Fluid flow heating system in pipes

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: system includes a heating cable, which is placed in the zone of possible wax formation or pipeline freezing, the transition terminal box for the heating cable connection, heating control station, the cable pusher, creates an additional stress for unwinding the heating cable from the technological drum and pushing through the inclined insertion in the pipeline, parasol-piston, which is mounted on the tip of the heating cable. Umbrella-pistal opens and creates pulling force under the action of the flow of the technological fluid and closes after cable mounting under the action of excess pressure in the pipeline. There are load-bearing core and separating bundles made of high-strength aramid fibers in the heating cable. There is an implemented automatic adaptive cable heating control system in the control station on the current values of the pressure and temperature of the fluid in the pipeline, as well as the system of remote control and cable heating control.

EFFECT: simplifying the process and reducing cable installation time, implementation of the heating in automatic mode with minimal costs.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of high-viscosity oil well development and operation involves landing of tubing string with well pump with power cable to the well, and landing of capillary tube parallel to the power cable and attached to external surface of the tubing string by clamps. Oil or oil-containing reservoir fluid is produced. Chemical reagent is injected to the well from a tank by a metering pump through the capillary tube. Power cable is inserted to the well through cable gland. Power cable and capillary tube are protected against direct contact with internal well surface by protectors. Electric heater with extension unit, well pump with power cable and sleeve with radial hole to which the capillary tube is connected are inserted into the tubing upwards from the bottom at the wellhead. Electric heater extension unit is connected to the power cable of well pump. The tubing is landed to the well so that its shoe is located at least 2 m lower than bottom of high-viscosity oil reservoir, and electric heater is facing perforation interval of the high-viscosity oil reservoir. At the wellhead, power cable is connected to well pump and electric heater control stations and inserted to the well through cable gland. Capillary tube is inserted to the well through sealed side tap of the well X-mas tree. Electric heater is actuated, and a process break is made for 8 hours to heat bottomhole zone of reservoir in the perforation interval and high-viscosity oil heating at the inlet of well pump. After the process break, well pump is launched simultaneously with the metering pump supplying high-viscosity oil flux via the capillary tube through the radial hole in the sleeve to inner space of the tubing above the well pump.

EFFECT: enhanced well yield, reduced load in the well pump.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for development of hydrated gas accumulations, heat treatment of well working area and recovery of hydraulic connection between bed and well. Proposed device comprises two heater cases, water feed system including two discharge valve arranged in second case. Additionally this device comprises oil-well tubing (OWT) connected with water feed pipe with pump and water tank, heat-resistance packer arranged above said cases, voltage regulator and distributor with OWT joint assembly arranged along its axis. Said distributor has tubular dielectric inserts and adapter with bore aligned with tubular insert bore. Note here that conductor top section is connected with power cable cores via adapter. Second case incorporates discharge valves arranged in its top section and is filled with working fluid and arranged outside said first sealed case. Said first case accommodates perforated electrode discs while central tubular conductor incorporates zero electrodes fitted in electrode gaps outside said heat-resistant insulators. Electrode discs are rigidly coupled with central conductor and isolated by heat-resistant insulators fro heater first case filled with conducting fluid. Said first case has extra pressure and level gages, emergency pressure valve and bottom bushings. Note here that heat-resistant packer is arranged between distributor and second case while OWT is connected with first case via second case.

EFFECT: higher intensity of thermal processing, expanded operating performances.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical processes in oil-and-gas production and can be used for removal of waxy and other sediments from oil strings and wells. Proposed method consists in using the electric circuit for heating purposes. Note here that said electric circuit if composed by flow strings, borehole contact, casing and insulating components. Electric circuit input terminals are connected with controlled power supply composed by semiconductor converter, interconnected control system and current regulator and connected with semiconductor converter current pickup connected to supply circuit. Additionally, pump motor load transducer is introduced in said circuit while relay element with hysteresis characteristic is added in controlled power supply and connected to current regulator input and, by its output, to added pump motor current pickup. Said controlled power supply is connected to output terminals of heating electric circuit. Note here that controlled electric power source is switched on at load at oil pump motor increase above preset magnitude, for example, rated load and switched off at appropriate decrease. For this, "input-output" hysteresis characteristic is created at controlled power source.

EFFECT: higher quality of removal of waxy sediments, lower oil thickness.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: lubricator includes a connection flange, a preventer, a sectional chamber and a sealing device. The sealing device consists of a sealed housing and sealing elements installed in the housing. An explosion-proof heating element of direct heating, which is insulated from the environment with a heat-insulating gasket and a protective casing, is fixed on the outer surface of the sealing device housing. The heating element is connected to an electric network of industrial frequency.

EFFECT: creation of a simple, reliable and cheap device; improvement of operating efficiency of a lubricator under conditions of possible formation in its sealing device of ice hydrate plugs.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by creation of conditions of intense extraction of paraffin-resin fractions from oil on heat exchanger walls at its initial transportation stage via a collecting oil line. Heat exchange device for removal of paraffin and resins from oil includes an automated group measuring plant, from which the extracted product is supplied to the oil collecting manifold; a heat exchanger is installed at the outlet of the automated group measuring plant, includes a cooling reservoir, inside which there arranged are cooled panels with removable metal plates, a heating reservoir, inside which a coil is arranged, and a compressor for performance of cooling agent circulation.

EFFECT: invention allows reducing material costs for fight against paraffin-resin depositions on walls of oil lines.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: system, method and device are proposed for development of a glow electric discharge, comprising the first and second electroconductive meshy filters, one or several insulators and a non-conductive grainy material. At the same time between filters there is a permanent gap, where the grainy material is placed. Insulators are fixed to the specified filters. The glow electric discharge is developed, when the first electroconductive meshy filter is connected to a source of supply so that it serves as a cathode. At the same time the second electroconductive meshy filter is connected to the specified source of supply in such a manner that it serves as an anode. And an electroconductive fluid is supplied into the specified gap. Or the electric discharge is developed, when both specified electroconductive meshy filters are connected to a source of supply so that they serve as a cathode. And the electroconductive fluid is supplied between both specified electroconductive meshy filters and the external anode connected to the specified source of supply.

EFFECT: improvement of a system and a method.

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FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: at least, one feed tube to transfer liquefied bitumen or very heavy oil and, at least, one pressure tube for water feed. Note here that parallel pressure and feed lines are used to make, at least, one conductive loop for current feed, inductive heating and evaporation of water injected directly in oil field. Steam thus produced is used for heating bitumen or very heavy oil to decrease its viscosity for transfer by said one transfer pipe.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

8 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: system for thermal treatment in situ for hydrocarbons extraction from underground formation contains many well bores in formation; pipelines are arranged at least in two well bores. Moreover it includes the system of fluid circulation connected to the said pipelines; heat source is configured for heating liquid heat-carrier circulating with the aid of circulation system through pipelines with formation heating up to temperatures that allow extraction of hydrocarbons from formation. It also contains one or more electric heaters connected to pipelines configured for initial heating of pipelines up to the temperature exceeding the temperature of liquid heat-carrier hardening. Note that said electric heaters contain one or more conductors connected to the pipelines. Note that the said conductors are configured in such a way to provide power supply to pipelines for their resistance heating. Method for underground formation heating includes heating of liquid heat-carrier by heat exchanging with heat source. Note that the pipelines are heated up to the temperature enough for prevention of liquid heat-carrier hardening in pipelines. Hydrocarbons are extracted from formation.

EFFECT: increase of hydrocarbons production efficiency.

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FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: method of fluid flow heating in well includes preparation procedure on determination of required length and capacity of heating cable. Heating cable is descended into the tubing, heated and thermal condition is adjusted with the aid of heating cable operation time change for maintaining a constant temperature of fluid flow in well head. In the course of preparation procedure the capacity of heating cable is selected depending upon well parameters according to the provided mathematical expression. Heating cable consists of coaxially arranged isolated heating elements, additionally includes a lay from steel zinc-plated wires located over the central heating element that is covered by intermediate shell, armouring and outer shell. Note that the direction of armouring lay is opposite the direction of steel zinc-plated wires lay.

EFFECT: increase of well average flow rate and prevention of hydrate-paraffin deposits formation.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device for heat treatment of bottomhole zone includes electric steam generator being zero electrode, which is filled with water, isolated central current lead placed inside the housing and connected to phase electrodes installed on it one above the other. At that, each phase electrode is made in the form of multiple-thread screw with blade attack angle of 20-40. At that, condensate collectors in the form of steel rings are located on inner surface of the housing.

EFFECT: improvement of well heat treatment efficiency.

4 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: milk duct of the milking machine comprises stabling 1 and connecting them end 2 milk ducts forming a loop, connecting 3 milk ducts to the milk tank 4 and the milk tank, a system 9 of supplying washing liquid into the milk duct, a wad trigger 7, wad traps 8 and a valve 6. In the center of the loop a lift 5 is mounted, one end of which is connected to the branch of the loop distant towards the milk tank 4 and the second with the connecting 3 milk duct through the wad trigger 7 and the valve 6 is connected to the milk tank 4. The open ends of the proximal branch of the loop are connected with connecting 3 milk ducts through the wad traps 8 with the milk tank 4, bypassing the valve 6.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of operation of the milk duct and quality of its washing.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning of surfaces of various dielectric articles, in particular, lab hardware in food and medical industry, that is, wherein the results depends on initial surface cleanness. Proposed method consists in placing the portion of ferromagnetic powder of spherical bodies of 30-60 mcm size inside article to be cleaned. Then, cleaning device is fed to article outer surface and consists of hollow pipe of dielectric materials with blind end. It incorporates permanent magnet to develop local permanent field at the point of contact with article surface. Said magnetic field collects and retains ferromagnetic powder on article inner surface to bring definite pressure at said surface. Then, this article is filled with water to manipulate the cleaning device end with permanent magnet over the entire outer surface to displace ferromagnetic powder bundle over the entire inner surface, hence, to clean the latter. Ferromagnetic powder pressure acting at inner surface is adjusted by varying the distance between permanent magnet and ferromagnetic powder.

EFFECT: simplified cleaning, higher quality of cleaning.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises fixing the time of feeding the liquid fertiliser to agricultural fields of irrigation and volume of feeding the compressed air and oxygen released from it by directing the compressed air from the air supply pipe to the section with a partition and with a flexible inner protective coating and portion feeding the air by command of the relay time. Each section is fixed in the pipeline with a closed chamber, which alternates with the free part of the pipeline. Introduction of the protective coating having micropores enables through the partition in the form of a perforated tape to feed the pressurised air into the pipeline cavity. When filling the cavity of irrigation pipeline with sewage or livestock wastes, the compressed air is entered with the release of oxygen from it by directional action into the pipeline cavity along its length. Simultaneously the destruction of accumulation of silt, fine sediments and the release of harmful gases formed as a result of action of microorganisms from the accumulated silt is carried out. Irrigation is carried out to the fields of irrigation through an open hydrant-riser that enables to clean the closed irrigation pipeline with the flows. For preventive flushing of the irrigation pipeline after termination of fertilizing irrigation with the flows, pure water from the collector is used for flushing with simultaneous feeding the compressed air and released oxygen directly into the cavity of the pipeline, connected to the open disposal collector-drainage network through the valve of the downshaft.

EFFECT: opportunity to fill a cavity of the pipeline under pressure with less amount of pure water and release it from the accumulation of silt, sediment and harmful gas, and eliminate corrosion of pipeline walls after using liquid fertilisers for fertiliser irrigation.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning of working surfaces of electric separators, scrubbers, bins, silos, boilers, furnaces etc, and can be used for destruction and removal of solid, bonded and loose materials. Proposed method comprises delivery of explosive composed by combustible gas, for example, propane, methane, hydrogen and mixed thereof and oxidise, for example, air or oxygen to blast area, batching of explosive and remote initiation of the blast. Note here that said explosive is enclosed in plastic bag. Invention allows a maximum filling of combustion chamber, control over blast power and rules out pressure loss at explosive combustion. Besides, it allows a directed blast owing to weakened strength of the shell.

EFFECT: easy delivery to blast area, friendly handling.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device and method for raw material discharge for cable production line. The device contains opening (11) connected with cable production line to charge raw material into cable production line. Charging opening (11) is made with possibility to connect it with discharge neck (2) of raw material container. Additionally, the device contains packing means to open and close charging opening (11) after connecting discharge neck (2) with charging opening (11).

EFFECT: invention provides effective protection against ingress of contamination into charging opening.

15 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes transfer of polluting viscous liquid mediums, such as dense solid-liquid suspensions of lignocellulose biomass and its components, which are under high pressure, with application of massive of telescopic valves.

EFFECT: minimisation of pollution with liquid media.

27 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measurement, sampling of hydrocarbon gas-liquid mixture supplied from wells for analysis and supply to mixture flow in the beginning of the pipeline of composition of surface active substances, which converts multiphase multicomponent flow to pseudohomogeneous bubble system, and consisting of oil-soluble demulsifier and depressant or inhibitor of paraffin depositions taken in the weight ration of 1:7 to 7:1. The above composition is introduced in the amount of 0.01 to 0.02 or 0.2 to 0.5 wt % of hydrocarbon constituent of mixture liquid phase.

EFFECT: improving mixture transport efficiency.

7 tbl

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sanitary appliances of refuse chutes in residential and public buildings. Proposed valve comprises seal gasket and square-shape body fitted at refuse chute shaft and aligned with its lateral through bore. Working hole is made at said body, at its centre of symmetry and closed by round cover. Seal gasket is made of resilient material, preferably, of medium-hardness rubber plate resistant to heat, frost, acids and alkali, and has eight valve blades formed in one circle by four diametral cutouts made therein and arranged in 45 degrees, their length exceeding body working hole diameter. Extra gasket made of soft medium-hardness rubber plate resistant to heat, frost, acids and alkali, glued to the cover riveted to the body, rivet being fitted in cover and body holes. Said cover can turn about said rivet to open body working hole.

EFFECT: better valve tightness.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to animal husbandry. To minimise the energy consumption of the vacuum milking system with vacuum control the vacuum load on the vacuum system is reduced by means of the generator of pulsating vacuum of milking system for at least a part of the cleaning cycle of the milking system, at least at the time when the vacuum pressure on the vacuum system is the greatest. Also the method of operating the milking system using the described method of minimisation the energy is proposed, and the milking system suitable for this method of operation, and also the device for operation of this milking system.

EFFECT: invention provides a reduction in energy consumption of the milking system with vacuum control.

25 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: cleaning device 1 comprises, at least, two coils 4, 11 and opening 3 for mounting torch 5, power supply 7 connected with said coils and, if required, with device to apply washing fluid on torch point 5. All components are arranged common case 2 and controlled one control device 8. To up the cleaning quality and increase cleaning zone, coils may be fed independently by said power supply. Cooler 14 is used to cooling coils 4, 11.

EFFECT: higher quality of gas cleaning.

13 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: petroleum processing industry, in particular, cleaning of petroleum and petroleum product transportation pipelines and separation of media.

SUBSTANCE: composition contains polyacrylamide, petroleum product, mineral acid salt, linking agent, powdered formaldehyde derivative, and sweet water.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in pressurizing cavity of pipeline having various diameter and steep turnings during cleaning thereof and separating of media.

5 cl, 1 tbl