Salient-pole rotor of electric machine

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric machines, particularly to salient-pole electric machines, in particular to designs for attachment of windings on the electric machine rotor. Salient-pole rotor of electric machine comprises shaft, core, made as a whole, consisting of rotor yoke and poles with pole tips, coil, arranged in rectangular loop around the poles. Each coil is equipped with bandage of rectangular shape, made in the form of layers from non-magnetic synthetic material and fitted with interference along the entire outer surface of the coil.

EFFECT: technical result – increased reliability of electric machine, increased service life of rotor, higher efficiency of the rotor.

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Electrical machine // 2486652

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: electric machine consists of outer case (2) containing bottom (2b) located in fact perpendicular to rotor rotation axis; stator (3) having at least one pole extension (5) and at least one circular winding (8) installed inside the pole extension (5) and rotor (2); at that the case (2) has at least one support area (11) for interaction with respective area (12) of the winding (8) supporting it for the purpose of heat exchange between winding (8) and support area (11); meanwhile the area (12) of winding (8) is insulated electrically from the support area (11) provided that areas (11, 12) interact. At that according to this invention the support area (11) is formed by protrusion (13) of the bottom (2b) oriented inward of the electrical machine (1).

EFFECT: increase of reliability and utilisation efficiency of available produced energy by means of its losses reduction.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: end plate of stator for stack (2) of stator core of commutator motor (1), namely universal motor, namely to be used in household appliance, with connecting terminal (11) having connection elements (24, 38, 39, 40, 41) for connection of wires (51, 52, 53, 531, 532, 61, 62, 63, 631, 632) of stator winding and slip connector (27, 28) with contact elements (25) for receiving external plug contact of motor (48) and electric contact to it. At that, each of connection elements (24, 38, 39, 40, 41) is electrically connected to the appropriate contact element (25). On end plate (10) of stator there located is only one connecting terminal (11). At that, for electric contact of at least one more internal electric structural element (13, 14, 15, 31) of commutator motor (1), in slip connector (27, 28) there located is at least one more contact element (25) corresponding to structural element (13, 14, 15, 31).

EFFECT: developing commutator motor which is economic in production.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to electrical engineering and special features of the design of reaction motors. The reaction motor (1) with rotor (2) and stator (4), comprises separate, encircling wrapped cores (20) of core (8) of the stator of stator coils (3), formed by stator coils (38). The gap between stator coils (3) is filled by stator covers (9). One of stator covers (9) is made of two parts and both parts (10, 11) are inserted into core (8) of the stator towards each other in the axial direction with cross-strapping of corresponding ends. According to the invention, the peripheral contours of the above mentioned ends can enter corresponding ends of other halves of the cover. In each of the stator core, the bottom part fits into the upper part (10). Proposal is also given of the method of attaching plate (39) to the stator cover, as a holder of electronic components (40). Proposal is also given of a method of winding reactive motor (1).

EFFECT: increased technological effectiveness of the reactive motor of this type.

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FIELD: electromechanical engineering; rotors for water-wheel generators; holders of interpole joints.

SUBSTANCE: proposed rotor has field coils disposed on pole cores and provided with terminal plates whose leads are interconnected by flat buses installed between two insulating strips, as well as rim braced by studs and provided with holder disposed along interpole gap axis; slot made in upper part of holder accommodates flat bus and its lower part has holes for fixing it on rim studs; it is assembled of two strips of which one is disposed in slot provided on extreme part of other strip, both strips being joined together by means of fastenings; bottom part of holder is made in the form of horseshoe whose external surface bears beveled ribs and extreme end is provided with locking shoulder.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities with adequate characteristics of rotor windings being maintained.

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The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely to the stators of electrical machines and alternating current, and may find application in the collector motors

The invention relates to electrical engineering

The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular for electric machines for electric

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in the manufacture of electrical machines

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: asynchronous drive with cascade and common rotor comprises two electric motors connected coaxially, which magnet systems are axial and placed in the same housing at the same shaft fixed horizontally in bearing assemblies of the housing. Stator of the first electric motor is fixed rigidly by its one side to the housing. Rotor of both motors are joined in a single structure comprising joined magnet core with radial slots placed at the left and right side of the rotor, wherein squirrel-cage winding placed with its turns passing from the left lock ring placed at inner left side of the joined rotor, then through the left slot, then through outer side of the rotor and finally through the right slot to the right lock ring placed at the right inner side of the joined rotor. Stator of the second electric motor is fixed rigidly and by its teeth is faced towards stator teeth of the first electric motor. Stator winding of the second electric motor is connected to variable resistors controlling change in rotation velocity and moment of the controlled electric drive with cascade.

EFFECT: reliability improvement.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and can be used at manufacture of a short-circuited rotor of an asynchronous machine. The invention proposes a manufacturing method of short-circuited rotor (1) for asynchronous machine (2), which includes core (5) with bevelled slots (4), end rings (6) from the first material and short-circuited bars (3; 11; 12) from the second material with higher specific electric conductivity in comparison to the first material, which are moulded-on from faces to core (5) of the rotor, and which are laid into bevelled slots (4) of short-circuited rotor (1) and almost fully fill internal zone (7) of the slots if to look in radial direction of core (5) of the rotor.

EFFECT: increasing efficiency of an asynchronous machine.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: according to this invention winding of alternating current machine with fractional number of slots Q per a pole and phase (both for Q> 1 and Q< 1) is made as per scheme "two stars under 30 el. degrees", with denominator C corresponding to the relationship C = 6·k ± 1, where k = 1, 3, 5 ….

EFFECT: elimination of range of high and low harmonics in MMF curve of the stator thus ensuring reduction of vibrations for stator core, housing of wind generators and generators for small-size hydro-electric power stations.

Electric motor // 2490772

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electric motor contains a rotor with pole permanent magnets magnetised radially and number of poles more than two and a stator consisting of a magnet core in the form of a hollow cylinder and a symmetrical three-phase biplane single-layer winding at inner surface with minimum gaps required for stator assembly between lateral surfaces of working areas of the coils. Working areas of the coils are located along the electric motor axis; at that number of coils in a phase circuit is selected as equal to the number of pole permanent magnets of the rotor.

EFFECT: increasing specific electromagnetic torque of an electric motor by improvement of operating efficiency of its stator winding.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: stator for electrodynamic machines comprises a coil, providing for the possibility to generate ampere-turns ("AT") of a magnetic flow. A coil comprises a foil conductor, comprising a section of foil conductor displacement, configured as capable of displacing sections of the foil conductor and an element of an excitation pole having multiple zones. Sections of the foil conductor are arranged on the element of the excitation pole, which comprises the first and second zones. The first section of the foil conductor is arranged on the first zone, and the second one - on the second zone. A section of foil conductor displacement connects the first section of the foil conductor with the second section of the foil conductor. A version of a foil coil is proposed, with an excitation pole having a surface to oppositely install conical magnets, for instance.

EFFECT: optimised generation of a magnetic flow and improved technology of stator coils making.

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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering, namely, to electric machines, and may be used in industrial mechanisms requiring speed control. The technical result is achieved though the control circuit of single-phase valve electric drive, which includes transistor bridge switch with one of its diagonal being meant for connecting to winding, while the other diagonal of switch bridge being linked with a power source. The control inputs of switch are coupled with control element, which operates by algorithms ensuring its operation under pulse-duration modulation. At the same time, according to the invention, the control element contains micro controller with drive, connection points with transistor switch diagonal and with two microcontroller inputs through voltage stabiliser. The third microcontroller input is connected to control electrodes of transistor switch through the driver so that the diagonals are connected in turn to power supply poles.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of single-phase valve electric drive due to generation of maximum operating torque and start torque as well as current shape close to sinusoid, improved motor performance and simplified control of valve electric drive with reduced overall dimensions.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electromechanical converter comprises at least one stator-rotor pair, where a stator comprises cores from material with high magnetic permeability, with their ends attached to a support stator ring and aligned in parallel to the main magnetic flow, and between which there are conductors of a multiphase winding, a rotor is made in the form of two coaxially arranged outer and inner inducers - magnetic conductors from material with high magnetic permeability in the form of hollow cylinders fixed as capable of rotation relative to the stator, bearing poles arranged along circumferences with alternating polarity, inverted to the stator via working gaps and covering it, at the same time polarity of poles arranged on the inner and outer inducers opposite to each other is arranged as matching, and number p of pole pairs and number Z of stator cores are related by certain ratios for a double-phase winding (m = 2) and for a triple-phase winding (m = 3).

EFFECT: expanded field of application of an electromechanical converter, simplification of its design with simultaneous increase in accuracy of stator winding phase switching moments, lower requirement to sensitivity of used sensors of rotor angular position and their stability, provision of more accurate moments of phases switching and simplified control operations in production and diagnostics of the converter.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of an asynchronous electric machine comprises a shaft, a ferromagnetic core fixed coaxially on the shaft - a magnetic conductor with an external surface in the form of a circular cylinder and an electric winding of "squirrel cage" type. At the same time according to this invention, the ferromagnetic core - magnetic conductor consists of longitudinal elements made of material having at least axial electroconductivity, besides, the longitudinal elements with the help of frontal conductors - links are electrically connected to each other only by their end parts, forming a winding of "squirrel cage" type.

EFFECT: considerable improvement of weight and dimension characteristics of an electric machine, reduced prime cost of its manufacturing, considerable reduction of teeth pulsations of the torque on the shaft of the asynchronous electric machine with a rotor made according to this invention.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device is proposed in an electric machine, in particular, a motor, a generator or an actuator, comprising a stator with teeth (11, 12), which carry coils (15), in particular, single-layer ones, for concentrated windings, a rotor with a permanent magnet moves relative to the stator (11, 12). The stator teeth are arranged with the possibility to locate coils (15) on them generally with a rectangular hole. Advantages are achieved, if the teeth (11, 12) of the stator are made with the possibility to locate generally identical coils (15) on them, which close slots (14, 16). The teeth (11, 12) are alternating rectangular teeth that narrow/expand towards the top and form slots (14, 16) with parallel lateral sides for installation of coils (15). Narrowing teeth (22) preferably have a shorter top (23). Slots have a space to insert a semi-magnetic slot wedge (17, 18) between neighbouring teeth.

EFFECT: simplified and cheaper electric machine with concentrated windings with simultaneous provision of its compactness and high efficiency factor.

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Ac electric machine // 2411623

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: in AC electric machine, comprising rotor and stator with winding arranged in it and made of K coils, it is suggested to install coils in stator winding so that central angle α1 between axes of cross sections of sides of each coil, determining width of coil, equals α1=(360°+60°·m)/2K; number of coils K is determined by ratio K=(1+m/6)·p, where m - number of phases, p - number of pole pairs of magnetic field, at the same time p is multiple of three for m = 2 and is multiple of two for m = 3.

EFFECT: increased torque and reduction of its pulsations, reduced losses of power in electric machine by development of magnetic flow by stator, acting at all poles of rotor with forces of one direction and having one fixed number of poles, equal to number of rotor poles.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: design of magnetic axial bearing includes ring system of plates of electric steel, where separate steel plates (80, 90, 170) project radially outside, and neighbouring steel plates (80, 90, 170) in circumferential direction create clearance (20). Device also contains electrical coil inserted in system of electric steel plates to create magnetic field in the system. This system has at least two concentric rings (8, 9, 17) of the electric steel plates. In principle all adjacent electric steel plates (80, 90, 170) of each ring (8, 9, 17) of electric steel plates along the internal perimeter (14, 18, 19) of the appropriate ring of the electric steel plates touch each other. Using this charging (12) an increased active steel fill factor is provided in comparison with the traditional charge (11).

EFFECT: improved efficiency factor of magnetic axial bearing.

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