Wet gas compressor and method

FIELD: gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is centrifugal compressor for technological process performance over wet gas. Centrifugal compressor comprises body and, at least, one stage, containing, at least, one impeller (100), installed with possibility of rotation in body and having hub (107) and blades (111), wherein each impeller blade has low-pressure side and high-pressure side. Compressor stage contains, at least, one drops reducing device made with possibility of fluid drops reducing facilitation, flowing through compressor stage.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of harmful factors from presence of liquid drops in pumped gas.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: turbo-machine contains spiral casing, installed in it impeller, carrying and covering disks located between them bend backwards shaped shoulder blades (5). Each blade (5) is equipped with the flap (8) installed with converging clearance (6) in relation to its work surface (7), the flap has concave work and convex end surfaces (9, 10), and have vortex chamber (11) connected tangentially with clearance (6), output converging channels (12) on its surface (10) from chamber (11), and output converging channels (13) with tangential input in it from surface (9) of the flap (8). In the spiral casing on the carrying disk in the vortex chamber (11) of each flap (8) the tangential input converging channel (14) is made, and on the coverage disk from the vortex chamber (11) a tangential output converging channel (15) is made.

EFFECT: increased aerodynamic loading of the radial vortex turbo-machine due to increased kinetic energy of the flow rotation in the vortex chamber by means of creation of the high energy vortex core, and as result the increased pressure difference between the work and rear surfaces of the blades.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: on rear surface of blades the air flow guides are rigidly installed, they are located in series from start of each blade to end and at angle 45 degrees to its axial line. The axial fan with centrifugal blades is intended for air supply to boilers and furnaces, and for flue gases removal, for material drying, for vehicle and machinery parts cooling, fan can be used in air separators to remove admixtures from corns, for active corn ventilation at warehouses, in corn dryers, in vehicles, tractors for engine cooling, in offices. This improves capacity by 1.5…2.0 times, air head by 1.2…1.5, and efficiency is up to 0.5…0.7.

EFFECT: increased fan capacity.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method and coating element (50) for the impeller (14) protection against damages are suggested. The coating element (50) contains detachable main part (50), having first surface (52), second surface (54), opposite to the first surface (52) and made such that it corresponds to the face surface (14a) of the impeller (14) of the compressor (10), and face part (56) covering entire face part of the impeller (14) of the compressor (10), and fixture (58, 80, 82, 84, 86) connected to the detachable min part (50) and made with possibility of the securing of the coating element (50) to the impeller (14) of the compressor (10). The coating element (50) is changeable.

EFFECT: invention increases service life of the compressor.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of a centrifugal compressor comprises a shaft with an impeller mounted on it and having an annular cavity in the hub which divides the hub into the outer and inner rings and on the one side is limited by a circular partition connecting the inner and the outer rings and being made on the side of flow inlet to the impeller. Mounting surfaces in the impeller and at the shaft are conical and are located on the outer surface of the inner ring and the inner boring of the shaft end respectively. The shaft and the impeller interact with each other additionally by means of a spline joint.

EFFECT: invention allows for the increased reliability of the connection of the impeller to the shaft of a centrifugal compressor rotor along with simultaneous simplification of the rotor manufacturing and assembly process.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method to increase energy supplied to medium by the bladed turbomachines comprises formation of the circulating medium flow around the volume blades in the blade channels of the impeller creating pressure rise on the work surface 8 of the blades relatively to their rear surface 9. Part of medium supplied to the blade channels is delivered from them via the input channels 12 from the work surface 8 of the blades to the cylindrical vortex chambers 11. The chambers 11 are installed along full length of the blade, they vortex the medium to the vortex intensive rotating movement and further move via the output channels 13 to surfaces 8, 9. This medium is mixed with medium moved via the blade channels over the entire space, and the mixed flow is supplied to the discharge branch pipe.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of internal energy transfer to the medium, increased economic feasibility of conversion of the mechanical energy of impeller rotation to the input energy of moved medium, reduces metal consumption and size of the turbomachine, as well as of the noise level in range of work modes due to vortex removal at the impeller output and discharge branch pipe input.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: in centrifugal compressor impeller containing main disc with integral milled blades on it and integral milled from blades rivets; cover disc with holes for rivets by means which the cover disc is secured on the bearing discs; on internal surface of the cover disc the shoulders are made, as per contour the shoulders completely coincide with the appropriate contours of the blades and create grooves between them, in groves the blades are fixed, at that the middle lines of the shoulders are symmetrical to middle lines of blade contours of the bearing disc.

EFFECT: improvement of strength characteristics of the impeller, significant increasing of its service life.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: radially-vortex turbomacine comprises a scroll case, an impeller installed in it with the carrying and covering disks and the blades arranged between them. The pressure and suction surfaces of the blades in the area of trailing edges thereof are provided with the longitudinal and additional projections shaping an annular cylindrical vortex chamber in the area of trailing edges of the blades. The vortex chamber is attached to the carrying and covering disks, it is provided with an axle running parallel to the blade trailing edge, a tangential inlet passage facing the pressure surface of the blade and a perforated surface of a cylindrical shell. The cylindrical shell is installed with clearance in such a way that an intrinsic curve to it along the line of crossing the plane, which runs through the chamber axis and the blade trailing edge, is parallel to an intrinsic curve to the pressure and suction surfaces of the blade at its trailing edge. The additional cylindrical chambers with a tangential inlet passage is built into the blade along its entire length, at that, the axes of the cylindrical chambers are located at the middle surface of the blade, while the perforations are made protruding to the pressure and suction surfaces of the blade.

EFFECT: invention helps to increase the aerodynamic loading and efficiency of the turbomachine.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to auxiliary air system of radial- and mixed-flow compressor with rotary shaft. Note here that said compressor can compress oxidiser gas. Auxiliary air system comprises oxidiser gas bleeder system arranged in the rotor.

EFFECT: resistance against fouling with oxidiser gas.

8 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: method of turbo machine compression stage turbo compressor impeller erosion detection. Turbo compressor impeller (10) comprises hub (12), body (14) extending radially from said hub and multiple vanes (16) fitted on said impeller. Said body comprises erosion indicator (18). Erosion indicator (18) comprises at least one rib (20) extending radially from the body peripheral edge (22) to trailing edge (16b) of one of the vanes (16). Note here that said rib (20) features axial depth smaller than that of the body (14) to make the ledge between rib flat surface and body surface wherefrom extends the vane. Endoscope (40) is fitted inside compression stage (13) to check up the impeller erosion indicator (18) wear. There is no necessity if dismantling of said impeller for erosion check since technician can check up impeller wear by directing the camera to wear indicator. Then, on turning the impeller, technician can easily check up the erosion created by impeller butt valleys.

EFFECT: ease of detection.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compressor building, in particular, to design of impellers. The impeller of the centrifugal compressor comprises the main disc with blades; a cover disc fixed on end surfaces of the blades, the inner surface of which is made as conical with a rectilinear generatrix, and a blade-to-blade channel formed by inner surfaces of the main and cover discs. The inner conical surface of the cover disc is made as conical with an angle near the top, which is equal to 180°-α, the inner surface of the main disc is also made as conical with an angle near the top equal to 180°-α, which provides for meridian symmetry of the gas flow and increased external diameter of the impeller from D2 to D3, which provides for development of a mobile vaneless diffuser on the impeller.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing energy characteristics of an impeller: flow rate, head, efficiency, reduced pulsations and turbulence at the output of the impeller.

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FIELD: mechanical engineering; air blowers, compressors and outer vane machines.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric compressors, turbocompressors for supercharging internal combustion engines, air blowers and other vane machines. Proposed high-speed rotor of blower provides practically complete elimination of rotor unbalance owing to provision of minimum tolerable deformation of shaft when rotor parts pack is tightened by nut, thanks to which vibration and noise of turbocompressor in operation are considerably reduced, service life of bearings is increased and rubbing of impeller or turbine of compressor against base members is prevented which improves operating capabilities and reduces energy consumption. For this purpose, according to first design version, rotor is furnished with plates, each placed between end face of compressor impeller bushing and nut. Said plate has concave spherical surface at one side adjoining convex spherical surface of nut, and at other side, flat surface adjoining flat end face of bushing of compressor impeller. Ring groove is made on each bushing of compressor impeller between blades and end face of compressor impeller bushing. According to second version, ring groove is made on each bushing of compressor impeller between blades and end face of compressor impeller bushing provided with concave spherical surface adjoining convex spherical surface of nut.

EFFECT: improved operating capabilities, reduced energy consumption.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor (10) of multi-stage compressor comprises axial section (12) of the rotor followed by the centrifugal section (14) of the rotor. Axial section (12) of the rotor and centrifugal section (14) of the rotor are interconnected by means of a diffusion junction to define a unit working wheel having blades (22) and (36). The sections of the axial stage and centrifugal stage go one into the other without discontinuities.

EFFECT: improved design.

21 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power machine engineering, possibly production of large-size pumps with complex-shape spatial interval of inter-blade ducts, mainly main circulation pumps used in nuclear power plants in nuclear electric power stations.

SUBSTANCE: impeller is formed of two parts; each part includes two mutually joined members. One member is in the form of protrusion formed on main disc as one piece with it. Other member is formed on covering disc as one piece with it. Members of each blade are milled in order to provide possibility of their joining by butt welding and to realize quality control of their joining by irradiating with penetration irradiation. After joining before welding, portions of impeller are geometrically divided by means of surface of revolution. At movement along said surface from inlet to impeller towards its outlet the least angle between rotation axis of impeller and line normal to said surface of revolution does not increase.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of product due to increased strength of welded seam and elimination of distortion of shape of inter-blade ducts.

5 cl, 9 dwg

Centrifugal fan // 2282755

FIELD: mechanical engineering; fans and ventilators.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to improved centrifugal fan. Proposed fan with single of double intake has enclosed type impeller formed by rotating bladed wheel 10 with at least one cover member 13. Blades 11 of fan impeller are flat, tilted backwards relative to direction of impeller rotation, and cover member 13 is provided with section 13A on truncated cone surface, first curvilinear section 13B on surface and second curvilinear section 13C on surface in direction of flow. Radius of curvature of first curvilinear section of surface is less than radius of curvature of second curvilinear section of surface.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of centrifugal fans owing to use of optimum combination of parameters, for instance, number, shape and arrangement of blades of fan impeller and form of cover member.

8 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; compressors.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to impellers of centrifugal machines. Proposed impeller has disk with blades fitted on disk. Layer of material is attached to surface of disk opposite to blades in which ratio of modulus of elasticity to density is less than that of disk material, for instance, glass plastic can be used for this purpose. Layer of similar material is arranged near outer diameter of plate of cover and main disk in zone of interblade channels. At elastic vibrations of disks of impeller in places of contact of material, internal friction, dissipation of energy of vibrations and reduction of their amplitude in places of contact of material appear, which has favorable effect on resistance of impeller to cyclic loads and provides required dynamic strength characteristics of impeller at relatively high peripheral velocities.

EFFECT: increased strength of impeller and high peripheral velocities.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; compressors.

SUBSTANCE: layer of composite material is applied to surface of impeller disk. Ratio of modulus of elasticity to density of said material is less than material of disk. Layer of glass plastic can be used for this purpose. Layer of composite material featuring smaller ratio is arranged in ring groove found of periphery in disk body. At elastic vibrations of impeller disk internal friction interaction effect appears in place of contact of materials. As a result, vibration energy is dissipated and vibration amplitude is reduced which contributes to resistance of impeller to cyclic loads.

EFFECT: provision of required dynamic strength characteristics at relatively high peripheral speeds of rotation.

1 dwg

FIELD: ventilation system.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to main unit of centrifugal fans used for ventilation of industrial and living rooms and servicing of different technological processes where liberation of hot gases, smoke and harmful admixtures takes place. Invention is aimed at reduction of area of heat transfer from hub of impeller to shaft of centrifugal fan motor and creation of air flow to cool front end plate of motor and hub. According to invention, impeller of centrifugal fan consists of hub, main and cover flat disks and working blades. Hub is provided with cylindrical boss from side of mounting of main disk and through holes located around axle of rotation of impeller. Axes of through holes are parallel to axle of rotation of impeller, and their number and diameter are chosen so that summary area of said holes is equal to 0.1-3.0% of area of intake hole of centrifugal fan, and axes of said through holes are arranged over circumference of diameter equal to Dh+2.5d±10%. Distance between two adjacent axes of through holes is 1.5d±10%.

EFFECT: increased thermal stability, reliability and reduced cost of operation of centrifugal fans.

2 dwg

FIELD: ventilator engineering, namely, construction of centrifugal smoke exhauster, which may be used in gas cleaning systems in metallurgy and during production of building materials, and also for kitting steam boilers of heat and power stations.

SUBSTANCE: centrifugal smoke exhaust consists of spiral body, input branch pipe, guiding machine and working wheel. Working wheel has 24 radially terminating blades with exit angle equal to 90°, circles drawn along an arc with a radius equal to 34% of external diameter of working wheel, measured along exit edges of blades. Diameter of entrance into working wheel equals 62% of external diameter of working wheel. Width of working wheel at exit equals 13% of external diameter of working wheel. Angle of inclination of surface of covering disk to rotation plane of working wheel equals 15°.

EFFECT: ensured increase of efficiency from 70% to 77% for smoke exhauster with radially terminating blades, which is used for moving substances with dust, prone to sticking to blades of working wheel, which is achieved due to optimal selection of dimensions of working wheel of smoke exhauster.

3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; turbomachines for aircraft.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotors of turbomachines used, particularly, in aviation, in which drum 124 in form of cylindrical solid of revolution rotation around longitudinal axis is manufactured of metal alloy, and it has curvilinear profile between front and rear ends 124b. Said profile is formed by ring shell arranged around said longitudinal axis, being located in radial direction to both sides from surface of rotation, with generatrix 134. Rear end 124b is provided with stiffening element. Said stiffening element is provided with at least one composite element 140 fitted on rear end 124b of drum and having fibers, and matrix made of polymeric material. Drum is designed for forming rotor of low-pressure compressor.

EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; fans and ventilators.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to impeller of centrifugal fan with blades 2 tilted opposite to direction of rotation 8 (backwards tilted impeller) in which outer edge areas 14, 7 of front and rear disks 3, 1 project behind outer diameter DAs of blades. Diffusion space, thus set between rear and front disks 1, 3 and output diameter DAs of blades and outer diameter DN of blades, provides effective conversion of kinetic energy of fluid medium into pressure potential (transformation of kinetic energy into static pressure). Profile of cross section of diffusion space is made rectangular or trapezium widened radially outwards.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of centrifugal fan.

10 cl, 9 dwg