Protector for power cable safety in well (variants)

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: protector to save the power cable in the well contains a molded case, equipped with two longitudinal edges and formed integrally with the cable channel and the center channel with the size under the outer diameter of the tubing to lock the protector housing to the coupling joint, hinged arcuate clamping brackets one end of which is provided with an opening for rotation on an axis which passes through the bracket, and the second - is attached by a bolt to the housing. This clamping brackets are made cast or stamped. Housing protector is equipped at their ends guide channels: to secure wide and narrow electric cable for fixation of the high-pressure supply tubes of chemical reagents. Longitudinal hull rib has two abutments to prevent axial movement relative to the housing of the arcuate folding clamping brackets and the middle portion of the tread has a lateral housing edges connecting the longitudinal ribs and the housing having a guide channel in its middle part.

EFFECT: increase of reliability of fixing of the electric cable and the high-pressure pipe supplying chemicals into the tread body.

2 cl, 4 dwg



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Irrigation system // 2535158

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: irrigation system comprises self-propelled carriages with drives, a water supply pipeline with sprinkler nozzles. The water supply pipeline is made of polyethylene pipes that are placed on spans of the carriages, made in the form of bridge-type stress volume frame of triangular section, which are pivotally attached with their ends to the self-propelled carriages. The diagonal rods forming the sides of the triangle are attached to the longitudinal angle at the top of the frame, so that their ends are above this angle, forming the staging, in which the polyethylene pipes are placed and attached, connecting with their flanges with short pipes on the self-propelled carriages. This design of spans of the water supply pipeline enables to mount on the carriages of the system of the frame first, and then to place the pipeline on these frames.

EFFECT: simplifying the dismantling of the pipeline for the purpose of its repair or replacement, and simplifying of mounting the pipeline on the system.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: system designed for prevention of tangling of multiple communication lines routed along compensation sliding joint includes well completion means having compensation sliding joint, multiple communication lines and communication line ranging device installed on compensation sliding joint to support multiple communication lines in location place near external surface of compensation joint and adapted for prevention of tangling of multiple communication lines, thus allowing sufficient movement of multiple communication lines for adaptation for elongation and reduction of compensation sliding joint.

EFFECT: prevention of tangling and knotting of multiple communication lines; easier use of well completion means in combination with multiple communication lines.

29 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of chain holder of wire deforming in plane of winding and protecting and directing said wire. The chain holder of wire is connected with the first bracket on one side and with the second bracket on another side. The first bracket is pivoted relative to the opened window and rotates around a pivoted axis parallel to displacement at opening. The second bracket is pivoted relative to the bracket of the window and rotates around a pivoted axis in essence parallel to displacement at opening. The first and second brackets have cross section in form of angle.

EFFECT: reduced hazard of wire compression causing faults in instrument operation and disturbances.

3 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: rocketry and space engineering; devices for discharge of gas from cryogenic stages.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device has two pipes interconnected by means of adapter. According to first version, adapter of these pipes is secured on inter-tank truss of rocket cryogenic stage. Free end of each pipe is secured on said inter-tank truss by means of support which includes cylindrical guide with adapter member arranged inside it. According to second version, adapter of pipes is secured on lower bottom of oxidizer tank of rocket cryogenic stage. Each pipe is provided with angular displacement compensator. Free end of each pipe is secured on inter-tank truss by means of support which has pin with sphere and limiter. Pin sphere is received by passage of pipe adapter member. Axis of adapter member passage is perpendicular to longitudinal axis of adapter member.

EFFECT: reduction of relative displacement of attachment areas; reduction of mass.

4 dwg

The invention relates to the field of engineering, construction, and can be used to avoid cyclic rocking flexible pipelines

The invention relates to protection devices mains, cables and other lines

The invention relates to the construction of intra-city and inter-settlement gas pipelines aboveground installations

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to the oil and gas industry and may be used for the protection of the power cable for a pump from mechanical damage in the process of the tubing hanger trip with the installation of an electric centrifugal pump in vertical, directional and horizontal wells. A protectoliser is suggested that consists of a two-component case, a detachable tool joint with fastening elements and a protecting screen. The case consists of an articulated case and a bracket. The protectoliser case and bracket are interconnected by a swing bolt and an adjusting screw screwed into the case and connected to the bracket by an axle. The adjusting screw may be regulated axially due to screwing in/out into/from the case when the diameter of the pump neck changes. The protectoliser case in a cable duct is complete with a replaceable plate fixed at the case by two screws. The detachable tool joint is made as a hinged bolt and a hold-down nut with a spring lock to prevent uncontrolled turning off.

EFFECT: improving the reliability of the protectoliser fixation at the pump neck; improved universality of the protector.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for centring of pipes in a well. The centralising system contains the first housing part (204); the second housing part (202); a group of bow-shaped springs connecting the first housing part to the second housing part and a window (208) located in the first housing part. The centralising system also contains the pipe lowered into a wellbore, and also the bulge (304) located in a window. The window width is such that it is greater than the width of the bulge and provides a possibility of the centraliser rotation around the pipe lowered into a wellbore with reference to the named bulge.

EFFECT: decrease of breakaway force, use of the centraliser in wells with small gap, and also simplification of the process of centraliser installation.

24 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Hole opener // 2550614

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: hole opener contains a centralizer, a housing with a central feedthrough channel and grooves, the blades fitted with rock cutting elements and ledges designed as a teeth, fixed in housing grooves with a possibility of extension and a mechanism of blade extension into the working position, a hollow shaft with the top thread for joining with the borehole equipment, a lateral hole and a lower bushing placed in the feedthrough channel of the housing with fixing due to twisting with reference to the housing, and the blades are fitted with the roots interacting with the hollow shaft bushing during extension of blades into the working position, and the device for fixing of blades in inoperative position containing radially spring-loaded circular segments. The roots are designed as radial pistons inserted into the housing with a possibility of limited radial movement under the action of internal excessive pressure due to the ring segments which are installed inside and blades installed which are installed outside. The roots are designed with a possibility of interaction with the hollow bushing of the shaft through ring segments, and the ring segments are designed as longitudinal plates.

EFFECT: reliability and durability of the hole opener.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: protectoliser consists of a two-component case and detachable tool joint with fastening elements and a protective collar. The two-component case consists of the articulated case with a bracket designed for setting both at cylindrical and hexagonal part of a pump neck. Besides, the protectoliser case and bracket are equipped with replaceable wearproof supports fixed in the bracket by locking rings thus allowing change in coupling size of the protectoliser for the pump neck. The protective collar is fixed to the case by its first end to the axis and by its second end to a flange bolt with a spring lock. The detachable tool joint is made as a hinged bolt and a nut with spring lock to prevent uncontrolled turning off.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the protectoliser fixation at the pump neck, increased service life of the protectoliser and improved universality of the protectoliser.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hole surveying and is intended for centring of instruments at their displacement along the borehole. The proposed device for centring of the downhole instruments comprises the main and extra systems of convex plate springs. Ends of the said main system of springs are articulated with extreme support sliders siding on a downhole instrument support guide. The number of springs of the extra system equals that of the main system. Note here that the ends of every spring of the said extra system can slide over the guide of the appropriate spring of the main system.

EFFECT: decreased sizes of downhole instruments, expanded applications.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in production wells for alignment of pump sucker-rod pumps. Proposed unit comprises upper centraliser and coupling secured on one side to said upper centraliser. On coupling opposite side, lower centraliser, similar to upper one, is secured. Note here that ribs of flexed plates are fitted in upper and lower centraliser threaded fasteners, OD of said ribs being larger than ID of oil-well tubing. Lock nuts are fitted on the ends of said threaded fasteners. Application of plates in the design of proposed alignment unit allows locking of centralisers in oil-well tubing and concentric arrangement of pump sucker rods in oil-well tubing.

EFFECT: higher reliability of equipment, reliable locking of centraliser in oil-well tuning.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: vibration damper - calibrating device comprises a body and a gage plug. The body is perforated in longitudinal and circumferential directions with formation of grooves at exterior surface. The gage plug has joggles at inner surface, and at outer surface between joggles there are soldered hard-alloyed fins. The body and bushing are perforated through and shaped as prismatic grooves thus forming frames with installed steel balls. Diameter of the balls is increasing while distance to the next ball is reducing in longitudinal direction of the vibration damper - calibrating device bottom-up.

EFFECT: improved efficiency in dampening of longitudinal direction that impact the bottom assembly of the drill stem and in calibrating of the well bore.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil-and-gas production, particularly, to perforator retainers. Centraliser for this perforator comprises hollow case accommodating pusher interacting with spring-loaded piston arranged there under and fitted in barrel and retaining levers fitted on said piston to turn thereabout. Barrel top part has groove to accommodate thrust ring fitted therein to displace in lengthwise direction to interact with retaining levers by its top part and to rest on resilient ring by resilient ring. Piston top part has cut-outs for fitting retaining levers therein. Every cut-out represents two inner parallel surfaces with coaxial holes. Every hole has cut-out. One end of retaining lever has symmetric stiff cylindrical elements with flats arranged in diametral opposition. Piston hole cut-out chord length corresponds to spacing between said flats, piston hole diameter corresponds to diameter of cylindrical retaining lever element while opposite end of retaining lever end can interact with caring pipe.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

3 cl, 6 dwg

Borehole calibrator // 2531982

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to support-centring devices used in configuration of well bottom at inclined drilling of oil and gas wells. Borehole calibrator comprises top and bottom connection threads, inner flushing fluid feed channel, blades with reinforced working surfaces separated by flushing grooves. Grooves inner channels have channels for additional injection of flushing fluid lifting from bottom at acute angle to axis by nozzle at channel end or without it. Said channels for additional injection can be arranged in two or more tiers, one above the other, in one or more flushing grooves. Additional one or more injection channels can extend from calibrator inner channel in annulus in direction of top edge in blade mirror plane at acute angle of 26-30 degrees towards calibrator cylindrical part generatrix.

EFFECT: decreased packing, higher flushing rate in annulus and mechanical drilling speed.

2 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of coatings in equipment used for operation of oil and gas wells. Proposed coatings of fullerene-based composite or diamond-like carbon or combination thereof feature hardness exceeding 1000 V.H.N. and friction factor smaller than or equal to 0.15 and are used as a protective coatings of oil and gas well equipment. The latter includes one or more cylindrical bodies apart from drill bit.

EFFECT: decreased wear, friction, corrosion, erosion and formation of sediments at devices operated in oil and gas wells.

36 cl, 26 dwg

FIELD: mining operations.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, namely to drill rod for rotary pneumatic drilling holes. The drill rod comprises a rod, a shank and an upset shoulder. The rod is made of a hexagon. The shoulder is mounted in two annular grooves to form a protrusion between them. The generants of the annular grooves mating with the surface of the rod make an obtuse angle. The rod comprises a central channel, the front end of the rod is formed with a conical surface. The minimum diameter of the rod (Ds), the width (a) and depth (h) of the annular groove, the height of the shoulder (B0) must satisfy the following relationship: h/a ≤ Ds/2·B0.

EFFECT: improved design.

6 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device for rotary immersion of sections of the working tool into soil contains a rotator, a reducer and a holder. The lower part of the holder is fitted a grip and spring-loaded clamps, and in the top part of the holder cavity a pocket with a cylindrical cavity and a cross through groove is made. The spring-loaded clamps are fitted with fixing rods fitting to longitudinal grooves on a cap of the working tool section. The working tool section the is fitted with the rotation mechanism comprising two rotating heads located on external lateral surface of the section. The rotating heads are kinematically connected to each other and with the rotary fixing element.

EFFECT: reliable and safe lifting of the working tool from horizontal position into the working one, fast joining and disjoining of sections of the working tool eliminating axial movement of the section with reference to the boss.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to servicing of tubing section fitted vertically at setback. For servicing of tubing section, remote-control manipulator is installed nearby one of threaded sections of tubing. Said manipulator is equipped with the tool for threaded section cleaning or lubing. Said tool id displaced to threaded section for cleaning or lubing.

EFFECT: accelerated dismantling of tubing.

11 cl, 5 dwg