System and method of mixers motion start in sediment

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: system and appropriate way of mixers controlled motion start in the sediment is presented. The system has the following: the tank for placing the materials to be processed, the stirring device with mixing blades to stir the materials being processed in the tank, the rinsing device and the device, actuating the mixers. The rinsing device is located in such a way and performed in order to supply the elutriation solution to the resulting sediment. In addition, the control system, which starts the controlled re-entry of mixers into action after rinsing, is provided.

EFFECT: invention provides a simple designed and multi-purpose system to start the mixers motion in the sediment.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: mechanical blade mixer consists of frame, of drive, of shaft, of main blade unit travelling axially relative to shaft and of intermediate fixed blade unit; both blades are mounted on shaft and receiving torque from it. The drive consists of an electric engine, of a worm reducer and of a flexible coupling between them. By means of a flange connection the shaft is coupled with the reducer and transfers torque via a key connection to the main movable blade unit spring loaded relative to a stop attached to the shaft; while the intermediate fixed unit is located between the flange connection and the main movable blade unit.

EFFECT: reliable qualitative mixing sediment with drilling agent and good repair ability.

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FIELD: building equipment, particularly to prepare building mixers used to produce wall units, floor panels and for cast-in-place building.

SUBSTANCE: mixer comprises body with flanged bottom and drive shaft installed in bearing support having packing glands and arranged in independent case. The case is secured to flanged bottom of the body. Mixer also has blades and compressed air supply system. Bearing support case is arranged inside the body and is provided with protective shell made as an inverted cup. The cup includes cylinder with bottom flange fixedly secured in upper part thereof and adapted to secure above shell to end part of drive shaft above said bearing support so that lower edge of the cylinder wall and flanged bottom of the body define a gap. Blades are connected to above cylinder. The mixer is provided with additional compressed air supply system to deliver compressed air to upper part of above shell cavity directly under bottom flange thereof. End part of drive shaft projecting out of the shell is covered with air-tight lid.

EFFECT: increased time of undisturbed mixer operation, improved reliability, extended range of capabilities due to prevention of contact between packing gland assembly and aggressive working mixture, extended range of compressed air influence on the mixture, reduced material consumption of the structure and enhanced operational conditions of the mixture as a whole and of separate components thereof.

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Device for mixing // 2264250

FIELD: mixing.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises tank filled with fluid and rotor for swirling the fluid inside the tank. According to the first version, the rotor has two parallel spaced disks. Between the disks is a set of blades. One of the disks is made of a ring to provided inlet port that leads to the set of blades. The inlet port controls the size of the inner section of the core of the swirled flow. According to the second version, the rotor has at least two hollow spokes that are radially-directed from the central bushing outward. Each of the spokes has through openings that faces the bushing and outlet opening that has radial direction. When rotating, the rotor causes the fluid to flow through the spokes, which contributes to the rotation of the fluid that flows in radial direction outward. According to the third version, the rotor comprises at least two blades that are radially-directed from the central bushing outward. The blades have at least one surface sloping to the direction of rotation of the rotor. The blades initiate the axial flow, when the outward flow with rotation is generated.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves preparing a nanosuspension by adding carbon nanotubes to a reactive plastic binder with ultrasonic exposure in a cavitation zone with intensity of 15-25 kW/m2. Carbon nanotubes are dispersed in the binder with simultaneous photographic recording of changes in colour intensity of the nanosuspension. When the nanosuspension reaches colour intensity values corresponding to standardised dispersion values in the range of 0.9 to 0.99, ultrasonic exposure is stopped.

EFFECT: method enables to optimise dispersion of carbon nanotubes in the binder and cut the duration of preparing high-strength nanocomposites owing to uniform distribution of nanoparticles in the nanocomposite.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical engineering and can be used in production of chemical agents and for producing preparations used in dentistry. A stable suspension of highly dispersed calcium hydroxide is obtained by mixing chemically pure calcium hydroxide with chemically deposited calcium carbonate in ratio of 2:(0.1-2) on a sieve with mesh size of not more than 100 mcm. Further, heat treatment is carried out by heating in a furnace at 10-30 degrees per minute to 600-1000C and holding the mixture at that temperature for 1-5 hours. The reaction mass is then cooled while heating is turned off for 1-12 hours. The cooled product is passed through a sieve with mesh size of 50 mcm and then sprinkled in batches into a blender with a high-speed mixer, while maintaining temperature not higher than 30C. After feeding the last batch, the obtained suspension is mixed without access to air for 2-3 hours.

EFFECT: invention increases degree of dispersion, purity and stability of the calcium hydroxide suspension.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an additive which increases water-resistance and is suitable for making composite panels, which contains triglyceride with saponification number of at least 150 and iodine number of at least 35 and at least one nonionic emulsifiier, which contains a fatty acid ester and a polyalcohol, wherein the additive does not contain hydrocarbon wax. The invention also relates to a composite panel and a method of making a composite panel using said additive.

EFFECT: additives gives composite panels resistance to moisture absorption and swelling.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to additive, which increases waterproofness. Additive is suitable for production of composite panels and is present in form of emulsion, containing from 10 to 50 wt % of triglyceride with saponification number, at least, 150 and iodine number, at least, 35; from 0.5 to 20 wt % of hydrocarbon wax; from 0.5 to 3 wt % of linear fatty acids C12-C22; compound or compounds, selected from group, consisting of amine in amount from 0.5 to 3 wt % of emulsion; inorganic base in amount from 0.5 to 6 wt% of emulsion and their mixtures; and water. Invention also relates to composite panel, made with application of said additive and method of panel manufacturing.

EFFECT: claimed additive gives composite panels resistance to water absorption and swelling.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and device for adding powder to fluid metal. Method of mixing powder with fluid metal comprises adding powder to fluid metal in its mixing. Fused metal in source 14 under reduced pressure in crucible 12 wherein fused metal is displaced flows from source 14 upward via bypass tube 6. Powder is dispensed from container 1 and displaced by gas. Mix of powder and gas are added to fused metal in bypass tube 6 for mixing therein and feeding into crucible 12. Mixing device has source 14 to feed fused metal and powder container 1. Source 14 is communicated via bypass tube with container arranged above and kept at reduced pressure. Carrier gas feed control unit 4 communicated with mixing chamber 3 nearby outlet of powder container 1. Mixing chamber 3 is communicated with bypass tube 6 to feed powder into fused metal in bypass tube.

EFFECT: better mixing.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method of disinfection and/or preservation, and/or reduction, and/or the control of microbial contamination of aqueous dispersions and/or aqueous suspensions of natural and/or precipitated calcium carbonate consists in carrying out: a) at least one stage of OH- ion concentration increase in the specified aqueous dispersions and/or suspensions up to a value which exceeds or is equal to 110-2 mole/l, and b) at least one stage of dispersion and/or grinding of the specified aqueous dispersions and/or suspensions. While carrying out the stage b), using a dispenser and/or a grinding substance is possible. The method can additionally contain a stage of OH- ion concentration decrease in the specified aqueous dispersions and/or suspensions up to a value which is lower or equal to 110-2 mole/l following the stage a), and a stage which implies introducing at least one biocidal substance, and/or a physical disinfecting process is carried out.

EFFECT: preparation of aqueous dispersions or aqueous suspensions characterised by high Brookfield viscosity stability.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mixing of liquid and powder substances and may be used in making multicomponent mixes. Solid propellant components are mixed in mixer. Produced mix is fed into shaping case, shaped by piston-like device, cured and removed from said case. Note here that two or more fluid compositions are produced from solid propellant components. Each composition with flow rate varying according to definite law is fed into gasdynamic spray cone. Compositions are dispersed, mixed and homogenised in said cone. Produced composition is fed, layer-by-layer, into shaping case, shaped by piston-like device, cured and removed from said case.

EFFECT: control over solid propellant components content over end burning charge length.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: assembly has a belt conveyor with a pulling belt, a granular material dispenser placed over the conveyor, an unloading device and a mixing device which is a driving drum on whose surface there are elastic elements. A work tape is attached to entire surface of the pulling belt, having longitudinal chute with a curvilinear shape, and the granular material dispenser adjoins apparatus for levelling the granular material. There is a liquid sprayer over the belt conveyor. The elastic elements in the mixing device are curvilinear. Their curvature repeats the curvilinear shape of the chute of the work tape.

EFFECT: high efficiency of mixing.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises provision of mixing tanks wherein the following processes are carried out, i.e. metering out solid and liquid components of cement mortar, mixing aforesaid components to produce homogenised motor and feeding the latter into pump system. In compliance with this method, mixing tanks feed mortar into pump system in synchronised alternating manner so that one of said tanks its suitable feed homogenised mortar into said pump system.

EFFECT: simple and accurate mixing, high process efficiency.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparation of activated suspensions and may be used in various industries (mining, chemical, metallurgical, etc.). Method consists in combination of solid phase dispersion process with process of suspension formation, which is carried out by exposure of target to supersonic jet of liquid, which at the moment of interaction with target has specified kinetic energy and time of interaction sufficient for damage of target material. When target is exposed to liquid jet, spot of target surface contact with liquid jet changes its location over time due to motion of liquid jet and target relative to each other. Efficient time of target exposure to jet is identified as ratio of diametre of spot of jet contact with target to speed of relative motion of jet on surface of target providing for maximum intensity of target damage. Liquid jet has permanent or variable power parametres. Liquid is supplied to target in the form of continuous or interrupted jet of specified porosity. If necessary, angle of jet attack is changed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of activated suspensions production.

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FIELD: method of processing mixtures of nitric acid and nitric oxides containing corrosion inhibitors, mainly oxidizers of liquid rocket propellants.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method is used for processing oxidizers of liquid propellants inhibited with hydrogen fluoride; proposed method consists in treatment with granulated silica gel by keeping it in suspended state in apparatus by means of flow of acid mixture which is repeatedly circulated through suspended layer of silica gel with the aid of mixing unit at circulation ratio of 6-10 times per minute without direct contact of silica gel with mixing unit. Apparatus proposed for realization of this method has housing with water jacket, cover with circulating pipe and mixing unit placed in circulating pipe and mounted on shaft of drive. Mixing unit is made in form of impeller of axial-flow pump; circulating pipe is provided with flow-through ports above impeller of axial-flow pump; flow section of these ports exceeds sections of circulating pipe; flow-through ports and outlet hole of pipe are covered with screen.

EFFECT: improved quality of cleaning oxidizers; increased productivity of process.

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FIELD: manufacture of welding electrodes, namely preparation of highly dispersed homogenous mixture of components of electrode coating used for making coat mass.

SUBSTANCE: process comprises steps of roughly grinding and agitating components of electrode coating; mixing said components with water at relation 1 : 1 and simultaneously disintegrating and agitating components in autonomous quantum-hydraulic resonance installation providing resonance effects at motion of flow of components and water mixture; repeating disintegration and agitation cycles till preparing homogenous mixture with particle diameter up to 10 micrometers; feeding prepared mixture to drying step.

EFFECT: stable burning of electric arc, gas-shield and slag-protection processes for preparing uniformly surfaced welded seam without micro-cracking and other flaws.

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FIELD: oil and gas well construction, particularly devices to intensify chemical reagent dissolving in liquid, to activate sticky cement and powder and granular material dispersion.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic disperser comprises hollow two-stage body with connection threads formed at body ends and cup installed in body section having greater diameter so that the cup is spaced from body wall and cup bottom faces outlet orifice of body section having lesser diameter. The cup is provided with inner and outer connection threads formed from opened end side of the cup. Opposite nozzles are installed in side orifices of the cup so that nozzle axes are transversal to central body axis. Outlet orifice of body section having lesser diameter is provided with screwed-on nozzle. Cup bottom from outer side is provided with wear-resistant screen insert, which is opposite to body nozzle. Process orifices sealed with plugs are formed in body section having larger diameter in front of side nozzles.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, simplified structure and fabrication technique.

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FIELD: physicochemical techniques in food industry.

SUBSTANCE: in the method, while preserving constant volume concentration of substances, 5-30% of initial suspended particles are replaced by fiber-like and/or plate-like particles to improve flowability. Fiber-like particles added have length-to-diameter ratio ≥ 3. Fiber-like particles are obtained from formed fibers by cutting them or from protein concentrates via forming operation followed by drying and disintegration. It is possible, while preserving constant volume concentration of solids, 5-30% of initial suspended particles are replaced (to improve flowability) by fiber-like and/or plate-like particles having the same mean diameters or dimension characteristics as the initial suspended particles. Suspension-based products obtained by replacement of a part of initial suspended particles in laminar flows do not undergo orientation caused by fiber-like and/or plate-like particles. Product can be pertained to nutrition product area, particularly to confectionary. Fiber-like particles can constitute dairy product with length-to-diameter ratio > 3. To improve rheological properties of product, a part of initial cubic to spherical suspended particles, which commonly consist of sugar, cacao, and dry milk particles, are replaced by fiber-like and/or plate-like particles of milk protein.

EFFECT: improved rheological properties of concentrated suspensions at stable volume proportion of solid constituent , which decreases stationary dynamic shear viscosity.

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FIELD: chemical industry; production of the feeding mechanism gear for introduction of the chemical substances.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the feeding mechanism gear for introduction of the chemical substances the water stream. The gear contains: the inlet (36) of the feeding mechanism and the outlet (38) of the feeding mechanism; the tank (74) for the chemical substance in the solid form having the perforated lower section (70); the pipeline (80) having the outlet (78) and being in communication with the inlet (36) of the feeding mechanism at least in the first or the switched on state of the feeding mechanism; the wall (82) encircling the outlet (78)of the pipe lines and passing from it upward; and the outlet chamber (84) receiving the overflow containing the dissolved chemical substance and communicating with the outlet of the feeding mechanism. The invention allows to avoid formation of the sediment and the leavings at dissolution of the chemical substances in the water.

EFFECT: the invention ensures prevention of formation of the sediment and the leavings at dissolution of the chemical substances in the water.

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FIELD: electronic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacture of gas-discharge indicator panels and provides a method for preparing pastes used to form elements of gas-discharge indicator panels, which method comprises preparation of filler powder, reduction from solution, and washing with organic solvent having boiling temperature T1=100-200°C. This solvent may be the same as is used in organic binder composition and, when another solvent is used, the latter is selected from those having boiling temperatures T2 meeting the following inequality: T1 ≤ 0.8T2.

EFFECT: enabled formation of gas-discharge indicator panels with high resolution level.

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FIELD: heat-and-power industry; other industries; methods and devices for production of the composite fuel.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of the heat-and-power industry, in particular, to the methods and devices for production of the fuel used for the torch burning in the boilers, furnaces, different power plants, and suitable for the pipeline transportation and allowing to replace the dry coal and the black oil. The method of production of the composite fuel includes comminution at least of one solid ingredient, commixing of the ground particles with at least one liquid ingredient and withdrawal from the produced mixture of the ballast inclusions. The comminution of the solid ingredient is conducted by application to its pieces of the impact-chopping and-or the pressing impacts, and before commixing of the solid and liquid ingredients exercise the cavitation treatment of the liquid ingredient. Comminution of the solid ingredient preferentially is exercised till production of the fractions with dimensions of 25-35 microns. The installation for production of the composite fuel contains the module for comminution of the solid ingredient of the fuel linked by the transportation gear with the mixer of the solid and liquid ingredients of the fuel, which outlet is connected with the device of purification of the produced mixture from the ballast inclusions is connected with the tank for storage and distribution of the produced fuel. The installation is supplied with the cavitator for cavitational treatment of the liquid ingredient, which outlet is connected to the mixer, and the module of comminution of the solid ingredient of the fuel contains the sequentially mounted the crushing device for the coarse crushing and the device of the of the impact-chopping or the pressure action for the fine comminution of the solid ingredient, connected to the mixer. The device of crushing through the feeder is connected to the storage bin for loading of the solid ingredient. The invention ensures the increased duration of the produced fuel stability up to one year.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the increased duration of the produced fuel stability up to one year.

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FIELD: chemical industry; other industries; devices used for mixing of the liquid and powdery materials.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the device for mixing of the mobile mediums, in particular, to the powdery and liquid materials. The device contains the body, the first and second shafts, the first and second means of loading of the powdery and liquid materials, the mean for formation of the powdery material flow, the mean for formation of the liquid material flow and the means for collection and unloading of the resultant product. The shafts are installed with the capability of rotation with the different rates. The mean for formation of the powdery material flow contains the located over the plate impeller, which vanes are fixed on the plate by the springs with the capability of vibration along the plate plane. The device additionally contains: the closed annular chamber, which embraces the deflector and is used for formation of the water or steam curtain; and the screen rigidly mounted in the body over the plate. The invention allows to ensure the highly effective commixing with production of the target product without lumps and air cells.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the highly effective commixing with production of the target product without lumps and air cells.

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