FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: pyro-valve to shut off roads comprises a housing with inlet and outlet located on one axis. Between the said pipes are hermetically mounted thin-walled tube. Side pyro-valve cavity formed in a stepped cylindrical bore with a conical transition surface between the steps. Stepped tube shut-formed with a hole through which the tin-walled tube is omitted. The body cavity at the side opposite to the stepped stopper shut-stepped and an opening of the bore. The shut-speed traffic jam from the small end of the stage along the axis of a hole. Coaxially to the axis of the thin-walled tube has a groove. Perpendicular to the shut-axis speed of the output plug valve nozzle pipe at a distance from the hole axis equal speed course shut-stoppers, an opening is made. In this bore hole and plug speed shut-communicate with each other. The large bore side of the body cavity is a filter. On the outer surface of the side opposite to the stepped cavity of the housing tube shut-mounted plug.

EFFECT: provision of rapid release of gas from the pneumatic valve control gas generator emergency shutdown liquid rocket engine.

3 cl, 1 dwg



Same patents:

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: explosion proof device with bursting disc comprises valve body, gate and bursting element. Lined cargo gate is connected by movable coupling to the valve body and covers opening in a body of the protected facility. In the upper cylindrical part of the valve body there is a unit fixing the bursting disc.

EFFECT: safe fuelling due to usage of explosion proof elements.

2 cl, 4 dwg

Protective device // 2553051

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of safe operation of hazardous articles which are surrounded by a hostile environment, in particular to safety sealing devices, namely to devices with a destructible element providing automatic actuation and opening sealed air channels under certain external influencing factors. The protective device comprises a movable element, retained by a stopper, linearly movable by the force influence of a preliminarily compressed spring. Mechanical properties of the stopper are changed under the influence of environmental factors. The movable element is made in the form of a spring-loaded plug 1 and is located inside the housing of the object 6. The stopper is made in the form of a latch 4 of a low-melting material applied to the coils of a compressed telescoping spring 3 prior to mounting it into the housing. The plug 1 is provided with sealing elements 2 and is made with the axial height smaller than the height of the spring 3 in a free state.

EFFECT: simplification of the design of the protective device, minimising the size of the protective device, reduction of the number of elements, increasing the reliability of the device actuation.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: explosion-proof device with a bursting disk includes a valve body, a gate, and a bursting element. A unit for the bursting disk fastening is installed in the upper cylindrical part of the valve body. The bursting disk is clamped between rings. The rings are connected to each other by two diametrically opposite plates and screws. One of the holes for the screws in the plate is of an oblong shape. In the lower cylindrical part of the valve body there arranged is a lined load gate covering a hole made in the body of the protected object. The said gate is connected in a movable manner to the valve body by means of at least three flexible links. The flexible links are made as elastic belts, one end of the belts is hinged to the valve body, and the other one is hinged to the load gate. Elastic belts are layered and have the alternation of elastic and damping layers. A vibration damping paste, for example of the VD-17 type, is used as the damping layers, and an elastomer is used as the elastic layers.

EFFECT: improving the efficiency and reliability of protection of process equipment against explosions in case of emergencies by increasing quick action and reliability of bursting elements actuation.

6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relating valves manufacturing and intended for use as the rupture disc in safety devices to protect HP systems. The rupture disc for the distributor with gas insulation contains thin domed plate that contains first flange part and first domed part at centre of the first flanged part, and rupture guiding plate containing the second flanged part overlaid on the first flanged part, and second domed part with number of slits created such that to determine the rupture shape such, that part of the first domed part will rupture as per specified shape when the internal pressure increases. The slits have arc-like shape. One single clit is connected with the another single slit adjacent to it by means of the rupture link. End sections of the clits at both edges of the multiple clits are provided with rupture limiting holes to create the articulated part of the second domed part. The design option of the rupture disc and distributor with gas insulation containing the rupture disc is available.

EFFECT: invention improves reliability and accuracy of activation of the rupture disc.

15 cl, 20 dwg

Blast valve // 2525988

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: blast valve with a system of damping of the load gate comprises a valve body, heat-insulating and rupture elements, a lined load gate. A dynamic connection of the lined load gate with the valve body base is made in the form of three rods installed vertically in the peripheral part of the lined load gate. The rods are connected with the lower part in the valve body basis. The upper part thereof is provided with a damping device. Every one of three damping devices is attached to a horizontal jumper rigidly connected with the rod and implemented in the form of a round disk. A base of the damping device is attached to this disk by means of screws. The device is made of a rigid shock-absorbing material of "Agat" type. The base is connected with a bushing made of elastomer and features a central hole, through which the rod passes. The bushing features, at least, three holes coaxial with the rod accommodating resilient elements, e.g. cylindrical screw springs. The upper end face of these springs is connected by means of fasteners to the damping device base, while a lower end face is in a free state and protrudes beyond a lower bushing plane by a distance determined by the force developed by the shock explosion wave.

EFFECT: increasing efficiency of the process equipment protection against explosions by increasing the shock-absorption of the lined load gate.

3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device for emergency shutdown of a pipeline comprises a casing 1, a valve 2, a valve seat 3 and a valve return mechanism. The casing is equipped by a supply pipe branch 4 and a discharging pipe branch 5 for the connection to supplying and discharging sections of the pipeline. The valve seat 3 is installed across the casing flow passage and the valve is coupled to the valve return mechanism by a stem 6. The valve is mounted on the side of the supplying pipe branch 4 and is fixed on the stem 6. The stem is installed in the casing guides in a movable way. The return mechanism includes a seal 7, an adjustable support 8, a safety device 9 and a supporting cup 10. The seal is fixed in the casing. The adjustable support is movably installed in the supporting cup 9 on the safety device 10 from hard soluble material. The safety device is set on the bottom of the supporting cup where holes for spilled liquid are provided. The supporting cup is set on the floor of the room being monitored. The casing 1 is made as a cylinder closed by covers 11, 12 with sealing rings 13 which are tightened by studs 14 and nuts 15.

EFFECT: higher reliability of a device.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to safety technology and is used as a device for relieving excess pressure for use in sanitary fields of application. The pressure relief device (12) comprises a bursting disk (30) and a supporting element (32). The bursting disk (30) includes a bursting area and a flange section. The supporting element (32) of the bursting disc (30) includes an annular inner bushing, an outer peripheral area, spaced radially from the inner bushing, and one or more connecting segments extending between the inner bushing and the outer peripheral area. Connecting segments restrict one or more embossed areas, located between the inner bushing and the outer peripheral area of the supporting element (32). There are structural versions of the supporting element and the bursting disc designs.

EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improvement of reliability of the pressure relief device operation.

22 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: energy industry.

SUBSTANCE: safety valve of single action comprises a housing with a tear-off element mounted in it. The tear-off element is made as a stem with a neck in the middle part of it, and a notch. The notch is a stress riser on the neck. The diameter of the said neck is calculated for the actual tensile strength of the stem material. The stem comprises at its ends a male thread. With one threaded end the stem is screwed into the disc with delivery outlets, mounted in the housing by male adapter of the input. With another threaded end the stem is screwed into a threaded hole of the piston compacted in the housing. The radial holes are made in the wall of the housing, which are hermetically separated from the male adapter of the input by the piston seal.

EFFECT: creation of the safety valve of single action with a stable actuation pressure.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: latching mechanism is inserted into a housing of a hydrodynamic or hydraulic machine with working medium. The latching mechanism includes a latching mechanism body for installation on the housing, for example by screwing-in or insertion. The latching mechanism body has a feedthrough hole, into which a latching mechanism core is inserted. The latching mechanism core is directly connected to the latching mechanism body by means of a fuse element fusing at the specified temperature. Besides, the core can be connected to an intermediate element tightly installed in the latching mechanism body so that the feedthrough hole is sealed against working medium leakage. The core has a blind hole open to a working space so that working medium can flow into the latching mechanism core.

EFFECT: simplifying the structure and reducing the time required for a latching mechanism actuation.

7 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method to record the fact of hydraulic medium overpressure and recording of its maximum value is based on using dependence between compression force and elastic deformation of a spring. The recording of the overpressure fact is carried out by means of damage of the control membrane with a stem driven by a piston under action of hydraulic medium pressure force. The position of the stem after fixation of the fact certifies maximum pressure, which influenced all elements of the hydraulic system. There is a device that realises the above method for recording of the hydraulic medium overpressure.

EFFECT: development of a method and a device making it possible to record the fact of overpressure and its maximum value without participation of an operator.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: processes and equipment for controlling flow rate of fluids in systems for heating cars of railway road trains.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes housing with inlet and outlet branch pipes between which locking organ is placed. Locking organ is joined with one end of two-arm lever that couples locking organ with elastic member, for example with membrane. Other end of lever is immersed into easy-to-melt material filling target chamber and being in thermal contact with heating member. Locking member of ferromagnetic material (in variant in the form of magnet) is placed in electromagnetic field created by coil.

EFFECT: simplified design, lowered energy consumption at operation.

10 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: safety valves.

SUBSTANCE: automatic thermo-valve comprises housing whose space receives gate valve spring-loaded to the through hole and provided with stop. The stop does not allow the gate valve to cover that through hole and is made of a bar made of the thermosensitive material and interposed between the gate valve and through hole. The ends of the bar abut against the wall of the housing space. The thermosensitive material is a material with shape memory, is bent preliminary, and does not prevent the through hole to be covered.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

1 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, namely, preventive valves, possible use for preventing destruction of working vessels due to excessive pressure.

SUBSTANCE: preventive device with bursting membrane contains body 1 with coaxial input and output apertures, compression spring 7 (corrugated pipe), recess 9, insert 10 with liquid spray diffusers 11. Bursting membrane 3 is held on output aperture. Destroying element is made in form of a drill with rigidly mounted propeller 6. the drill is mounted on rod 5, positioned in an insert with possible turning.

EFFECT: lowered scattering of preventive device activation pressure value, meaning increased reliability of device activation.

1 cl, 1 dwg

Safety valve // 2307276

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safety valves and it is designed for preventing destruction of working reservoirs under action of excess gauge pressure. Proposed safety valve has housing with intake and outlet holes, spring-loaded cup, breakable element made of easily melting material and heating element. Valve is provided with insert with ring groove. Said insert engages with rod. Breakable element is installed between insert and bottom of spring-loaded cup. Heating element is located around breakable element on outer surface of housing and is connected to supply source through thermal relay. Holes are made in base of insert. Second end of spring interacts with ball through seal. Said ball closes inlet hole.

EFFECT: improved reliability of operation of safety valve, provision of safety at operation with aggressive gases in emergency situations.

2 dwg

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: valve comprises hollow housing that receives the seat, gate provided with rod, and guiding bushing. The rod of the gate passes through the guiding bushing for permitting sliding with respect to it, is spring-loaded with respect to the guiding bushing in the direction to the seat, and is provided with the member that is made of a thermosensitive material and causes the gate to be opened. The member is made of a rod. The rod passes through the opening made in the gate rod. The rod is mounted in the housing, and its ends abut against the ring step made in the wall of the space. The thermosensitive material has shape memory and is preliminary bent and allows the gate to move in the direction to the seat under the action of the spring.

EFFECT: simplified design and reduced cost of servicing.

3 cl

Check valve // 2319884

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: check valve comprises housing provided with a hollow. The housing is made of a thermoplastic material and receives destructible diaphragm. The diameter of the destructible diaphragm is equal to the diameter of the hollow plus double height of the hollow. The diaphragm is provided with a metal washer whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the washer mines double thickness of the diaphragm.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

1 dwg

FIELD: gas appliances.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to household and industrial gas appliances and is designed to protect gas supply systems in emergency conditions, for example, to shut off gas supply in the case of fire. The automatic thermal shut-off valve incorporates a direct-flow hollow casing with a seat, a stem with a valve and a valve guide. The spring-loaded valve stem slides in the valve guide towards the seat and is furnished with a heat-sensitive aid to the valve closed. The valve stem has a circular groove arranged on the side of the stem free end and extending from the valve guide to a distance from the valve making, at least, a sum of the valve guide thickness and compressed spring height. The aforesaid aid a rod laid in the circular groove enclosing the stem. The thickness exceeds the circular groove depth. In the valve open state, the rod seats in the circular groove pressed by the compressed spring into the valve guide. A shape-memory material, e.g. nithynol, with an initial bent shape enclosing the valve guide allowing it to move spring-loaded along with the valve towards the seat.

EFFECT: simpler valve design, lower operating costs.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to production of valves and accessories, and is designed to be used in hydrodynamic turbo machines or hydrodynamic couplings, hydrodynamic brakes or hydrodynamic convertors that feature working chambers filled with operating medium being heated in the machine operation. The proposed valve incorporates body (1) designed to seal hollow chamber and fuse (2). The latter is arranged in through hole (1.1) made in valve body (1) that receives bolt (4). The said bolt is inserted into aforesaid hole (1.1) to plug it. Fuse (2) joints bolt (4) to inner surface of valve body (1) inside through hole (1.1). The invention covers the valve design version, the method of producing thermal protection valve and hydrodynamic turbo machine with its working chamber plugged by the thermal protection valve.

EFFECT: increased reliability.

17 cl, 5 dwg

Heat gate valve // 2365801

FIELD: instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to armature engineering and aims at automatic shutdown of pipeline flow area, including particularly gas pipelines in emergencies, e.g. in fire. A heat gate valve comprises a direct-flow body with inlet and outlet, in-built spring-loaded gate and transverse sprocket. The external sprocket rim is fixed in the body and pinned to a hub that is provided with a gate rod guide. One of the pins has a through gallery that comprises a thrust screw and a travelling joint pin from the rim. The joint pin actuates a ball stopper that is provided in the rod groove and fixes open. Between the thrust screw and the travelling joint pin, there is a fuse strip. The body contains an internal cylindrical boring interfaced with inlet and outlet along the tapered hole. The gate represents in cross-section a cylinder with the equal conical end faceting that makes the angle 12-17 with conical surfaces.

EFFECT: invention allows decreasing hydraulic resistance, simplifying design and assembly, and improving durability and reliability of the device.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to machine building and refers to protection of technological equipment. Safety valve with rupture element comprises valve body, heat-insulating and rupture elements. Valve additionally comprises lined weight lock, which closes opening in body of protected object. In upper cylindrical part of valve body there is a heat-insulating element installed, as well as sealing membrane. Membrane is pressed to valve body by means of cover. Cover is hingedly joined to lever. Lever interacts with bump stop. Unit of rupture element fixation is fixed with its upper part on lever, and with its lower part - to upper cylindrical part of valve. Rupture element consists of wire, stop bolt, fork, valve cover lever, nut, two drums. The latter are arranged accordingly in fork of valve cover lever and fork of upper cylindrical part of valve body. Ends of wire are inserted into holes of drums and then are wound on them. Clearance between forks makes around 1.53 of wire diametre. Parametres of valve are in the following optimal ranges of values: c=H/Dn=2.53.0, where Dn is diametre of upper cylindrical part of valve body, equal to maximum size of protected object body hole; H is height of assembled valve.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of technological equipment protection against explosions by improved performance and reliability of rupture element actuation.

2 dwg