Complex with filter for dry cleaning of explosive gas mixtures

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: complex filter for dry cleaning of explosive gas mixtures comprises a bag filter 1 connected to the input flue 2, on which the inlet shut-off valve 3 and the pipe 18 with the shutoff valve 19 for connection to the atmosphere are mounted. The exhauster 5, the output shut-off valve 6, the pipe 20 with the shutoff valve 21 for connection to the atmosphere and to the gas sampler 22 are mounted on the outlet flue 4. Before the filter 1 downstream an explosion-localizing gas chamber 7 connected to the input flue 2 and to the filter 1 through the normally open self-closing in case of explosion valves 8 and 10 respectively. The explosion-localizing chamber 7 is provided with the igniter 11, the anti-explosion safety valve 12, the pipe 13 with the gate 14 for connecting to the atmosphere and to the explosion pressure sensor relay 15, which is electrically connected through the gas cleaning control system to the electric drives of the input shut-off valve 3, the output shut-off valve 6 and the exhauster 5. The filter housing 1 is made airtight. The explosion-localizing chamber 7 and the filter 1 are provided with airtight dust dumpers.

EFFECT: location of the explosion-localizing chamber prevents the explosion wave spread and the filter elements destruction while cleaning explosive gas mixtures.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the equipment to ensure fire and explosion safety and can be used in gas, oil, chemical and other industries. And in particular, it can used to ensure safety of engineering procedures involving flammable gases. Namely, the invention can be used in glycol or methanol fire regeneration units where flammable air-methane mixture is produced. The method implies introduction of process partitions along the whole pipe length inside it with certain distances between them that do not exceed the length of a predetonation section. The flame front in the central pipe zone is periodically suppressed by the deformation of the original stretched flame front, the flame front is directed straightly along the whole volume of the pipe through each partition distributing it to the border zones near the pipe walls by swirling the hot gas jets tangentially to the plane forming pipe sections, the front of the flame moving inside the pipe is retarded between the partitions, continuous deflagration burning process after each partition and along the whole pipe length is maintained. For the purpose of method implementation a device is proposed, it is made as an antidetonation insert and installed in the pipe, in the inner cavity of which detonation shock waves can be generated. The antidetonation insert comprises a rod and disks set on it and fitted by swirling blades bent at an angle to the axis's perpendicular.

EFFECT: deflagration continuous burning in the whole volume and along the whole length of a pipe is provided and generation of detonation shock waves is prevented.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: safety hydraulic valve contains housing with lead, cup, casing and drain holes. Housing consists of two parts: lower cylindrical and upper, coaxial with it, conical, on which a lid with integrated fire safety device is installed. On the lid there mounted are annular air offtake and assembling bolts. In the lower part of housing there mounted is a cup consisting of upper conical cup and lower cylindrical cup. In upper part of housing there mounted is cylindrical casing with expanding egg-shaped pipe closed by screen and provided with exhaust hole. Casing is fixed in upper part of housing by means of inclined partition with drain hole located in upper part of housing. Fire safety device is designed as a pack consisting of parallel lattices on which a head piece is. Head piece is designed as hollow balls with spiral groove cut and spiral lines on their spherical surface. Or the head piece is designed as cylindrical rings with spiral groove cut and spiral lines on their side surface. In both versions of head piece design profile of section perpendicular to spiral line is of type of sphere or mesh circuit, or Berl saddle, or Intaloks saddle.

EFFECT: increasing the protection efficiency of process equipment against explosions by speedup and reliability of actuation.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, and namely to automatic protection systems of gas-air wells against explosions. It includes an interconnecting channel between gas-air mixture flow switch and gas pipeline from the mouth of gas-air well, pyrometric transmitters with objectives, explosion suppressive devices with nozzles and a control unit. Inside the interconnecting channel between pyrometric transmitters and gas pipeline from the mouth of gas-air well there located are front and aft doors. Air bags are located between their shutters. Valve is located on outer side of the interconnecting channel between front and aft doors.

EFFECT: invention provides damping of inflammations and explosions at the initial stage, prevents repeated explosions, improves safety of mining works, increases effectiveness of combined ventilation.

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Flame arrester // 2337738

FIELD: fire engineering.

SUBSTANCE: flame arrester contains chamber (1) which is connected with tubular member (2) through truncated cone (3). In tubular member (3) transmitter (3) is located which transmitter is adjusted to transit product speed and controls the locking device of compressed gas source (5) which is connected to pneumatic actuator (7) via pneumatic path. Pneumatic actuator (7) is connected with valves (9) and (10) through linkage (8). Tubular member (2) is equipped with propelling ring diaphragms (11).

EFFECT: high-speed conditions for transit product movement and flow resistance minimization creation, flame arrester allows to obtain reliable functional result.

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FIELD: fire engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices preventing flame distribution in air ducts of venting systems. Fire damper in air ducts includes rotary valve installed in damper on driving axes. Fusible lock rests on manual drive flexible thrust, connecting bracket fixed to valve and valve setting handle. Fastening mechanism represented with bushing and spring is mounted onto damper body and interacts with clamping on thrust. Clamping is represented with rod tapered in bottom part and directed to clamping mechanism by its sharp end.

EFFECT: proposed technical solution allows for improving reliability of damper actuation and easiness in operation.

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FIELD: mining, particularly coal mining, namely for combined coal mine breakage face ventilation at the time of gas-sucking plant operation.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises connection channel arranged between flow switch and gas supply channel extending from air-gas well head and pyrometric sensors to provide high-precise air-gas mixture ignition detection. The sensors are arranged inside connection channel from gas supply channel side and are directed towards air-gas mixture flow direction. System has control unit, explosion suppression devices arranged from outer side of connection channel and having nozzles extending inside connection channel, which provide inert gas or other flame-retarding agent injection into connection channel at high velocity.

EFFECT: prevention of air-gas mixture fire and explosion penetration from ground surface through gas-sucking plant inside air-gas wells and underground mines, provision of air-gas mixture fire and explosion suppression at initial stage, increased mining safety and improved combined venting efficiency.

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FIELD: fire fighting equipment, particularly devices, which prevent fire spreading via air lines of ventilation systems.

SUBSTANCE: fire valve comprises pinned rotary gates installed in body and having common drive. Body walls are provided with curved areas and connected one to another by rivets, wherein wall bends are inserted in tires to simplify valve assemblage. Upper and lower body walls have seamless rectangular extensions. Plates with orifices for gate pins connection are installed on side body walls. Each gate is made as box-shaped frame with slots filled with heat-insulation material and covered with heat-sealable strip. Metal sheets with curved parts are fastened to upper gate part. Removable drive includes fixing mechanism with fusible lock. The fixing mechanism comprises stop with two cylinders, which may be inserted in slots made in disc connected with torsion spring fastened to drive body. Bushes with spring arranged in-between are installed on stop axis. The bushes are connected one to another by fusible member.

EFFECT: increased reliability and operational capabilities of the valve.

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The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting equipment

The arrester // 2142304
The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting equipment, in particular to a device for delaying the flame and prevent the spread of fire when the tank nefteproduktoprovody (arrester)

The arrester // 2142303
The invention relates to the field of fire-fighting equipment, in particular to a device for delaying the flame and prevent the spread of fire when the tank nefteproduktoprovody (arrester)

FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a container with the coolant that is connected through the solenoid valve and the piping system with the assemblies of the wheel tires. Each of the assemblies comprises electromagnetic valves and nozzles-diffusers arranged using hinge brackets over each wheel. The control drive of the device is electrical from the onboard network. The electrical circuit includes a switch with a signal lamp, a switch of electromagnetic crane of container with the coolant, a sound signal and parallel-connected control drives of extinguishing wheel tires contain infrared sensors with signal lamps placed over the wheels, pushbutton switches of solenoid valves of nozzles-diffusers. The signal lamps, the switches and actuators are located in the cabin, which enables the selective supply of coolant to any wheel without any exit of people from the cab.

EFFECT: device can be widely used to prevent blocking the vehicles carrying personnel of public services and agencies responsible for law enforcement with the threat of fire impact on tire wheels.

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FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: method of providing of fire explosion and environmental safety in operation of tank farms for storage of crude oil and petroleum products is proposed, comprising mixing part of the crude oil and/or petroleum products with a mixture of nitrogen and petroleum vapour coming through gas surge from the tanks, compression of the resulting vapour-liquid mixture with volumetric pump and its accumulation in the receiver when filling the tanks or during storage of crude oil and petroleum products during the growth of the pressure in the tanks, feeding under its own pressure of the accumulated mixture of nitrogen and petroleum vapour through gas surge to the tanks when emptying the tanks or when storage of oil and oil products when the pressure drop in the tanks, the additional supply to the tanks of nitrogen produced by the device of reproduction of inert medium, with the lack of accumulated mixture of petroleum vapour and nitrogen to fill the releasing space of the tanks, and also supply under its own pressure of the mixture of crude oil and/or petroleum products with the absorbed petroleum vapour from the receiver to the tanks as they are accumulated.

EFFECT: improvement of method.

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FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of fire fighting technology and can be used to extinguish fires in vertical tanks with floating roof or pontoon, designed for storage of flammable liquids. The device for extinguishing flammable liquids in a vertical tank with a floating roof or pontoon comprises a vertical tank with a floating roof or pontoon. Inside the tank there are vertical pipelines for supply the extinguishing agent. Start- locking device is connected to the vertical pipelines for supply the extinguishing agent. In the tank the floating roof or pontoon are fixed by two or more rigidly attached in it vertical guide racks with the ability of free reciprocating movement in the vertical plane of the tank. Each rack stand is a pipe the lower end of which is tightly fixed to the bottom of the tank and the upper end is sealed with a flap. The vertical pipelines for supply the extinguishing agent are tightly mounted inside the respective guide racks. In racks the holes are made opposite the exits of nozzles for spraying extinguishing agent. The side layouts are located under the floating roof or pontoon with height of pipelines for supply the extinguishing agent. The first side layout with fully filled tank is located in the vicinity of the lower surface of the floating roof or pontoon.

EFFECT: implementation of subsurface fire extinguishing and reducing the likelihood of damage of fire-fighting equipment in the fire.

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FIELD: fire protection equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the fire protection equipment for the premises of the objects wherein the emergency leakage and spillage of the flammable liquids followed by burning are possible; the device is assembled from two or more layers of vertical axisymmetric pipes of the same cross-section located to the effect that the sidewalls of the pipes of the upper layer are strictly aligned with the sidewalls of the vertical pipes of the lower layer; the metal gauze is mounted between the layers of the formed vertical channels; the received in the process of assembly elements are tightly binded to make packages consisting of the axisymmetric vertical layers of pipes divided by the layers of the metal gauzes.

EFFECT: invention allows to enhance the firefighting efficiency and exclude the application of average facilities and methods of extinguishing of burning liquids as well as to simplify assemblage and secure the device minimization.

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FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: method includes supply of atmospheric air into a gusher jet. As a result, a combustible mixture is created by means of gas and air mixing, where air is supplied in the amount required for stable burning of the mixture. At the same time the mixing is carried out with the help of a burner 1, which is installed in a fire-resistant heat-protective screen 4 and installed above a jet 7, gushing from the well. The air amount is reduced down to the value, being the minimum necessary one for stable burning of the mixture 12, which is burnt by a torch 13. After the manifold 8 is emptied, the flame diminishes.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to minimise hazardous and dangerous effect of fire at environment and to reduce energy expenditures in process of its extinguishing.

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FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method, a liquid coolant is supplied into the lower part of a reservoir together with an oil product and/or via nozzles installed on the reservoir's bottom, the liquid coolant is supplied to the oil product surface via floating nozzles, and in the upper part of the reservoir the coolant is supplied via a nozzle installed in the reservoir roof. Sequence and duration of coolant feed into various areas of the reservoir are determined depending on oil product parameters and oil-gas-air mixture concentration above its surface. The coolant is fed into the upper zone of the reservoir in gaseous or liquid form. The coolant may be, in particular, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or a mixture of inert gases.

EFFECT: reduced evaporation of oil products as a result of their temperature reduction as coolant is supplied into various zones of the reservoir and reduced concentration of oil-gas-air mixture under the reservoir cover as a result of considerable difference of coolant and specified mixture density.

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FIELD: fire-fighting means.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire-fighting equipment. A method involves fixing a metal grid in a fire area, supplying thereto a fire extinguishing coolant, and differs by the fact that the fire-resistant metal grid of mesh width determined by offered formula, and grid wire thickness related with cell diameter by the ratio dwire≥ 0.25 dmesh. is rack-mounted vertically on four sides of the area to height of a bottom edge of a shed mounted over the area with tanks; the fire extinguishing coolant is supplied from gas powder modules arranged along the periphery in the fire area and along the whole enclosure at intensity 0.01 kg/m3·s and more; the fire extinguishing coolant is presented with a mixture of a gas inhibitor and/or a gas retarder with a heterogeneous flame retardant containing at least 5% of fraction of said dispersion of particle sizes commensurable with maximum wave radiation length of burning liquid or gas flame. The gas powder modules are provided inside or outside of the enclosure in pairs opposite to each other with regarding counter extinguishment of stream speeds in the enclosure.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of the method.

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FIELD: fire safety.

SUBSTANCE: method of fire protection of reservoirs for storage of liquid combustibles, consisting in the fact that after fire detection at least one fire-extinguishing agent is delivered via a layer of a combustible via at least one perforated standpipe installed in the reservoir and comprising at least one section passing through a combustible layer. At least one end of the standpipe is connected to a fire extinguishing system, and the other end of the standpipe protrudes above the maximum innage level of liquid combustible stored in the reservoir. The standpipe sections are covered with a synthetic film or a synthetic coating, which after fire occurrence is damaged above the level of the combustible stored in the reservoir, under action of fire factors, and opens standpipe perforation directly above liquid combustible surface and/or in combustion zone in close proximity to the surface, regardless of the innage level of liquid combustible in the reservoir, through which at least one fire-extinguishing agent is delivered by means of direct supply at the liquid combustible surface from the fire-extinguishing system.

EFFECT: invention provides for efficiency and reliability of reservoir fire protection system with liquid combustibles.

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FIELD: fire-fighting equipment.

SUBSTANCE: device can be used in the premises of enterprises, where flammable and combustible liquids are constantly used in production, for manufacture of flame-retardant floors, in reserve tanks designed to collect spilled burning liquid, to install directly in open tanks or tanks under a layer of liquid. When using the invention self-quenching of liquids is carried out due to the fact that the device contains a horizontal layer of axisymmetric vertical channels or tubes forming the cellular structure, enclosed in a cowling. Under the lower edge of the cellular structure a flat metal container is placed which vertical walls provide the clearance created in the structure of the vertical channels, this clearance is not filled with liquid and is required for effective quenching of flame, as the combustion process becomes impossible. A metal plate flame cutter is mounted between a flat container and lower edge of vertical channels on the periphery.

EFFECT: device for self-quenching is inexpensive and effective means to extinguish burning liquids.

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FIELD: fire fighting equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire fighting equipment. A system of layer-by-layer fire extinguishing in volatile flammable liquid (VFL) reservoirs comprises a reservoir wherein a fire extinguishing system is built in; and on the perimeter of the reservoir, at the top there is sunk a thermal sensitive cable functioning as a sensor controlling VFL temperature build-up in the reservoir which has at least four inputs with an actuator system of foam supply presented as a servovalve, a safety membrane, a check valve and a vibration foam generator connected to a foaming agent solution supply system; thus one foam nozzles are located at the bottom of the reservoir layer-by-layer, and the other foam nozzles - at the top of the reservoir over a VFL layer. A vibration foam generator is characterised by an implemented mixing chamber as a cylinder portion connected with a confuser and a diffuser placed respectively at an input and at an output of the foaming agent solution, having eccentricity "e" relatively to the confuser and a diffuser with a ring-shaped vibration exciter mounted thereon. The ring covers the cylinder portion of the mixing chamber and contacts thereto through rolling contact bearings.

EFFECT: more effective fire extinguishing in the VFL reservoirs.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system consists of stationary system of pipes installed directly at the ship to feed nitrogen into cargo and mobile module for nitrogen generation and control over system operation. This system should create gas-air medium with oxygen content of not over 5% inside the ship hold. To control the nitrogen flow rate and time for creation of said medium at transportation of cargoes that feature different density, dispersion and loading height gas flow meter is arranged at said system of pipes. Said flow meter should output the signal to pressure-relief valves for pressure increase or decrease in said system.

EFFECT: ruled out smouldering and ignition.

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