 12. The unit 13 takes readings of sensors 10, 11 and controls the operation mode of the drive as well as operation of the drive and brake 9. The string is retained in its upper position during a short period of time by an electrical balancing system consisting of: electronic control unit 13, electromagnet brake 9 and frequency converter 12.

EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of electric energy use at the simultaneous reduction of a specific quantity of metal and weight of the drive.

7 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed unit comprises prop 1 to support reduction gear motor 2, guide screws 3 and 4 aligned with bar and well axis and provided with nuts 5, 6 rigidly secured to crossbar 7 secured at the bar. Prop top part 1 accommodates revolving equalizing roller 9 with elastic link 8, its one end being connected with crossbar 7 and opposite end with equalizing counterweight 10. Guide screws 3, 4 are provided with diametrically opposite helical dents 11, 12. Top ends of the latter, like bottom ends, are interconnected by smooth transition to make an endless belt groove. Nuts 5, 6 have through horizontal holes 14, 15 to receive cylindrical cartridges 16, 17 to be fitted from diametrically opposite sides to revolve therein and provided with rectangular groove facing said guide screws 3, 4. Rollers 18, 19 are fitted in grooves of cylindrical cartridges 16, 17 to run on pins 20, 21. Rollers part extending outward feature cross-section mating with that of belt grooves 12, 13 to roll thereat to ensure reciprocation of nuts relative to guide screws.

EFFECT: higher reliability, easy and friendly servicing.

2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil production equipment, namely, to pumping units. Prior to starting work at a field a pumping unit without variation of its design is additionally aligned in the horizontal plane, rotating it around the axis of the wellhead flange of a field well, and its optimal arrangement is achieved relative to all inertial forces acting at it.

EFFECT: improved economic indices of a pumping unit in production of formation fluids.

4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: coaxial reduction gear consists of driving cam shaft (5), crown gear, output shaft. Crown gear has double wheel (2). Coaxial to cam shaft gear (1) is connected with body and conjugated with crown (2) of double wheel from the side of driving cam shaft. Gear clutch providing coaxiality of driving cam shaft (5) and output shaft is connected with output shaft and conjugated with crown(3) of double wheel from the side of output shaft. Pitch surfaces (planes) of crown gears (2, 3) of double wheel are located along its axis at a distance providing coincidence of gear clutch pitch cone vertex with point of intersection of cam shaft axis and coaxial reducing gear axis. Module and number of teeth of gear clutch are taken to be equal, greater or less than module and number of teeth of crown gear.

EFFECT: invention provides high loading capacity, durability and makes possible to considerably lower required engine power without decreasing torque output shaft of reduction gear.

3 dwg

Well pumping unit // 2244852

FIELD: lifting of liquids from deep wells.

SUBSTANCE: proposed unit contains submersible pump, pressure tubing string, drive shaft consisting of sucker rods whose ends are provided with slots and which are installed inside connectors. The latter are made in form of bushing with inner cylindrical ring groove in middle part and through longitudinal slots on end sections in number corresponding to number of slots on sucker rods, and blind slots located between through slots. Blind slots are made open from side pointed to cylindrical ring groove and are through in radial direction.

EFFECT: improved operation reliability, reduced service expenses, simplified design.

5 dwg

Lock support // 2247261

FIELD: oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lock supports of insert sucker-rod pumps. Lock support housing accommodating spring-loaded valve with retainer. Spring of valve is installed on stop. Support has two cylinders of different diameters, upper cylinder being connect by sub to insert pump. Spring-loaded valve is provided with guides. Hole from side of retainer in form of sheared dowel is made in one of guides, and ports are made in other guide and in lower cylinder of smaller diameter.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved reliability.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil production industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed plant is designed for completion of oil and gas wells producing hydrocarbon materials. Plant contains deep well pump with delivery and suction valves and pump drive made in form of stepped cylinder with piston. Pressure accumulator is made in form of elastic ball placed in larger step of cylinder. Pump plunger is sealed in upper part by gland packing. Interaction of pump piston with drive is provided by water hammer. Oil is used as intermediate liquid in drive.

EFFECT: provision of effective recovery of oil or gas at minimum expenses.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on measurement of actual current of engine at double drive of rod with working plant, comparison of its values at upward rod drive and downward rod drive, stopping plant, moving loads on crank with repeated launch, measurement and comparison of said current values. Additionally, during operation of device, time of downward and upward rod drives is measured. On basis of measured current values its average quadratic values are determined during upward and downward rod movement on basis of given formulae. Then value of balance coefficient Kbal is determined. When Kbal=1 plant is considered balanced. In other case plant is stopped and loads are displaced relatively to current position proportionally to value of Kbal.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and effectiveness.

1 dwg

FIELD: general engineering; oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed surface drive of submersible screw pump contains reduction gear with vertical input and output shafts, engine arranged on side surface of reduction gear housing and installed for displacement, torque transmission V-belt drive and brake device. Brake includes two spaces sealed relative to each other. One space filled with oil accommodates shaft of reduction gear with overrunning clutch fitted on. Second space non-filled with oil, accommodates friction device consisting of friction member and disk which serves simultaneously as body of overrunning clutch. Adjusting device acting onto friction member is provided to regulated brake torque.

EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of drive in operation, provision of stepless killing of reactive torque of rotating string with engine shut down, prevention of turning out of threaded joints.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: positive-displacement machines or pumps.

SUBSTANCE: clamping device is mounted at the well mouth and comprises housing with the recess for mounting and dismounting hinged jaw provided with socket for setting the collar of the pump rod. The jaw is pivotally connected with the housing. The setting socket for the head of the rod is made between the housing and jaw. The section of the contact surface is made on the housing, and the axis of the pivot can move a distance from the contact surface of the socket in the housing.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

2 dwg

Pumping unit // 2260713

FIELD: oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: device is designed for mechanized recovery of oil and gas by well sucker-rod pumping units. Proposed pumping unit has base, Sampson post, double-arm rotary walking beam with flexible suspension of rod, crossmember with connecting rods, cranks with counterweights. Front counterweight in direction of movement has longitudinal slot with guides and disk-weight installed for movement square to axis of crank rotation. Mass of front counterweight with disk-weight is equal to mass of rear counterweight in direction of movement. Disk-weight can be fixed by means of stop pin for balancing the pumping unit. Stop pin is installed in holes of housing of front counterweight and disk-weight. Thanks to it torque on cranks at lifting of sucker-rod string is increased and dynamic loads on electric motor drive are equalized.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption, increased economy.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil producing industry.

SUBSTANCE: device is designed for driving deep-well sucker-rod pumps. In proposed differential pumping unit differential crank mechanism is used as transforming mechanism providing straight-line reciprocation of point of attachment of tension pulley on drive crank. Said transforming mechanism is installed on output shaft of reduction gear from one side. Post with guide pulley is arranged at this side also. Axle of part is in vertical plane passing through axis of reduction gear output shaft. Radii of central and drive cranks are equal to each other. Tension pulley is mounted of drive crank over which flexible member is passed. Said tension pulley is coupled through guide pulley installed on post with polished rod carrier bar. Cranks are interconnected and they rotate in different directions. Length of stroke is equal to sum of four radii of cranks. Pumping units are most efficiency at length of stroke from 2.5 to 5 m.

EFFECT: provision of larger length of stroke at more rational design.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; well pump drives.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for use in units operating well pumps designed for lifting liquids from depth. Proposed device contains base on which frame with platform is installed for drive unit with hole to drive output link. Platform is connected with frame by hinge joint for turning relative to axis in plane parallel to axis of hole in platform.

EFFECT: improved convenience in operation owing to provision of access to well, wellhead equipment and drive at repairing and servicing of wellhead equipment and drive without demounting of drive.

7 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: oil production, particularly oil and gas well development for hydrocarbon material.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises check valve, piston, receiving windows, depression chamber and valve with spring. The device is made as swabbing means and depression chamber connected one to another by threaded subs. The swabbing means consists of rope fastening unit, cylinder, hollow shaft, piston and valve with spring. Cylindrical valve is installed in lower part of depression chamber. The cylindrical valve is made as a sleeve with beveled lower end surface.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of well development due to impulsive action application to productive bed.

1 dwg