Vortex heat generator

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: device refers to the heat power industry and can be used for heating the residential and industrial premises, for hot water supply, the preparation of emulsions, suspensions, dispersion of various materials, decontamination of liquids and liquid foods, for disinfection of water in sewage treatment plants, in swimming pools, improve the quality of diesel and gasoline fuel, preparation of structured water for fish breeding farms, soaking of seeds and watering of plants, as well as for the preparation of structured water for farm animals. Vortex heat generator includes a mixer and a pump. The cavitator consists of a body fixed with the flanges to the pump and to the mixer. Inside the housing there are confusers and a diffuser welded to it, through which the deflector is passing, made of the solid metal and fixed to the housing, wherein the deflector is mounted so, that between it and all the confusers except the last in the course of the water movement, there is a gap, located at the upper part of the deflector, and the latter in the course of the water movement the confusers has the ring gap between the surface of the deflector and tappering of the confusers. The ring gap area corresponds to the area of the injection pump nozzle.

EFFECT: invention should increase the density of cavitation in the continuous flow of liquid or suspension, to provide the cavitation bubble collapse process removal to the deceleration area, where there is no destruction of working surfaces.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering and can be used in heating and hot water supply systems of inhabited and industrial objects. The assigned task is solved in the wind heat accumulator containing the metal cylindrical housing with liquid inlet and outlet branch pipes, inside along its height the horizontal blades are attached which alternate with the blades attached outside to a coaxial vessel. The vessel is filled with the heat-retaining substance changing its aggregate state in the working range of temperatures. It is installed on the mobile ring contacting with the fixed disk installed on the housing bottom. The main mill from below is attached to the shaft located in the centre of the housing, and in the middle part the additional mill with inclined blades with the curvature, inverse to the curvature of blades of the main mill, is attached. The mobile disk with an axial hole contacting with the fixed disk with radial holes is attached to the main mill from below.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of operating conditions and increase of coefficient of conversion of mechanical energy into thermal.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for direct decomposition of a liquid into hydrogen and oxygen via thermomechanical breakdown of chemical bonds of the liquid with kinetic energy of differently directed rotation and to a mechanical hydrogen gas generator. The mechanical hydrogen gas generator for direct production of hydrogen and oxygen from a liquid comprises a fixed housing which, on the side of feeding the liquid, has a projecting shaft with a cup, and on the side of obtaining the product the cover has a second projecting shaft. The cup and the shaft alternately comprise rotary discs which form the walls of chambers with the possibility of rotating in different directions and heating the liquid. The housing has around it spline and helical channels. All discs are provided with conical jet formers directed along the flow of the liquid. The apparatus has at the base a sealed cup having alternating composite configuring discs with annular blades capable of rotating at 50-600 m/s.

EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the cost of the feedstock.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of heat power engineering and may be used to provide hot water supply and heating of buildings and structures located in areas with no centralised heat and power supply. A thermal wind turbine comprises a rotor wind engine with a vertical shaft, which transmits rotary motion via a reducer to a round plate, to which vertical cylindrical partitions are fixed at the bottom, being submerged into a heat insulated tank with water. Cylindrical partitions are also fixed to the bottom of the tank, and partitions fixed on the round plate move between those. Water arriving into the tank, flowing via movable (rotary) and fixed partitions is heated due to friction. Since the gap between movable and fixed partitions is chosen as minimum possible for water passage, water heating is carried out quite effectively, which is also supported by a roll arranged in the form of a net increasing friction made on the surfaces of cylindrical partitions. Blades mounted on the outer side of the external (relative to the central axis) movable (rotary) cylindrical partition help to pump water into the outlet nozzle of the tank and back to the load.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method for hydrodynamic activation of materials includes heating a starting common stream of materials, dividing said stream into parallel streams, further initiating cavitation in each stream while activating the stream by implosion caused by cavitation action and a shockwave initiated by hydraulic impact, and then injecting into a hydrodynamic reactor in which streams are collided on one axis to generate a hydroimpact, after which the streams are merged into a common stream once more.

EFFECT: high output, reliability and improved economic performance.

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Heat energy source // 2534663

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering and may be used in heating systems of residential premises, and also in heaters for various technological processes. The substance of the invention is in the fact that a source of heat energy is a circulating pump with a wet rotor, in which during circulation of coolant partially to 95% they close an inlet and/or an outlet cut-off valve.

EFFECT: method to generate heat will make it possible to increase efficiency factor of a plant due to reduction of heat losses during pump operation.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering, and namely to methods for heating of water and other liquids without any fuel combustion. As per the proposed method and device, liquid heating is performed by its supply to a vortex tube and formation of a resonant cavitation mode of its flow. Before the liquid flow enters the vortex tube, it is supplied through slots that are located at an angle to the central axis of the vortex tube along its perimeter, tangentially swirled by means of the above slots and subjected to ultrasonic irradiation with further rarefaction under resonance conditions. Then, the liquid is supplied to a consumer.

EFFECT: invention improves the liquid heating efficiency and is environmentally safe.

10 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of heat power engineering and may be used in systems of heating, water heating for domestic and production needs. The concept of the invention is as follows: a multi-functional vortex heat generator according to the first version comprises a closed body with nozzles for supply of heated liquid and drainage of heated liquid, rotors installed inside the body and made in the form of two discs fixed on independent shafts having independent drives and capable of rotating towards each other, suction turbines, which are stiffly fixed on independent shafts together with discs of rotors, and in discs of rotors opposite to installed turbines, along the circumference there are conical-cylindrical holes made, directed into the cavity between the discs, higher by radius of which radially along the circumference there are rows of fingers rigidly installed, at the same time fingers are made so that rows of fingers of one disc freely with a gap enter between rows of fingers of the second disc, and conical-cylindrical holes of one disc are located opposite to the conical-cylindrical holes of the other disc, and each disc with each turbine is equipped with a separate nozzle, being a nozzle for supply of heated liquid. According to the second version, in a heat generator each electric motor additionally comprises a device to adjust frequency of rotation, and rows of fingers of rotors are made in the form of ellipsoid fingers-blades, perforated with through conical-cylindrical holes and are installed on discs so that holes in fingers-blades are directed along with rotation of discs-rotors. According to the third version in a vortex heat generator the outlets of electric motors of rotor drives, a temperature sensor of a collector of heated liquid are connected with appropriate inlets of a control unit, and entire internal surface of the body and the external surface of turbines, discs with fingers and shafts of the drive placed inside the body are coated with wear-resistant ceramics.

EFFECT: increased speed of liquid heating.

3 cl, 9 dwg

Aerostatic aircraft // 2526123

FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed aircraft comprises lifting air-bag and bearing air-bag and power plant with heater. Lifting air-bag is filled with working fluid of power plant arranged in its nacelle and including compressor, heater, turbine, power load and working fluid lines connected with lifting air-bag. Bearing air-bag is composed of sections and incorporates volume variator.

EFFECT: higher power-to-weight ratio.

9 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind industry and can be used in heating and hot water supply systems of residential and industrial buildings. Friction heat generator comprises vertical cylindrical body with lid and bottom, drive shaft, cold water inlet manifolds and hot water outlet manifolds, movable disc at the bottom with blades and stationary disc. Pipe rigidly put on the shaft has rocker arms on the top attached to it from both sides, and cantilever beams at the bottom, supported by disc. Disks are attached at the bottom on both sides of cantilever beams, vertical rods attached to them come out from their centre. These rods have discs with blades and discs with hollow rings around them, which are put loosely on them. Rods are fixed at the top in the sleeves attached to the rocker arms.

EFFECT: performance permits to increase the conversion factor of one form of energy into another, compared with similar heat generators.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heating equipment, particularly, to water heater incorporated with heating system and hot water supply. Windmill heat generator comprises cylindrical housing with cover and bottom and cylindrical horizontal partition accommodating thrust bearing and journal-and-thrust bearing. Vertical shaft runs in said bearings and is equipped with coupling fitted from above to receive power from windmill, rotary vane element being secured thereto from below. Cold water inlet pipe is fitted inside the housing, at its bottom, while hot water discharge pipe is arranged at its top section connected with cold and hot water supplies, respectively.

EFFECT: enhanced performances, heating of two and mote premises.

3 dwg

Friction heater // 2244223

FIELD: low-power engineering, applicable as a component of windmills for production of heated water in houses not provided with centralized hot water supply.

SUBSTANCE: the friction heater has a tank with heated liquid, fixed and rotary disks coupled to the drive shaft for joint axial motion, and a propeller with the working force in the direction of the disks are installed in the tank. The novelty in the offered heater is the installation of additional fixed and rotary disks, the propeller is fastened on the drive shaft, and each of the rotary disks is installed between two fixed disks, and a float located above the propeller for rotation relative to the drive shaft and for axial motion on the latter.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of heater operation at the same rotary speed of the drive shaft.

1 dwg

FIELD: cavitation and vortex heat generators; heating liquids in various hydraulic systems; activation of mixing, dispersion and chemical interaction processes.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hydrodynamic heat generator is provided with liquid accelerator made in form of bladed impeller at guaranteed small clearance; it is mounted in circular bush provided with tangential passages located over periphery and used for connecting the peripheral surface of impeller with vortex cylindrical chambers found in bush through longitudinal slots in their lateral surfaces. Mounted at outlet of cylindrical vortex chambers are accelerating packings extending to braking chamber where cavity resonators are arranged. Bladed impellers may be of different types: open or closed-type centrifugal impellers at angle more than 90 deg. and centrifugal vortex impellers; vortex and braking chambers may be also made in different versions.

EFFECT: low losses of energy; enhanced stability of cavities; enhanced efficiency.

15 cl, 5 dwg

Heating device // 2251645

FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: heating device comprises generator of heat energy and system for supplying heat to a consumer, which are interconnected through the supplying and discharging pipelines forming a closed contour. The contour has a net pump and at least one recirculation pipeline which receives at least one member provided with a converging pipe, diverging pipe, and one ring groove made between the diverging and converging pipes. The method of operation of the heating device comprises pumping the heat-transfer agent in the contour comprising at least one member with converging and diverging pipes. The heat-transfer agent is pumped under pressure which excludes the onset of cavitation in the heat-transfer agent flow.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

16 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: heat-power engineering; heating systems; water heating systems, public services, agricultural sector and transport facilities.

SUBSTANCE: steam from electric steam generator is delivered to jet apparatus nozzle where it is mixed with cold liquid flow for forming two-phase flow at acceleration to supersonic velocity. At mixing chamber outlet, this two-phase flow is decelerated for forming shock wave and converting the flow into liquid flow after shock wave. Then, flow is divided and one part is directed to heat exchanger of vortex tube where it is heated and directed for replenishment of electric steam generator. Other part is directed to nozzle apparatus where it is accelerated to supersonic velocity for forming two-phase flow, after which it is decelerated for converting it into liquid flow saturated with micro-bubble component. Nozzle apparatus outlet is connected with swirler inlet where vortex flow is formed; from swirler, flow is directed to vortex tube where heat is released and flow is divided into hot and cold components. From vortex tube, flow is directed to heat exchanger for transfer of heat to second loop; cooled liquid flow is directed to ejector inlet.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of plant.

1 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises high-pressure pump, hydraulic motor, and safety device which are arranged in the tank under the level of fluid. The delivery space of the high-pressure pump is connected with the supplying passage of the hydraulic motor through the high-pressure pipeline which is made of a cylindrical coil whose longitudinal axis is coaxial to the longitudinal axes of the housing, diffuser of the resonance vibrations , and ring made of a trancated cone. The discharging passage of the hydraulic motor is connected through the a pipeline with the sprayer whose longitudinal axis is coaxial to the axes of the deflector and head, longitudinal axis of the diffuser, longitudinal axis of the ring, and longitudinal axis of the magnetostriction emitter.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

5 dwg

FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device for heating water comprises heat generator of pump type, which consists of housing that have cylindrical section and receives at least one member for acceleration of fluid flow made of working wheel composed of two disks which allow the working wheel to be set in rotation and disk made of a flat ring secured inside the cylindrical section of the housing in the zone of rotation of working wheel coaxially to it, one member for decelerating fluid flow made of a conical straightener, and heat exchange system connected with the delivery branch pipe and the pump. The disks of the working wheel define nozzles arranged closer to its face. The working wheel and unmovable disk define space of variable cross-section for sucking heated fluid through the nozzles and supplying it to consumers. According to a particular version, the working wheel can be mounted for permitting adjusting the spaces between its sides and lids at the inlet and outlet of the heat generator.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

9 dwg

FIELD: heat production by means other than fuel combustion for premises water heating systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed cavitation-type rotary heat-generator has housing provided with heated-liquid inlet and outlet and cylindrical surface carrying two coaxial rings of which one is fixed in position relative to housing and other ring is set in rotary motion by drive shaft disposed coaxially with rings. The latter are provided with radial holes disposed in plane perpendicular to axis of revolution. External coaxial ring is revolving and internal one is fixed in position relative to housing, clearance of 0.5 to 3 mm being provided between external revolving ring and internal cylindrical surface of housing. Steel disk is turned onto threaded end of drive shaft and external revolving ring is turned onto its rim. Drive shaft has spider with steel spokes tightened by means of claw nuts installed in depressions of external revolving ring. Threaded end of drive shaft mounts metal head with rimmed textolite disk attached thereto; this rimmed disk carries external revolving ring. Diameter of holes in internal fixed ring is larger by 1.5 - 3 times that that of holes in external revolving ring. Hole number in external revolving ring is other than that in internal fixed one.

EFFECT: augmented cavitation processes occurring during rotor revolution which enhances heating efficiency.

6 cl, 5 dwg

Heat generator // 2260750

FIELD: heat-power engineering; generation of heat in the course of combustion; degassing liquid in the course of heating.

SUBSTANCE: proposed heat generator includes cyclone-type jet apparatus mounted vertically and provided with inlet branch pipe located in upper part and outlet branch pipe located in lower portion; it is also provided with expansion reservoir mounted above jet apparatus; upper cavity of this jet apparatus is communicated with expansion reservoir.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of degassing liquid; enhanced corrosion resistance; increased flow rate of liquid; reduced noise of pump.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: chemical and oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises supplying methane-containing gas to the cavitation liquid (water), bringing the gas into contact with the cavitation liquid to produce exothermic reactions, withdrawing heat, and removing oxygen-organic compositions, highest hydrocarbons, and unreacted gases from the cooled liquid, and rising pressure of the purified liquid. The reaction between the methane-containing gas and cavitation liquid is carried out in the presence of catalyzers that contain carbides, nitrides, borides and oxides of metals. The unreacted gases are supplied to the methane-containing gas.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

6 cl

Liquid heater // 2262644

FIELD: heat-power engineering; water heating systems for living and industrial rooms.

SUBSTANCE: proposed liquid heater has stator with cylindrical cavity and rotor mounted in this cavity at spaced relation and secured on rotating shaft; intermediate bush or disk mounted between rotor and shaft is made from dielectric material, thus reducing losses of heat over rotor shaft.

EFFECT: reduction of heat losses; enhanced efficiency.

2 dwg