Method of static pressure determining in high-pressure uncalibrated chamber

FIELD: measuring equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measuring equipment and can be used to determine pressure values (including high and ultrahigh) and pressure intervals in materials synthesis chambers, as well as at studies of condensed phases under high pressures. To implement method material with sufficient electrical parameters baric relationships is used. Method of static pressure determining in high-pressure uncalibrated chamber involves electric field exposure onto material, measurement of material electric parameters values at initial values of load, step-by-step applying of gradually increasing load to material and measurement of electric parameters at each stage. Electric parameters dependences on applied load are plotted by obtained values. Then load, at which pronounced behavior of material electrical properties is observed, compared values of pressure, which causes such features and known in advance. This method differs from known one by that, material is exposed to variable electric field, electric parameters are presented by actual and imaginary parts of impedance, as well as electric conductivity and losses angle tangent, which receives single value inside examined pressure interval, with exponential baric relationships. At increase of applied load such its value is determined, at which impedance actual part derivative by pressure is turned to zero and impedance imaginary part derivative by pressure simultaneously receives maximum value, and comparing load pressure value Pmax, known in advance for calibration material, whereby impedance imaginary part derivative by pressure turns to zero and impedance imaginary part derivative by pressure simultaneously receives maximum value.

EFFECT: technical result is enabling possibility of determining pressure interval boundaries, due to linear relationship of pressure Pmax from alternating electric field frequency, and pressure values of given interval, based on one calibration material properties.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: proposed group of inventions relates to sensors, which are used in devices for detection of pressure of liquid media (liquids and gaseous media) in various industries, for instance, in motor industry, in domestic electric appliances, in the field of environment preservation and general monitoring in hydrothermal sanitation or in the area of medicine. The proposed group of inventions includes the method to manufacture multiple sensors, in particular, pressure sensors, and also sensors produced by the means of the above method. Besides, the sensor, in particular, the pressure sensor, has the design that includes a support body (10); a scheme layout (4), comprising components (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) of the scheme, among which there is a facility (3c) of detection for generation of electric signals, which represent the detected value; and at least one support element (4a) of the scheme, which is connected to the support body (10) and has a surface, where multiple specified components are formed (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) in the scheme, among which there are electroconductive paths (3a, 3b), besides, the support element (4a) of the scheme is fixed by means of lamination on the first surface of the support body (10). The proposed method to manufacture multiple sensors includes the following operations: provision of multiple support bodies (10); provision of multiple scheme layouts (4), at the same time each scheme layout includes components (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) of the scheme, among which there is a facility (3c, 12) of detection for generation of electric signals representing the detected value; provision of multiple support elements (4a) of the scheme, each of which has the surface, on which there are multiple (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) specified components (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) of the scheme formed, among which there are electroconductive paths (3a, 3b); and connection of each support element (4a) of the scheme to the appropriate support body (10, 10', 10").

EFFECT: manufacturing of a sensor resistant to various conditions of use and/or to relatively high temperatures, as well as more simple, more convenient and quicker one.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-indicating manometers. A pressure sensor to read pressure of process fluid medium comprises a sensor body exposed to pressure of process fluid medium. The sensor body is deformed in response to pressure. A membrane suspended in the sensor body has tension, which varies in response to deformation of the sensor body. The resonant frequency of the membrane is measured. The measured resonance frequency is the index of pressure in the manifold of the process liquid medium and integrity of the system of separating filling liquid medium. Apart from measurement of resonant frequency, as the facility of diagnostics for assessment of condition of sensor quality, the mode of oscillations itself may be used.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of measurements.

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Pressure gauge // 2547757

FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: pressure gauge comprises a measurement unit, an elastic membrane, and at least one oscillating elastic element (resonator) connected to the membrane as capable of variation of its tension in accordance with membrane deformation. The membrane is made as round in plan and at least with one concentric corrugation (or several concentric corrugations), covered with a circular resonator on its edges from magnetic material or with an additional magnetic element (elements). The measurement unit comprises an electromagnet and is made as capable of stimulation of resonator oscillations and recording of their oscillations.

EFFECT: simplified design and technology of pressure gauge manufacturing.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: sensor comprises a body, a nano- and microelectromechanical system (NMEMS) installed in it and comprising an elastic element - a membrane with a stiff centre, with a peripheral base in the form of a rotation shell, a heterogeneous structure formed on it from thin films of materials, in which contact sites are formed, the first radial resistance strain gauges from identical strain gage elements, arranged along one circumference of the membrane, and the second radial resistance strain gages from identical strain gage elements, arranged along the other circumference on the membrane, connected by links and into the measurement bridge. The radius of the stiff centre is determined on the basis of the following ratio: rs.c.=0.42rm, where rm - membrane radius. At the same time strain gage elements of the first radial resistance strain gages are arranged along the circumference, the radius of which is determined on the basis of the ratio r1=0.444rm, and strain gage elements of the second radial resistance strain gages are arranged along the circumference, the radius of which is determined on the basis of the ratio r2=0.733 rm.

EFFECT: increased accuracy due to higher sensitivity with simultaneous reduction of non-linearity.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pressure sensors used for measurement of process fluid medium and differential pressure. An assembly pressure sensor unit for pressure measurement of process fluid medium includes sensor housing with an available cavity formed in it, and the first and the second holes to the cavity, which are configured for application of the first and the second pressures. A membrane in the cavity separates the first hole from the second hole and is configured with a possibility of being bent in response to pressure difference between the first pressure and the second pressure. A provision is made for a capacity-type strain sensor configured with a possibility of determining the strain value of the sensor housing in response to line pressure applied to the sensor housing.

EFFECT: improvement of pressure measurement accuracy.

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FIELD: measurement technology.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to measurement equipment, particularly to pressure transducers for application in various research and technology spheres related to medium pressure measurement affected by unsteady temperature of measured medium. Semiconductor pressure transducer with thermal compensation circuit includes semiconductor crystal cut in a plate form. The plate features thin-wall membrane where four resistance strain gauges of measurement bridge circuit are formed together with two thin-film resistors connected with their first outputs to transistor base and with their second outputs to transistor emitter and collector, respectively. Thin-film resistors are made of material with low temperature resistance coefficient. Additional resistance strain gauge bridge and resistor with high temperature resistance coefficient with outputs separated from the common circuit are positioned on semiconductor crystal outside of thin-wall membrane. Semiconductor crystal is positioned on a prop out of glass substrate and hollow cylindrical prop with external thread, made out of materials with the same thermal expansion coefficients.

EFFECT: significant extension of work temperature range.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: measuring pressure transducer includes a pressure inlet chamber closed with a separating membrane and a pressure measurement chamber, in which a pressure sensor is located, the inner space of which is filled with pressure-transmitting liquid. Liquid serves for transfer of pressure in a measurement mode to pressure sensor (11). With that, liquid contains adsorbents, the size of particles of which is small in comparison to overall dimensions of the inner space filled with liquid and which serve for binding of foreign molecules diluted in the liquid due to adsorption. Content of foreign molecules, which is diluted in the pressure-transmitting liquid in gaseous or liquid states, is reduced. The liquid is brought into contact with at least one adsorbent. Foreign molecules diluted in the liquid are bound with adsorbents due to adsorption.

EFFECT: improving pressure measurement accuracy due to reduction of content of foreign molecules diluted in gas or liquid.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrumentation and can be used in systems of remote acquisition of data on pressure in various industrial branches. Proposed device comprises scanner and transceiver. Said scanner comprises master oscillator, power amplifier, duplexer with I/O connected with transceiver antenna, phase detector with second input connected with first output of narrowband filter and registration unit with second input connected via phase meter with second outputs of master oscillator and narrowband filter. Transceiver is composed of multitapped delay line for surface acoustic waves. It includes interdigital transducer composed by two systems of comb electrodes applied on the surface of acoustic line. Comb electrodes are connected via buses connected with microstrip transceiver antenna. Thin membrane and reflection grating are arranged in acoustic line. Scanner incorporates multiplier. Multiplier is connected to duplexer output.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of measurements.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in grinding of membrane surface, forming thereon of dielectric film and strain gages with low-resistance jumpers and contact sites there between and connecting output terminals to contact sites. After connecting of said output conductors to contact sites of MAMOS, voltage (or feed current) is switched on and kept up for time required for settlement of initial output signal to magnitude U01=U00±Δ(U01), where U00 is MAMOS initial output signal magnitude, Δ(U01) is admissible fluctuation of initial output signal. Voltage (or feed current) is switched off. After keeping MAMOS in OFF state for time sufficient for rendering said system to state before switching on of voltage (or feed current), voltage (or feed current) is switched on to define time interval Δ(τ02) from switching of voltage to initial output signal of test magnitude U02=U00±Δ(U02), where Δ(U02)=γ0 UH is admissible deviation of initial output signal U02; γ0 us transducer basic error; UH - is nominal output signal of the transducer. In case time interval Δ(τ02) from switching of voltage (or feed current) to initial output signal of test magnitude U02 does not exceed tolerable magnitude taken as a time stability criterion and defined experimentally by statistical data for particular transducer, then this assembly is transferred to next operations.

EFFECT: higher time stability, longer life, lower error at transient temperatures and higher vibration accelerations.

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FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to active nondestructive control and can be used for controlled medium pressure measurement. Proposed method comprises pressure oscillation signal measurement by transducer, conversion of signals via ADC and registration of received digital signals. Note here that signal is transmitted to ADC to generate digital signal in dimensionless units while conversion in pressure dimension is executed by two U-like pressure gages tuned to measure maximum pressure by one arm and minimum pressure by another arm. In case maximum pressure is measured check valve transmits fluid level difference towards atmosphere and suppress towards measured medium. In case minimum pressure is measured, it transmits towards measured fluid and suppresses towards atmosphere. Software of computer converts sound change digital signal into pressure in dimensionless units and dimensionless units in dimension of pressure or velocity.

EFFECT: accurate and comprehensive measurement.

2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: scanning device has transceiver provided with transceiving directive or nondirective aerial, generator, power amplifier, and duplexer, which are connected in series. The input and output of the duplexer are connected with the transceiving aerial.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of measuring.

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Detector // 2261419

FIELD: measurement technology.

SUBSTANCE: detector is used for measuring pressure. Detector has measuring cell 6 provided with measuring membrane for measuring pressure. Membrane is distorted or sagged under effect of medium to be tested and being subject to pressure. Measuring bridge is provided in detector as a measuring circuit. The bridge is disposed directly onto measuring membrane. Processing circuit is disposed also directly onto measuring membrane and fixed to it by means of current-conducting glue. Processing circuit is made in form of a hybrid integrated circuit 8 to provide electric connections 9, 10 between hybrid circuit 8 and measuring circuit as well as making connection with case 2, 3 of detector 1. To provide electric connection of outputs of hybrid circuit 8 with jack 11 of jack shoe 4 the clamp contacts 12 can be used.

EFFECT: simplified design.

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FIELD: the invention refers to measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: the arrangement has a resonance sensitive element of magneto-conductive material fulfilled in the shape of plate firmly connected with a rod, an electromagnetic source of excitation and registration of vibrations fulfilled in the shape of a solenoid and two concentrators of magnetic flow located along the axle of the rod of the concentrator fulfilled in the shape of rotating bodies. One of the concentrators is installed on the plate side forming a gap with the rod and the other one is installed on the opposite end of the rod and is firmly connected with it.

EFFECT: increases accuracy of measuring due to concentration of magnetic flow in one working gap at the expense of directed magnetic flow into the zone of its modulation not depending from possible mistakes of positioning.

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FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: transducer comprises recording electrode and exciting electrode that define capacitors with vibrating plate. The vibrating plate is made of monocrystalline silicon in block with four additional plates which provide required amplitude for recording vibration and are connected with the termination via flexible link. The vibrating plate, additional plate, and flexible links are used for bending vibration in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the vibrating plate. The longitudinal axis of the flexible links is in coincidence with the longitudinal axis of the vibrating plate.

EFFECT: enhanced precision and stability.

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FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: temperature compensated pressure transducer can be used in different branches of national economy for measuring liquid or gas pressure while taking temperature of medium, which pressure has to be measured, into account. Temperature-compensated pressure transducer has eddy-current converter and fiber-optic converter which provides light intensity external amplitude modulation, eddy-current converter's parameter converter, power supplies for both converters, photoreceiver, two amplifiers, amplitude detector, two analog-to-digital converters, computing unit and resilient sensitive element made of non-ferrous metal. Info on values of deflection of resilient sensitive element and info on temperature of medium, where measurements are conducted, is used together.

EFFECT: improved truth of measurement.

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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: detector can be used in transmission unit for measuring parameters of environment during technological industrial process. Capsule 20 of detector is suitable for application in device for transmission liquid. Capsule has unit 24 with channel 30 for mounting detector. Unit 24 has two half-units 26 and 28, which are connected along surfaces 22 and 23 to be put into conjugation; surfaces go at longitudinal direction through channel intended for mounting of detector. Detector 50 is provided with neck 52 passing through channel 30 for mounting detector. Neck 52 is sealed in channel 30.

EFFECT: improved electric insulation of detector; isolation of detector from loads and effect of liquid.

21 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: unit for measuring pressure has ceramic pressure pick-up 2, enclosed in metal case. Surface of case 1 being in contact with medium, where pressure has to be measured, during process of measurement are provided with coating 27 made of enamel or glass-type material. Surface coatings do not have ions of metal.

EFFECT: ability of universal application.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device for measuring pressure has two piezoelectric plates; surface acoustic wave resonator is formed onto any plate. Measuring unit is introduced additionally. Measuring unit has resonator's initial frequency metering unit and capacitance meter. Measuring unit is connected with piezoelectric plates. Two pairs of electrodes of capacitive pick-us are formed onto any piezoelectric plates - one electrode at each side of any piezoelectric plate. Piezoelectric plates are connected together to form space between them; there are electrodes inside the space. Inter-electrode capacity between electrodes changes when piezoelectric plate bends to receive perceive pressure. Measuring unit is made to receive signal from resonator which perceives change in temperature.

EFFECT: increased precision of measurement; longer stability of characteristics.

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FIELD: measuring technique.

SUBSTANCE: pressure gage comprises main cylindrical housing and measuring diaphragm mounted on the face of the main housing. The measurement pressure cell is squeezed in the axial direction between the flexible sealing ring which abuts against the face of the cell from the side of diaphragm and bearing ring that is a bearing for the back face of the cell. The sizes of the bearing ring correspond to the sizes of the sealing ring and cell so that the radial deformation of the face from the side of the diaphragm caused by axial clamp of the measurement pressure cell is so small that the gage error due to the squeezing does not exceed 0.02% when the radial squeezing force is reduced at least by 10%.

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

12 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises two inductive coils connected with generator. The metallic housing receives the sectional frame that receives the reference inductive coil and the measurement coil. The metallized diaphragm whose outer side is subjected to vacuum is arranged in the vicinity of the metallized diaphragm. The generator is made of an self-excited oscillator of high-frequency oscillations and is provided with balancing circuits and circuit for temperature compensation.

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

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